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** QZ is not affiliated with or endorsed by any subscription service or maker of exercise equipment. **

Have you got a bike (echelon, flywheel, proform, i-console yesoul, decathlon, domyos, keiser) or a Domyos (Decathlon) / Horizon / Proform treadmill and you want to join to zwift? This app allows you to give a second life to your machine!

Also ellipticals and rowers machinery are supported now!

Simply connect your smartphone to the treadmill/bike and zwift/peloton/fulgaz/rouvy will recognize it!

Also this app allow you to use HealthKit to read your heart rate direct from your Apple Watch or any Heart Rate Bluetooth Belt. This metric will also be saved in your workout!

Compatible machineries:
- all the Echelon bikes
- all the Domyos bikes
- all the Domyos treadmills
- all the Domyos elliptical machinery
- Smart Row Rower
- Echelon Rower
- Concept Rower 2
- Yesoul S3 (M3 is currently on testing, if you have one, contact me)
- Sportstech bikes
- Inspire bikes
- Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6
- Toorx bikes and spinbikes
- Fassi treadmills
- all the Proform bikes without a tablet builtin
- Proform treadmills
- Flywheel bike (the calibration tool is here https://ptx2.net/apps/flytest/ )
- JK Fitness treadmill
- Toorx treadmills
- Sole elliptical
- Chrono bike
- NPECable
- and much more! ask me by email about the compatibility

If you want you can join the Swag Bag auto-renewing subscription through an In-App Purchase in order to help me in the development of the app!
• an auto-renewable subscription
• 1 month ($1.99)
• Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew (at the duration selected) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• Current subscription may not be cancelled during the active subscription period; however, you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
• Privacy policy: https://robertoviola.cloud/privacy-policy-qdomyos-zwift/
• Licensed Application end user license agreement: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

QZ - qdomyos-zwift App Comments & Reviews

QZ - qdomyos-zwift Positive Reviews

L O V E this app!! Total GamechangerI’m using the app while riding an Echelon EX-3 and the Peloton app. I had previously been riding a Sunny bike with a cadence sensor and HRM. I love that I can now see all my metrics in the QZ app on my phone (I mount it to my handlebars) and cadence/HR in Peloton app as well so I still get that ride summary too. It took me a few minutes to set up and get everything working but the guide is very helpful and so is the Facebook group run by the developer. I had one issue with my settings and when I posted a question there I had an answer within minutes and was able to finish my setup perfectly. Highly recommend. UPDATE: Coming back to boost my review, I wish I could give more than 5 stars! The new auto resistance feature is mind blowing. I can’t help but feel a certain level of smugness for having this part of the experience of the Bike+ riders without the huge price tag. This app has leveled up my riding experience beyond my imagination, and the developer keeps adding new features..Version: 2.5.22

Essential App for all Indoor Cycles!This app is very complex, but offers extreme levels of functionality when learned that completely opens the gates for your equipment. For example, you can have the app control your resistance as you follow along with a Peloton class from a non-Peloton bike, giving you the Bike+ experience for a fraction of the cost. No more fiddling with the resistance manually! Now, there are limitations that still exist. For example you can’t compete on Peloton leaderboards with this method because it’s cleverly following along with the workouts from the workout data published online, but cannot insert your data into it. So it’s a bit one way, however all of your workout data will still be tracked into your health app of choice, such as Strava, post-workout. Overall, you can’t complain for a cheap app with so much functionality. Essential purchase!.Version: 2.15

This app is amazing!!!I recently purchased the Inspire IC 1.5 bike from Costco and while I was looking at reviews for this bike I came across information that the developer currently is running a beta for their app in order to connect the Inspire bike to the peloton app. I downloaded the app and tested it out and it connected instantly. I will even say it connects to the bike faster than the Inspires own app to it bike. I tested out the app and the app works perfectly in conjunction with the peloton app. The developers for their app really created something awesome and to create a program that displays the cadence and resistance conversion to the peloton metrics as well. I ran a couple of peloton workouts with this app and it worked flawlessly. Thanks again for taking the time to make an amazing app!.Version: 2.2.12

Excellent App for Echelon Sport Exercise RowerThis app easily connects with Echelon sports rower I purchased from Walmart. It also sync data with Strava for maintaining my stats. My only concern is how it measures distance. Looks like there is a bug while calculating distance. For example for very moderate work out for 20 min it shows that distance about 18,000 meters that is impossible ! Hope developers fix this soon. Update: within two days developer (Roberto Viola) contacted me and provided access updated Beta version with this bug fixed. New app worked like a charm and developer also acknowledged to fix minor bug related to distance decimal places in chart page. So he deserves 5 stars !.Version: 2.15

