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Necrophonic Customer Service

Necrophonic is an ITC app used for spirit communication and EVP research.

8 Sounds Banks:

The audio has been mastered in a way to bring out various sound properties .
Using Pro Tools I was able to enhance high, mid, and low range frequencies. I also applied
other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an
environment suitable for spirit communication.

The audio itself is made up of phonemes,
partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can help
spirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as na, no, da, do, di, ma, may, etc.
there are no real words of phrases contained in the banks.

These sounds banks play in a similar
way to that of my other app "Spiritus Ghost Box" but instead of 4 sound banks Necrophonic has
8 active sound banks.

White Noise Sound Bank:

This app also has an optional 9th sound bank called "White noise".
This bank can be used alone or with the other 8 giving you a total of 9 sound banks. This
audio is taken for the internal sounds of the famous DR60 recorder that is known as the
"Holy Grail" of EVP recorders. This is not a White Noise Generator, this is a normal sound bank like the others but this one contains white noise from the DR60.

Audio Effects:

This app does contain Echo and Reverb audio effects. These have been proven
to be the best effects to apply to ITC sessions. The echo can create audio that can be
manipulated within the echo itself. Echo can also help in live, real time communication by
repeating the audio and allowing you to better hear whats coming through. Reverb can be
applied to the audio to create a spacious sound environment that will enhance audio manipulation.

Necrophonic App Comments & Reviews

Necrophonic Positive Reviews

Good but could use some workSo I’ve had this app for about 3 weeks now. The only thing that I found that bothers me is that the sweep speed is still too fast even when I lower it. It can be confusing because you would think to lower it you would move the bar to the left. But no, that speeds it up. Anyways, even at the slowest sweep rate the sounds you hear cut off so quickly that you can’t make out what it’s saying. The echo is horrible. Don’t even turn it on. I would like an option to record so that you can go back and tweak the audio to see if you caught anything. It has some creepy sounds like crackling and whispers which sound spooky but, I mean, it’s inaudible. I’ve had it say my kids names so does it listen to me when I’m speaking and then just repeats common phrases or words? It’s just too fast and whatever you hear cuts off almost immediately so you can’t make it out. Even with the reverb on it’s so hard to make out. Also, the sound is not loud enough. Even at the highest volume and with headphones on, I have to really really put it up to my ear to hear. I’m comparing to VOX app and VOX is so much louder I actually have to turn it down. All in all, It’s a fun app to use. You just have to spend a lot of time with it trying to decipher what it or they are saying. Worth the $10 bucks..Version: 1.7

The negative reviews don’t know how this worksFirst of all, you aren’t talking to your phone and it can’t hear you without giving them express permission to access your microphone, which it doesn’t. Secondly, I thought it was a flop at first too. My dad had just committed suicide and I’d hoped to talk to him. After twenty minutes of failing, I fell out on his bed and cried. Then the clearest voice yet came through and it was my dad’s. He was sobbing and kept crying out, “ Baby, oh baby. Baby.” Just before it cut out he whispered “I’m sorry.” That’s when I researched it more. Whether it’s a phone, a hacked radio, a white noise machine, whatever - all have the same level probability of working. Then, you may not have a ghost or spirit near you. They may not want to talk to you. THEY bounce off the words. If it makes no sense, no one’s talking. Or they’re figuring it out. I was in the place my dad died and it took twenty minutes and then just cut out like he was struggling. This app isn’t an On-button for ghost activity. It’s a mediator. You’re also part of the equation. Being open to it, focusing, and remaining respectful all help elevate your chances of inviting a spirit and warming them up to you. If you don’t believe to begin with then you’re just wasting money. You have to be open to possibility no matter what you use in a contact situation..Version: 1.7

The audio doesn’t workThe first time downloading this app, the audio was fine and the app worked well. But after a couple days (id say less then a week) there has been an issue with the audio not working. It says “Audio OFF toggle phone’s mute switch to turn audio on” i checked to make sure my audio was on and etc, and it is perfectly fine, but the audio still doesn’t work. I still don’t know if it’s just me and my phone having that problem or it’s the app. I would appreciate an answer back on why this is happening or what I can do to fix it, thank you for your time.Version: 1.7

