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This is an app version of the free website goblin.tools, a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult.

Tools include
- A Magic Todo list that automatically breaks down tasks into steps
- The Formalizer that transforms your language to be more formal, sociable, concise, or many other options
- The Judge that helps with interpreting tone
- The Estimator that can guess at a timeframe for an activity
- The Compiler to take entire braindumps and turn them into actionable tasks
- The Chef, who turns a description of what ingredients and tools you have in your kitchen into a real recipe

And many more to come!

The website is free and publicly available. Purchases of this app go first towards keeping the site free and ad-free, before supporting the author.

Goblin Tools App Comments & Reviews

Goblin Tools Positive Reviews

Gamechanger for NeurodivergentsI'm so glad I get to be the person who gives this its first review! Goblin Tools is an AMAZING app for NDs, in particular autistic people and/or ADHDers. I happen to be both (as well as bipolar) and so the struggles with executive dysfunction and social interests are manifold. The app's many tools are all so great, some of which are quite unique. I swear, this is a to-do list app unlike any you've seen. I've tried them all. None of them are designed to tackle executive dysfunction like this. I could go on but I'll wrap up here. The website is still available for use free of change & the creator says it'll always stay that way. If you can't spare the dollar for the app, you still need to check out the site. I can't emphasize enough how helpful it is. I chose to buy this app to support the creator, it is well-worth much more than this honestly. THANK YOU to the creator, I use the Magic To Do List every single day and it has literally made every day of my life better. I use it so much I nicknamed it "Gus the Goblin"! 😚Thank god for your brain, as these are such unique & important tools. And to everyone out there reading this review who are on the fence: just give it a try. You will not regret it, I promise..Version: 1.0

Praises and suggestionsI downloaded this last night and I absolutely love it. I have a very hard time with managing tasks and this app makes it so much better. Saying that as I was using it I found myself wishing there was certain features with your magic to do list. One is that I wish I could save certain tasks in how I edited them. I love organizing and I love seeing an empty list, so I prefer to delete tasks after I have finished them. But when I typed it in again I didn’t see my edits. I would love to see a save feature added. Another thing is the app automatically puts tasks into certain categories and sometimes the categories don’t make sense, leaving me wishing I could edit them or create my own. the last thing I wish is that I could set certain tasks to “daily” or “weekly” or “every other day” so I know what I have to do when I wake up in the morning. Having the AI is helpful to an extent because it’s a huge help to get me started with my day and tasks and having ideas to break things down when I’m having a rough day. I feel these features would be helpful for everyone and would want to me make me recommend this app more than I already have. I really hope you consider these additions. Again I love and Im very thankful for this app already. I also have other ideas on improving the app but I feel like I have rambled on long enough, but I’ll let you know them if you are interested..Version: 1.0

Slay. Add moreTo be honest. This app iconic and I do not use it nearly as much as I should because it’s so unbelievably helpful. Especially as a broke college kid. The chef feature is so nice. However I have noticed that it will use every ingredient on your list if you give it the opportunity to… it’s a bit frustrating I can say I want to make creamy mashed potatoes and it will give me a basic recipe for mashed potatoes. Which is fine. It’s great actually. If that’s what I was actually looking for. I was looking to know what I could add to make those potatoes creamier (I’m just gonna experiment I think). It led me to wonder why there isn’t a general questions section.. the entire app is based on AI so theoretically having an “ask a question” area isn’t out of line for what the app is capable of. Neurodivergent people tend to not only need specific directions (of which the app is very good at), but we also tend to have very specific questions on how to exist that we just can’t find the answers for. I think having an AI section dedicated for questions on how to be an adult is a good idea personally. Not everything is a task that needs to be broken down. It’s simply a question we need an answer to ya know? Don’t get me wrong tho. I’m not bashing the app whatsoever. It’s literally the best app I’ve ever bought and forgot about and wish I hadn’t forgotten about😭.Version: 1.1

This ethical AI app is for the people!The app goblin tools is freaking amazing for communicating, figuring out problems, estimating sub tasks and times…seriously learn the features for free online and then if you find it helpful (you will) buy it as an app for $5. Not a $5 subscription but $5 forever. Plus it’s developing live via the super ethical and genus web designer (who’s also working on a social media platform). The app is extra helpful for writers and neuro diverse people, but also people wanting to get better at eating healthy and cooking, more affordably! Really I think there’s something in there for everyone. Another great feature-summarizing messages and explaining the tone and intention. If you’re confused about what a text means…this will answer your questions! It can also make your text more casual, professional, more conscience, etc. I cannot promote this enough. There is ethical AI and technology! Don’t be scared of it, or intimidated, learn it and make your life easier!! 💜.Version: 1.1

