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Cisco Secure Client Customer Service

This is the Cisco Secure Client (including AnyConnect VPN) application for Apple iOS.

Please report any questions to [email protected]

Please consult with your EMM/MDM vendor on configuration changes required to configure this new version if you are not setting it up manually. Samples at:


You must have an active AnyConnect Plus, Apex or VPN Only term/contract to utilize this software. Use is no longer permitted for older Essentials/Premium with Mobile licensing. AnyConnect may never be used with non-Cisco servers.

Trial AnyConnect Apex (ASA) licenses are available for administrators at

AnyConnect for iOS requires Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Boot image 8.0(4) or later.

Per App VPN requires ASA 9.3(2) or later (5500-X/ASAv only) with Plus, Apex or VPN Only licensing and a minimum Apple iOS version of 10.x.

For additional licensing questions, please contact ac-mobile-license-request (AT) and include a copy of "show version" from your Cisco ASA.

Licensing Ordering Guide:

Cisco Secure Client (including AnyConnect VPN) provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity from any Apple iOS by delivering persistent corporate access for users on the go. Whether providing access to business email, a virtual desktop session, or most other iOS applications, AnyConnect enables business-critical application connectivity. Through the use of Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS), TCP-based applications and latency-sensitive traffic (such as voice over IP [VoIP]) are provided an optimized communication path to corporate resources.
Additionally, the Cisco Secure Client support IPsec IKEv2 with Next Generation Encryption.


- Automatically adapts its tunneling to the most efficient method possible based on network constraints, using TLS and DTLS.
- DTLS provides an optimized connection for TCP-based application access and latency-sensitive traffic, such as VoIP traffic
- Network roaming capability allows connectivity to resume seamlessly after IP address change, loss of connectivity, or device standby
- Wide Range of Authentication Options: RADIUS, RSA SecurID, Active Directory/Kerberos, Digital Certificates, LDAP, multifactor authentication
- Supports certificate deployment using Apple iOS and AnyConnect integrated SCEP
- Compatible with Apple iOS Connect On Demand VPN capability for automatic VPN connections when required by an application
- Policies can be preconfigured or configured locally, and can be automatically updated from the VPN headend
- Access to internal IPv4 and IPv6 network resources
- Administrator-controlled split / full tunneling network access policy
- Per App VPN (TCP and UDP) - MDM controlled

If you are an end-user and have any issues or concerns, please contact your organization’s support department. If you are a System Administrator having difficulties configuring or utilizing the Application, please contact your designated support point of contact.

If you would like to give feedback, suggestions, or leave comments directly to the team, you can reach us on Twitter @anyconnect.

Release Notes:

User Guide:

End user license:

Cisco Secure Client App Comments & Reviews

Cisco Secure Client Positive Reviews

UpdatedUpdate: it turned out that the ‘unable to import certificate’ was a temporary problem and I was able to import the certificate the next day. I am no longer able to import certificate for my vpn in this app. (Error message: ‘import PKCS12 failed with error’) I imported the same certificate to anyconnect on another ipad (ios13)a couple months ago, and to legacy anyconnect on my current ipad (ios11) about a year ago. But now I can neither delete nor import the certificate in either anyconnect or legacy anyconnect on any of the two ipads..Version: 4.8.03038

Please help us to connectPlease , please pay attention and help us Considering the sensitive and critical conditions of IRAN The restriction created on the Internet has caused many VPNs to suffer from disruptions and failures Many people in Iran use your software and have problems with the new update Your old version 4.8 connects to the Internet easily and works, but the new version does not connect at all Currently, the old version is not available for download and only those who have not updated their Cisco can use it. Please advise, if it is possible to provide a link so that the old version can be downloaded, if so, what do you suggest? If the new update is done on version 5, I think it will work, please help us to work with Cisco. Thank you for your sincere cooperation..Version: 5.0.00246

Pls add save passwordI love Cisco and i use this app for a long time but its really annoying that i have to enter password every time manually and it cant save it. even When the screen turned off, after i turn it on again i have to re-login and enter the password again I Don't know why they don't add such as this option.Version: 4.10.02095

Works with 11.2 with caveatWith the server side workaround, AnyConnect now works on iOS 11.2, so I'm revising my rating from 1 to 5 stars. Previous review: The VPN client will fail to establish a connection if running on a device with cellular and Wi-Fi both enabled. I reported this bug months ago but nobody has fixed it yet. Workaround is to disable cellular then you will be able to establish a VPN connection over Wi-Fi. If you want to establish a VPN connection over cellular, you will need to disable Wi-Fi..Version: 4.0.7077

Unable to switch GroupsI have this app through my school and use it while I’m abroad in China. Works pretty well but it’s finicky when it comes to the way you access the school’s VPN. It’s worked in the past but this summer the app seems different. My school has a “General Access” option and a “Library Resource” option for VPN, but this iOS app doesn’t allow me to switch between the two and so I’ve been unable to use the app. I hope the developers resolve this in the future, but for now, this VPN is almost useless..Version: 4.8.00801

