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*Smart Home Security Made Simple*

Blink’s affordable smart home security camera systems help you monitor your home directly from your smartphone. With multi-system support and simple setup, you can easily control multiple Blink cameras within one single app! The Blink Home Monitor app will alert you to what matters, day or night, no matter where you are. Just Blink and you’re home.

*Be there from anywhere with Blink smart home security *

The new wireless smart home security cameras from Blink and Amazon go where wires can’t. Outdoor and Indoor and run for up to two years on the included single set of AA lithium batteries* to help protect what matters most for less.

*Blink Outdoor*: weathers the storm so you don’t have to. Outdoor runs for up to two years* on a single set of AA batteries to help you protect your home inside and out — rain or shine — with features like two-way audio, motion detection, and more. Outdoor works with Alexa.

*Blink Indoor*: is a wireless, battery-powered security camera that you can place anywhere inside your home. Features like two-way audio and night vision help you stay connected to what’s happening no matter where you are — day or night. Indoor works with Alexa.

*Blink Mini*: is mighty — but tiny — which means you can plug it in anywhere inside your home. Starting at $34.99 Mini is a great first step towards keeping your home more secure. Hear, see, and speak right from the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone and get alerts whenever motion is detected.

*Works with Alexa*

Connect Blink Outdoor, Indoor, or Mini to select Alexa-enabled devices for voice commands at home. You can use your voice to stream live video, play recorded clips, arm and disarm your camera, be alerted to motion, and more.
Go hands-free with Alexa!

*Enhance Your Smart Home Security*

Use the Blink Home Monitor app to check in on what’s happening at home from anywhere at any time. The app connects your home to your phone in HD video so you can see and protect what matters most. With multi-system support, you can use Blink to watch your home, vacation home, or business all at the same time.

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Blink Home Monitor App Comments & Reviews

Blink Home Monitor Positive Reviews

Slow and buggyUpdate 6/2/22: an automatic SW update a couple days ago seemed to have vastly improved some of the situations I described below. So I feel obliged to update my review as well. Most notably, the USB access without the cloud subscription is working flawlessly for a couple days now. Before, it will record for only a second, or shows no picture at all, or fail to let me access the recording, everyday. Now, it’s reliable and reasonably quick to let me review all the recordings. And the SW just seems much less buggy going from one use to another. So, together with the great hardware, I now consider this a good product worth recommending. — End update. It takes quite a long time between the motion trigger (which is only seconds after actual motion ) and the ability to see with the camera, either through real-time view or waiting for the recording to be ready for view. It feels like half a min to a minute, so most likely I’ll miss whatever triggered the camera unless it’s somebody ringing the doorbell. After the initial cloud access expired, I’m supposed to be able to use my local drive and view the clips the same way. But it was even slower, and so far with only 30% success rate, some attempts causing the system to fault out in different ways. In today’s world, this is unacceptably buggy, for a software of this complexity. And it makes the whole product sub-par, even though I think the cameras and their installation are great..Version: 6.12.0

Seems to be leas reliable over timeSeem to have camera issues after a year or so. The things I wish this had - faster switch between camera views - as it has to wait for server to release the camera before going to another- a way to filter. By date- and when in edit /delete mode of the recordings, a way to select all of a date at the header, or even the click and drag to select multiple at one time like the iPhone allows for other things (like mail selecting). It would save more time cleaning up the server. The directional camera bases seem to be crap here too- they won’t go low enough to catch the room, then they also won’t set proper- seems to think that either straight up or straight down is default home (which is absurd) I do like the Minis being able to record longer when viewing or view without recording longer - but the app starts crashing after a little looking around …maybe the tech people can fix all this and help me keep my cameras online as they seem to go out often one or another (I have 3 modules and 15 cameras) so this can be a tedious huge daily repair event—- and that View multiple camera at same time stuff- doesn’t work for me- newest blink cameras and iPhone 14 pro max. Not even on my tablet or my Pc does it work… not sure what’s up here—.Version: 6.25.0