ADHD/Executive Functioning Disorder MustThis app is a MUST for those of us that are Neurodivergent or struggle with organization, Executive Function issues or just wants to have an AMAZING piece of tech take care of the organization for a task you otherwise would have to break down!!!! I’ve tried an ungodly amount of “To Do’s” and written/typed/voice recorded so many tasks to do. I struggle the most with “Object Permanence” (out of sight, out of mind to the MAX) and also just shut down when I get overwhelmed if I’m too far under and feel like I’m drowning. This has 100% helped me be active and actually be productive. Don’t be so close minded or unwilling to try something new that might be a little uncomfortable at first, that you miss out entirely on an app that could literate save your life, job, relationship whether with partner or child, friend, etc…. Just stick with it for a week. You won’t regret it..Version: 1.1

Best 99 cents you will ever spend in your life!!Hey guys! So I just discovered this awesome new app and I can't stop raving about it. I've only had a chance to play around with the formalizer and judge features, but let me tell you, they're absolutely priceless! This app has the potential to be a total game changer and I truly believe it will improve my life in so many ways. I'm already blown away and can't wait to dive into the other features. The only minor downside I've experienced is that the app can sometimes crash, but it's such an amazing app that I can't deduct any stars for that. I'm hoping the developer will release an update to fix that issue soon, but in the meantime, it's not a dealbreaker for me. Overall, I'm loving this app and can't wait to see what else it has to offer!— ps I used the formalizer to make this rating “more sociable”.Version: 1.0

Worth it 100%This app is unbelievably worth it simply for convenience and accessibility. All the tools on this app are helpful for neurodiverse people, from help with reading tone to putting an idea into action. I have used tools like this before online, but having easy access to them on my phone homepage is a game changer, it helps me to even remember I have this tool to use! All the tools can be synced, so I can get an idea for a recipe, break that recipe down into steps and add the ingredients to my grocery list within a few moments. It takes the “mental processing” out of making and streamlining plans, which pulls me out of my executive dysfunction and gets me started quicker. Thank you to the developer for this resource, I have gotten more done today than I ever thought possible..Version: 1.1

It’s been minutes since I downloaded it and it’s PURE GOLDThis application is exactly what my brain has always needed. I know what I have to do I can break it down myself but the overwhelming amount of steps keeps me paralyzed. And this app breaks it down sure so the steps are the same but they’re out of my head. I can just do the first task and boom done onto the next and the next and the next . Seriously had to get it immediately before they raised the price. It even has extra features I didn’t know about. All I saw was it broke things down and I hit download so fast. Even as broke as I am I knew this was an investment for-sure. I’m sure the judge and chef features will come in handy soon. Thank you to the devs. Genuinely this is going to help so many people..Version: 1.1

An adhd tool that really works? It’s more likely than you’d think!Clickbait review title aside, this thing is worth the 99 cents. Do you struggle with transitioning tasks or where to start or what to do? Because I absolutely do and this thing takes all the guess work out of my daily tasks. I have plants in pots that I need to put out in my garden and if I wait any longer they’re just going to die — this little tool broke down ALL the tasks I need to do, from weeding to prep the ground all the way to mulching to retain moisture. The “chef” function is also a game changer! I eat whatever nonsense is readily available because I look at ingredients and my brain soft resets and suddenly I forget how to cook. With this I can just type in what ingredients I have and it comes up with a meal for me - it’s awesome!!.Version: 1.1

Absolute life changer, I cannot believe this is freeMy morning routine and feeling overwhelmed about things to do in the day because I am worried that I’ll forget about them or I don’t have the time to stop and write down all the things that I wanted to do until later, I can use voice to text on iPhone in the compiler IN THE SAME APP, and then make it into the to do list!!! Brothers, wanting to do this you can look up different commands for iPhones, “New line” to start a new line/bullet point on Notes app and Compiler on goblin is especially helpful! This is quite literally the best app I’ve ever downloaded on my phone ever and thank you so very much to the developer and all your work, you have really changed my entire daily routine for the better.Version: 1.1

A Must for Autism/ADHDThis app is absolutely amazing and has been such a good tool for managing my AuDHD. The chef tool is especially helpful for me as someone who really struggles with making my own food. The judge helps me determine tone multiple times a day. It really has worked its way into my daily life. I look forward to seeing the app grow and I am excited to see what new features come in future updates. The fact that it’s free on browser and the app costs less than a dollar is an absolute bonus, and I want to be absolutely clear that I would have no problem paying a subscription fee for this. I really do appreciate how cheap it is for accessibility reasons, that’s just to measure how helpful I find it to be..Version: 1.1

