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The Miracle Box Customer Service

The Miracle Box is an app used for Spirit Communication and ITC Research. You must use this correctly, responsibly and by using it you are doing so at your own risk. To see the full information and Q&A on how to use this app correctly, you can visit:

The Miracle Box includes methods used by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal in his Astral Doorway and Miracle Box full size devices. The app has eleven banks, which are all reversed human speech. There are no words, no music, no phrases and nothing programmed in to make you think spirit is speaking with you. This is an advanced yet simple ITC app based on eleven years of research and communication. It will not work for everyone (no app or box does).

When using it, you must do so correctly. If you do not have a connection to spirit you will not hear replies come through. Instead, you will hear gibberish, nothing. That is by design. This app is designed to only bring you true responses, if and only if you connect with a spirit when using it. No matter the app or device you use, the connection is the #1 aspect of getting results.

Always use this with love, respect, kindness and a clear mind. If you do not hear replies, try again at another time, or a different place. Do not use it if you are angry, depressed, in a negative mood or fearful of it. If you fear this, do not use this app as fear is an energy we put out that can and could attract undesirable spirits. Love is the key here and this is meant for serous ITC researchers and enthusiasts.

Just pick a voice, press record, ask a question and move the slider to the right for 1-3 seconds and then slide it back. You will soon hear a voice emerge that will either be answering you (if you connected) or gibberish (if you did not). Even if you do not hear a reply in real time, always check the recording as it could have changed.

This is a tool you can grow with. To learn how to build a connection, and see demo videos with this app in action visit the Huff Paranormal YouTube Channel.

The Miracle Box App Comments & Reviews

The Miracle Box Positive Reviews

Seems legitWe’ve tried a few apps, this one seems nice because it doesn’t have random background noises. We’ve used phasmabox and have made contact on many occasions, after trying this a few times we connected to a lost loved one. The answers were only something they would know and they said one of our names 3 times..Version: 1.0

Multiple voices?This is a great app and I love using it I connected with my aunt but when I went to the cemetery to talk to my friend Myrel and give her a horn she wanted I was talking to her through this and I said I was going to go back with my mom because my mother tagged along with me to see if this worked for herself and I didn’t hear anything come through and then I asked again and Myrel said “With me?” And I said that she could come to and just as I did that another voice came over but it wasn’t the one I set it too and it said “okay” it sounded male and low I told her goodbye and then the female voice came back over which I only would hope was Myrel and she said “that wasn’t me” I turned it off prayed and went back to my car. Is this normal to happen, was another spirit trying to connect with me? Or did the app glitch out I need answers.Version: 1.0

Great work!Thank you Steve (and the developers) for bringing this to market! Finally, a true ITC app that doesn’t have fear built in to the application! I’m still working on making a clear connection, but I know that’s got nothing to do with the app. I do have a note I would like to add though.. the built-in mic seems to be transmitting a great deal of amplification when being played back within the app. I am hoping the order side does not hear it with the same amplitude, as it certainly offends my sensibilities. Any plans to add level control for built in recordings?.Version: 1.0

If you want to replay what you think you heard!Get a screen recorder background recorder in the phone to app automatically have one so when you do your recording have both recordings and go back and check on your session.. I’m new at this hopefully sometime tonight I’ll get a time to try it out I read about it it seems legit just hearing about it the guy has so much proof it crazy !! This has got to be the top dog of any of the apps!.Version: 1.0

Beyond IncredibleThis is by far the most precise & mind blowing ITC/EVP app I’ve ever used. I’m so proud of everyone who is seeing the demand and necessity that we as paranormal investigators have the tools we need and for them to perform with absolute ease & simplicity. I have had some of the most incredible experiences of my entire life while using this app & it is helping in our efforts to assist victims & missing persons cases. Blessings of love from my highest heart! 🔥❤️🔥.Version: 1.0

The miracle boxI have been eagerly awaiting for the release of this ITC tool. I was highly skeptical before using it but I have quickly realized that this tool does Indeed work. There are no fast radio scans or banks of chopped up words with this tool, just banks of complete nonsense. If you hear a reply it is spirit. I would recommend that amateurs with little to no experience do a little research before jumping in..Version: 1.0

AmazingThis app is amazing and if I had one advice for first time users I would definitely check out the page user guide. Had a session last night and used the female bank voice but when I asked if my dad was here , the voice bank changed automatically into a males voice and said “ your dads here “. Freaking awesome!.Version: 1.0

Accessibility for the blindHello! Through a friend, I was contacted by spirit who was requesting that I download this app so we could communicate! But upon doing so, I have found that the application is not accessible to the blind. Please work on an accessible version for voiceover accessibility! You can find this in accessibility, voiceover. I'd be happy to be a beta tester for this!.Version: 1.0