Exactly What We WantedFirst, I see a ton of not so great reviews. I knew exactly what I was getting when we purchased multiple cameras for our home indoor/outdoor and the doorbell. The price point for this system and what it has to offer is amazing for what you get. It’s not a top notch system by any means, but it doesn’t the job and the video quality is great in my opinion. If you want something seamless without any learning curve and high dollar user friendly, then you should look into more expensive systems that give you that. We utilize the indoor blink mini for a toddler room, a indoor blink camera for a nursery camera, 3 outdoor cameras, and the blink doorbell. We also have the plus yearly subscription. The system automatically arms every night and turns off in the morning with a schedule I set. And I can easily arm the system while we are away from our home. The talk feature through he app is great, way better than I expected honestly. Yes you have to replace batteries in battery operated cameras, batteries are not in short supply at my home therefore this does not bother us. The image quality on the app and the overall live stream is perfect for what we need. I also have great things to say about the motion detection notifications that come to my phone and my husbands phone..Version: 6.7.0

One of the better wireless camera implementations but...I’ve had the blink system for about a year. I’ve been happy with the video quality, and the ease of use. The app is easy to quickly use, and the cameras have survived outside in the elements for a year. Claims of a 2 year battery life seem exaggerated at best, however. The o YL way you’re getting 2 years of battery life is if you have your cameras basically disarmed for a majority of the hours in the day, which kind of defeats the purpose of a security camera system. But I bought it expecting that, and I am not disappointed. Batteries last about 6 months, give or take. Would I like 2 years between battery changes? Of course, but six months is still impressive. As for the app; it’s good! My one request would be that they move the ability to schedule arm and disarm times for each individual camera, rather than the system as a whole. I have cameras in front of my house, and one in my backyard. When my kids are playing out back they’re constantly triggering the backyard camera, which drives the battery life into the ground. I’d like to be able to disarm that one at a scheduled time, while leaving the front cameras armed. I know I could do it manually, but that sort of defeats the purpose. I’d be willing to give the app 5 stars if that feature was added..Version: 4.0.24

Was a great system.Got them in July of this year. Had been working great. In the last month only work when we are home. Defeats the purpose. Could be something we done. Have checked everything on them. We have eight of them. Live on an acre. Yesterday we could see a shadow of a man with beard at side of the house. This is while we were home. Never seen were he came from or were he went. Found out later his dog had got loose. He was looking for him. Then another day. Just happened to look out front door. Their was a car sitting in front of house with someone in it. Never seen it pul up or leave. Was there for a good 30 minutes. Now not working when we leave house. Going to call them tomorrow. See if they can help me with the issues. Also one camera that never works long. Have changed batteries twice already. Moved it to different places. This time nothing works to get it connected back. Love the clear day time pictures on it. Have the doorbell. Have not connected it yet. Was going to get the new security lights you put cameras in. So night vision will be better. Like watching the wildlife that comes through the back yard down by the woods. It’s amazing what is running around in your yard at night..Version: 6.6.1

Had Arlo. Now I’m over invested in this.My first issue that really bugs me is that if you accidentally touch the name of a camera on the Home Screen it prompts you to change the name. This should only be in the settings of the camera not on the Home Screen where you press the arm and disarm button. If they could fix that it would be great. Second issue I have is the cameras don’t give you a battery indicator other than good . No percentage or anything. Having Arlo prior which I feel is far superior, had a lot better user interface. I do like these cameras and the unlimited amount you can have for the annual service fee. But they need to work out some flaws in the app. The name change thing being the biggest woe. I also wish you could play live view on more than one camera at a time like Arlo did. Never posted this I think after first getting these. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now I’m absolutely certain they need to fix where the arm and disarm area is or make the camera name change just in the settings, not on the main page directly next to your second cameras name…! Like let’s be serious. Once you set the name of your cameras do you really want to change the name of said camera on the fly on your home page and not in your settings of said camera. Just fix the issue and I’m fine with this setup for the cost..Version: 6.27.0

Frustrating . UPDATEUpdate- nothing has changed on this problem. And what is even more infuriating is that the sync 2 module which is part of this system has a few times now just went offline. No power issues, nothing changing on wifi or pkacement or anything else. Just goes offline. And when I try to reconnect it, I spend literally hours trying . It is not fun. Try everything. Tells me password is incorrect, but it isn’t. It is just crazy difficult to reconnect. More like impossible. Don’t have the budget now to switch to a new system but it looks like we will likely have to. Too buggy, dThis app and systemis pretty frustrating. If I want to watch clips it recorded previously( so I can make sure all is ok and delete them), it drives me crazy because EVERY SINGLE TIME, it starts playing the most recent one. Over and over and over again, I have to wait for that one to load, then start before I can pause it and then click on the one I want to look at. Why can’t it be so that it does not auto play the most recent clip so i can just go through and click on the one I want to watch when I want to watch it. Don’t know if maybe they just want to frustrate me because I don’t subscribe to paying their monthly fee. ???Thinking about just figuring out my next camera system..Version: 6.29.1

