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Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.

- Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server.
- Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices.
- Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup.
- Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections.
- Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive.
- Block ads by domain, user agent rules.
- Local DNS Mapping.
- Work on cellular networks.
- Decrypt HTTPS traffic.
- Perform URL rewrite.
- Fully IPv6 supports.
- Script filter supports.
- Multi-level forward proxy.
- Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins.
- Support DNS over HTTTPS, DNS over TLS, DNS over QUIC.

Shadowrocket App Comments & Reviews

Shadowrocket Positive Reviews

Problems With Widget UI DesignI'm glad that the developer has updated the desktop widget, which is more convenient to use. There are still some design issues that are not conducive to use: 1. The switch status is clear. The lightning symbol is difficult to identify whether it is running or finished. It is recommended to change it to a switch symbol, which is distinguished by green and red. 2. Configuration, proxy, and direct connection selections are normally marked in bold fonts. It is recommended to use circular selections to avoid illegibility. 3. Borrow the point selection suggestions and 2 to provide clearer annotations, such as putting a check mark on the selected node focus. Hope these suggestions will make this app better to use 😊.Version: 2.2.40

Excellent Shadowrocket, Looking Forward to Improved Mac Client CompatibilityI've been a loyal user of Shadowrocket for quite some time, and this software truly excels on the iOS platform. The stable connections, rich customization options, and intuitive interface have consistently met my expectations, earning it a well-deserved 5-star rating. However, as a frequent Mac user, I am hopeful that Shadowrocket will be better adapted for the Mac client in the future. It would be fantastic if the development team could extend the functionality to control nodes and proxy methods directly from the Mac menu bar. This enhancement would greatly simplify the process of switching between different nodes and proxy methods, enhancing the overall user experience. This improvement would make Shadowrocket even more versatile on the Mac, catering to a broader user base. In summary, I've given Shadowrocket a 5-star rating because it truly is an outstanding VPN tool. I look forward to future updates that bring more feature enhancements, particularly those aimed at improving the Mac client, ensuring a consistent and high-quality user experience across different devices..Version: 2.2.44

5 stars !5 星!更新很勤快!Updated very diligently !软件没有完美的, 所以需要不断地更新改进, 看了下版本更新纪录, 每次改进详情也写得很详细, 不像很多糊弄人的软件, 只写一句改进了修复了一些不让你知道的问题, 也没买那些比较懒两三个月才更新一次的, 协议支持最全同时该有的功能都有而且价格良心, 同时信任用户不设置什么远程设备绑定验证功能来限制用户使用, 据说有些通过远程绑定限制设备数量的软件, 甚至能远程在用户手机执行一些命令, 万一作者人品差或者想用用户信息来获利那就危险了, 所以也没选那种类型的软件。 The software is not perfect. So it needs to be constantly updated and improved. I've looked at the version update log. The details of each improvement are written in great detail. Unlike a lot of software that fools people. Not like a lot of confusing software, just write a sentence to improve the fix some problems that do not let you know. I did not buy those lazy two or three months to update once. The protocol support is the most complete while the features are there and the price is conscientious. At the same time, trust users do not set up any remote device binding verification function to limit the use of users. It is said that some software that limits the number of devices by remote binding The software can even remotely execute some commands on the user's phone. In case the author is of poor character or wants to use the user's information to profit from it, it is dangerous. So I didn't choose that type of software..Version: 2.2.24

Pls fix the widgets bug ASAPLatest iOS version with latest Shadowrocket till Nov/24/23 I am wandering did the developer use Shadowrocket widgets to turn on/off the switch quickly; if yes, he/she should found that the widgets NOT working well, no server list display in the widgets, but sometimes it show again. I have to reboot my iPhone to reload the widgets No this kind of issue in previous Shadowrocket version, pls check & fix it ASAP, thx a lot..Version: 2.2.38

Feature rich personal shadowsocks + v2ray plugin appI’m primarily using Shadowrocket app to connect to my personal Shadowsocks VPS. I find the app excellent in performance, it has very comprehensive features satisfying most users and very good UI/UX. But what really impresses me most is the outstanding support from the developer. I had initially problems configuring the app to connect to my Shadowsocks server. I believe most of the issues are due to my lack of familiarity with the Shadowsocks + v2ray plugin protocol. But the developer has shown great patience in walking me through the settings in the app to finally establish connection. The performant app and wonderful developer support earned my solid recommendation..Version: 2.2.4