Just buy it!What a wonderful app! After using my tri bike on an indoor trainer for the past year I found myself getting bored and frustrated by my inability to really ride strong when out of the saddle. I decided to really consider the Peloton bike even though the price tag seemed over-the-top to me. When doing some research I discovered a really convincing community of bikers who bought the Echelon bike ( for 1/4 the cost) and were swearing by this app to essentially turn that Echelon bike into a Peloton. After a working through a few kinks, I am sold! This app provides all the metrics you could want for less than $5! Seriously, it’s worth way more than that. If you’re considering it, buy it and give it a go, you’ll love it!.Version: 2.2.12

Fantastic app! Game changer for Power Zone trainingI cannot say enough good things about this app - connects to a lot of equipment and can control resistance. I personally use it for my Echelon EX5 and use the Peloton app. All rides are auto resistance, and if you use PZ training, you can enter your FTP and it will follow. Gam changer!!! Also the developer. This guy is amazing. He works so hard to ensure the app works against so much equipment. He is very active in the FB group and answers questions all the time. He goes out of his way to make sure he answers everyone and the community will help you get your equipment working. Highly recommend!!!.Version: 2.11

Saved me so much money!I’m so glad I stumbled upon this app. I am a peloton app user and really enjoy it but a little bummed I was missing out on things like power zone rides. I also never knew what my outputs were like so I couldn’t measure if I was improving. This app solved all of those problems. It takes a bit to get everything set up but once you do, it’s so seamless. There’s an active fb community where the developer answers any questions or technical difficulties. I can’t recommend this enough - GET THIS APP! I’m so happy I found this so I can get even closer to a peloton experience without paying for the full price of it!.Version: 2.5.22

This app and it’s developers are amazing.I found this app through the pechelon group on FB and am so grateful. It has been so great tracking information using the peloton app and an echelon bike. I wasn’t sure how it as going to work but as soon as I downloaded it , it didn’t need much instruction. What was most important for me was to see resistance on peloton vs echelon. Roberto one of the creators always makes himself available to try and troubleshoot, answer questions and continuously improve this app. Anyone who leaves a negative review has not taken the time to read through everything or try to reach out to Roberto. This is a terrific app. Kudos to Roberto and his team..Version: 2.2.12

Sweet!I use an Echelon Connect-S bike with the Echelon service. But I use QZ as a go-between for the purpose of collecting and importing the ride data into Garmin Connect. Echelon strips down the ride data and then will only export to Strava or FitBit. One of these days, I plan to use QZ to connect my bike to the Zwift service. QZ is one of the best supported apps I’ve used. Roberto does a hella great job maintaining the app and responding to questions/requests. The Facebook page is a great resource and Roberto responds to pretty much everything. I wonder if the man ever sleeps. Thanks for a sweet app and for all your efforts to make QZ such a versatile tool..Version: 2.11

Love the App! Totally worth it!I have an Eschelon bike & use the Peloton app. I don’t care that I’m not on the leaderboard but I wanted to be able to align the Eschelon resistance to Peloton somehow. I found a conversion chart online, but a woman in a group I follow told me about this app so I gave it a try. SO HAPPY I DID! I can actually participate and see the resistance & cadence in Peloton numbers! I feel more included in the cycling workouts. This little app does the job! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the genius behind this. VERY satisfied!…and there’s even a fb group to ask questions & get support. Very well done..Version: 2.10

Reliable Fitness App with Great SupportI use this app with my Schwinn IC4 magnetic resistance bike and it adds tremendous value and functionality to my fitness journey! When I ride with the Peloton digital app, it automatically converts the Schwinn resistance to Peloton resistance to enable me to follow the instructor’s call out. Using my credentials, it logs into Peloton and displays the required resistance and cadence settings, and also sends my workouts to my Strava account. The display is totally customizable, and through a Facebook group I have access to the developer himself for technical support. This is the best value anywhere!.Version: 2.11

What an awesome appWe got an Echelon X-15 and were a little disappointed that you cannot even open the app without going to their webiste and signing up for a $34/mth subscription. There is no way we were going to pay for monthly subscription just to see the bike metrics. We have no interest in the workouts. There is supposed to be a free ride mode but I don't see any 'free' way to even access the app. This QZ app immediatley connectd to our exercise bike and has worked flawlessly so far. Thank you for making this app, I hope you get rich.! :).Version: 2.11