LIFESAVEROh my god, I wish I’d known about this app sooner. I have severe ADHD and bipolar, and I struggle massively with daily chores — they become overwhelming quickly and I end up putting them off “for when I’m less overwhelmed”. Generally, that doesn’t happen, and the chores pile up and up and up. The way this app breaks everything down … it gives me a starting point, a small goal to accomplish versus a “just get the whole thing done” sort of mentality. Having access to the other features is utterly amazing too — the formalize function, especially. I often feel like I’m being either way too formal or way too casual, and it’s hard for me to judge where I need to fall on that spectrum. This app really does help judge where I need to be..Version: 1.1

Thank you from one Neurospicy person to anotherI’ve been using the website for awhile now but realized I needed a portal version to take with me Room to room. This has not only helped me manage a physical list, come up with foods to eat/cook when I’ve gotten bored or tired, and judge tone of text not only from myself but others. I needed this so so much in my life and have shared with friends I think could also benefit and love it. I hope they add a widget feature to the mobile app. Devs I love you and thank you for hearing us and knowing the struggles and trying to make the world a bit easier to live in, I wish you so much happiness and love. You have truly made an amazing impact in my life with this..Version: 1.1

Wonderful but one thing..I am in LOVE with this app. I am all about lists! They help me stay organized and on task. The only issue I have is making the list! 🤣 This takes all the brain work out of making a list!! I love how easy it is for me to be able to get things done! I only rated 4 stars because I have one set back with this app.. And that is the time estimates for tasks! It is INSANE to think someone would need 2 hours to gather cleaning supplies.. 😐 This tells my ADHD brain that cleaning is no longer worth it if I can’t get a better estimate on how much time these things will actually take. I hope that this gets fixed so that this app can be a bit more useful for me. 😊 After using this app more, I’ll update my review if I find anything else or if it improves! 🥰.Version: 1.1

Love!Love it! My only “complaint” is the time estimates per task. With our family of 6, we all have ADHD. Sometimes we need the time estimate to help motivate us just a little bit more but when we try to do the estimate it says like it’ll take 30 mins to clean light switches and door knobs and since my kids basically only need it for their bedroom, it’s only a single light switch and two door knobs and they’ll see 30 mins for that minor task and causes a meltdown. I try to tell them (especially the smaller ones) “this says it’ll take xx mins to finish, let’s see if you can beat that” and it works but not so much for my teenager 😅 Maybe make an editing option for time estimate?.Version: 1.1

Just at first glanceIt took me all of 2 minutes to fully comprehend the entire app. It requires no brain power to “learn“ because it does it for you and my god does this make me happy that I don’t have to break down the tasks on my own. I have ADHD and it’s perfect. is just simple and helpful at its core. The creators really knew what they were doing and didn’t try to make it look all flashy to catch your attention they just made it minimalist and straight forward. There’s no way to screw it up so badly it causes any shame there’s just fast easy tools for breaking down the tasks, creating to do lists, and many things ND. Truly a gem, thank you so much. Well worth the dollar.Version: 1.1

I hope this tool lasts forever!I have been using the web version for a couple of months now and I finally downloaded the app this week, I LOVE IT. reason one all the things you feel overwhelmed by and scribble all over your notebook so you don’t forget, voice to text in the complier , move the list to to-do, break down some of the more daunting tasks… and there you have it. Reason 2: when you tell your husband, kids, ect to do something like “clean out the fridge” and they just stare at it you can give them a list of all the tasks that go into that, without the draining all your mental energy making them a list.. love it.Version: 1.1

4.5 Stars; Love App But I Have SuggestionsAs the title suggests, I love this app but I do have a few suggestions. I mainly use the “to do” feature on this app, so I can only speak for that feature. This app is so helpful in allowing me to organize my thoughts. I don’t use the AI feature either. I simply create a main task with the date as the title and then create sub tasks for things I have to do that day. My suggestion is to perhaps create a calendar setting where I can click on each day and then create a to-do list for each day so I don’t have to write out every single day and then rearrange. I would love to be able to make multiple to-do lists..Version: 1.1

AMAZINGOkay, as someone with ADHD/Autism, executive function is NOT my strong suit. This app is (almost) everything I need it to be. The chef function and the estimator are definitely my favorites bc how did they know I struggled with those so much??!? Like I said, AMAZING. I love the magic to do list as well, I just wish they had a function that put them in the best order to do, because even when I have a list I never know where to start and then I get overwhelmed and then I go on my phone and do nothing. Also the app keeps crashing BUT that doesn’t matter because overall it’s amaaaaazingggg Thank you to whoever made this!! You’re my new favorite person..Version: 1.0