Plz fix this bugGive me a five point evaluation first, and then let's talk about some questions. After the latest version of 2.2.20 has just been updated, a problem has occurred, which will lead to the inability to access the Internet directly after the link. The developer hopes to fix this problem as soon as possible after seeing the reply, thank you.Version: 2.2.20

Connection problemThis app worked very well before I updated it. But when I did it, this app don’t work att all and when I connect to my config at this app, I can’t open any site. But the same config work at the fair app😕 Thanks alot for your support🌻 I updated this app to tha latest version, but it don’t work correctly after update, again😕 please resolve this problem!.Version: 2.2.23

Doesn’t seem to work with WiFiI also noticed the problem. After the upgrade to iOS 11, it automatically disconnects the phone from WiFi and uses 4g instead. The problem seems to be solved by previous updates but is back again, and the problem doesn’t seem to be present on every WiFi router, I think the app works with certain protocol or hardware somehow.Version: 2.1.16

Thumbs up to you!This software is indeed quite user-friendly. As a VPN user, I have never encountered any crashes or inability to connect. In fact, the connection status of the software mainly depends on the choice of server nodes rather than the VPN service provider. I have tried both good and bad server nodes, and that's where the brilliance of this software as a stable VPN service shines through..Version: 2.2.32

Awesome!!!Tried other free apps to connect to my Shadowsocks server running on a pi, both of which encountered inexplicable authentication errors. Downloaded this app because it had a way to log the connection for me to debug, low and behold, the connection worked on the first try so I didn’t even need to debug further. Thank you for making this work!!!.Version: 2.2.41

I’d love to give 5 stars but...This is an awesome app. Worked perfectly before but I’m giving 3 stars because somehow it stopped working with Facebook messenger. Doesn’t mark the conversations read, struggles sending and receiving messages. This is the only complain, but a huge one. Another app that I found, and which is free btw - Potatso Lite, does the job just right btw. I’d love to change the rating as soon as the bug is fixed. Otherwise it’s awesome and the developers are awesome. Long live free internet (in China) 🙌✊.Version: 2.1.21

Needs my to pay again for my new phone?I just bought a new iPhone but when I try to download this, it doesn’t recognize my purchase and request me to pay again??!! I’m really confused! I use the same Apple ID for both of my phones, why do I need to pay again since it’s just a different device? please help me fix it thanks.Version: 2.2.37

Causes significant heat on iPhone SE (2020)It used to work great on my iPhone SE (2016) and 2 iPads, but when I switched to the new SE problems began to rise. The first time I enabled shadowrocket, the phone heated up in my pocket and caused the camera to stop functioning. Every time I opened shadowrocket since then, I can feel the temperature rising on the phone back (below the camera, about the CPU area) and don't dare to keep it enabled for more than several minutes..Version: 2.1.61

Probably the best multi protocol VPN softwareThis is really good stuff, and has very few bugs even after one year of use. But it’s been a while, and the interface has not been updated to work with the new iPhones. When viewing on larger devices, the app is fuzzy and low resolution, and generally looks terrible. This is not a dealbreaker, but needs to be updated as soon as possible..Version: 2.1.23

Can't sort nodes on Mac?The best among the several apps used, with the most stable internet experience. I am also using it on my Mac now. I set up node sorting on the iPhone a while ago, but now I don't remember it on the Mac. I've been searching for it for a long time but I don't know how to configure it. Is this a problem?.Version: 2.2.44

Today widget and autorotate issuesI keep getting an “Unable to load” error on the Today Widget. I think this happens when Shadowrocket does not quickly reload servers and the old VPN has been blocked by the GFW. I wish Shadowrocket had an option to more frequently check if servers are being blocked and autorotate faster to keep trying to find one. The autorotate doesn’t seem to work well enough..Version: 2.1.83

Over heat and battery drainI have been using Shadowrocket for a month, when I am using it for vpn, the battery is dropping faster than not using it, and when I use certain apps such as instagram and wechat, the phone will get hot. The temperature is even higher than when I play a 3D intense game. Please fix this issue. Thanks. Support for freedom and stand with democracy..Version: 2.1.34