Oh I have had some amazing encounters unless just chance????I bought the version and I used reverb and echo at same time and I was in car playing around and clear as day a vioce said “ Heather, Heather- I miss you. I love you. Then I was driving to a patients house and had to pull over to pull up maps and only place on my side of street was a cemetery and across street a big hospital. I was dressed in my uniform and in work mode but I decided to turn app on and a voice said “ Look she’s a nurse” another one said “ Help me” I asked with what and it said “ Dead” I asked how they died and it said “ Cancer” then as I was driving out I asked what way to turn to get to their grave and it said “ Left” I turned left and a voice said “ Mom” then said “ Stop” I stopped and looked up at tomb stone and the words were MOM. I had chills. Other voices are obviously programmed such as Phil, micheal, help, Ed. Plus it listens to us cause it repeats my sons name over and over. Other stuff it says seems fake but it’s got real stuff on there to..Version: 1.7

Heard my mothers voiceEver since my mom passed away I haven’t given up trying to communicate with her one way or another. One night outside my dads home I felt a presence so I went outside where it’s quiet (dad doesn’t believe in this sort of thing) so I recorded the audio while playing the app and then my dad kept saying for me to get inside for something so I had to cut it short. I later listened to the recording and at 0.08 it was my mothers voice saying my name and something else I can’t make out. I had chills. My moms voice is so different and I’ve played this app so often I wanted to see how it works and if it was random or replaying voices etc. never have I heard this before and it was my moms voice exactly..Version: 1.7

It’s real-This app is definitely worth the money if you wanna communicate/hear spirits. At first, I thought I was wasting my money because I heard a lot of things at once and it seemed fake, but after time, it slowed down and I even started hearing full sentences that resonated with my house and things in my house. The thing that freaked me out the most though was the fact it said me an my friends name. I was curious and decided to test it by saying “What’s my name?” And “What’s my friends name?” A series of words came through but then I heard me and my friends name very clearly. This is real and super creepy. 10/10 Do not recommend though if you get scared easily/have fears of spirits..Version: 1.7

IdkHonestly, I think this is really fun and good app to do with friends or family but at the same time the buttons are kind of it like confusing because I don’t really know a lot about ghost stuff and I don’t know what buttons to push like white noises or reverb or anything like that and I was asking them questions and I didn’t hear anything very well and like it didn’t make any sense to me and I was every single question. I asked they didn’t answer so I think maybe this is just like a fun game to scare them like family and friends but not a fun game to actually find ghost with.Version: 1.7

Foreign language?I’m a bit unsure about these apps but I am open to them. I’ve used this app quite a few times and normally I don’t get anything or I’m not sure what’s being said. The other day I heard someone speaking in full sentences in what sounded like Spanish. It happened three times in about a 10 minute span. Should I be hearing something other than English?.Version: 1.7

I didn’t know I was supposed to say goodbye but I did-?So I just opened the app, hoping to speak to my great aunt. But mentally I was asking for anyone to come and talk. I asked if anyone wanted to talk, “No.” I asked if they wanted me to stop, “No.” I heard my dad coming upstairs and I immediately said that I was sorry and goodbye. It responded back “Goodbye child.” I have used other ghost apps before, and never said goodbye to it. I don’t know why I did that this time but I’m glad I did..Version: 1.7

Best Spirit Box EverI used this over a couple of weeks. The longer you use and connect it works better and better. But it does attract more than ghosts. Protect yourself before using this. This is definitely the real deal and the experience shook me. To the point I’m taking a break from it. I had full conversation the entire time I had it running..Version: 1.7

One of my favoritesThis app is one of my favorites. I always get intelligent responses. My only complaint is that I wish they would add a feature to be able to record what you catch and save it..Version: 1.7

I rlly wanted it to workFor some reason the audio isn’t working I get this like “audio OFF” picture on the screen and I can’t hear anything at all no white noise or anything a little annoyed cause I just paid $10 for the app to not work..Version: 1.7

