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The Best Free Utilities IOS Apps March 2024

The best 10 free Utilities applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in March 2024.

Tuya Smart #NO1

1 - Tuya Smart by Tuya Smart Inc.
Tuya Smart. Smart life, smart living • Remotely control home appliances from anywhere • Add and control multiple devices at once with one App • Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home • Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time. • Easily share devices among family members • Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety • Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices TuyaSmart has integr...

Easy Click VPN x Proxy Master #NO2

2 - Easy Click VPN x Proxy Master by Evrius
Easy Click VPN offers a secure and private way to connect to the internet. This Virtual Private Network solution ensures your online activities remain confidential. Key Features of Easy Click VPN: - Strict Privacy Policy: We guarantee no tracking of user activities or data collection. - User-Friendly Design: The VPN is designed for ease of use, with a straightforward interface. - High-Speed Connections: Our servers ensure a fast and stable internet connection. - Advanced Encryption: We employ...

Fonts Art: Keyboard for iPhone #NO3

3 - Fonts Art: Keyboard for iPhone by AIBY
Meet Fonts Art, your ultimate toolkit for digital self-expression! With this app, you’ll enjoy: Extensive Font Collection Choose from 500+ fonts that cater to every mood and style. Whether you're creating posts for Instagram and TikTok or engaging in conversations on iMessage or WhatsApp, our stylish font designs will make your messages stand out. Multiple Keyboard Designs Make your keyboard both functional and eye-pleasing! Let your fingers dance across a keyboard that both suits your moo...

My Verizon #NO4

4 - My Verizon by Verizon Wireless
The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes and the latest offers, easily switch to Verizon, check your data usage and much more. With My Verizon, you can: • Make secure payments quickly. Manage and pay your bills easily, or simply enroll in Auto Pay. • Switch to a different plan easily or go Unlimited right from your device. • Oversee all your accounts in one place—both your mobile plan and Home plans includi...

T-Mobile Internet #NO5

5 - T-Mobile Internet by T-Mobile
Set up your T-Mobile Internet service in just 15 minutes with the T-Mobile Internet app. Once you’re up and running, the app is all you need to take control of your internet experience. Find the strongest signal Use the app’s interactive placement assistant to find the sweet spot for your T-Mobile 5G Gateway. Manage your connected devices Monitor and remove unrecognized devices for even more control of your network. Update your password Change the name and password of your network with e...

Scan QR Code. #NO6

6 - Scan QR Code. by East End Technologies Ltd.
The #1 QR Reader - QR code scanning, made simple and easy. Download now for FREE! FEATURES - QR Code Scanner - Create your own QR Codes - Barcode Scanner (Scan coupons & Food labels) - Share QR Codes - Auto Scan Use our app to scan any QR code and get the information you need fast! Create and share QR Codes for yourself and friends! Archive and save all QR Codes you have ever scanned or created. * SUBSCRIPTIONS You can subscribe to Scan QR Code. to get access to premium features, l...

Countdown Buddy #NO7

7 - Countdown Buddy by Taptics Ltd.
EVERYTHING YOU ARE WAITING FOR - IN A WIDGET Design your own personalized countdown or count-up widgets for your home screen & lock screen. Countdown Widget is a super fun way to track the days until a momentous occasion such as: - Your birthday, or another special someone’s birthday - A long-awaited vacation - Back to school - Upcoming elections - A returning season of your favorite TV series - A favorite yearly tech event - A new video game is up for preorder Or any other future event! ...

Paperplane Clean-Super Cleaner #NO8

8 - Paperplane Clean-Super Cleaner by Shenzhen Xingchuang Media Technology Co., Ltd.
Quickly clean up your iphone in one tap! This Phone Cleaner is the most powerful and easiest duplicate photo cleaning application for your device! With the help of our Phone Cleaner you can clean up huge amounts of space by removing all those unwanted duplicate photos, videos, and contacts. Subscription Terms You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features of Paperplane Clean. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. - Subscriptions will auto...

Norton 360 Security & VPN #NO9

9 - Norton 360 Security & VPN by NortonLifeLock, Inc.
Navigate the web more safely with Norton 360 for iOS. Norton 360 for mobile provides powerful layers of phone protection and award-winning mobile security for your Apple device. It combines security and antivirus features to help protect against ransomware, malware, spyware, and other online threats so you can bank, browse and shop online with more peace of mind. And, with our secure, global VPN servers, you can encrypt your internet traffic on the go before accessing your favorite apps and web...