November 6, 2022, no longer available after the update.It won't work after today's update. The nodes are all useless, the update is still in use one second ago, and the connection cannot be connected after the update..Version: 2.2.20

DNS LeakThis app has a great config mode which really helps when you don’t want to pass every url through the proxy. But the problem is when you the config mode, DNS requests are not sent through the proxy and are sent directly through your ISP. This is against any printery advantages that using a proxy might bring. I don’t want my ISP to eavesdrop on my DNS queries. If you care about DNS queries you should only use “Proxy” mode. Or another app that handles this perfectly like 2.1.51

Warning window lasting too longIt’s a great app but I believe it might be better if the developer shortens the time for the warning window in case of network failure when updating the subscription, for example. While the warning window existing, no action can be made and its quite annoying. Thanks..Version: 2.1.25

I recommend this amazing appThis app is on a whole new level , buy it you won’t regret it . It does everything so satisfying and has so many future’s like sharing network with proxy. It connects in vpn setting in iphone too , in case you wanted to know.Version: 2.2.18

I love this app, but.. (since ios 11 update)This app indeed help me so much while living in mainland China, but there’s just one problem, whenever i connect to a wifi and turn on the VPN, it just auto disconnect the wifi and instantly using the 4G connection. Even though i do not turn on any “On Demand Connection” it was normal when in the version ios 10..Version: 2.1.14

Good, but could be better with WiFi connection.This software supports Vmess, which is quite useful, but would be better with Kcp feature. Sometimes, when my phone gets connected, my laptop automatically drops if they are connected to the same cat. Should fix it..Version: 2.1.29

Bugles & super stableAs a developer I can say this app is one of my daily utilities, it’s stable and it has almost support for all Protocols out there. The only thing missing is the lack of port forwarding and establishing a background SSH tunnel and binding it to my device IP + can you add mesh net support or something like that?.Version: 2.2.22

Great appPlz add option to turn on MUX ( Muxing) for all server by one click ( like turning on alowinecure) And if u can get back the price to 1.99$ the price is to high for people live in iran And support vless and new xtls version And app have bug when u get connectivity test that never test all servers ! Best wishes.Version: 2.2.24

Why the link became stuck after the updateThis software works very well. My friend and I are using different links and after today's update the latency has gone from a few dozen to a few hundred..Version: 2.2.26

Can not connectThis update got a huge bug, when we want to connect , it quickly get back to turn off icon, and shadowrockets reset appear that say reset, We cant use the app with this update, non of vpn servers get connect.Version: 2.2.44

The best SS/V2Ray/etc app for IOSI love this application! It’s amazing. I wish it has a desktop version it’s that good. It’s easy to use and intuitive, unlike Clash or v2rayN/A which are not at all intuitive. I really say thank you to the author for making ShadowRocket - you are hero my friend!!.Version: 2.2.8

Battery drainerThis app which is one of my favorite for so far, on the latest iOS iPhone 12 Pro Max is consuming almost 25% out of entire battery which is quite expensive. A review and adaptation in this particular case will be a biggest progress ever..Version: 2.1.77

It does support on iOS 14?Hello I am using iPhone 11 and installed latest version of Shadowrocket, it can’t connect to the vpn server,it alway reported timeout. but I can connect the same vpn server with same url through my iPad and iPhone 8 which iOS version is 12. The iOS version of iPhone 11 is 14. I want to know is there any issue on iOS 14 for latest shadowrocket version?.Version: 2.1.81

I bought it and downloaded it again and the amount is displayed.Why does another mobile phone show the amount when I log in to the same account after I buy it?.Version: 2.2.21

Sth wrong with wifiI have the same problem!! After updating to iOS 11, the app doesn’t seem to work with WiFi. Every time I connect, it automatically disconnects with WiFi and turn to data.... But as others have mentioned, it’s not with every WiFi...but it has problems with my home WiFi so it’s a big problem now to me lol. Plz solve this ASAP, thanks..Version: 2.1.17

Unable Stay connection on sshThanks for updating I have a problem when i want to use ssh connection , 10 sec stay connected and then switch off , please check it.Version: 2.2.44

Fix connection dropShadowrockets is really advanced proxy utility and has incredible capabilities but I am currently facing a critical problem where my SSH connection gets dropped every 2-5 minutes and I have to reconnect or change routing profile to fix it, no matter if I use proxy or config routes. Please fix this issue and I rewrite my review..Version: 2.2.44