Perfect for ADHDAs someone with ADHD, I struggle a lot with feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated by my environment. I become particularly stressed from even menial tasks, because in my head, each little task requires a whole bunch of stuff in the background leading up to the task itself, which leads me to pushing off the task until it’s too late. This app has helped me a lot with breaking tasks down into doable steps, and it helps to literally see each easy step laid out in front of me so I don’t have to think about it. I was recommended this app by another person with ADHD, and I feel like it’s changed my productivity for the better..Version: 1.1

ALMOST as good as the webpage!This app is a great way to support the creator of such a useful tool, and I’m so happy to pay for it and see how everything progresses! These tools are also fantastic and helpful, and I am so grateful for their existence. I have just one minor gripe: I had just finished typing a whole heap of ideas into the 'compiler,' and before finishing it out by exporting it to the 'magic todo,' I quickly went over to the 'magic todo' page to to see what I already had there. Upon returning to the compiler page, all of that work was lost, and I had to redo it. It would be lovely to have the app keep a memory of what I input, just like the website, in case an outage or distraction pulls me away from it..Version: 1.1

Holy cow girl! This is amazing!I love organization to ease my anxiety and I am usually overthinking to get organized so this takes all of the mental load out of my brain. And I just downloaded the app 5 minutes ago. I haven’t even used it fully yet. Just knowing that I have something to help my brain is such a relief. And all of the tools are helpful. I took one star off because of the chef. I hoped it was going to be a simplified version of Supercook but it’s not. I tried it and it just gave me the items I entered and put them all in a bowl and made a salad but It didn’t add any salad dressing. I did not want to eat the recipe at all. But just knowing that it’s a tool I could try again in the future is still awesome..Version: 1.1

ADHD/Neurospicy person’s dreamThis app is so helpful. I’ve used the website for sometime and decided to download the app to support the developers because I’m so thankful they’ve created this. You can break tasks down so they’re easier to get done, you can write an email to your boss with lots of attitude and the translator will rewrite it so you get the point across without getting fired. There’s even a section to put in what ingredients you have and it’ll suggest recipes! You can type any text in and ask it to make it more professional, more romantic, and many more options. I just love it and I’m thankful for it..Version: 1.1

As powerful as you want it to beQuick list of things to do this weekend, sorted and prioritized? Done. Need to start planning a move and don’t know where to begin? It can suggest tasks and make detailed checklists so you don’t have to! I’m starting to use this more and more bc it is *that* good at helping organize my thoughts, tasks and so much more. The Judge feature helps to stop me obsessing over a word choice in text. This feature alone has stopped a good deal of anxiety for me and that’s just huge for my QoL. On days when I haven’t had meds, this is even more of a godsend. My most sincere gratitude to the developer..Version: 1.1

Really great appThis app helps lay out everything you need to get done the AI sub tasks are helpful becuase I forgot I needed to do the little things and the “tasks between tasks”. Reading through the list helps mentally prepare you for the tasks and the estimated times helps to regulate expectations. I could suggest a few things. Maybe an in app timer that you can set to make it like a game and if you can finish in the estimated time maybe the app could put a star or something next to the task when you say you’ve completed it or make a button that says “I need more time”. It’s a great app/website.Version: 1.1

Perfect for my ND brainI’ve never written a review before, but I just have to say how amazing this app is. I’ve tried tons of productivity apps and haven’t been able to stick with any of them. I love that this breaks down tasks into as many steps as I need. It’s so customizable and will work for me both on my most functional days and on the days where I’m really struggling. The Formalizer tool is helpful, but more than that, it’s highly entertaining. The “passionate” setting is so funny. This app was recommended to me by a fellow autistic friend and I’ll definitely be telling all my other ND friends about it..Version: 1.0

The greatest app ever inventedI don’t even know how to put into words how useful this app is. If you are neurodivergent of any kind, or in a season of life where stress is high and executive functioning is a struggle, GET👏🏻THIS👏🏻APP! Run, don’t walk. It’s SO user friendly, incredibly customizable, and the most practical tool I’ve ever, ever discovered. It’s like having a personal assistant in my pocket. It’s like having a second brain - a brain that actually does all the things I usually struggle to do. This app helps me feel less overwhelmed, and more capable of actually accomplishing my tasks from day to day..Version: 1.1

Love all the toolsThe different tools are very helpful. Magictodo breaks ANY task you can think of down into mini steps. The Judge is very helpful for communication- interprets the meaning or context behind any text. The Formalizer can change any wording into more formal, more passionate, more professional, more emotional, less emotional- I mean the options there are many- I find this the most helpful. The estimator helps with time frames , have used this as much but would be good if you have tasks that need complete by a certain time- helps to estimate how long things will take..Version: 1.1