Just use your Common SenseI have my four cameras. I have two in the front of the house and two in the rear. They are great! Just use Common sense in your expectations. For the price they can’t be beat. I read the reviews and the negative reviews either reflect a lack of understanding or higher expectations. The two cameras in the front pick up anyone approaching the front door. The second camera follows anyone walking up the side walk to the front door. The one camera in the rear shows a large area in the yard. The 4th camera I use to monitor varmints who eat my plants. I can move these cameras pretty much anywhere I wish within 100 feet of the house. When there is too much activity from the wind blowing a bush within camera range, I can turn it off. The night vision is great. It is not in color. I watch deer, raccoons, groundhogs very clearly. They are so sensitive that it will pick up movement when something or someone it at the outer edge of the camera range. I certainly expect to replace my lithium batteries before the two year expectation but that is a small price to pay for all the features the cameras provide. Many issues can be resolved by owning a good modem/router. Now, I plan to purchase a mini for inside my home..Version: 6.0.9

Works wellLet me start off by saying that I like the system and it works. It has some issues however and here’s why it’s not 5 stars: 1) intermittent sensitivity. The camera on the front of my house will often capture a car driving down the street, but not always the mailman or UPS driver walking up to my door (which is closer to the camera than the street). I don’t understand this, and more importantly it’s not serving it’s purpose if it doesn’t capture people walking up to my house. 2) Notifications are almost non existent. Sometimes I’ll get a notification on my lock screen, sometimes I won’t. There is never a notification on the app icon, not until I open the app and then exit, at which point the number of notifications shows up on the icon. This is annoying, as I’d like that reminder so I know to review my alerts. The biggest selling point of this system for me is the fact that no subscription is required. However, I don’t know if that trade off is worth it if it isn’t going to capture everything it should, or notify me when there is activity..Version: 4.0.16

Not the worstI’ve used many brands of cameras in my line of work so I know what’s utter garbage, and what isn’t. These are alright for simple home use. The quality of the video both during the day, and at night are sufficient. You can clearly see the persons face, and that is all that really matters. They have always detected motion well. They were decently priced. I don’t love that they require an email, and a phone number. Pick one. It just feels extra intrusive. No support team needs both on file. I also do not love that the notifications are hit or miss. I have everything set up with my preferences in both my phone settings, and the app settings yet most of the time I do not get any. So that means I have to open the app to see if anything is captured. Which makes the live video mic basically useless. If you want to relay a message verbally via the camera to family when they enter the home you will likely not be notified of its detecting motion. If you want to shout at an intruder that you’re watching them, also useless. That is a fix that is completely on the app end seeing as my notifications work for every other app I use. So overall a decent camera, easy to set up, but crappy on the notification end. If that could be fixed I would say this would be a pretty great system..Version: 6.2.2

Perfect SystemPurchased system while awaiting back surgery. Can quickly look outside and see what’s going on. Has limited written instructions but the videos and pictures paint a clear picture. It takes no time at all to set this up with the app. Battery life has been great. Keep in mind that when you increase the camera settings, (image quality, duration of recording, etc) of course the batteries are not going to last two years. Come on folks, don’t give negative feedback because of that! Plus the app monitors battery life, and wireless signal strengths. It will also tell you when a camera has high use and alerts you if the battery is low. I will say, the night vision is amazing! I am really impressed of how bright the image is. The camera sensitivity was set to 6 and it was picking up birds flying by. Adjusted it to 5 and it doesn’t, catch them anymore. The mount that came with it are simple. You can tilt up/down and swivel it left and right. The phone notifications of movement is very timely and the camera settings in the app are great. Setting up the cameras are easy and is not rocket science. I have two cameras now and plan to install more in the future..Version: 3.1.45

