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Download the new Google Chrome for your iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster than ever. Get the best of Google Search, and easily sync your bookmarks and passwords with Chrome on your laptop. Download the fast, secure browser recommended by Google.

NEW - You can now set Chrome as your default browser. Follow the in-app prompt or go to Settings > Google Chrome to set Chrome as default. All web links will automatically open in Chrome.

• SEARCH WITH GOOGLE - Chrome is the browser with Google built in. Search and get answers on Google fast.

• BROWSE FAST - Choose from personalized search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly browse previously-visited websites.

• SEARCH FROM YOUR HOME SCREEN - Access Chrome from your iOS home screen with the new widget.

• ACCESS YOUR CHROME ACROSS DEVICES - When you sign in to Chrome, you can save bookmarks, passwords and more in your Google Account, so you can access them on your other devices.

• STORE PASSWORDS & PAYMENT METHODS - Chrome can save your passwords and payment information, and automatically fill them into forms when you need them.

• VOICE SEARCH - Use Google voice search to get answers without typing.

• MANAGE TABS EASILY - See all your tabs in a single view and easily organize them into groups.

• ARTICLES FOR YOU - Chrome surfaces articles, blogs, and content that we think you might like. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets. You’ll always have what’s most relevant to you at your fingertips.

• GOOGLE TRANSLATE - Chrome lets you translate an entire site in a single click with Google Translate built in.

• INCOGNITO MODE - Use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at

• SAVE YOUR SITES - Save pages for later with bookmarks in Chrome.

Google Chrome App Comments & Reviews

Google Chrome Positive Reviews

Easy to figure out how to use. Good interface. Many shortcuts.When you open chrome it greets you with the chrome logo and you have your search bar, the Google logo, which we’ll look into in a while and your shortcuts and recently visited sites. At the bottom you have quick functions which make it much easier compared to Safari in which you have to press the tab button and press the new tab icon which is a minor inconvenience. Chrome gives you a list of shortcuts when you press the 3 dots, although it doesn’t have text to speech, the shortcuts make it more convincing to move to other sites quickly or if you want to pick where you left off on a website that you visited. To conclude chrome is one of the most convenient browsers I’ve ever used and it really helps to get the job done and is best when I want to browse in my free time.Version: 119.0.6045.169

Needs dark mode ASAP!Just wanting to post my two cents since everyone else is doing the same, lol 😆. I love Firefox for desktop. But iOS Firefox is so hilariously flawed, I just had to switch to iOS Chrome (referred to simply as Chrome from here on out). Chrome allows me to flawlessly sync my bookmarks across all my devices eg, iPad, iPhone, laptop; the Chrome bookmarking feature is light years ahead of iOS Firefox // But all is not perfect in Chrome Land. Eg, Dark Mode is not baked into the browser; nor is it available as an extension since extensions are currently not supported. If extensions were supported, I would totally download the Dark Reader extension right now! This oversight can probably be explained by the fact that the devs probably use the Chrome app daily in a bright office setting; they are not typing this review, surfing the web, reading, etc on their phones laying in bed at 3:00 am in the morning in pitch darkness, lol 😂! If u made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back and thanks for reading my endless rambling..Version: 109.0.5414.83

Fairly Run App Needs Some ImprovementsIs it me? or is Google Chrome finding more ways to ruin its app? I didn't mind it at first but now they've gone off the deep end and although the app still remains fairly good I cannot stress enough how many issues this app has either from randomly being locked out of your account for no reason to there being too many ads along with slow loading times and the layout being screwed up not to mention security problems which makes it feel like you're being constantly watched when you're using the app which would make sense though considering that they DO track you if there were another app like Google Chrome but better I'd switch to it in a heartbeat I used to enjoy using Google Chrome for how simple it was to navigate but now it has turned into nothing but a wasteland and you can forget about contacting support as well for any issues because they won't help you either Google Chrome staff you're off your game pick up the slack or make like a tree and get out of here.Version: 117.0.5938.117