Awesome, thank youIt is a super VPN tool to help many people regain their freedom across the firewall. In addition, the developer is very conscientious and have been continuously updated over the years, compatible with new protocols, which is super cost-effective..Version: 2.2.19

Turn up the prompt messageRecommended to increase subscription expiration time and remaining traffic words are now difficult to see what information.Version: 2.2.11

Need a new shadowRocket for Apple silicon MacHope you can develop a new shadowRocket software for Macs that use Apple silicon processors, in order to adapt to the computer's usage habits, including the display of the status bar, because there is currently no similar software that supports Apple silicon processors natively..Version: 2.2.4

A small problemSometimes the connected/disconnected button stays on and cannot be turned off, while the actual status is disconnected. When this happens I can’t use the vpn function, which is annoying. Please fix the bug..Version: 2.1.44

There is a bug在iPad mini6负一屏添加shadowrocket插件,网速显示会与开关按钮重叠,应该是一个bug,望改进。 When adding this app’s widget on the Home Screen of the iPad mini 6, the area of speed display overlaps with the on/off button. Should be a bug and hope you guys can improve it. Thank you for your efforts..Version: 2.1.90

Great but...This app is great overall but in my case I need to activate and deactivate vpn many many times in a day so i desperately need a good and fast home screen widget for that. Now that apple provides interactivity in widgets in iOS 17 please add a home screen widget.🙏.Version: 2.2.33

It needs l2tp, pptp and more protocolsThis app is the best in market, simple, easy to use, battery friendly, but I think it needs to support more protocols like l2tp, pptp and etc and with them it will be the most powerful app in this field..Version: 2.2.18

Some apps can‘t connect to internet if turn off the VPNKeep VPN switched off, If change to use another WiFi, the app can connect to internet again. The app doesn’t need to use VPN. Please find the reason..Version: 2.1.81

The best vpn software ever in App StoreSo many days , it's always update to become a useful and multiple protocols application , and always cheaper than other vpn software , thank you for your patience to make it better and better ..Version: 2.1.40

Serious problem with the software.With 3D touch I press the app and switch. It turns out to open the app. However it should’ve been a fast switch without opening the app. I wondered if it a problem of software. I’m using iPhone 8 with iOS 13. Contact me if u figure out..Version: 2.1.51

Custom url test configurationConfiguring a custom URL to testing servers is too complicated. After an hour, I found the settings, but when I changed them, there were still no changes in the connectivity testing results..Version: 2.2.32

Woooow now with SSH supportWidgets are now way better with new UI Ssh support are also included 😍😍 The only bug is when you press Connectivity Test it'll connect and add ability to import .inpv files for ssh.Version: 2.2.41

Data loads very slowly in comparison to other vmess clientsThis App was working better than all other apps for vmess protocol but recently it loads data very slowly and have many connection issues . Please fix the problems.Version: 2.2.23

Excellent and inexpensiveIf you know what you are doing and have your own setup, then this app is for you. Worked flawlessly on iOS 16.3, routed app traffic correctly and failover/server selection went well..Version: 2.2.24

Excellent FeaturesVery good app but unfortunately it has no option to create profiles with hardware id lock—something that NapsternetV provides. Would appreciate it if you consider it!.Version: 2.2.21

Xtls-vision supportPlease support xtls-vision.Version: 2.2.24

AwesomeThis is s terrific Safari app.Version: 2.1.63

Feature-rich appMore frequent updates please for xray-core, xtls-vision support..Version: 2.2.24

Xtls visionPlease implement xtls vision.Version: 2.2.24

无敌牛逼,比闪电速度还快唯一支持ios小组件的VPN,搭配ssr6.com的高速节点使用太爽了!.Version: 2.2.33

So usefulMan this is so useful helps me connect to internet so fast.Version: 2.1.75

Does not bypass all appsThe program does not bypass all apps, such as Pinterest, Safari, etc..Version: 2.2.39

Apple TVPlease make it available on apple tv, no at tvOS 17 we can use vpn.Version: 2.2.34

First it works and now it just crashes.When I first got it it worked very good. Now it won’t even let me use google. This sucks so please fix the stupid bug or I demand a refund.Version: 2.2.33