Freezes and crashes my phone when attempting full screenI’m not sure what update triggered the freezing but anytime I try to view the blink cameras in full screen mode whether pushing the button or rotating my phone, my whole phone freezes and goes black and I can’t use it for at least two minutes until my phone seems to wake back up. Also, it used to be compatible with IFTTT so that when I left my house or came home, the cameras were automatically armed and unarmed. It no longer does that which is very unfortunate as the whole purpose of a security camera system is to be able to monitor your home while you’re away to fix both of these problems, I have completely uninstalled both applications on linked them from one another and reinstalled and re-linked, but the problems still persist. Finally, it would be very nice to be able to view multiple cameras at a single time instead of having to wait for one to stop “monitoring” before moving onto another camera, especially if multiple things are happening at once in multiple locations..Version: 6.22.0

Great camera systemGreat camera system. Have had the cameras for a couple years now and have very little issues with them. Love that they’re wireless and take disposable batteries. Easy to mount to exterior surfaces and they can handle the heat and extreme cold of upstate NY. Only have a few things I would like to see added that other cameras systems have already. Would be useful if there is a “mark all as seen” for the events that are recorded. Seeing as you have to clear the notification icon by clicking on each event one at a time. Would also like there to be a option to still record events but not be notified each time. Example being if I have the entire system armed but only want the doorbell notifications to be sent to my phone and not the entire camera system notifications. It would be a nice feature to have added that way I can keep the system recording all events and check in on them when I want/need to, but will always be notified when the doorbell is rang..Version: 6.18.0

Good cameras... would like to get a unique alert soundSo the cameras work great. Very easy to install. None of that has anything to do with this app. This app works very well to set up and configure your unit and cameras. Very simple to operate and very impressed with how quickly I get a notification. I will say the notifications seem to be a bit delayed versus something like a ring video doorbell as you don’t get notified until after the video is completed and uploaded to Blink which takes several seconds, however the video is crisp and clean and pulls. down after server very fast. My one real complaint is the notification sound on your iPhone is the same as most every other notification therefore unless you just look at every notification comes in you don’t know anything’s happening tell you check. Would be really nice to have a unique notification sound or a choice of notification sounds in the settings.Version: 4.0.15

So soIt’s actually better than I thought it would be for the price... a couple things I find silly.... Unless I’m missing it and I may be so hopefully if I am someone can correct me.. with such an important app with such an important notification that’s so different from your phones other notifications there should be a built in function where the app makes a different noise than other apps since iPhone doesn’t seem to do that on its own (I know, not blinks problem, but many people will be using iOS to Navigate) I find myself ignoring the notifications thinking they are social things. Whoops. Also wish more than one person can view live at once. Especially if paying for premium planning. I don’t understand why pay all the money for literally absolutely no reason whatsoever. I keep trying to justify the reason for the subscription and it makes really no sense other than they kind of bully you into it making more sense if you have more than one camera which almost everyone who buys one does..Version: 6.2.10

Terrible design flaw in updatePLEASE FIX ASAP. Yikes! The recent update puts the delete button right where the share/save button used to be. Anyone who has been regularly saving videos is set up to accidentally delete instead of save. Also, the share button is now positioned right next to the delete button, and so is very easy to accidentally tap, especially on a iPhone vs iPad. Do the software designers actually use the app? [Edited: the April 2021 update speeds up the save to file function; it only takes a few seconds to save each video to file now. Thanks!!! —> It *WAS* a slow and annoying process, having to save one video at a time - taking about 1/2 minute each save.] By moving the share/delete buttons the save process is slowed down by (1) needing to break the habit of quickly tapping where the share button used to be, and (2) having to be very careful to make sure you don’t tap the delete button by accident since they’re so close together. Yes, there is a pop-up “do you want to delete” verification when you tape delete, but it’s easy to accidentally tap “yes”. One glaring lack in functionality is the ability to add a camera/date/time stamp to saved video clips. The data is all there, and is used as the filename when saved as a file. 1. Please move the share and delete buttons back to their previous locations. ASAP. 2. Please FINALLY add a feature to save multiple clips at once. 3. Please add an optional camera/date/time stamp to saved videos..Version: 6.2.9

App has bugs and lagIt’s a decent app, it could be worse. It is not the most user friendly regarding the connection speed as there is a annoying lag when trying to view live or view a motion alert was received on the phone. Also, it would be nice to be able to create separate login credentials for other family members, such as a spouse, other relatives or friends in rare cases. I mention this because if anyone else wants to be able to see the camera, they use my access and have the ability to change settings or arm or disarm the camera which poses a security risk. Being able to send them a view only access would be very helpful. Also, my notification settings keep turning to off even though I’ve made sure I have not, nor had anyone else, changed the settings in my app. This could be a bug, but it’s annoying as you don’t realize they are off until some time passes without getting a notification for motion and you just think to yourself “that’s weird.”.Version: 6.32.1