Game ChangerI was informed that my Proform TDF 5.0 was no longer supported by IFIT. So I headed down the path of searching for alternatives that may allow me to continue using this indoor bike. This app connects to my bike via the Wi-Fi and am now able to connect with Zwift and FulGaz. The bike will automatically change resistance based upon Zwift and this bike has a angle control which is also fully automatic. Technology changes, but why discard perfectly good equipment due to change? Any connection issues, Roberto is on top of it to get you squared away! Try it, what do you have to loose?.Version: 2.11

Best app everBest app! Now I can use my echelon bike with BOTH my peloton and ifit accounts! The developer has a Facebook page and answers you almost immediately with questions. He lives in Italy and will literate post when weather e and say there’s a bad storm and he might lose power and be unreachable, just so we know. I contacted him once thru the app store prior to joining Facebook group and he wrote back immediately. We have asked him to do things and we have made suggestions and he always makes the suggestions we have come true..Version: 2.15

Enhance your indoor cycling experienceI had an echelon bike and moved to the peloton platform. This app basically converted my ex3 into a peloton bike for a fraction of the cost! I was able to follow the instructors on peloton resistance without having to look at my cheat sheet (right on the screen) and the MOST amazing feature is that I also now have auto resistance on my bike for the fraction of the cost! It incredibly automatically changes the resistance on my ecehlon bike while doing a peloton OD ride. When I say that this app is magic - it is! Totally worth the purchase!! Highly recommend!!.Version: 2.15

Great app for Echelon and Peloton appI use this app with my Echelon Connect and the Peloton app. I launch the qdomyos app to keep track of the Peloton targets (cadence and resistance) and match to Echelon Connect bike and my output to match. I run the Peloton app from the same device and screen share to my AppleTV. I am not able to interact with other Peloton app users during a ride using this single device configuration. The Developer has done a great job in a short time and is eager to listen and modify the application based on feedback. This app is money well spent and highly recommended..Version: 2.5.22

This app is a game changer!!!This app is amazing and I’m so glad I found it and the online community associated with it to help me get my setup right. I am able to use it seamlessly with my Echelon bike and the Peloton app to convert resistance in real time and see all of my metrics including cadence, heart rate, power, etc. The developer is incredibly responsive and the others that use this app are so helpful when there are questions about how to pair your devices, what devices work best with each operating system, etc. I also love that you can send your data to Strava to maintain a history of your metrics..Version: 2.2.12

AmazingThis app and developer made my echelon sport an amazing bike. It is even better than the peloton app because it is able to pull the target cadence and resistance levels from from the workout in real time. So even if I miss the verbal cues from the peloton coach, I can glance at this all and adjust as needed. It also automatically converts the numbers to equivalent numbers for the echelon, picks up my hr monitor and sends it to the peloton app, and sends cadence data to the peloton app. Overall could not be happier. Incredible service to the workout community..Version: 2.11

Fantastic App!This app is amazing - and the developer is totally engaged with the community to keep building on the features and functions. This app makes an Echelon Connect Spin Bike the best spin bike on the market! Imagine an app that takes a $500 spin bike from Walmart and unlocks potential far beyond what a Peloton bike can do. With this app, you can see and record all of the metrics that are called out in a Peloton workout (Cadence, Resistance, & Power) - PLUS, this app allows you to connect the Echelon Bike to Zwift so you can ride and train on another awesome platform. The Peloton bike can’t do that!.Version: 1.6.4

Life saver for ZwiftI regularly support Zwift users trying to make use of bikes and treadmills that don't interoperate perfectly with the game, and QZ is one of the top recommendations I make to resolve their issues. It also helps riders using bicycles on smart trainers who have really low gearing, and people who want automated incline support for their treadmill. Roberto is always responsive and generous with his time helping users figure out the correct settings or adding support for new equipment that the app doesn't already support..Version: 2.15

This app worksI didn’t want to spend a ton on a trainer since I’m just starting in cycling. I heard about this app and wasn’t sure how it interacts with Zwift so I gambled on it. I bought an Echelon bike and Bingo I won. Plugged in the bike and open the app. It connected right away. I had no issue connecting to Zwift at all. One thing I was worried about did applying resistance interact with my power and gladly it did. The developer did an awesome job and deserves praise on a job well done. First time reviewer on anything and I had to review this cause it’s just that good..Version: 2.5.22

Perfect!I purchased an Echelon Connect 5s 22 bike to ride indoors during the winter months here in snowy Ohio but I don’t like their spin classes. I was looking for away to connect to Zwift and found this. This app is perfect. It grabs the metrics data from the bike and communicates it to Zwift as I ride. This app is pretty straightforward to set up. It works well, allows for auto resistance, and communicates my performance to Strava. It can also be tweaked as your strength and endurance improves. It is also well supported on Facebook with quick answers and instruction..Version: 2.15

