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Mela - Recipe Manager Customer Service

Mela is a simple, elegant and modern recipe manager that syncs with iCloud.

Sync your recipes with iCloud, either privately (default) or by sharing a recipe library with other iCloud users.
(Please note: the shared recipe library feature requires iOS 15)

Quickly save a recipe while browsing: If Mela detects a recipe on the currently viewed page, it will be displayed in Mela's native recipe viewer*, on the same screen on the iPad and a swipe-left away on the iPhone. Want to add or view a recipe from outside of Mela? No problem, just use Mela's sharing extension.

Subscribe to your favorite recipe blogs to view all the recipes in Mela's native recipe viewer*.

The cook mode makes it easy to follow all steps while cooking, displayed using a larger font to make sure everything stays readable even when you're not right in front of your device. You can add multiple recipes to the cook mode, easily letting you switch between them.

No need to switch to another app for setting up a timer. When in cooking mode, Mela let's you easily create and manage timers.

Scan a recipe from a book: With the help of text recognition, you can just add it to your personal collection and view it in Mela's native recipe viewer, as any other recipe.

Mela uses the to manage your grocery list. This has the advantage that you’re always able to access your grocery list on all your devices even if Mela is not installed on a specific device.

Do your meal planning by using Mela's built-in calendar. It's managed by which also has the advantage that you're always able to access it on all your devices.

Recipes can be organized in categories, marked as “Favorite” or as “Want to Cook”.

Of course, Mela supports printing in case there’s a recipe you want to have on paper or save as PDF.

Please note:
If iCloud Sync is enabled (default), Mela will sync these items with iCloud:
- Recipes
- Browser bookmarks
- Subscription list (feeds)
Not synced:
- Feed recipe entries
- Browser history
Groceries are always stored in

* Extracting recipes only works for websites that support this, most of them do.

Mela - Recipe Manager App Comments & Reviews

Mela - Recipe Manager Positive Reviews

Fantastic!All you need to know is that this app removes all the personal backstory blather from recipe sites (“Want to make a corn muffin? First, here’s 4,000 words about my experience on 9/11…”) and leaves you with a clean copy of what you were looking for in the first place. From there, you have all manner of customization and sync options if you want, but the basic task of scraping and delivering a usable recipe from your basic, awful, SEO-tilted-template recipe site is incredibly accurate, quick, and consistent. I do not miss the newsletter interstitial popups. I celebrate their absence. It’s been a long time since an app was so good I actually looked forward to rooting through all my old notes and bookmarks to populate it. Mela is that app, and it’s actually been fun to see all the insanely different stuff I saved over the years come together in a single, sensible presentation. Nice touches abound (keep-awake on iPad is great). There is of course room for refinement (“select all” and “select none” buttons when adding groceries would be nice), and the app doesn’t save your place when you switch to another app, but these are nice-to-haves. The dev is great, so I expect these kinds of rough edges will get dealt with. On that note, if you’re into RSS news feeds, check out Reeder by the same dev, also best in category, imo..Version: 1.1.1

Finally the recipe manager I was looking forI finally found the app I was looking for. Mela allowed me to combine recipes that used to be spread across four different apps. I can now access all those recipes in one place with a consistent, clean and modern interface. I used to store recipes in Trello, Instapaper, and the NYT cooking and How to Cook Everything apps. Mela made it incredibly easy to import all those recipes, and I was completely done in only a couple hours. Importing web-based recipes via the built in browser was seamless (including NYT cooking). And even for my non-web based How to Cook Everything recipes, I was impressed by the efficient parsing that easily recognized pasted lists of ingredients and steps, and automatically formatted those sections. The RSS-based feed is just icing on the cake, and I look forward to discovering new recipes from a variety of sources within the app. I expected a lot from the developer of Reeder (which I have used every day for countless years) and I was not disappointed. Highly recommended to anyone looking to consolidate and access their recipes in a single and modern app..Version: 1.0

Best recipe app around!This recipe manager is by far the best I’ve used. It’s a super clean design and makes it easy to read recipes while cooking. It’s worth the money for the iOS apps and syncs well if you decide to pay for the Mac app (I think both are worth having). The feeds feature is really fun to use to discover new recipes with little effort or just to gain some inspiration. iCloud sync and grocery list integrations both work perfectly for sharing with others! I’d love to see a few additional features in the next updates. Linking recipes inside of recipes, another section to list what cooking equipment is needed, and more styling support for sub-headings in recipes (especially for baking where there’s usually multiple sub-recipes and dry/wet ingredients need to be prepared separately)..Version: 1.2.4