Short Lived Live StreamBackground need: I have a need to watch my elderly, handicapped FIL who likes to try to stand up without required assistance. I have been using old iPads’ FaceTime to watch and communicate with him (while I’m working in another part of the house, or outside doing yard work). I need to keep a constant eye and/or ear on him so to interrupt any potential fall situation he tries to put himself into. Ownership : I just set up my account, app, and camera today. Camera = indoor Mini First response in meeting my need: disappointed - Live sound & stream last less than a couple of minutes, then there is a short lived prompt to continue. If you miss it, then you have to restart the stream. I need it to be a continuous feed, until I manually end it. The Mini is corded for its power, so power saving is not of a concern. Features: The motion sensor works well Notifications come through quickly - for my need, my FIL could be on the ground by the time I get the alert and get the stream moving again, so while they are nice, the process of getting from alert to live stream is too slow. Audio - 2 way is nice & appears to be clear enough for me to be heard coming from the camera. Important to note: the video and sound have about a 2 second delay. Likely, if you are reading this in the App Store then the purchase is already made. To the app developers: please consider including a continuous live stream option, especially for corded powered cameras..Version: 6.6.1

Glitches badI currently have construction crew working on my house and from time to time I like to watch what they are doing live when I’m not home. This system after about 20-30 seconds has a blue button at the button that says “continue?” I click that button, but from then on, the footage is SUPER glitchy. The sound counts out, the video won’t load and then it will kick me out to the home page. So I then click back onto the camera and it is still super glitchy and eventually it will kick me out of the whole app. It does not matter what camera I click on after the first 30 seconds of watching. They are all super glitchy. Also, when you click to video the live feed, it takes like 40 seconds for it to load, even if my phone is on WiFi. I do really like having this system but it’s got some issues. Especially the live feed which I stated already. I did check to see if my app needed to be updated, it is currently up to date..Version: 6.27.0

Decent all around, app has room for improvementsI spent a lot of time researching different camera systems before finally purchasing a 5 set of these cameras. They have met my expectations from what I had read were the pros and cons of this camera system. My biggest gripe with the app currently is that there isn’t a way to refresh the camera views all simultaneously. When I open the app to check on everything, (my 5 cameras,) I should be able to see a live view of all cameras instead of clicking on each camera to refresh the feed. There is even a pull down “refresh” feature when you are on the camera view page but I haven’t actually seen that do anything. This is how I think the camera refresh function should work but it does not. All in all not a huge deal, but something I think of every time I use the app. When I’m at work or on the go and want to quickly check on things at home, it makes the process longer than it needs to be..Version: 6.2.9

Blink CamerasI gave the Blink Camera System 5 stars! I have read most of the reviews and they’re mostly negative comments regarding battery life and pic quality. For the price, you can’t lose! I have 5 cameras and 2 sync modules, each sync module has its own set of cameras. I never lose a signal and it’s true that the batteries may not last 2 year but what battery do you have that has lasted that long? Common sense would tell you, the more you use the item in which the battery is placed in the harder the battery is going to work. You can change the frequency in the setting within the app. Also, my notifications are perfect. I was in Georgia over the weekend and could view, arm and talk to my family through the camera and they hear me just fine. For those who have not figured out all of the cameras capabilities, just take the time to get to know your app. To me it’s great....Version: 6.2.7

Very nice affordable system.I read some reports about battery life. I have had a total of close to 20 Blink cameras located at two properties for at least 4 years. Some of the cameras are armed 24/7, others are on from dusk to dawn. In the four years I had to change batteries in maybe six cameras when they alerted me to a low battery condition. I recently changed all the batteries just because it has been four years. Just so you understand, these cameras go off all the time, with people during the day and animals at night. Great system. Great price. No monthly fee. Only shortcoming is that they could easily provide additional control over individual cameras. For example, I want to know anytime a vehicle enters our circular driveway during the day or approaches the front door as well as when someone approaches a locked garage door in the middle of the night. But the alert sound should be able to be set differently as one event is usually benign, while the other could very well be ominous. Also, you can arm and disarm the entire system anytime you like, but it would be better to arm/disarm cameras individually. For example, maybe you want to arm a basement stairwell door 24/7 because it is not normally used, but only arm your outside pool camera after dark when friends or service people are not usually walking about. ..Version: 6.2.2