Thanks google with several appsI am a student and all my requests establish by chrome, find all words meaning and i am finding new places. I solve problems with chrome and all equations that refer at calculators such as differential equations and integrals equations,equations for triangle and factorial and algebra and calculus almost all parts of algebra meanwhile when I don’t know new equations in chemistry and physics only with one finger will find my problems in this app as soon as possible we find our problems maybe some browser have this information but in such fast time never pay all information especially this app give five gigs free place that with huge amount of data it’s important and essential I thanks so much from developers and preparing such useful information in a place this is one of best apps of google and usually is usefully thank so much..Version: 120.0.6099.119

Google ChromeI definitely prefer Google Chrome to Safari . It’s so much easier to use. In my opinion Safari doesn’t take you to or even look up quite what you were looking for without having to reword the question 2 or three times and when you’re moving along at a steady pace that’s the last thing you need is a browser that almost seems to be lagging. The two things I missed the most when I started using my iPhone was Google Chrome , Google and Google play store. Those three are most definitely the best and Apples Safari does mot compare. Thank Goodness you can use Google or Google Chrome as your default browser with an iPhone or that would have became a deal breaker. Undoubtedly the best browser to ever use..Version: 121.0.6167.66

Normally Good, But Annoying To Use On Phone.I am currently still in school and have a school email address, but I also have a personal email address, which isn’t a problem with chrome on my computer, but if I wish to switch between the two on my phone, it simply won’t let me. If I get an email requiring a blocked page to open in google, or to sign in to something, I am usually not able to because it’s blocked when I open chrome since it’s linked to my school account. Even when I add my personal email, it will not let me toggle between the two. This is usually a good program, but to those who have more than one email please beware this is going to make your life more difficult. Maybe there’s something I haven’t figured out yet but it really really bothers me. I tend not right reviews but the fact I had to delete and re download it just to change the account I use was enough to push me to right this, so please be warned app users!.Version: 109.0.5414.112

Google Drive link does not open in appI use Chrome exclusively except for when trying to open some links in their respective apps. For example, I receive a link to a Google Drive shared folder through a messaging app. When I click it, it opens in Google Chrome (my default browser). Once in Chrome, if I try to save any pictures, it saves it to my Downloads folder instead of in my Photos. So instead, I have to hold down on the link, click “Open in Safari” and it immediately takes me to the shared album in my downloaded app, Google Drive. And from there, I am able to (with too much effort to my dismay - my gripes with the Google Drive app are different) click “Send a copy” to then “Save image”. The user experience here should be simple, and yet it is not. Would’ve thought Google would’ve figured this out and made their apps work with each other..Version: 107.0.5304.66

-REPORTING BUG- IMPORTANTThe bug im reporting has to do with the bookmarks you save because for one example when i saved a bookmark it showed up in my bookmarks but when i go to search for the bookmark i saved it doesnt show up. So i just thought "oh maybe i didnt save it" so i went back to the website i saved but didnt and checked and it didnt show that i saved it so i saved it again and same thing happened so i went to the folder i put it in and there it was but not just that multiple bookmarks of the same exact website bookmark i just did because it didnt show up. Well what is happening in summary is that it saves bookmark and then when searching in search bar it doesnt show up but it is there when you go to it manually and at times when you think you didnt save the website you make multiple bookmarks of the same thing even though its supposed to prevent that. Please fix this.Version: 112.0.5615.167

Lack of basic features can be a deal breakerChrome is a really good browser, but it lacks a lot of basic features that are offered in most browsers. With chrome being the biggest and most used browser I know google is focused on the deeper more complex features, but some basic features that are missing are a deal breaker for many. Some features that I hope to see in the near future are new page screen with customizable themes, locked private browsing, synchronized shortcuts that are synced with MacBooks and other devices. I also have gotten use to my search bar being at the bottom of my screen you guys should make it a choice to have it at the bottom or the top. I know these might be small features to a lot but these little features could make or break someone using chrome. Overall a good browser..Version: 117.0.5938.108