Heard my friends voice!I asked to speak with my buddy who passed away. It was his voice!!! He has an accent. How does this thing work!? So… our deceased loved ones and others can see and hear is at all times? There is another dimension that we are soooo unaware of!.Version: 1.7

GoodY’all are saying how do you hear the sound but… all you have to do is turn on the bell on ur phone when u swipe up cus you all just have y’all’s notifications off or it’s on silent...Version: 1.7

Confused on how to use itSo I have had this app for a bit now but every time I turn it on to use it, there is a ridiculous amount of voices coming through. So many I can’t make what is being said. Has this happened to anyone else and how do I fix it?.Version: 1.7

A tiny regretSo overall this app is pretty cool! But all of the "Nosies" are to hard to understand. Maybe they could be more clear. Way too extreme..Version: 1.7

Audio problemsWhen i first got the app it showed “AUDIO OFF Toggle phones mute switch to turn audio on.” which i have tried to fix but it still keeps showing is there anyway i’m able to fix it i’m on iphone..Version: 1.7

Works great in certain spotsRemember y’all when u get done announce to the spirits u done n u closing session and portal. Works great in my local spots that’s haunted..Version: 1.7

WonderfulHas given me crazy answers..Version: 1.7

IdkI seen kelsi use this so I decided to try it out and it’s kinda seems fake but good app just in general if you wanna believe in spirits.Version: 1.7

Necrophonic goodI have the iPhone 12 and I never received the pop up for allow or don’t allow for the mic. The creator has stated many times the app does not record us it is blocked from this feature and I have read many reviews with this thought process. If you are worried about this just hold the questions in your mind spirits know what you are thinking. I have tons of spirits coming through overlapping each other so it is difficult to know what they are saying even if I record my sessions I don’t think it would help much. I have heard vocal accents from Europe, a woman in distress saying please don’t. A man saying help a lot of children saying mommy. I heard piano keys. A woman singing but couldn’t make out the words. I did not have the echo on as it made it worse to understand with all the overlapping voices. I did not have any angry spirits. I’ve done 2 sessions 1 at night 1 during the day both times a lot of spirits. The app is easy to use. I gave the app 4 stars because i have not had an interactive spirit answering my questions or having a conversation like some of the other reviews which I find odd since I heard tons of them or maybe I did but couldn’t understand due to the overlapping. An onscreen word filter might help this where we can also read what they are all saying. I will continue to play with this app and try recording some sessions. I am not at all disappointed with the app or price..Version: 1.1

As per MARLENES reviewYes way to fast choppy I have heard YES to a few very qs. Been out in B F E really far out and pick up spirits. Hmmmm?.Version: 1.7

Good appMy ghost friends Anne and gabe bullied me for my music taste 😭😭.Version: 1.7

Serves useful and is legitimate! One thing though....First, the price is incredibly high. I was originally gonna get this and found that it was nearly 10 dollars. That’s very concerning. Second off, when I decided to get the app, it had done me well. The app is quite relevant and knows spirit communication well. I got clear and concise answers. I do, however, need to address a concern. There is no need for the app to have the screeching sounds. They take away the experience of a true evp session. It makes me anxious and hurt my ears. I did not like that aspect. It may create a dark mood, but it also creates more of a divide between me and the app. Please remove the screeching and loudness. It seriously does not serve a purpose. It makes me not want to use it. Besides that, I see myself definitely using this app often. My name is Ravi and had no clue how it knew my name. It started repeating it. When I used the app, I did keep hearing “devil”, over and over. Don’t know if that is anything to worry about! To everyone who uses the app or wants to purchase it: BE CAREFUL. Surround yourself in a white light. This app is nothing to joke with. It provides in depth what spirits are thinking and feeling. I’ve been seeing way more activity in my house after I used this app. I heard heavy footsteps down my hallway when no-one was home. Be careful! P.S.: put your volume in a low/ medium setting. The app is loud!.Version: 1.1