Where have you been all my life?I'm amazed it took me so long to find this app. I've been looking for way to consolidate disparate bookmarked recipes, scribbled notes from my mom, and years of printed, stained, and torn recipes in dirty scrapbooks and Mela does it superbly and effortlessly. It's ability to distill recipes into their basic parts and display them elegantly and efficiently is superb. The addition of the RSS reader is the cherry on top. All of my favorite recipe sites show up in the same well organized place and adding a recipe to my collection is a simple press of a button..Version: 1.4.3

Best recipe app I’ve used so far!This has been the best recipe/grocery app I have used. The UI is beautifully simple and easy to navigate. The recipe import features work great, are super clean, easy to read, and well organized. I can pull just about any recipe from the web. The grocery features are great, too. Adding groceries from a recipe is super simple, and it even translates to my Reminders app grocery list. I definitely recommend giving this a try. It’s worth the couple bucks..Version: 1.1.1

Fantastic app! Two suggestionsI adore this app and had previously used Paprika. This is much better for my calendar integration, allowing me to share meal plans with my family. I do have two suggestions: 1. Improve the grocery list. Try to group similar items whenever possible, which Paprika was able to do much better. Or, consider having an internal grocery list similar to Paprika. This is one area that I believe paprika did much better than this app. It can be kind of a nuisance. I think this is a critical improvement! 2. Long term, consider Apple HealthKit integration. If you plan to eat a meal on your calendar, the calories can be added to dietary intake after the meal is complete. We already have nutrition facts, so this should be straightforward to add. This is less critical than the above suggestion though..Version: 1.5.1

Amazing AppThis is the best app I have ever used hands down. It understands what the common pain points are of people trying to compile recipes in a modern fashion from all their different sources (web, cookbooks, posts) and is extremely adept at handling and importing recipes from different sources. The app is a breeze to use. Well worth the trivial amount of money. You will almost never have to type anything in this app which saves you a ton of time..Version: 1.2.4

Amazing AppMela’s ability to extract a recipe from an article is pretty magical. The design is beautiful and the feels very snappy. I’m really happy with this purchase. The only feature request I have is more robust support for images. Two ideas: Support for extracted multiple images from a site and the ability for images to be displayed in line with steps. I have a bunch of recipes that have step-by-step imagery..Version: 1.2.3

Great app but needs its own storage, not iCloudI love the design of the app but really disappointed since I paid for the Mac and OS apps to find they have don’t have their own storage and use iCloud instead. The problem with that is that for people like me where my laptop is my work computer, my iCloud is turned off so the recipe sharing doesn’t work at all. Which is a massive problem. I have this problem with NO other paid apps I use since they know sync is a key feature and didn’t cheap out and use iCloud..Version: 1.2

VersatileIt’s a phenomenal app for saving all kinds of recipes. First I wasn’t sure if it was fit for cocktail recipes, but it turned out to be perfect for this task. I only wish that app could recognize ‘barspoon’ as a measure category in order to highlight it. I have to use ‘teaspoon’ for now. Otherwise I’m very happy with the app and its tagging capabilities which are indispensable for searching through cocktail recipes..Version: 1.1.1

Needs way to save links to recipes it can’t scrapeA few recipes I have tried to import via the web simply will not automatically import the actual recipe (sometimes it gets the ingredient list but can’t see the directions. I know web scraping isn’t an exact science and manually retyping every single step on an iPhone is a pain, but maybe having an option to keep web bookmarks with the other recipes for now would be nice..Version: 1.0.1

Game changerI’ve tried out a bunch of recipe apps, and this one really crushes the competition. The ability to subscribe to the RSS feeds of cooking blogs and browse an automatically-refreshing feed of neatly formatted recipes without all the distracting bloat that usually fills recipe blogs is a feature I didn’t know I needed. Props to the developer! I’ll definitely be buying the desktop app as well!.Version: 1.0

Great App with a Surprising ShortcomingI really like this app. I purchased both the macOS and iOS versions and have already entered about 900 recipes. I was looking forward to using my phone in the kitchen to follow the recipes as I cooked but found that the iOS version had no way to search for specific recipes. You have to scroll through manually. It’s not a huge hassle, but it is surprising test there is no search function..Version: 1.2.4

Been waiting for this oneI have tried a half dozen other apps. I shelled out decent cash for them, too. When I found Mela, I dropped them all and consolidated on this one. Finally: iCloud sync—other apps don’t need my recipes and grocery lists on their servers, simple tagging—no need for layers organization systems, clean design—no clunky interface. It’s a keeper. Thanks..Version: 1.0

AmazingI can’t believe how good this app is. The recipe clipping feature works incredibly well, the export options (including pleasingly-rendered PDFs!!!) are super convenient, and the integration with Reminders for grocery items is perfect. Every time I open the app I’m reminded how great it is and I often discover a new helpful feature that I had missed previously. So so good..Version: 1.1.1