Wish we could file shareLove this app. I’ve used another word bank app and have never been sure if what it’s accurate or not. I’ve gotten a few clear messages already and wish I could share with others via text that would make this app 20/10!!!.Version: 1.0

Love the appThis app is awesome. The only problem I see, or have, is when listening to your recordings, it won’t let you go back. Like if you thought you heard something & want to go back a few seconds, it won’t let you. Still 5 stars in my opinion.Version: 1.0

No connections yet but...Still haven’t made any connections yet but will continue trying. The quality and simplicity to use is great. My wife is definitely more grounded and connected spiritually looking forward to seeing her results..Version: 1.0

AMAZING APP!For about two years now I’ve been trying to contact my sister who recently passed. I’ve had no luck till now! This is very emotional for me. So thank you steve! If you are looking to contact a loved one you need to get this app. Don’t give up and keep trying!.Version: 1.0

One problemYou need to set up a closed captioning for deaf, and hearing impaired. It is so important for some of disabled who need to read it the words from other side. Hopefully, next year to update for connecting with closed captioning..Version: 1.0

First tryAnd I heard an angry voice telling me to get out twice. Scary..Version: 1.0

The Miracle BoxWhen I’m using this App…. I keep getting spirits that speak a foreign language. On all voice banks. I don’t know what the spirits are saying to me?.Version: 1.0

Great App.Thanks Huff for bringing this to the world, because it was much needed. You are truly gifted my Brother. p.s. thanks to the developers also to helping bring this dream to a reality. God Bless & Much Love..Version: 1.0

Different languageAnyone else has a spirit talking but they are speaking in a another language?.Version: 1.0

Learning curveI prayed and asked if my dad was there all in Spanish just jiberish but until I aske my dad if he has seen my leather crafting it replyed with Si meaning yes 🥰.Version: 1.0

WowMy first 3 questions got answers right away, the answer are the most clearest I got. Best app to date. Steve huff is a blessing. And to the team kudos..Version: 1.0

Great appIm very pleased with this app. It works well but like any real ghost app be careful when using it..Version: 1.0

Love the app!This is a great app. I have been getting some great captured audio.Version: 1.0

CongratsCan’t wait to use this app..Version: 1.0

Definitely works but....Definitely works but this is a knockoff of the HSB-1 by H.O.P.E paranormal. This app is very similar to the HSB-1. Steve posted videos on youtube testing the HSB-1 months ago for Joshua when it was in the early stages before the beta version was available to test by other investigators. Kinda odd how fast huff developed this before the HSB-1 came out The HSB-1 is out now for iOS and it’s free!.Version: 1.0

My first session left me in tears.This app requires knowledge to use it correctly. That said, if you find yourself struggling, I encourage you to look up the demo on YouTube (via the Huff Paranormal channel). Also, some of the responses you get might seem like a bunch of gibberish. I've found that exporting the audio and slowing it down by 40-50% helps in articulating what is said. This app is literally a godsend for paranormal investigation and connecting with Spirit. Thank you Steve Huff!!.Version: 1.0

Interesting and intriguing app but..I started watching buffs paranormal videos on youtube and I ended up buying this miracle box app, I'm trying to contact my deceased to grandfather and grandmother and I'm hearing voices but I can't understand what they're saying clearly so I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong? Also should I have protection stones around me while using this app I am not negative at this and that time of use of this app I'm currently using an positive energy orgonite stone necklace! I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips or advice on getting clear communication!? And what are the possible dangers of using this app?!.Version: 1.0

I got french communication reverb off.I think I got some French communication with my little brother who passed away in sept 2019. I have try few time with the reverb On then the echo was very annoying so I decided to shut down the reverb and heard a clear SALUT, and a full conversation begin few words was so weird, he even mentions that he was sound like a drunk 🥴 guy with this apps… I am gonna try again. Very important to pray for GOD permission and the 4 archangel protection before the session. Then the spirit feel safe to come..Version: 1.0

AIt’s okay lol i love huff that’s why I downloaded this to show support. But the app itself is not that worth it. I hear nonsense both reversed and normal voice. Nonstop talkings and just had to balance the settingsz . Thank you it was only worth 4$ otherwise I would not buy it if it was more than 10$.Version: 1.0

Good app. It’s works wellI’m just having an issue with saving more than one recording and reviewing them. Some won’t play for some reason.Version: 1.0

AmazingMy dad passed 22 years ago and confirmed through the app he tickled my daughter the night he passed. She was 4 months old at the time and out of the blue in the hospital room began belly laughing. We always wondered now we know..Version: 1.0

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