First time using this app Wiccan storyOkay so I thought this app wasn’t real at first me and my boyfriend are into supernatural things including tools for supernatural, so when I downloaded he wanted to try it out . No joke I’ve never mentioned anything about zoey which is my older sister guardian name and it was his voice then it said “hey you boo” and that’s honestly how my guardian Telly would say to as a kid !! Okay so we paused took a minute and I’m Wiccan to so I wanted to be safe with it so we stay silent just listening to is and the next thing we Hurd was a loud woman screech that gave me chills after that I ask what’s out name it clearly said “kass” CLEAR! Like no joke I haven’t felt this much before that gave me a joking in my throat we waited 20 minutes because it was 1:00 am ps never do this during 3am ! If you don’t have the special tools to close a door from the other side ! We’ve Hurd so much that gave us chills and yes the atmosphere has changed a lot but heavy no we didn’t not hear anyone say “devil “ or “satan” so I believe this app is real and what vibes you give to make sure it’s positive energy and also it would go quite for a minute ! No lie that just caught us off guard we Hurd a woman crying ... so later on I go ahead and read how this app was created and no choke he DID NOT put any words only syllables ! After reading how he made this gave us an eye opener !.Version: 1.1

If you believe they will comeFirst of all, before you begin, you should call on your guides/angels of highest truth and compassion before beginning each session, and end with Thank you for your participation, this session is over, goodbye. I always wait a few seconds before I end, because I want the spirit to say goodbye too (whether it be goodbye, later, or case adjourned). It doesn’t matter your reasoning for participating, just make certain that if any spirit says something that makes you uncomfortable, end it immediately the way I told you how to. I had a session not long ago and something nasty was said and another voice said leave now, I took that advice and properly ended it. If you don’t believe in this “crap” then leave it alone, you are more susceptible to dark spirits. Anyway, if you are a believer and you properly conduct your sessions, you will get the answers you are seeking. *this is for the creator* I do love this app and I believe it was mostly worth the $10. I say mostly because I, like many, believe that the spooky voices are unnecessary. I would have never purchased this app if I had known that the sound banks that you use were all creepy voices. It’s kind of hard to have an enlightening conversation with grandma when she sounds like 13 Ghosts movie. Just saying. Thanks.Version: 1.1

So worth it!!Honestly, I had low expectations and downloaded the app because the reviews convinced me I may have some luck. At first I was mad bc I couldn’t get it to work (doesn’t work if your phone is on silent lol). Once I figured that out, the constant noises made it seem gimmicky. I asked some typical questions, including “what is my name?”, which it did answer correctly and clearly. I still wasn’t convinced. UNTIL THIS HAPPENED...I work at a small hospital. I used the app with a coworker in the OR while we were the only ones in the entire hospital. I asked several questions if a spirit is present and I got a clear “yes” and “I’m here”. I asked “if someone is here, what is her name” and I pointed to my coworker. It responded with her name!!!!!! Clear as day!!! I was surprised and really excited, especially bc I have it all recorded too. I am struggling to understand any other longer responses I might be getting despite recording and playing it back. Most of the time it is hard to decipher answers from just random sounds. BUT to be fair, I’ve only used my phone to record, not with an actual recorder. That’s my next plan. Real or not(I’m still not 100% convinced), it’s been fun and worth the $10 and definitely beats having to spend $400 on an ovilus..Version: 1.1

Yes, it’s legitI’ve had this app for well over a year. I have been clairaudient since childhood. This app has helped me feel, which clairaudients question quite often, like I’m not “crazy” or imagining things. Infrequently, I have gone to mediums. A particularly name kept coming up in my readings, Thomas. Interestingly, well after these readings, Thomas comes often to make his presence known by himself saying hello or stating his name, as well as other spirits introducing him. Often in my sessions using the app spirit asks me to “call the light” to help them cross. That is something I’ve been doing since my early youth. It is comforting to hear confirmation of spirit getting the help they asked for and will often say words that correlate to me asking my team to bring the light and helping them to cross. Words such as “help, light, up, ascend, angels, gone, peace, etc.” are often heard in my sessions which is very comforting. I definitely recommend guidance on grounding techniques and creating a safe space for yourself (protection), before using this or other apps of this nature. I have found this app to be most successful other than my old faithful Sb7, although I don’t truly need either. Hope this helps!.Version: 1.1