Great way to build your grocery listThis makes it easy to share recipes in a common place for my household and quickly build grocery lists. One enhancement I would like to see is a way to easily deduplicate and sum the total count of the same ingredient added from different recipes..Version: 1.2.3

Beautiful and functionalThis is exactly the recipe app I've been looking for. My only ask relates to the Mac version—it really begs for a Safari extension. Otherwise, both apps are well worth the investment. Addendum: Categories UI needs a bit of work. Too many taps to assign multiple categories. The Good Links app nails this..Version: 1.1.1

Gorgeous and BrilliantI have tried many recipe apps over many years, so I can speak with some credibility when I say you should buy this app for it’s elegance, beauty, and extremely clever features. Kudos to the developer for creating such a standout app in a crowded app category..Version: 1.2.3

Amazing!!!This is the kind of app I’ve been looking for. Being able to import recipes from cooking websites is such a great feature. It allows you to print out recipes without the ads and cruft. Can’t recommend more highly!.Version: 1.2.4

Beautiful app for storing recipesThis app makes a beautiful and very practical. Designed with iOS first an Feature requests: more nutritional information styling similar to ingredients. The ability to schedule to make a meal with x amount of servings and be able to assign each serving (or multiple servings) to specific days..Version: 1.6.2

Gorgeous app!!This is such a well-made app that makes saving and tagging recipes from different websites a dream! And the interface is beautiful to boot. If the developer ever adds a homescreen widget, I would be as happy as a clam (which I’ll be cooking for dinner tonight thanks to this app).Version: 1.4.4

Where have you been…This is the recipe app I’ve been looking for! Including a best-in-class website recipe importer and awesome cook mode features. Too many to list, just try it..Version: 1.5.1

Some improvement ideasGreat app, using every day. Here are some tips for improvements: - add translation support when importing an receipt - more proactive category suggestions - able to select text when viewing the receipt - support for receipt videos - translation of ingredients is helpful when adding to the shopping list (otherwise, I will have in shopping list milk in three languages ) Thanks for creating this app.Version: 1.1.1

PerfectOne of the few perfect apps. It makes cooking and managing recipes so much easier and just even more fun. It’s a beautiful app and one of the most useful applications on my phone..Version: 1.4.3

Works magically but lacking a minor but important featureThe import is magic and swift but Mela can’t import or add pictures under each step..Version: 1.2.1

Great AppI moved from paprika and really love the clean UI and great UX. I’m looking forward to the family sharing sync as that is a big deal in my house. Other than that I only wish there was a calendar planning feature like paprika.Version: 1.1.1

ObsessedThe best app for organizing digital recipes!!! You can even download your recipes & use that file to share your Mela collection with friends..Version: 1.5.1

Scaling Ingredients Calculations “Bug”Great app! Using the Scaling Recipe feature, I found to be good except when I had used a decimal point and number for an ingredient. For example, I had “.75 grams yeast” in a recipe. When I scaled this 3x, this measurement transformed to “.225 grams”. I fixed this by adding a zero before the decimal point. It correctly calculated after this. I feel like this may be a common issue in my recipe library. I don’t typically add a zero to a decimal number but I acknowledge it would be more “correct” to do so..Version: 1.0

Been Looking For This App For AgesI’ve been looking for an app like this for AGES! Too many other recipe apps are cluttered with a lot of recipes that I don’t care about. I want a place to put MY recipes and this app does just that. Also. THANK YOU for making it feel like such a native app. It feels like an app built for iOS specifically. Oh and they have a Mac app too! Very happy with this app purchase..Version: 1.2.3

Nice app but don’t scan recipesOCR is absolutely horrible. Mixes up lines and word order constantly, such that I am essentially forced to manually input recipes whenever I try to scan them from a cookbook. Very frustrating..Version: 1.6.2

Meal planning calendarLove the meal planning calendar! Thank you for making this lovely app! It makes finding and storing recipes and cooking easier and more fun..Version: 1.4

An amazing appThis app feels like magic. Saving a recipe from a favorite website and converting it into a grocery list with two taps is a genuinely joyful experience..Version: 1.2.3

Thought I hated following recipesTurns out I hated how recipes were organized and laid out. This app is such a pleasure to use. Easy buy..Version: 1.2.3

Calendar supportLove this app! iCloud sync and calendar support are great recent additions.Version: 1.4.2

Big Sur or laterDisappointingly, the Mac companion app requires OS Big Sur or later. It would be nice to offer at least a limited function app or a web-based app to view recipes you’ve entered from older computers and iPads..Version: 1.1.1

Wonderful App; Missing Core Sync FeatureI truly love this app but unlike Paprika I cannot share recipes with my partner. This is unfortunately a table stakes feature for me as I need to coordinate meal planning with my partner..Version: 1.0.1