I ate lunch today because of this app!All of the tools on here are great, but Chef really has changed my life for the better. I have ADHD and Celiac Disease, so food is a big struggle for me. I usually end up having “snacks on a plate” because I’m bored and uninspired. Well, Chef took all my snacks and created a “ham salad roll” recipe for me - technically what I would have eaten anyway, but feels less “sad desk lunch” and more “grown up food.” It suggested turning a random collection of leftovers into a pasta bake, which I never would have thought of. It even managed to create a fun recipe for string cheese and pecans! I am sold..Version: 1.1

Most useful app everAs someone who is autistic & adhd, the tools in this app are invaluable. I never know how long things are gonna take so the estimator tool really helps me manage my time more efficiently. The judge tool helps me navigate tone in text which I really struggle with. And I’d never get anything done without the magic to do. I’m still using the chef option but already it’s so helpful to not have to think of what to make for dinner and simply type in ingredients & restrictions. I’d give this app more stars if I could & I recommend it to everyone!.Version: 1.1

Where has this been all my life?!?As someone who struggles with executive dysfunction, basic tasks can feel completely overwhelming. Endless google searches like, “how to clean your room for dummies,” amongst others turned up nothing of value until I heard about goblin tools. Upon opening the app I created a task and had it break it down, I love that you can customize the breakdown of both the main and subtasks to your liking, it is so helpful if you get to a point of being overwhelmed where you are just no thoughts brain scrampled egg..Version: 1.1

AMAZINGThis is an app I didn’t know I needed as an ADHD Autistic person!! I absolutely love that you can adjust the “spiciness” level to determine a more or less detailed output. It is a bit buggy, but I am willing to put up with that based on how much it’s helped me in my day to day. I regularly use the tools for laundry, as that is the task I have the hardest time completing. Thank you for creating this tool!! I would love to see a grocery store/ any store tool. You could input the items you need to buy in list format, and the tool will organize the items by department and the most efficient way to navigate the store..Version: 1.1

Life saver!This app changed lists for me as a whole. Lists were something I really struggled with. I would get so stressed I would cry or felt like crying and would give up due to being so overwhelmed/exhausted. This makes it so easy. Writing out a to do list takes mins instead of 20-30mins+, it’s basically stress free, you can adjust the break down of your to do list. You also don’t have to break any of it down really by yourself either. If you are super busy, struggle with schedules, to do lists etc. please download this!.Version: 1.1

The Best App for ADHD/ Executive DysfunctionTldr: Great app for planning, breaking down tasks, and other features, definitely worth the money This app is absolutely fantastic! It allows you to make todo lists, and breaks them down into smaller steps. You can also adjust how much you need it to break the steps down! I also love the other features of the app. It can estimate how long a task will take (amazing for planning), tell you how to change the tone of a message to make it more/less professional, and tell you what the tone of messages is. This is the only app I’ve ever paid for, and it’s absolutely worth it. It’s only 99 cents one time, and it has no ads. I’ve absolutely used it more than enough to make up for the 99 cents I spent. If you want to try out some features of the app without paying, the website is a great option to see if you like it!.Version: 1.1

Overcoming executive dysfunction one prompt at a timeThis app is an absolute GAMECHANGER for me. I have been struggling to tackle several cleaning/organization tasks for probably months (looking at you, giant pile of laundry) and the Magic ToDo tool alone is worth the 99 cent purchase fee. I love the ability to create different versions of a to do list for the same task based on how much you need broken down at any time, and that if you need a clearer breakdown of one step on the to do list you can generate that very quickly! Fantastic app, keep up the great work!.Version: 1.1

I use this every week. Thank you for this great appDecided to try this out after seeing a video online of someone using the magic to-do list. Found out after purchasing that this has many helpful features I didn’t know I needed. I showed my coworkers the formalizer tool and they were sold. Comes in handy when we struggle to get certain messages across through email. I’m very happy with the purchase. Everyone who I showed this app too agrees this is a great and very helpful app..Version: 1.1

Incredible!I rarely if ever write a review, but I had to write one for this. I’ve only had it for a short time, but this has helped me immensely. I never thought I’d see a day where AI could help me get out of my brain reading too much into an email’s tone. The brain dump feature will help me a ton to overcome my executive dysfunction and finally get to the tasks I want to accomplish, though, I haven’t had a chance to use it just yet. Finally, it has dark mode, which was the chef's kiss for me. Just download it already. It’s worth it!.Version: 1.1