Fantastic!This app is five stars all the way. It’s super easy to use and has transformed my indoor cycling experience. I use this to connect my Echelon Connect bike to Zwift. Initial setup is simple following the provided guide. After initial setup there’s nothing to think about, just turn it on and ride. An added bonus is the great community around this app including a Facebook group, Strava club and team on Zwift. The developer actively engages the community for feedback, suggestions and has even set up group rides. I couldn’t be happier..Version: 2.7

Great app!So happy! Roberto was so helpful getting me up and peddling! I am the least tech savvy person ever! After asking the group users on Facebook for help they recommended I contact the developer directly. Roberto was patient and had me squared away in no time! Being able to see progress and having all the info from your ride at your fingertips is wonderful! I highly recommend this app! I am riding a flywheel IC5 bike that didn’t come with a monitor from Grocery outlet, it was only 499$! With this app and this bike it’s the best money I have ever invested in my health! T.Version: 2.2.12

Must have app for connected fitness equipmentWe picked up an echelon bike and rower for a hard-to-beat price with the thought we would be limited to “freestyle ride/row.” This app has completely unlocked the capability of both pieces of equipment even adding auto resistance support. The built-in map riding and workout support is super useful and doesn’t require a subscription! This app is 100% worth it and if you have a supported piece of workout equipment this app is a must have. Thanks for the work on this app!.Version: 2.15

Echelon GamechangerI downloaded this app so I could use the Peloton app for rides on my Echelon EX-5. I use an iPad Air 5 for QZ on my Echelon bike and run the peloton app on a Roku TCL TV on the wall. I have tried my Apple Watch for HR, but I prefer my Wahoo TICKR FIT. This configuration works flawlessly and the auto resistance changes are so convenient—all I have to do is ride and focus on my cadence changes and time in/out of the saddle. This f you have an Echelon bike you need this app. It will open doors for workouts outside of the expensive, proprietary Echelon app/program..Version: 2.15

Game changer and $ saver! Awesome developer!This app, the hard work of the developer, and the support he provides to a growing user community are all awesome! I initially bought the app to enable me to more easily use my echelon bike with the peloton app. Over time I found that I could make my own workouts work for me, and did away with my peloton sub in favor of keep stats with QZ only. The developer is super-responsive and constantly adding features and options for equipment to integrate with the app. The best!.Version: 2.15

What IS this sorcery!? AH-mazing!!!I recently upgraded bikes and started using this app. I am in love! My little brain can’t fathom how this is even possible, but I have AUTO-RESISTANCE on my Echel0N (can I say that word?) EX5! 🤯 like, I feel like people that purchase an actual PEL0T0N (can I say that word?) are kind of chumps 😆 this is SUCH an affordable alternative. The developer is very responsive and always trying to make his app even better. I don’t know where it could go from here, for improvement. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Alllllll the stars!!! Thank you so much!!.Version: 2.5.22

Huge appreciation!This app makes a world of difference for me and my enjoyment of my Peloton app rides. I don’t have a Peloton bike, and this app tracks all the metrics I wanted AND converts my bike’s “language” to Peloton. Moreover, the app designer has shown so much care in building it, expanding it, and supporting users, in a true community style. It can be confusing sometimes, and it’s not seamless, but for a one time cost, no subscription, and genuine care from its creator and enthusiasts, it’s the app I have the most personal appreciation for out of any I've ever had. I can’t believe a thing so pure exists..Version: 2.8

It works!I bought this after reading up on a message board of echelon bike owners that use zwift. I bought a used echelon Ex-15 and there didn’t seem to be any free software to access spin and speed, etc. it all seemed to be behind a paywall. I couldn’t even connect to the Bluetooth. I downloaded this app and installed and as soon as I clicked the Bluetooth button in the app everything synced up and I had speed, cadence, not to mention average and current wattage. Great job!.Version: 2.11

Fantastic App!Bought an Echelon EX3 but was looking for rides that had auto resistance. This app allows me to connect to many other third party cycling apps with this feature and opened up so many options for rides. I am not much of a spin class person but I love a great challenging ride where I can see some scenery. This app allowed me that freedom. This app is fairly complex but the development team is phenomenal at helping with connection issues and settings..Version: 2.15

This app is crazy goodI just purchased a new spin bike. No bells or whistles. Just something to get me moving again. I just turn this app on, it auto connects to my bike, and in all its glory it gives me all the info I need to track while o focus and concentrate on my class. No need to purchase a separate sensor! Just connect it and get to work! Oh and the app created is genius and the kindest person you’ll ever meet. He is constantly making updates and taking suggestions to make it better. He’s doing this for a steal!.Version: 2.2.12