Easy to use but some problemsI haven’t had any connection issues and the system reconnects quickly upon resetting the internet. App is robust and easy to use and also lets you store videos to the phone quickly. Setup is also simple with the app. The wireless range of the cameras is quite impressive as well. I wish the camera software could be updated so that motion detection picks up less false positives and has a higher detection range. For example, if a car is moving at a distance I believe this should be easily picked up; or a person walking at a distance on a yard. I have a hard time getting full coverage in certain areas where my cameras are located because of this. This happens with a high sensitivity set as well. Also please add a way to add notifications for when there is a software/firmware update. I tested the indoor Blink Mini and was able to run across the room where the camera is located without the camera detecting motion, please correct this. I was wearing black and the walls are all white, so I assumed this would be captured but wasn’t. Moving at a slower pace works as expected. Overall, I think the motion detection algorithm needs a little bit of work. Battery life isn’t too bad considering all the work that is being done by the little camera like constantly recording motion, sound, and talking to the sync module over a wireless connection..Version: 6.1.6

Love itUnfortunately many app reviews in the App Store are based on the fact people have no idea what they are doing. As seen on so many reviews on this camera system. Their bad review is based on incompetence only. That being said, I ran into the GHz issue. No big deal. Got into my router. Turned off the 5ghz and only activated the 2.5. Not hard. Was a breeze after that. Also so many reviews I’ve read are easily solved if you just go through the settings in the app. We just bought this system at Costco. We love it. Absolutely works as advertised. It’s unfortunate that so many bad reviews for a good system are hampered by Karen’s. Last thing… it’s all wireless. Obviously not as great as having a complete wired security cam system. But if you can’t even figure out the wireless system, getting a wired one is probably way above your pay grade. The app works. The system works. I recommend it..Version: 6.17.0

No user model or scheduled/temporary disarmFirst, this is a comment about the app and it’s system, not the cameras. I like the security zones and privacy zones because these are set up in a place where there is a little bit of street and a little bit of the neighbors. So, I can mostly prevent them from activating when a car drives by or my neighbors leave their garages. However, there is no user model. My spouse has to log into the same account as me on their phone, and if I delete videos, their app crashes. Being able to assign multiple users to the same account would fix this. Right now, we have some workers on a landscape project going through the area repeatedly during daytime hours. When it records the first video, I’d like to be able to suspend any triggering (that is, disarm) for one hour because, say, they are unloading a truck. But, no, I have to disarm the system entirely and then remember to rearm it. We mostly rely on videos syncing locally, and keep very few cloud stored. If there were a way to classify videos into separate folders (“random person peers into yard”, “wildlife crosses at night”, etc) accessing the cloud recorded videos would not be the pain of navigating a long list that it is now. As others have noted, it would be nice to be able to customize the notification sound on iOS devices..Version: 6.2.9

Great system for the price but should not require internetI own and operate a dog boarding kennel and bought these cameras to put in each room so I can keep and eye on boarders at night or any time I am away for a couple of hours. We recently were hit hard by Hurricane Ida. Our power was knocked out but we have standby generators. Since that meant we were able to reconnect our wifi I figured I would be able to use the cameras but that was not the case. Even though my phone and cameras/sync were both actively connected to the wifi it would not connect because the internet was out. We did not get internet restored for over a month so during that time the cameras were completely useless. I am not a tech expert so I don’t know the ins and outs of how the connections are made, but it seems that if they are on the same wifi connection they should not require internet..Version: 6.5.1

OK security cameraI’ve had this unit about 4 months. It was easy to install and the motion detector works well. We have located in our carport which gets very hot during the day (we are in Florida) so the temperature notification goes off nearly every day but it doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the video. We also have it hooked up to a power source so I don’t worry about the battery. We ended up getting a better camera mount for it. The one that comes with it leaves it open to theft. I like the free storage and it has never filled up because I usually delete the videos daily. I rated it a 3 star because we have NEVER been able to get audio out. We can hear the person in the carport but when we are not home we would like the person to be able to hear us. I have spent HOURS and HOURS on the Blink website and googling other sites for solutions to no avail. I would like to get another camera for a different location but I’m hesitant because of that particular reason..Version: 6.0.5