I always make contact with the other sidePlease if you are going to use this app do it with screen recording on so you can capture the responses, otherwise it will be hard to go off of based on just the live responses. This app works, I really questioned it before and after purchasing. I have heard responses come through and have Audio proof. The microphone on my phone does not even work so let’s already eliminate that it could even possibly use your mic to record you. It’s better to use it without echo. You don’t have to talk out loud for the spirits to communicate with you, you can ask a question in your head and they’ll answer it. I’ve tinkered with this a lot before leaving this review and I can vouch this is real, the responses I’ve gotten are undeniable and give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes. Been using it for a couple years now, it’s real. I’ve been able to speak with what I believe have been some of my deceased relatives, it’s comforting. Always ask for god and your angels to protect you before opening board, it helps keep the negative spirits from coming through. It’s more than worth the $10.Version: 1.1

Life is beautiful, death is pure.I work as a removal technician for a funeral home in Seattle, Washington. I am a ghost hunting fanatic, I have been since I was a little girl. I frequently use this app to connect. It works, honestly. It’s accurate to the bones. The voices you hear are from the dead, in real time. I don’t know how it’s possible but they are able to speak with this form of technology. It’s very cool. I have heard the voices of friends and family of mine who have passed come through this app and it’s given me peace. It sounds crazy, I know but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t say anything at all if I didn’t fully believe it works. It does. It’s definitely worth paying for if you have the courage to connect with spirits in real time. Be careful what you open yourself up to. Use your intuition. Stay strong in the light of love, love is the key. Protect yourself. I have used this app with friends of mine who are completely skeptic and it has blown their minds. I’m in love with it. It’s the best app I have ever purchased. It’s inspired me to build my own spirit box. Thank you, for helping me connect me with the other side. It’s given me confirmations beyond my wildest dreams. Incredible, absolutely amazing..Version: 1.1

It worksI can definitely confirm that this app works! I was able to communicate with my boyfriend that passed away. I wanted to test the app so I asked my boyfriend what his last name was and he said it ( to make sure the app didn’t hear me I did not say it) Also I work at a retirement home, I was able to get a lot of evidence from there. The residents were playing bingo in the other room from me and I asked the spirit box can you tell me what they are doing in the other room? And the response was bingo. one of our residents fell down the other day and I asked the spirit box if they could tell me what happened downstairs and it said fallen, fell, hurt it was amazing!! I asked them if she was ok and they said yes. Sure enough she came back home from the hospital a few hours later. The app is legit, I don’t know how it’s even possible. But if you are doubting getting this app, just do it. Just be careful, take precautions. Talking to spirits can be addicting and that’s what causes them to latch on to you. I always say a prayer before and after I have a session I don’t know if it works but nothings happened to me so far 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.1

Had a look inside the appBroke open the app and found thousands of pre recordings. Once the recordings were removed the app didn’t do anything. The app is programmed to immediately start playing the sounds once it is opened and play for a short loop before it restarts the process over and over again, also found something about recording exterior noise and putting it back into its own recordings (not 100% about it listening to you but it’s doing something) DO NOT BUY THIS. If you honestly think you heard something it is the power of suggestion which you’ll probably have more fun learning about then using this app but hey what do I know, only got inside the thing..Version: 1.1

GhostI been using this app since summer of 2021 I enjoy it I use it with my haunted doll collection and there many responses that come back.Version: 1.7

Good communicationI really like this app. For the people that are not getting any sounds, I just need to tell you that this is not a toy or for entertainment purposes. You need to be able to connect with spirits. If you do not have connections and you don’t believe in spirits, you will get minimal communication. I just got the app and I have direct back and forth communication with them. It could be hard to understand in the begging but you can make out the words easier if you put it on ECHO mode. Always treat them with respect and do not make fun or reticule them..Version: 1.1

Spirit boxJust curious does this app really work like for real no joke.Version: 1.1

Record button!!You guys should update and add an record button and save option. If people want captions they can use the record button, than save the file and listen. Right now I’m using another phone to record so I can listen back to see if I catch any EVPs..Version: 1.1