Amazing app turns my Echelon into a Peloton!This one app has amplified my experience on my Echelon Sport beyond anything I could have imagined. I now regularly do Power Zone rides and have all the data I need at my fingertips. This app makes me feel like a genius for not having laid out thousand of dollars on a Peloton. And on top of the app being amazing, the community is that’s formed around the developer Roberto is second to none. I never write reviews, but the app is on another level!.Version: 2.9

Level up your rides!I was apprehensive of this app since I was comfortable with my Echelon/Peloton set up but this app is a GAME CHANGER as you can actually see your progress on the ride. My precious set up was completely manual by referencing a conversion paper I added on my bike. This app easily connected to my bike and my Apple Watch via iPhone Bluetooth. I connected my iPhone to the Peloton app via “connected devices” icon during the ride - it was able to track my heart rate and cadence through this app! Thank you Robert for creating this!.Version: 2.2.12

Great app and responsive developer - worth every penny and many moreThis app transforms a $400 Echelon with electronic resistance into a Peloton Bike+. Being able to focus on the ride and not fiddling with buttons was what I wanted, this app was the bridge. After using it a few times I noticed a minor bug and reached out to Roberto Viola and within a day I had a response and a solution. Great customer service and dedication. It will be the best money you spend on your fitness. Thank you Roberto!!!.Version: 2.7

Just what I need and more!This app is AMAZING! The developer is incredibly responsive and strives to make the experience better by listening to feedback of users. I am able to use this app with my bike and it follows the cadence and resistance of my workout video. I love the autoresistence option. One less thing to worry about as I focus on keeping up with the recommended cadence of the workout (and trying to breathe) lol. Thank you for a great product!.Version: 2.15

Game changing app!This app is the game changing bridge that allows non peloton bike owners to get peloton metrics and ride with peloton instructors. . It converts the echelon resistance to peloton so you can follow along with Peloton classes. Also gives cadence, heart rate, output, calories. It connects so easily to your Bluetooth bike. Will also connect to your Apple Watch for heart rate. There’s even a Facebook support group by the same name and the app developer responds personally to anyone with a question. User error is almost always the problem😂😂 best $4.99 I have ever spent..Version: 2.2.12

A Must Have!Recently purchased the Echelon Sport and this app is a must have to go with it. I use my bike with Peloton classes and it does all the converting for me. I’m already working hard enough, no need to be converting and worrying about extras on top of a workout. I made my viewing tiles (hr, resistance, cadence, etc. ) when working out minimal, but love that I can add in so many different options. Customer service is top notch if you need help too. An absolute gem of an app!.Version: 2.8

Game ChangerThis is a game changing app for my Echelon bike! I use this app in place of the Echelon app. I can now use it to participate in Power Zone training rides. It automatically connects with my bike every time I open the app. The developer recently added auto-upload to Strava, which really simplifies things for me. Speaking of, the app developer is engaged with the community and is super responsive to questions, suggestions, and requests. He’s made a lot of thoughtful decisions with this app. The purchase was totally worth it!.Version: 2.1.4

Amazing app and developer made my dumb bike smart!As a Peloton app user I had such FOMO about Power Zone Training. With this app and a little help from the extremely responsive developer I was able to see all my data in real time from my Lemond Revmaster Pro and Assiamo Uno power meter pedals and that allowed me to do the peloton FTP test and do Power Zone classes and now I can even ride on Zwift at last! I can also get all my data from my horizon treadmill. Thank you!!!!!.Version: 2.14

Makes my Echelon super easy to use with Peloton AppIf want a Peloton like experience and have an Echelon this app is for you. It has a Peloton Resistance conversion, it will also stream your heart rate from you Apple Watch and cadence to the peloton app. The newest feature to automatically upload your workout to Strava is awesome. *Update - Love this app even more. This app is truly a game changer. Latest updates are even better showing Peloton target resistance and cadence..Version: 2.5.22

Developer very responsive and fixes issues quicklyWhen the app started crashing for me, I knew to just give it a few days and it would be fixed. The developer is on top of it and fixes bugs very quickly. I have been using this app for years on an old iPad Air and I’ll continue to use it as long as this old thing will still work..Version: 2.15

A must Have AppI used this app to connect my Echelon sport to the Zwift app. It was a seamless set up and works like a charm. Today it would not connect. Zwift had an update that apparently affected my connection. I immediately got on the chat group and Roberto solved the issue and had me riding again. Great app great support. I only wish that auto resistance was available on my set up. But that is definitely not a dealbreaker..Version: 2.15