Install problemsI had install problems from the get go. Discovered three things during the process. 1) Have a more modern phone to set up. I have an old I phone 6. App kept crashing and I had a sold blue light and would not do anything. 2) I called support and they tried to walk me through, but same issue. App kept crashing. 3) Blink people are very responsive. If you call in, they will take the time to walk you through install. While it didn’t work they were going to send me a new sync module. I had forgotten about an I pad someone gave me last October. I tried all the corrective steps they wanted me to do with my older I phone and everything went smooth. Installed system, updated software and everything works. Love the system so far. Only complaint is you either disarm whole system or let to run all cameras. If Blink would allow each camera location to be armed or disarmed, it would be a lot better. Things to check if you have issues: Make sure your connecting to your modem with a 2.4 gig channel. Make sure you set up the system before mounting cameras. Use the most current phone or tablet you have. Even if you have to use a neighbors to set up. Calm customer service. Google blink customer service for the number. Not on instructions. Once installed my old phone works the system perfectly. So far... so Good!.Version: 6.0.13

Camera five star, app update three starOnce again with blinks newest app update, they insist on making you have to tap more and more links to do one simple thing. What is their deal with making youTap another icon to open another icon that you could’ve just opened in the first place and been done with what you needed to do each update with their apps they do this. you used to tap once box that opened up you did what you needed, Once again now this time you have to tap tap the three little dots to open a box to give you more information to get to settings when it used to just be tap you are at settings. The next update will be tapping a box to take you to a box that tells you you need to tap that box to go to settings and when you get to that settings box you’ll have to tap again to take you to another box that is the real Settings but that’s not the real Settings….Version: 6.31.0

Love the app butI love the app. However you need to add in so you are able to erase more than one clip at a time like they have in emails. Sometimes I forget to erase old clips and it takes a long time to erase them all one at a time. You have it for the cloud storage but not on the thumb drives.Version: 6.32.1

Mon sync ne veut plus se connecter!!Avant tout allait bien. Tout d’un coup plus rien fonctionne. J’ai tenté de tout réinstaller mais à chaque fois que je tente de connecter le wifi le module tourne au rouge..Version: 6.1.3

Changed for the worseDo not like the recent changes to the app. Viewing the videos is horrible, everything was fine before the changes.Version: 6.32.1

Works ok but the display layout is poorThe way each camera is displayed is not good. This needs a large thumbnail view so we dont need to scroll down to see other cameras..Version: 6.19.0

“Continue?” In live viewHaving to keep pressing Continue in live view is really dumb and annoying..Version: 6.12.0

Used to Love it...Not anymore - we lost the power in our house for a few hours; the app re-booted when the power retunred. Now, I cannot log onto the system unless I send Blink my cell phone number. What a load of s**t. Basically they hold you hostage until you give them your number ... the app is useless. I cannot access the camera or the app. They just lost a customer. Information greed..Version: 6.2.2

Verification email EVERY TIME??!!The app has functioned fine since original install. This most recent update now requires a verification every time I open the app, this is ridiculous. I choose to not give my phone number or turn on Biometric, so now need to enter a code from email. I get if we need to verify once a month or so, but every time is overkill. Or at least give me the option to turn this off, as I also close the (all) app(s) after use to save battery life. Please change this requirement..Version: 6.1.4

Having to reinstall every other dayIt’s been months of having to reinstall the app every other day to fix the notifications that stop working..Version: 27.0

Seriously needs better motion detection settings. And better Apple integration for arming system.For one there needs to be or should be a setting for it to only detect when a door is open, etc. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I’ve tried literally tapping all of the boxes to make them gray besides one or two boxes that are around the door but it still detects motion even if somebody is inside the gray boxes and the gray boxes. There needs to be either the app can sync with home kit/siri or have a control center toggle, or something quicker and quieter so I don’t need to use voice commands if I’m trying to be quiet or quicker then opening the app and waiting like 2 mins for the app to load and tap arm/disarm or have a feature where you can hold the app down and toggle arm and disarm there in the same pop up box as deleting the app and sharing the app..Version: 6.32.1

DisappointmentAfter the latest update, the app is not functioning properly. Several times the videos did not download. It shows on the videos that it’s downloading, but it never does. Then later at some point all of a sudden they are there. And this happened on a regular basis. Very disappointed. It’s a setback, not improvement..Version: 6.32.1

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What do you think Blink Home Monitor ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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