Powerful Cleaner-Clean Storage #NO10

10 - Powerful Cleaner-Clean Storage by WEBEYE MOBILE HK LIMITED
Running out of storage space on your phone?Too many similar photos and videos? Delete them in a few taps with Powerful Cleaner!Large photos & videos use too much space?Just compress them to a smaller size. Fast and Easy! Come to try it! ※※ What can our app do? ※※ -Analyze and clean similar photos&videos -Find and Clean up unwanted screenshots -Clean useless large photos & videos -Compress the size of photos & videos -Create a secret space to keep private photos & videos -Merge du...

The Best Paid Utilities IOS Apps March 2024

The best 10 paid Utilities applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in March 2024.

R8 Companion #NO1

1 - R8 Companion by Angela Mcarthur
R8 Companion™ is a feature rich app, designed to give you the most out of your R8 radar detector, while enhancing your driving experience along the way. Featuring intelligent alerts and advanced muting! R8 Companion™ is the COMPLETE solution to enjoying your R8. The R8 Companion™ app leverages years of optimizations and features from V1 Companion™ (Available separately on the app store for owners of the Valentine One radar locator). Enhanced GPS location based 'false muting' via Spot...

Voice in a Can #NO2

2 - Voice in a Can by Atadore
An Apple Watch (standalone, no phone required), iPhone and iPad app for using Alexa. Control your home devices, ask general questions, add and remove items to your shopping list and set timers etc. It is an Alexa implementation. On your wrist. There are nine things you should know before getting this app: 1. The Series 4 watch and newer are supported; 2. Your phone controls installation of the app to the watch, not the app. Put your watch on a charger to speed up install time; 3. Not all a...


3 - XPTV by 志勇 谭
XPTV 是一款支持VOD、M3U、IPTV等协议的多功能播放器

Goblin Tools #NO4

4 - Goblin Tools by Skyhook
This is an app version of the free website, a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult. Tools include - A Magic Todo list that automatically breaks down tasks into steps - The Formalizer that transforms your language to be more formal, sociable, concise, or many other options - The Judge that helps with interpreting tone - The Estimator that can guess at a timeframe for an ac...

Toolbox™ #NO5

5 - Toolbox™ by Tue Nguyen Minh
iMetalBox is the most elegant and handy toolkit ever created for your iPhone. Get 12 professional tools for the price of one! -------------------------------- User reviews: • "Nicely done ! Clever design and a must have for all. " - Dr5000 • "Pretty much any useful utility you'll need." - kfduv • "Versatile, functional, and easy to use." - MuzikGawd • "I love how the flashlight can be turned on as the first thing and that the light can be dimmed." - Reitveld • "This is my go to devic...

Spatialify #NO6

6 - Spatialify by 天 吴
Spatialify is a utility app built around spatial media: • Capture: (iPhone 15 Pro series only) Capture spatial photos within the app, and launch camera via Action Button, Siri, or Shortcuts. • Preview: View spatial videos and photos on your phone using parallel viewing, anaglyph or Cardboard mode. • Streaming: Connect to supported AR glasses or large screens to browse spatial videos and photos • Export: Convert spatial media into common 3D formats for viewing on other VR devices. • Ge...

AdBlock #NO7

7 - AdBlock by AdBlock Labs
The original AdBlock - the first and last ad-blocker you'll ever need. A one time purchase - no subscriptions needed. We've been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012 - we know our game! :) AdBlock allows you to block ads on your iOS device. Get rid of 99% of annoying popups, banners and video ads. Protect your privacy, limit bandwidth use, speed up your device, save battery and drastically improve your day-to-day iOS experience. The most important advantages of AdBlock are: • AdBlock...

Vinegar - Tube Cleaner #NO8

8 - Vinegar - Tube Cleaner by And a Dinosaur
Vinegar is a Safari extension that replaces the YouTube player with a minimal HTML video tag. It removes ads, restores picture-in-picture, and allows videos to play in the background when set to audio-only quality. Note: The phrase 'can read and alter webpages' in the permissions section is just an unfortunate choice of words. Vinegar needs access to the webpage to find the YouTube player and replace it. It's not doing anything creepy! (Also, do check out Vinegar's companion app, Baking Soda....

EasyMSR #NO9

9 - EasyMSR by 安华 冯
This is a amazing card-reader app. Customer can use it to read and write magnetic card with wairless, via bluetooth connection between Mobil device ,as same as iPhone, iPad ,Mac.

Watchla for Tesla #NO10

10 - Watchla for Tesla by Villegas Ventures LLC
Watchla delivers full control of your Tesla to the convenience of your wrist. With a beautiful, clean & effective UI, Watchla is a watch app for Tesla that aims to replace your phone for most of your remote access needs with your Tesla. No more pulling your phone out of your pocket every time you want to check on your Tesla or tell it to do something. With Watchla all you have to do is raise your wrist to start interacting with your Tesla. Watchla, being a fully capable app made for the ev...