Great, but still needs a few featuresI’ve been using (and mostly loving) Paprika for years but I was more than happy to give Mela a try since this author’s other big app (Reeder 5) is far and away the best RSS reader for my particular tastes from the dozen or so that I have tried over the years. I am not disappointed. The app looks great and is easy to use. I really like the clean and uncluttered look, especially the individual recipe views for use while actually cooking. So far at least, it has been very stable and rock solid. I was able to easily import over 800 recipes from Paprika with no loss of information. And Mela is able to grab new recipes from many (most ???) cooking web sites via either its own built-in browser or a Safari Extension. Unfortunately, one of my favorite sites (America’s Test Kitchen / Cooks Illustrated) is not (yet??) supported. However, it is easy enough to open Paprika when needed for new recipes and then import them to Mela — especially since Mela seems to keep track of previously imported recipes and will only import the new ones, thus protecting you from duplicates. All in all, a fantastic, very polished, first effort. And while it is perhaps not really fair to compare it to the much older and more mature Paprika app, it comes off very well indeed. Other than the smaller selection of recipe import sources, about the only thing that seems to be missing (at least for things that I actually use) are the “live” timers that Paprika offers within the recipe directions while you are cooking..Version: 1.0

Yellow is FuglyYour use of yellow is FUGLY. Please use something less abusive to the eyes. Or let is choose..Version: 1.6

Brilliant.Near perfection..Version: 1.1.1

Fonctionne à merveille!Je suis étonné à quel point cette app fonctionne bien! Les recettes ont un joli look, les fonctionnalités sont nombreuses et je réussis à importer très facilement les recettes à partir de n'importe quel site. Même en français! J'adore particulièrement le flux, qui me permet de recevoir automatiquement les recettes récentes de mes sites préférés. Mon seul commentaire (constructif) la navigation des catégories sur le iPhone est cachée sous un menu peu intuitif. Mais une fois qu'on le sait, tout va très bien!.Version: 1.4.2

Really well done appI have been using this app for a few weeks, and love the functionality. Importing apps from blogs and websites is pretty much flawless. I thought that was great, then I tried the scan recipe from a cookbook function and was blown away. It was almost perfect - a couple of minor things I had to edit - and the only thing that really confused it was my hand-written note. Very well done! I look forward to future upgrades..Version: 1.4

Awesome appWorks incredibly well with the sites I’ve tried and most importantly, it removes a LOT of resistance to making recipes for me. Having everything in one in place in a straightforward format with all of excess junk removed is soooo helpful. Thanks for making this app!.Version: 1.3.1

Amazing app!If you are looking for a recipe organizer or want to get more into cooking, this app is perfect. It reminds me of the classic great apps back when the App Store was new and exciting. One purchase and you get a great product! Buy!.Version: 1.3.1

The best money I’ve ever spent on an appMela is such a joy to use. It does exactly what you want in a recipe manager in a beautiful interface..Version: 1.2.4

One stop shopLet’s start with: How many difference places do you go to find a recipe you liked or saw and saved before? Like let’s look at the browsers favorite, or maybe it was saved in a different browser? Or maybe it was in an app? Oh no right it was in this book my aunt gave me. Well! This app is fantastic because you can easily import the recipe from websites and tou can turn your recipe book pages into a digital recipe really easily. From the website it will recognize a recipe and take off all that blogger life story to just keep the stuff tou actually went on the page to get and make it so easy to add to your repertoire of saved recipe that you may or may not ever make. But at least you’ll know where to find it. And adding a recipe from a book is done within a minute. Just scan the page with your device, select the text and mark it as instruction, ingredients, notes or whatever and it will automatically add it in the right section in the app. Just maybe have a quick look to make sure it didn’t crop an important information but honestly love it. Been going through all the different places I had saved recipe and been adding them all there. Have a friends recipe book with couple recipe I think I’d like, took a minute and it was saved in my app if I ever decide I want to try it. Great app to reconcile everything and stop waiting time looking in different places for recipe I’ve seen and saved before. Happy cooking!.Version: 1.2.1

Beautiful + seamlessWow, what fun to use! Also, the fact I can share and import recipes right from the web is absolutely incredible..Version: 1.1.1

Génial!Ça fait plusieurs années que je cherche un bon logiciel pour gérer mes recettes. C'est la première fois que je trouve les fonctionnalités dont j'ai besoin avec un bel interface agréable à utiliser. J'adore ce logiciel et je le recommande sans hésitation!.Version: 1.0.2

AmazingExactly what I’ve been looking for. Beautiful design. Smooth functionality. I’ve been really impressed with how well it imports from sites..Version: 1.0.1

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