Best Task Tracker/Neurodivergent help app!It makes lists for you! I get so overwhelmed with the big task like cleaning my room that I avoid doing it but this app breaks it down into steps for me which means I can split it up without losing motivation and makes it feel less daunting as a bunch of little things! It also has great features to help anyone who struggles with tone especially through text. I haven’t tried out every bit of this but they could easily charge $10 for this app and I’d still be happy with it.Version: 1.1

Fantastic tool with room to improveThis is one of the best and most useful apps I have found. It’s open ended nature makes it not steer me into specific ways of using, but let’s me build my own way I like to use it. It could use a little more quality of life features, like daily and weekly scheduled to do tasks. And just more options on how to sort, filter, and organize tasks. A history or way to save things for recalling later would be nice. Will update this review after more use and development. Support the creator, this is a tool worth supporting..Version: 1.1

I’m not neurospicy…… but this has still helped me immensely. I may not be formally diagnosed with a neurospicy brain, but sometimes I DO just get decision fatigue. I’m tired at the end of the day and don’t want to think through dinner. I have a ton of chores and not enough caffeine to figure them out. My boss has asked me to time block stuff and I’m horrible at it (I do know I’m right-brained at the very least so spreadsheets are not my friend). Just a dollar well spent. Phew. Thanks neurospicy community for helping everybody even the unintended..Version: 1.1

Simple but BEEFYI have inattentive ADHD, I have a teen with autism, and another teen with ADHD. This tool is incredible. It’s not just limited to Tasks, there are multiple ways in which to put your lists together, from doing a stream of consciousness brain dump and having it pick out the tasks for you, to setting a task and letting it decide based on your chosen level of neuro spiciness how detailed the list needs to be. I haven’t yet gotten into the chef part of it or the other things like the judge but it’s really really cool!.Version: 1.1

So very helpfulThis app is amazing for an adhd family. Depending on your personal areas of weakness as it relates to that almighty exec function, this app steps in where simple AI doesn’t. It kinda reminds me of when I was trying simple CBT for years vs CBT designed for ADHD. There are certain considerations that are assumed come intuitively to adults, and if they don’t, we’re often too embarrassed to ask for clarification. This app knows our (general) blank spots and gently guides you in the right direction. Heartfelt thanks to the creator!.Version: 1.1

How did they know ?!I’m going to keep it short if you have any divergence issues involving ADHD, Autism, ADD or any thing els this thing just helps in every way that I’ve always wanted and needed I didn’t have to pay for the app apparently the the website will remain free but I have that dollar because they really deserve it and more, THANK you I’ll try to put it to good use Ps . There are some things I hope these dollars got to like a repeating daily tasks list and other variables of time.Version: 1.1

Excellent so far!I just downloaded this app and have enjoyed playing around with the various tools! It seems like it will be very useful and I can’t wait to put them to more use. The Judge feature is great! That might be my favorite one so far. My biggest suggestions would be to have a “clear all” option so I don’t have to manually delete any text I enter when I want to add more. It would also be cool to be able to enter screenshots of chats for more efficiency..Version: 1.1

When I remember to use this appMy day goes by so much more smoothly. The estimates are usually accurate, the list breakdown is helpful, you get that dopamine hit when you complete a task as well. I haven’t tried the recipe maker yet but that is and awesome feature to have for the neurospicy of us! I am so thankful of my therapist who showed me this app when I was first going through my adult ADD diagnosis that even with medications I still use it on tough days. Worth the download!.Version: 1.1

A todo list application for anyoneThis app is a godsend for the neurodivergent, but if you think about it - anyone can use it to get ideas on how to do a task. A lot of energy can go into planning how to do something, which is a task in itself some who have trouble focusing. It breaks down large tasks into easy to complete steps. I feel like it's easier to put one foot in front of the other now without having to wonder what the next step should be..Version: 1.1

Never Been Happier to Pay for an App!I’m a huge fan of the (still free) website and excited to have the opportunity to support the developer via the app purchase. I’m neurodivergent and this is the first app I’ve encountered that truly understands how features can support executive function, communication, memory, and more. It’s a relief each time I use it, and has been a hit in ND groups at my multinational employer as well. 10/10 making life more accessible!.Version: 1.1

One minor flawI love this app and everything it does. It has helped me so much, especially the chef tool. The only reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is because on the list tool, the “Clear Subtask” and “Create Subtask” button on the top down are right next to each other and very small. On multiple occasions I have pressed the wrong one and had to rewrite my entire list, even forgetting some items in the original list. Please move them! Or in the very least make the buttons larger..Version: 1.1

