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State of the art ballistics solver for calculating long range rifle trajectories. This solver and the library of ballistic coefficients is provided by Applied Ballistics and is the most accurate and complete ballistics app available.

Applied Ballistics App Comments & Reviews

Applied Ballistics Positive Reviews

Advanced application but Output needs workCorrected my error saying cdms did not transfer between ipad and iphone (they do). This is definitely an advanced app and not for the faint of heart. I read the books by Bryan Litz and I highly recommend those books to understand all the variables and the impact. The user interface is clunky and it makes it a bit annoying when used, but you are getting the application for shooting not based on looks. Here are my initial impressions The CDMs are a bit expensive (1.99 each), but if they save you a few bullets you will come out ahead. I wish they had a way to buy a group of bullets at a discount such as all berger bullets in 30 caliber (or select x amount at a discount such as 10 bullets for 15 dollars). The tables have problems with tables in the ipad. No issues with the view in the iphone 7s. At this point I give it three stars for the issues with the ipad not correctly formatting the tables. I think ballistic AE is a better app for more casual shooters who want basic G1 and G7 profiles and who remain out of the transonic due to the slicker interface/UI look. The CDMs are a welcome addition and those who shoot at ranges through the transonic then this is the application you will need..Version: 2.0.2

Best ballistics appI’m a firm believer that Bryan Litz has forgotten more about ballistics than the majority of shooters will ever know, let alone understand. With that said, this app relies on the input of accurate information. The more accurate the inputs, the more accurate the resulting output. You absolutely must use accurate muzzle velocity based on accurate atmospheric readings at the time of measurement. It is crucial to then take accurate atmospheric readings at the time of the shot. There are several good ballistic apps out there, but I’ve not seen one any more accurate than Applied Ballistics. If you expect any ballistics app to give accurate information based on the muzzle velocity printed on the ammo box and what the local weatherman says the barometric pressure and temperature are, you’re not going to be happy with the results. Ballistics are all about the math and adding 4+5 will not get you to 10..Version: 2.0.3

Problems since 2019 updateThe HUD displays when a person changes the distance/wind do not adjust in the respective display panels, however the data for adjustments is displaying. An example, you will see the distance display as 950 yards, when adjusting the distance the yardage display does not change but the solutions change. The problem this causes is one may think they have a solution for XX yardage, but in fact the displayed distance is incorrect. Tried calling the customer service number as well as emailed costumer support.....crickets. Maybe they will fix these issues with the next update. Otherwise, great info and data. Easy to use and was extremely pleased before the software update. Now I’m patiently waiting on the fix to this issue..Version: 2.0.3

Do not get for iPad at this timeI love the app, this is my go to ballistic solver. It is a bit more unfriendly than some easier to use apps. I use it on my iPhone with no problem however when I try and use it on my IPad (which would be preferred) the screens do not format properly. For an app of this price, from an outfit as prestigious as AB, it should at least be coded correctly.Version: 2.0.3

Familiar if you've use ballistic calculators before. Best of the best with custom CDM availability.I spent a lot of time prior in the paid version of Strelok Pro, as well as some time with Hornady 4DOF and Trasol. The Applied Ballistics app in its current incarnation is very familiar if you've wrangled those apps before and have experience in long range shooting. To the average new shooter, a lot will be unintelligible jargon (look angle, sight height, CDM, G7, etc.), but this should feel right at home to anyone experienced. The layout is consistent with generously sized buttons and text, and exposes pretty much everything you would expect to need when planning a shot..Version: 2.4.10

Best ballistics appThis is the best ballistics app out there and worth every penny. While the user interface is a little clunky, it’s still miles above any comparable app. As a hunting guide, I need to have data for each clients gun and ammo available offline. This app makes that easy and convenient with an extensive library of factory loads to choose from. I really like the reticle view feature for being able to show clients exactly what the reticle looks like and where to apply a wind hold. One issue that I’ve found is with importing the local atmospheric conditions. Even with the “Disable Wind Population” turned on (so that the local station values don’t mess up my preferred 10 MPH / 90* wind value), I am still getting local wind populated into my chart and One Shot views, so I have to go back and delete the imported wind and manually enter 10 MPH / 90* winds. Overall, it’s a great tool and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a phone based ballistics calculator..Version: 2.0.2

Decent App; Great dataEdited: At first I really disliked the app. I had 3 main issues with it, 1 of which was user error. The second issue was the user interface, which is still not very good, but workable. The third issue is that it doesn’t work right on the I-pad. Brass tax. If you want quick results, this is not your app. You have to be willing to dive into the users manual (available online) and work past some confusing set up criteria. But if you want the best data and you’re willing to spend some time getting to know the app, you’ll be very pleased, so long as you aren’t on an i-pad..Version: 2.0.2

Special forces sniper approved!!This app is advanced for shooters looking to make sub MOA hits at 600 plus yards. This app will only link with the proper AB kestrel. Also, common sense applies with apps. If you update and have crashes you need to delete and reinstall just like any program on windows or apple.... it’s Operating system problems. Every competent special forces sniper has this app as his go-to. Todd has always supplied SOCOM with the best hardware and software for a special forces sniper. He’s personally taken calls from me needing answers for taking 2,000 yard plus shots. I have ballistic AE as well. It’s good generally and has good info but I don’t think the developer is a long range shooter. AB is designed by shooters. There’s a difference in thought process of setting up rifle and kestrel and your ballistics app that makes a same always close the the other apps and return to this for proper data..Version: 2.0.3