Thank youPlease add reality protocol and SSH connection… Best regards..Version: 2.2.29

这次更新很快。上一个版本测试连接的时候会自动联接,而且延时很大,时隔两天就修复了,科学上网美滋滋。.Version: 2.2.27

BestThe best tcp based client and supports many protocols with best integration.Version: 2.2.24

Xtls vision pleaseXtls vision please.Version: 2.2.24

Can’t download itDear developer, Recently, I can’t update this app in App Store. Please help me. Thanks.Version: 2.2.23

耗电快Iphone 11 pro max ios13.1.3打开代理后,温度喜人啊.Version: 2.1.34

Great App!This app is a blast! Does everything it promises to the letter. Has a fresh modern GUI. Supports almost all mainstream proxy protocols out there. It also has a nice sync feature that lets you sync configs across devices, super handy if you need the proxies on multiple devices, like your phone and your Mac. Hope the developer creates a Mac version soon. It is installable on Mac as it is, but there are some minor bugs..Version: 2.2.22

2.2.20 destroyed my connectionDear developer, The new update just completely showdown my vpn subscription, i'm able to see server and connect, but the network is blocked including open the app store to leave a message here. i need do disable it before i can type. Please help us fix the issue. Thanks..Version: 2.2.20

Why doesn’t shadowrocket work for iphone 14I was using the iphone 12 and everything was working perfectly fine till i upgraded and got the iphone 14 now it won’t work with Alight Motion no matter how many times i restarted and fix it. Could you fix this please?.Version: 2.2.18

Not working in ChinaOnly worked for few mins then stopped. I guess they figured out a new to block , don’t waste ur money if u try to use it in China.Version: 2.2.11

QUICWant QUIC.Version: 2.1.90

功能更新太慢太慢能用,但是收费app, 功能更新还没免费的v2rayNG快,v2和xray 新功能都没有。.Version: 2.1.81

Trojan 更新后变慢在最近的一次更新后,本来没有速度问题的vmess和trojan突然间变的非常慢。之前以为是服务器问题,但用Android和mac测试一切正常。非常好的app,不知道这次更新怎么了。.Version: 2.1.51

开启小火箭网络自动切换到4g更新版本后.Version: 2.1.24

厉害了我的哥Vmess模式还挺稳定的.Version: 2.1.31

求kcp支持Rtrtrt.Version: 2.1.29

2.1.27版本看不了油管了但别的如fb、ig、tw等都可以上,就是油管突然上不去了…….Version: 2.1.27

感谢最近更新后发现 Dashboard 小插件的开关按钮做了一个很棒的调整。感受到开发者的用心了。特意过来留言感谢。 一个小建议。在每一个连接的设置里面,上方的导航栏按钮一个是取消返回,一个是保存返回。其实这个逻辑和 iOS 和 macOS 的使用习惯的不相符的。我试过几次做好了调整,但因为直接按取消返回丢失了调整设置。个人建议做成一个按钮就行。.Version: 2.1.24

自定义规则如何删除自己从github下载了一些规则,但是还有些不想用的,可以应用内不能删除这些多余的,请提供支持.Version: 2.1.16

很好用,作者继续加油!加油( ¯ᒡ̱¯ )و.Version: 2.1.23

继续支持希望一直好用.Version: 2.1.23

何时更新http/2?好急.Version: 2.1.21

Mkcp & 微信视频流混淆 for vmess please!!!It seems a good way for avoid blocking, just as you know.Version: 2.1.20

好用好用.Version: 2.1.19

蹦溃了#小火箭iPhone6P系统11.1.2有时候出现蹦溃了。以前没有出现过这样的,是系统升级后就这样了.Version: 2.1.17

下载不了为什么点下载了没有反应不会下载了.Version: 2.1.17

速度慢,感觉不是很稳定首先感谢作者出了这样一款应用,确实造福iOS用户。但是如上面的评论所说,vps的速度慢了好多,而且总会时不时的连不上。同样的vps在pc下和android下用ss就非常快,希望能够改善.Version: 2.1.17

每个月切加拿大区更新。。虽然有tf但是还能更新我就要用这个办法。。。.Version: 2.1.15

打开ss时WiFi 变成4GIOS 11.1 beta3一开vpn WiFi 就变成4G。 请尽快修复。.Version: 2.1.16

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.2.44

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