Too plain, and mobile users need more customization.Ok first, the interface/actual browser is fine, but WHERE is the customization? PC users have it, but we don’t! Just because mobile has touch screen and is different from PCs doesn’t mean we can’t have customization. Try to copy the same customization as PC. But just because PC has a feature that mobile doesnt have doesn’t mean PC is perfect either. PC doesn’t have 1 feature that mobile has. Closing the only tab open on mobile opens up a menu for igonoto mode and stuff. When you close the only tab open on a PC, it just closes the app 💀. Chrome, pls make chrome more customizable for mobile, and also plz copy the options when you close the only tab for PC. Thanks so much if you do! I’ll go right to app store and give chrome two five star reviews. 1 on mac, the other one on my ipad. Thanks again, and have a good day/night!.Version: 114.0.5735.124

Timothy AllenOf all websites I search and research trying to find a true answer. If I could suggest searching different websites is a waste of time number one you could be concentrating on the subject matter at hand. Number two who really wants to waste their time in the future effort which has no end. Isn’t that why we have search engine. Number three how much time do you waste searching around for a basic format or answer without having to read endless questions. I think truly in my heart that I have I deep sense of loss for the future generations that are never truly narrow down A very simple question almost like this text,.Version: 115.0.5790.130

No Dev Tools Limits This AppThis app is wonderful for use anywhere you’re roaming, what with syncing data and keeping bookmarks organized between devices. That’s honestly not difficult; the difficult stuff, however, is what I need for this and other mobile browser apps to perform, like dropping a cached file with greater ease or refreshing a simple update on a style sheet. The fact this and other browser apps don’t extend developer tools to their mobile apps is a MAJOR series of demerits that takes what COULD be a four or five-star app and significantly diminishes it. If you’re not a developer, it won’t matter to you, but I’ve grown EXHAUSTED with constantly wiping EVERYTHING to to get a minor refresh, and shame on Google for not making strides — 15 years into the mobile revolution — to make that feature a part of this app..Version: 96.0.4664.53

Please read our suggestions… small feature! PlzIt would make a WORLD of difference for someone like me who has hundreds of tabs & windows open (IPad & laptop) at any given time…... a small timeline view/hint when you’re scrolling through all open tabs in that window - like when the tab was first opened/created or modified last , or something similar. Another addition - To Name/title any open Chrome window. Not only folders of open tabs like Safari allows (bc that syncs to any open window) or bookmarks folders. But the windows themselves. I like to have multiple windows open at a time so this would be a small help when sorting through all my shhhtuff. Hope y’all read this soon, otherwise great work!.Version: 117.0.5938.108

Close All Option Needs to Be Fixed!!!!I use chrome as my preferred browser of choice. On the desktop, it’s great. However, the app for iPhone need some improvement. I am an individual that likes to keep MANY web browser tabs open, I mean upwards of 30+ tabs, either for reminders, quick reference, or follow up on reading something that I didn’t have time to. I absolutely HATE that the “close all” command is located on the lower left side of the screen. I have accidentally pressed that option on more than one occasion and it’s infuriating that there is not a simple “Are you sure you want to close all tabs” prompt. I wish that Google would consider this or at least allow users to restore ALL closed tabs and not just “recent” tabs. Google please consider this!!!!.Version: 90.0.4430.216

Address bar update.I've been using Google Chrome on my iPhone instead of Safari for the past 3-4 years. Always been a big fan. They recently updated the app and now you can move the address bar down to the bottom, like Safari's update about a year ago. I do find it pretty convenient since I have the iPhone 15 Pro Max version, but the one thing I don't like about it is that as soon as you click on the address bar to type, it goes right back up to where it used to be. Kind of defeating the purpose of having the address bar at the bottom. Once they address this, I would happily update my rating to 5 stars, as it will not change my decision in using Google Chrome vs Safari.Version: 119.0.6045.109