Almost perfectNever really had a problem with it. Always works when I need it to. That said 1 thing I would like to see is when I use an iPhone I can’t save the password to one click sign in. I always have to write the password every time. Other than that I really can’t say anything bad about it. Definitely a great app!.Version: 4.9.05043

Great performance!Using the app on deferent platforms for years. It’s just GREAT. I would rate it 5 star if there was a way to save passwords or use fingerprint instead. It’s frustrating to manually type it every time, especially for those who use it frequently. A gadget for toggling the connection would be awesome as well..Version: 4.9.05043

MKWhen i open accounts and password and try to make my phone remember the password to this app there is a blank field that i need to fill and it says website and if I don’t fill it the process won’t be done actually I want the phone to remember the pass for this app not any website I really don’t know what to do.Version: 4.6.00122

Great appI enjoy using this fast and easy , with no speed drop absolutely lovely , however there is this one thing that bothers the app is not remembering password for my connection or i better say for any connection and that is kinda painful everytime you have to type a password ☹️.Version: 4.8.00825

How to save passwordHey there there is something so weird about this app which i can not save the password for my vpn configuration and every time i need to connect i have to enter it and it is so annoyin can you help us by updating the app?.Version: 5.0.00230

Work slow recentlyThis App used to work really good. Fast speed and stable network. But recently, I don’t know why it works really really slow, I can hardly open the google search page. What should I do?.Version: 4.8.01097

Why your app can’t save passwordMy problem is that why your app can’t save my vpn account password it’s really hard for me and more for my father to enter the password every time that we want to connect to vpn is it really hard for you to set some settings that could enable password save ? Please do it..Version: 4.8.00801

IOS 14 ProblemAll was fine and working like a charm but since I have upgraded to iOS 14 my connections get slower after like 15 minutes and my internet gets so slow I can’t do anything, I need to reconnect so I can use it again, I have several servers and this happens for all..Version: 4.9.00518

Fast connectionFast and stable connection and that’s just enough. Thank you. But it’s needed a remember password option to make using it easier..Version: 4.7.03051

It works again!!Latest version work great and fixes network connectivity in airplane mode issue of previous version..Version: 4.8.00825

UpdateHi there, I would like to know that if this company plans to update this app to be able to use it on Mac. This is a great app, but I think that will help a lot if we can use in our Macs too..Version: 4.9.00518

It works but needs improvementsIt would be great if Cisco Secure Client can remember user passwords, and also provide a disconnect button so users can stop non-successful connection immediately..Version: 5.0.00230

Excellent ChoiceThis app works perfectly but I wish it could save my password so I didn’t have to enter my password everytime. So please consider this issue in your future updates..Version: 4.9.00518

Save PasswordHi this is a great program. It's just the fault. For each connection you need to enter your account password and it's boring..Version: 4.8.00801

Great Apple Watch ExperienceFive stars because the watch experience has improved, thank you for your hard work!.Version: 4.7.03051

Can I change my locationCan I change my location on any country or is just united state only , because I would love to change the location to other countries as well.Version: 4.8.00801

Not working (corrected)Newest version crashes on iPhone X 13.3.1. (Fix) I had to uninstall and re-install the app on my phone. Works great..Version: 4.8.02050

DisconnectingIn the last update after any phone calls it’s disconnected!!!!.Version: 4.6.03054

Review updatedAfter my institute updated vpn configuration procedure, this application has been working normally..Version: 4.6.03050

Asks password every timeGood app for vpn, but it asks your password every time you want to connect, that a bit annoying if your vpn pass is something hard.Version: 4.6.03052

Needs some featuresNeeds fast server selection and password saving option, basically just like open-vpn..Version: 4.7.00139

DownloadWhy can't it be downloaded? I'm tired. Please help.Version: 5.0.00246

Password Not Saved!It walks on my mind that I should type my password in each try.Version: 4.8.00801

Please update for ios 12Does not work on ios 12.Version: 4.6.01099

Save password for next usePlease please please add this feature Im tired of entering password each time Im a programmer and I know its very easy to add a feature to re connect with one button instead of waste of time Please dont refer us to ask our company !? Which company? We are personal users who use this software against anti blocking policies by governments So let us use the free internet easily Thanks.Version: 4.7.02025

Not usable at the momentSomehow we can't use the app anymore in mainland China area. Can you guys fix this problem?.Version: 4.0.7077

Vpn was working....Was working for about a month in mainland china. It stopped working last week. Internet connection timed out message. I need my vpn for school. :(.Version: 4.0.7077

Not working anymore!Why it does not work anymore??.Version: 4.8.01097

YeehawGud job my boys..Version: 4.8.00825

Working well and reliable since few yearsPlease add an haptic touch option for quick connect ! This is the only things missing to this app ! Thank you,.Version: 4.8.00825

Good but not the best!Speed is not good!!!.Version: 4.0.7077

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.0.00246

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