Game changer!Echelon EX4s is a fine spin bike but their app is just okay and integration to Strava is lacking. This app will integrate with Strava and provide all the detailed metrics available from Echelon but curiously they don’t send to Strava. The auto-resistance feature is crazy and eventually when my free Echelon subscription ends I’ll try Peloton app or Zwift, etc. This app makes the Echelon a smart bike. Lastly, the developer is very responsive and is constantly adding new features to the app. Six stars for him..Version: 2.5.22

Just what I needed!I opted to purchase an Echelon EX-15 bike, which doesn’t really have any bells and whistles. This app is just what I needed as a companion to other guided ride apps. The resistance conversion makes riding and following along very easy. Additionally, the QZ Facebook group is also a fantastic resource, which helped me adjust the settings to my preferences. The developer is incredibly responsive and involved in the Facebook group, which is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for all the great work!.Version: 2.2.12

This app is like magicI have a echelon connect bike and this app allows me to access to a lot of data and becomes the point of connection to a lot of other apps like rouvy, zwift, fulgaz, etc. it allows for those apps to automatically control the bikes resistance. It has given my bike endless new possibilities. It is so worth the few dollars. And it has worked flawlessly. Kudos to the developers!.Version: 2.10

Combine Echelon or Schwinn with PelotonThis app is amazing. It can calculate and translate the resistance levels from various bikes to Peloton equivalents. It can connect your bike to the Peloton app so you get cadence and HR displayed in the Peloton app even if you are riding an EX3/EX5 or Schwinn IC4/Bowflex C6. And if you have an Echelon bike with motor driven resistance, such as the EX3/EX4/EX5 or higher, it can automatically follow the suggested resistance level from the Peloton app. Takes the home workout to another level..Version: 2.9

Love this appFinally figured it out!!! I’m rowing with Zwift! So only issue is when I stop rowing for a break it maintains my power and just keeps going. Is there a way to get it to stop when my rower stops? So awesome to be able to do this with my Lycan Fitness Elite rower so no more money spent on EXR or Kinomap. And unlike worthless EXR that disconnects over 10 times an hour this does not have a single issue. Love it!!.Version: 2.15

Auto inclination while running on ZwiftThe QZ app has significantly enhanced my Zwift running experience by seamlessly providing auto inclination control on my Sole F85 treadmill. This feature adds a realistic and dynamic element to my runs, creating a more immersive environment. The app's interface and reliable performance make it a valuable addition for anyone looking to elevate their indoor running workouts..Version: 2.15

This app is so awesome!!!Yes it’s but complex. Yes there are tonnes of options. Read the guide. Use only what matters to you. Remove the tiles you don’t want and enjoy zwift on an ECHELON bike! Thank you Roberto developer guy. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰.Version: 2.15

Support for treadmills not supported by ZwiftUpdate on Dec. 20, 2021 At first, this app did not support very well the Echelon Stride. But the developer contacted me and the upcoming version 2.9 will support it properly. I must commend the attitude of Roberto Viola who rapidly modified the QZ app so it can take in charge the Echelon Stride properly. Great work! Now I can enjoy Zwift on the Stride..Version: 2.8

My echelon works perfect with zwift!This app is so great! Makes my echelon sport connect work with Zwift perfectly. The developer is very responsive and helpful. Buying a used echelon and using this app is the cheapest and best experience you can have. Without spending thousands on a real bike and trainer. I don’t ride outside as I think it’s too dangerous with distracted drivers. So zwift is just amazing. Love it..Version: 2.15

Intermédiaire entre vélo échelon sport et Rouvy/zwiftCette application est très intéressante et me permet d’utiliser d’autres applications que échelon. Roberto fournit un support exceptionnel. Je vous la recommande fortement.Version: 2.15

Perfect for Echelon EX-3I use it with Rouvy and it works great! Auto-resistance works so rides are very realistic. Well done, Roberto!.Version: 2.15

Great app!Wonderful app, I have an echelon bike but wanted to ride Peleton classes. This app auto adjusts resistance so I don’t have to worry about it. It also integrates with Strava and I have my ride logs saved somewhere! Kudos to the developer!.Version: 2.15

Incredible AppI love this app. It was worth every penny. If you own one of the supported bikes it’s a no-brainer purchase imo..Version: 2.15

Fantastic appI connect my echelon bike and stride and my heat rate from my apple watch and all work perfectly. Also great customer service. I sent a question and i received sn answer within 5 minutes. I wish all the other app would follow this exemple.Version: 2.15