Great AppGreat app I’ve been testing it out all week and getting responses I live in a house full of spirits I asked about a friend who died in 1991 I just gave them her date of birth where she was born and the year she died they told me she was young 21 and she was Jewish. The spirits also described objects in my room a red pen on my desk pictures on my wall and two Chess Knights on a bureau! One day I had the app running on my iPad high on top of my dining room table one of my black cats came in the room on the floor the spirits said cat and one of them told me to pet her..Version: 1.1

This app is amazingIt’s kinda hard to understand them at first but then if you put it on echo it’s way easier It’s scary because I was talking to my cousin that died from an overdose and I asked it how it died and what was it’s name and it was my cousin.Version: 1.1

Kelsi Davies <3I got this app from kelsi Davies and my bestfriend went to a park and found bloody knifes with her old friend and we went to the park and heard voices so I think it works.Version: 1.1

Just for the serene ambiance, 3 starsI really haven’t tested it out and I’m not going to be talking to anyone but if anything, it is pretty peaceful to listen to. Very relaxing if you turn on the echo and reverb. I figure, if they’re gonna talk, they’ll talk. They’re probably all around us talking to each other anyway. Maybe this is like a “bug” as we spy into their realm. Those who don’t hear anything. Maybe location is a factor. Mine won’t shut up because I’m sitting in a shed that everyone thinks is haunted. Lol. It isn’t radio frequencies because I tested without the wifi on, so either recorded or real spirits coming through. On that note, there’s not a lot of repetitive words coming through, so interesting regardless. Would be cool to be able to record to an mp3 or a wav file for posterity, but in time. Actually, I have 3 starts here but upgraded it to 5 because this app is already better than the others and I see great things coming if they keep working on this. It’s worth a buy and I’m not even a ghost hunter..Version: 1.1

Spirit boxI find it works really great especially being stuck in a hospital for almost 9 mths, you’d be surprised with the spirits in here I think it was worh every cent!.Version: 1.1

Vary cooolllI got this app because I love the spirit stuff and one of my favourite YouTube recommended this app so I got it and it’s amazing I got to talk to my dead grandma and it felt nice to talk to her again cause I lost her a year ago and it was very hard for me and my family and it help a lot I love this app it’s amazing and Who ever says this app is fake and stuff like that ur just something else but in the end I get it u people may not believe in this stuff but other people like me we believe so maybe u should just believe but this is just my opinion thx for making this app😁✨.Version: 1.1

PatienceThis app works. A million percent. I’ll ask questions, get answers. I’ll ask how many fingers I’m holding up, I’ll get the right answer. Mess with the sound banks, but don’t use echo. You can screen record and turn your device mic on by holding the SR button. I was hoping it wasn’t a waste of money, it’s not. So far spirits have said its the best app I’ve used. I can hear spirits, and when I ask about what or who I hear they answer in the app. More soundbanks would be cool, though it’s sufficient thus far. I’d be willing to post and share any recordings if interested using this app..Version: 1.1

Best App for InvestigatingI’ve been using this app for several mo the on countless investigations. Some of the words and sentences that have come out cannot just be random. This is the real deal. I love that it doesn’t have the typical spirit box “Che Che Che” sound AND I think an option to turn it into something like an SB11 would be ideal. I’m looking to get one of those for the main purpose of using it in Esthes Method. Otherwise it’s great. For recording, I just screen record it or use another camera..Version: 1.1

Very interestingA lot of people don’t know that there is vowels and the sounds of letters prerecorded and the spirits manipulate those and speak to you just like it does with the radio manipulates the voices through out frequencies. Works great I suggest recording your sessions and re listening back.Version: 1.1

Great appHonestly I got a lot of activity and it was fascinating and scary at the same time but I have so many questions and stuff curiosity kills the cat but great app for contacting spirit but use with discretion..Version: 1.1

Very coolI saw this app on one of Steve Huffs YouTube videos and he highly recommended it. If you are interested in spirit communication but don't have the funds I suggest this app. I heard someone say my name in my native language as well as other bizarre things!.Version: 1.1

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