So usefulExtremely helpful tool for managing executive dysfunction and other spicy issues..Version: 1.1

Super helpfulReally nice and helpful breaking things down.Version: 1.1

So cool!This app is amazing for people with ADHD!.Version: 1.1

If you have ADHD, this is the tool for youI have always struggled to get started on big tasks that I know have many steps. This amazing little app uses AI to break down any task into logical steps. And then you can hit the magic wand and break down those tasks into even smaller steps. It’s amazing how useful this is!.Version: 1.1

Work on all levels.I heard about the goblin tool on an ADHD FB group and I’m so happy I did! I’ve been using it for over a month now, mostly to break down tasks into manageable steps. Which is *chef’s kiss*. The levels of spiciness are fabulous and each task can then be broken down. Brilliant!! I recently used it to interpret texts I was receiving. Thank you, Goblin Tools, for also seeing the passive aggressive voice in them. This helped me to step back and take a breath. I was able to formulate an answer in my own words, but if I wasn’t able to there’s a spot for that in this nifty tool as well! Want to be less or spicy? Formal, informal, oh polite. This app has you covered. Thank you to the brilliant app designers. I’m less fatigued at the end of the day while working on bettering my executive functioning abilities. Btw I haven’t even tried out the “give me a meal ideas to make with these ingredients” cooking section yet!? I know!? It’s like those “but wait there’s more” ads. Try out this tool - neurospicy or not - it’s a gem!.Version: 1.1

Write love notes, plan lunch, break down tasksWhat can’t this thing do? I’m loving it. Thank you. Best app purchase..Version: 1.1

Speechless with joyAs a high-functioning ADHDer, every single task management app has stymied me at the “sub-task” stage. This app has a few modes, but the best one breaks down tasks on projects that can seem uncomplicated to a lot of folks but that create option paralysis for folks like me (e.g. clean the kitchen, write a blogpost / article / story about X). If that weren’t enough - the app has another mode that can produce time estimates for these tasks. There’s more that’s awesome, but I for one am deeply grateful that the goblin behind these tools created this app. It’s does the things with AI that I would have asked C3PO for help with! 🙏❤️.Version: 1.1

Great for ADHDA friend of mine introduced me to this app after me explaining some feelings of overwhelm I was experiencing and she showed me this app. It’s really helpful when I remember to use it. I need to turn on notifications or something because when I use this app in my everyday it feels so nice because it breaks everything down into the smallest tasks so it’s easy for me to follow through on the things I need to do and doesn’t make me feel like an idiot for needing an intense breakdown on the most simple tasks. 👍🏻 really helpful and pleasant app to use for someone who needs a lot of help..Version: 1.1

Such a cool ideaJust downloaded this app and doing a little bit of poking around, but it seems like a very useful tool!.Version: 1.1

So so goodI genuinely do love this app/site, my boyfriend and I actually tried testing it by comparing this to chat gpt; we gave each the same specific, mental illness related task (something like how to do dishes with sensory sensitivities and autism) and this app was a bit more understanding and gentle with their words and gave extra steps catering to self care). incredible for the neurodivergent babes, i usually only use the magic todo list but i’m about to start using the chef and braindump more. 10/10 ❤️.Version: 1.1

Very helpful!Helps keep me on track and motivated. I usually start a task and get lost half way thru and never complete it..Version: 1.1

Moving between tasks.Crashes when I move between tasks inside the app. Otherwise the app is great.Version: 1.1

Must have for those with executive dysfunction and task paralysisAbsolutely love this app, it breaks tasks down into manageable and straightforward steps and has helped me deep clean multiple rooms in my home quickly. Definitely recommend.Version: 1.1

Very useful!!The Magic ToDo is amazing for getting unstuck when your executive function isn’t cooperating, and the formalizer works wonders to draft those pesky emails (a bit of editing required of course). The sarcasm function is hilarious too, feels a bit like it’s reading your mind 😂 Would love it if there was an official lock screen widget available, just to minimize distractions when going to open the app..Version: 1.1

AmazingI can’t believe how much I have come to love this app! I use it several times a day. Must have for neurodiverse individuals ❤️.Version: 1.1

SpeechlessSo awesome I want to cry tears of joy!.Version: 1.1

Fantastic.I can’t get over how useful this is..Version: 1.1

Goblin Tools Rules!Wow I am so grateful that someone showed this to me. I’ve been wishing for an app like this and lo and behold it exists... Thank you to the developers!!.Version: 1.1

Great add to a neurodivergent person's toolboxObviously this app isn't going to perform miracles for you but it helps me immensely, in staying organized, keeping on top of things, and breaking down tasks. More than worth the money, I highly recommend..Version: 1.1