Best dev ive ever seenI’m impressed with the apps ability to improve the value of my bike. Also the developer helps so much; more than I’ve ever seen. These app users should be lucky to have roberto at the helm..Version: 2.15

Amazing app, we are lucky the developer has a hobby!Users of this app are so fortunate that the developer, Roberto, is so dedicated to helping with a Peloton workaround. Not only is the app amazing, but Roberto is extremely engaging with the QZ community and genuinely wants users to have a good experience. Thanks Roberto!!.Version: 2.15

Great communication with the developerThis app works great! Any questions I’ve asked have been answered promptly by the developer.Version: 2.15

Great App, Amazing level of supportI love this app. It allows me to use my peloton subscription with my NordicTrack s22i. The developer has been amazing, working with me and my unique setup until everything worked perfectly together! Just an incredible level of support! Thanks R!.Version: 2.11

The perfect app for an Echelon bike w/ Peloton appWife and I can easily use this app to sync our Echelon bike with the Peloton app. We use the auto-resistance option which make the cycling class way more enjoyable and efficient. A must have. 5/5.Version: 2.11

Simply IncredibleThis app is an example of someone’s passion project that has ballooned into a viable solution for countless people. The app is simple (after you gain a basic understanding of functionality and purpose) and does exactly what it should and more. I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of hours the developer has poured into the development and sustainability of this. Furthermore, the developer is active on many platforms, providing near instant support. Many, many thanks and much appreciation!.Version: 2.11

AmazingThe ongoing development and support with this app is like no other app I have used before. This app has been working perfectly for my Echelon and Rouvy setup and worked great with Zwift as well when I was still a member. It has only been getting better as a result of community contribution and a developer that works tirelessly to make the requests a reality..Version: 2.11

GratefulSo grateful for this app, it’s a game changer if you don’t own a Peloton!.Version: 2.11

Awesome developerThis app is great and the developer is awesome to help work around any problems yiy might encounter.Version: 2.11

Zwift and Peloton integrationExcellent integration between my resistance bike and these apps for a superior and smooth experience. Consider joining one of the social media groups for any help with troubleshooting as the dev team is very helpful given how many different bikes are out there!.Version: 2.11

Amazing app!Super grateful for this app! Makes participating in Peloton with a non peloton bike workouts super easy!!.Version: 2.11

Love itLove the app. Roberto Viola is a GENIUS. Works great with my Echelon Bike and allows me to do Peloton Workouts. It even automatically sets your resistance to whatever the workout demands. Simply great..Version: 2.11

Awesome app!Couldn’t race with my 1x setup in Zwift because the baseline resistance was too low. This app totally fixed that problem and let me get back to Zwift racing. Roberto was awesome and helped me out connecting the app to my trainer. Thank you!.Version: 2.11

Game changer!When I discovered the app, it was the reason that I bought a Echelon EX-3 on Amazon. Integration of Strava and Apple Watch were a must for me and this app supports both perfectly. You don’t even need any other apps, you can watch whatever you like. Thanks for making this app..Version: 2.11

After restarting bike it worksWorks after restarting bike.Version: 2.10

Incredible app and incredible developer.I use the app for connecting peloton to my third-party bike and it is amazing. This app has made cycling at home accessible for those who can’t afford the peloton bike prices. The developer is doing god’s work and makes himself accessible to user feedback, regularly provides updates on features that he is working on, and even sends out beta access to those who want to try out new features. Highly recommended to anyone cycling at home and looking to fully engage with peloton content..Version: 2.9

The Best App!I have an Echelon Connect Sport and subscribe to Peloton Digital. This app is the key to an almost seamless integration of both for my rides. Roberto is also always available to help with support to set everything up!.Version: 2.9

Great app!I have an Echelon Connect Sport and the app has been working great with it. I’ve been using it to run the Peloton classes on my tablet while displaying the bike metrics on my phone. It’s super quick to connect, it was a bit of a learning curve to configure the layout of the tiles to my taste but now I’m loving it..Version: 2.9

Amazing app!I’m using this app with my Echelon ex-5 and the peloton digital app. It’s amazing and shows conversation to peloton resistance, cadence as well as allows for auto resistance. You can use it for power zone training but I haven’t had a chance to figure that out yet. I had a couple of issues setting up my Apple Watch with it and the developer was super responsive in the Facebook group to help me troubleshoot. Super happy!.Version: 2.9

Excellent AppI purchased this app to use with my Echelon Connect Sport bike. It is just what I was looking for - easy to use with a clean interface that allows me to easily configure what data is displayed. Very happy with this software..Version: 2.9

Can’t move the tilesHey Roberto, the move tiles option doesn’t work at all on my iPhone. Please fix for 5 stars..Version: 2.9