Overall a great browser for mobile with some kinksI love chrome mostly because it saves my passwords and bookmarks in the same place. I use chrome on my PC, and its also nice to see my open tabs on my iPad or phone when I walk into another room and forget what the screen said. Writing this reveiew because I just found a pretty horrendous bug in this app involving the Gmail web client on the iPad 9.6 running iOS 11.4. Was trying to send an email within the “compose” popup within the Chrome Browser. I typed my whole email then selected to add an attachment. I didn’t see my file, so I selected to cancel the file upload. This brought me to a blank Chrome logo and the Chrome app was unresponsive. I was forced to reset the app causing me to lose my work. Hope they fix this quick because its a repro rate of 100%..Version: 69.0.3497.105

Bug or irritating changeI’m not sure if it’s a bug or some new annoying thing, but recently this has been happening. Whenever I go out of the app, I close out my tabs. So when I come back to the app, those tabs should be gone. But for some reason, they’re back, even though I had already closed them off. So that’s one irritating thing, but then also sometimes I purposely leave a tab open when I close the app because I plan on coming back, and in the past it has always kept the tab there, but now sometimes I will come and it will have closed off the tab. I thought this just might be a glitch so I tried deleting the app and re downloading it but that did not work..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Constant CrashingChrome has been my main browser for yearsss. As of lately, it constantly crashes. Everytime I close out of it to check on a different app, when I open it back up I have to Restore my tabs. But there have been multiple times when I open it up and it doesn’t give me the option to restore. I have to scroll and scroll and scroll through my history to try and find the pages I had open. The first time it did it was when I had certain tabs up for a long time and it was impossible to find them again since the date I originally opened them were more than a week or two old. Wish they would fix it. An update late last year had this same kind of bug, but I thought it had been fixed. Pleaaase get this corrected!.Version: 83.0.4103.88

It works so goodI ❤️ this app.Version: 87.0.4280.77

EpicI think it is awesome and very helpful.Version: 87.0.4280.163

ComplaintI wrote this in willing that a producer will respond and help me with my problem, my problem is simple and short say hi to Steve jobs for me please.Version: 87.0.4280.60

😹😹👐Amazing app loving it people are just lost.Version: 92.0.4515.90

GoogleGoogle is the best app ever to me it does all I want it to do..Version: 84.0.4147.71

It’s chromePeople giving 1 star are rats lol. it’s chrome. How can it be bad lol.Version: 97.0.4692.72

Thank you googleI used chrome for years now and for Christmas I had got a chromebook so thank you google for helping me for a long time..Version: 87.0.4280.77

BoredomIm rating this because im bored.Version: 87.0.4280.77

LaggyIt’s good on mobile but on a Mac its super laggy.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Very goodVery good at 🟧⬛️.Version: 111.0.5563.72

WellSong finder not working.Version: 99.0.4844.59

HiThis year(2021)It’s been very good and it’s fast to.Version: 92.0.4515.90

?Help me to go to por.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Google chrome is the bestBecause it alows your kids and yourself to do what you need to do especially for me because I’m a teacher Chrome is one of the best apps to get.Version: 85.0.4183.109

Y’aMan.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Love itThe best app ever.Version: 87.0.4280.163

HmIt’s a great app to be honest it is pretty old, but it works really well! Thank heaven there isn’t ads!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

I love this person appI hate it.Version: 97.0.4692.84

Can you add extensions to mobile pleaseI dont know what to say here but please.Version: 101.0.4951.58

I love thisIt's fast it works and I can watch YouTube on here.Version: 92.0.4515.90

AMAZING!!Totally awesome, let’s me do what I need.Version: 84.0.4147.71

AmazingIt’s gone faster and it works.Version: 84.0.4147.71

SweetThis app is better then safari.Version: 84.0.4147.71

SOOOOO fastUsing iPad Air 1 20x faster than safari! Thanks so much google!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Best browser I have ever usedGreatest web browser.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Can't set custom search enginesI live in Canada and use Google as my default search engine, but the only choice I have with this app is to use, not Because of this, I get less relevant search results for my location..Version: 83.0.4103.88

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