Goblin approvedAs a goblin i really appreciate this app.Version: 1.1

Cool app!Love how it creates sub tasks for my scatter brain.Version: 1.1

Love it!This is a real review. I never write these but I feel compelled to say thank you for inventing tools I didn’t realize I needed. Only thing is, I’d love for a more accessible print feature. If it is there, I’m not finding it for some reason..Version: 1.1

Game changerWhat an app for those that need it. Amazing.Version: 1.1

I recommend this tool all the timeI NEEDED this tool a lot! I am very appreciative that someone built it. I recommend this tool all the time, i just recently recommended the tool to my boss and he put it in our weekly newsletter because he found it so helpful. I hope that there will be a way in the future to assign dates and times to things and it can sync with my iCal. Thank you so very much for building this!.Version: 1.1

AMAZINGThis is the best purchase I’ve made on the App Store.Version: 1.1

Woow this is soo coolEvery option on this app is so well made i love this..Version: 1.1

Time management god sendLove this, for time management of tasks to someone with adhd, it assists with the missing link from ‘need to do this’ to ‘done’. Brilliant.Version: 1.1

AmazingLife saver for anyone neurodivergent.Version: 1.1

I have ADHD. So I’ve NEVER written a review beforeDude. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve literally never written a review in my life. This, was worth the moment. Like, there’s enough dopamine in my system from the excitement of trying this app that I’m actually following through with writing this review. If you have ADHD, you know exactly what I mean. Just make it prettier! But damn.. amazing AI.Version: 1.1

I can’t evenI legit feel like my life has now changed. This app is amazing and has all the things my adhd brain needs to function.Version: 1.1

LOVE IT but…I would love to have the text size be adjustable on the app. It would make it easier on my eyes.Version: 1.1

IncredibleThank you 🩶.Version: 1.1

It’s missing somethingIt needs a less understandable option for the formalizer but otherwise it’s golden.Version: 1.1

Love all of the options!!This is so amazing. Thank you!.Version: 1.1

So helpful!!I have autism and ADHD and this app is game changing!!.Version: 1.1

Super helpful!Goblin tools is super helpful in changing my to do list from being overwhelming and unmanageable to clear, doable smaller tasks. Definitely saves the day. Must have for neuro-spicy sorts..Version: 1.1

Where has this been all my life???I was thinking the other day about how helpful it would be to use AI generative models in order to aid neurodivergent people with tasks that might be too overwhelming…. Now this. I never review and comment on apps like ever but I honestly am so beyond impressed.Version: 1.1

Buggy but amazingCould be the most genuinely helpful app of all time but it crashes incessantly.Version: 1.1

Such a helpful appBeen using the website for a while, so glad it’s an app now. For .99 heck ya I’ll buy it. Only app I’ve ever actually bought..Version: 1.1

OMGOmg, just OMG!.Version: 1.1

Freaking life changingWow! This is such a useful app. It breaks down the task, estimates the time for each step and let’s you add your our steps in. I only give a 4 star as I’m not sure it’s as user friendly as it could be… but I figured it out and it’s simple and direct! My son likes to use it as well!.Version: 1.1

Love it just bought itI haven’t used the app yet but i looked around at it & im sobbing crying this is perfect thank you so much to whoever created this, it has more than i thought it did & ive just been struggling for such a long time i can’t believe this exists, if you struggle with adhd this will save your life. as you can tell, i’m very adhd, just buy it.Version: 1.1

Don’t sleep on Goblin ToolsIncredible helpful and easy to use. If you’re neurodivergent. YOU NEED THIS! Or at least appreciate it ^_^.Version: 1.1

So far so goodI’ve been using this app for about a week now. I really like how it breaks down tasks so well. Sometimes I’m able to remove some of them and condense the list, which is nice because I found if I got too many items going on my list it slowed down the app quite a bit. Honestly though that isn’t the worst thing, as I tend to try and overdo it with my planning and don’t have enough hours in the day to complete what I want to get done. So the app slowing down with too many tasks has also helped me be a little bit more realistic with myself because I don’t want to overload the app- or myself. An unintended aid I’m sure but I’m appreciating it I haven’t used the chef portion much yet but that’s the next thing I’m going to be diving into as I feel it will be so beneficial to take some of the thinking away on my part. Overall I love this app and definitely feel I already got my moneys worth. I’ve told many of my friends with brains that seem to work similar to mine and they all seem as awestruck as I. Goblin Tools is a wonderful addition to my toolbox of things to help me get through life ❤️.Version: 1.1

So helpfulOn low spoon days I have something to fall back on and that is huge.Version: 1.1

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