Great appGreat app and continuously being updated!.Version: 2.8

App to get the smart movingAwesome by itself but also excellent to connect your Bluetooth enabled machine to a host of other third party training apps. Great support by app dev and fb community..Version: 2.8

Great app! Works seamlessly with my Echelon EX-3!!I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to write a review for an app before, but I just had to give my props to this one. I got an Echelon EX-3 in early 2021 and use this app as a simple, straightforward UI for tracking my metrics as I cycle (I use it paired with the Apple Watch app for heart rate). I liked it even more once I looked in the settings and accidentally discovered that you can pick which metrics to display and organize the whole thing. You can also see an automatic conversion of Echelon resistance values to Peloton resistance values which is also handy if you want to do Peloton based classes and it sure beats printing out some conversion sheet to stare at which I’ve seen some people do, haha. I’m not a fan of the default app for my bike and that sucks for so big of a purchase, but this app really made sure I stayed happy with my bike. It paired to my bike effortlessly and I never once had an issue. Big thanks to the developer, I really appreciate the work put into this app and will recommend it whenever I get the chance..Version: 2.8

Turned my Echelon EX3 into a smart bikeThis app turned my Echelon EX3 into a smart bike. If I wanted to buy a smart bike, this would cost me two-three times more. Highly recommended for anyone who is thinking of using cycling apps like Zwift, peloton, RGT etc. The app allows to record all relevant workout data and what’s especially important IMHO to utilize automatic resistance with the above apps. Special thanks to Roberto, the developer of the app. He has not only created the app but, he listens for feedback, provides full support to anyone who needs help with configuration and use of the app. Also, Roberto and his app created online community on F*book with dedicated and enthusiastic folks who are also ready to give give you a hand any time of the day..Version: 2.8

Amazing supportThe app you need to connect your smart bike to the workout app of your choice. I’ve used it to connect my Echelon EX5s to the peloton app and the echelon app.Version: 2.8

Incredible!Set up was absolute flawless! The app is genius and has saved me a fortune in membership fees from Echelon!.Version: 2.7

Such a useful and wonderful appThis app has been wonderful with allowing my spin bike to be more versatile and has helped me to keep my workout routine interesting by allowing me to use my bike with different platforms. I can’t say enough good things about the app, it’s creator and the community built around it..Version: 2.7

Excellent!Excellent app, it does exactly what it advertises. I use it with my Echelon Sport Connect!.Version: 2.7

AMAZING APP - Echelon Ex3This app is incredible! I use it with an echelon ex-3 and I’m able to have automatic resistance when using it with Peloton App. Great community and support on the FB group as well. Thanks for all your work Roberto !.Version: 2.7

Great app!I am NOT tech savvy, and even figured this out. Not to mention the app developer is SUPERnkind and if you have any specific questions; he will respond very quickly to your emails! The app allows me To easily use the peloton app with my echelon bike.Version: 2.7

I Love It!! I Really Really Love It!!I am not a numbers person. But this app has helped me get all of the metrics I need to start improving my fitness! I use it with the Peloton app and my Echelon EX3. I have started power zone training and having these metrics is a must!! Plus the support is phenomenal!!.Version: 2.7

Exactly what I wanted.Ive been looking for a distance tracker for my Echelon Connect Sport. I came across this one from a YouTube video. As soon as opened the app, it linked immediately to my bike. I was off and pedalling. Love all the features and choices on this app. Great work from the developper. I highly recommend..Version: 2.7

Must haveJust received our Echelon yesterday, we prefer the Peleton all/courses and were assuming there’d be some tradeoffs/drawbacks of using Peleton with our Echelon bike; however this app allows you flawless data and integration with the Peleton classes. Having our resistance automatically adjust as the instructor calls for it makes our experience so much better..Version: 2.7

Must have for echelon bike riders who use Peloton appThis app has amazing developer support and with a little bit of learning, is a great app to leverage my built in echelon data with the peloton app (that I prefer for classes). Having both an iPad and an iPhone allow me to gain almost the best of both platforms!.Version: 2.7

Great AppI use this app to track all my metrics on my echelon connect sport bike as well as my peloton rides. It is easy to use and Roberto is always making it better. Support and community for this app is amazing..Version: 2.5.22

Roberto is the bestBest app all time if you don’t buy this you’re crazy.Version: 2.5.22

Great AppThis app is amazing , and always improving..Version: 2.5.22

Awesome app! Works great!I bought this app after wanting to connect to Zwift on my Echelon Connect Sport spin bike. This works amazing! There is also a Facebook group you can join if you have any questions or problems..Version: 2.5.22

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