Perfect fire solutionI purchased this app and custom drag profile for my bullet. After having to fudge the muzzle velocities and ballistic coefficients to make other calculators somewhat match reality, this app came up with the real world 1000 yard firing solution the first time around without altering any numbers to reach that corrected solution. It may seem pricey for an app, but I consider this an absolute steal for what you get and about the most useful app one could hope for..Version: 2.0.3

Many hours of useI have been using this since it came out. Two issues, PRS surveyed the top shooters and a majority use the Vortex Razor HD with EBR reticles then why not add this to the library?? Also add an option to either use look angle or cosine. Most do not want to use the phones gyroscope as their indicator so allow the shooters with expensive tools use them with your app. The last time I use look angle it freaked out and kept prompting an error and had to be hard reset..Version: 2.1.4

Best ballistics app available WHEN it’s workingFor the entirety of my deer hunt (most of which is in cell range where I have LTE) I haven’t been able to load atmosphere for my location because the app won’t load it. When it’s working, the calculations are dead nuts perfect, but when my target is further than my kestrel is good for, I can’t dial in well enough to get a hit. (My kestrel is the cheaper model, so I can’t get out past 1000 with it)..Version: 2.2.10

New updateSince the new update the HUD is having issues when you adjust the distance, wind, or direction with the arrows. The solutions adjust but you don’t know how much you adjusted them. The only way is to directly type in distance, wind, and wind direction. Please take the time to update this as it’s becoming very frustrating. Thank you..Version: 2.0.3

Not workingIt’s a great app but I haven’t used it for a while and since one of the updates it is pretty much useless, I can’t input any data in most fields right now... hopefully the glitches get worked out because until now it’s been an amazing tool.Version: 2.1.2

No backupNot having your data backed up when you get a different phone, is a huge bummer..Version: 2.0.3

New VersionI just installed this update, now nothing is accessible in the app. Please fix bug. Thank you. Thanks, now everything is back to normal. I greatly appreciate your super quick response..Version: 2.2.10

AB fixed the latest field editing bug in 24 hoursDeveloper fixed the field editing bug and all is good again. Thanks for the quick fix!.Version: 2.2.10

RemarkableSpot on for precision rifle work. Highly precise results. Take the time to put in all the data inputs. Use a good chronograph on each shot. Hoping for the tremor 3 reticle to be added. Thank you AB for a great tool..Version: 2.4.20

Much better after updateThe recent fix allows editing of parameters again and makes it a useful and intuitive program..Version: 2.2.10

It works.. on an iPhoneWorks great once you set it up correctly, could use a the updated reticules from vortex and a patch for use on an iPad... seriously make a patch for the iPad mini and it would be 100% and get s 5 star review from me.Version: 2.0.3

Not badNow that the app has been updated and supports CDMs it’s actually pretty good. I haven’t noticed any problems so far and the only feedback I have is just feature suggestions. Mainly I’d like to see it work with my AB kestrel as an alternative to the Kestrel Ballistics app. Since I already have the CDM library on it, it’d be great to be able to transfer profiles back and forth and have this AB app talk to the Kestrel for atmospherics. Other then that, this version is a great improvement.Version: 2.0.2

(former) USMC STA Platoon APPROVEDOutstanding app, nothing more needs to be said! With that said, lol, TReMor3 and MSR would be nice to have included someday (however you can always make it work with the 2 and the basic duplex MRAD)..Version: 2.0.3

Unusable chart for iPadVery comprehensive. Has everything you need for competitive shooting. The solution chart is unusable because it cuts off the distances in the display..Version: 2.0.3

ReticleBought the app and noticed it didn’t have the reticle I currently have is there anyway to get the EBR-2C FFP reticle on the list?.Version: 2.0.3

The most accurate external ballistics app for iOSWorks great on an iPhone. iPad, not so much. Mostly GUI and table glitches that are substantial..Version: 2.0.3

Beware of other reviewsI purchased this app yesterday before heading to the range. I was skeptical of the purchase due to the poor reviews but am very pleased so far. Many of the reviews complain that the different guns and ammunition can't be edited or deleted after entry, this is not true. You simply swipe left on the entry (kind of like you do with any other list of stuff in iOS e.i. music, emails, etc.) and you have the option to edit or delete the data. There are also complaints about having to re-enter atmospheric info each time you open the app or switch from different ammo. Also untrue, from the home screen there is icon that allows you to access preferences. There you will find an option to save atmospheric data along with a ton of other options. As for the accuracy of the calculation that it performs I have no experience with other sources to compare it to and have not completed the calibration process yet, which is essential at this point because I have no chronograph to measure my muzzle velocity. I plan to post any issues with accuracy of the algorithm if I notice any..Version: 1.0.1

A User menu!Would be intuitive with a user menu page! “Tidbits” of useful information would make it more beneficial! “Old grey”..Version: 2.3.9

Look angleThe look angle function has a problem. And it should be great to have metric environnement units and be able to use miles/h for the wind..Version: 2.0.3

IndispensableJe vous le recommande.Version: 2.0.2

Add ReticleCan you please add the vortex BDC reticle..Version: 1.2.2

Review of Applied Ballistics Mobile AppI have found that support, setup, and use of this ballistics APP has been exceptionally well done. So far it has been simple to load the data, and checking by shooting after entering the data allows for straightforward calibrations. Fast to use in the field, and for my rifles it has been spot on..Version: 1.2.2

Great AppHas some good features not found in any other external ballistic calculator, but still has bugs. The major one is that it crashes when trying to use the Ballistic Calibration feature. I have written to the developer about it but have not received a reply yet. Update: the Ballistic Calibration feature works now..Version: 1.0.1

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