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The TrendTok Analytics app is an artificial intelligence powered platform, designed to help creators grow their social accounts using analytics. The platform uses AI to help creators find, discover and predict new trends within their location, niche or through their favorite creators, first. Allowing you to hop on new viral trends first, increase your visibility and easily grow your account!

TrendTok AI is the #1 app for Trends & Sounds. Join the top influencers using our analytics to grow their accounts and be the first to hop on viral trends!

We help you track, discover and predict social media trends. With these analytics you can find trends first and use these to grow your account and create viral videos. Here are some of the awesome features you’ll find that will help you get more views and more followers with your next video:


Find trends that are going viral near you, in your category, with your favorite creators and more! And want to discover new trending sounds to use in your videos? Scroll through our soundboard and find them today!


Too many sounds and trends to sort through? We will curate a list of trends just for you to quickly find and use for your next videos.


Use our artificial intelligence algorithms to track, analyze and predict if a trend is going to keep rising, fall soon or if it’s emerging as a new trend you should hop on. We provide you with the stats you need to predict and find new trends.


Annoyed that you have to try and search for the trending sounds or scroll through all of your favorite sounds when you’re making a video? We have you covered. Easily save the trending sounds and music you like when you’re ready to use them.


Curious about what trends other beauty gurus, chefs, travel accounts, pets, etc are using to get more views on their videos? We’ll get you the information you need!


Want to know what trends Charlie D’Amelio, Addison Rae or even the Sway House are using? We’ll show you the trending songs, sounds and predictions you need to know.

Download our reliable and effective social media tool for free today and start getting more views on your videos! Get more followers and create more viral content to grow your account!


Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok or ByteDance Ltd!

TrendTok Analytics & Tracker App Comments & Reviews

TrendTok Analytics & Tracker Positive Reviews

Increased my viewsI've been using this app and started comparing my likes/comments/views on the videos when I use the app and those when I don't. Based on the 15 videos I've tested 7 with the app and 8 without, 6/7 of the videos where I used the app performed better than the counter parts. I got 2x, 4x, 2x, 10x, 6x, 3x views on the videos when I used it compared to when I posted the same day with trending sounds that I chose. So I'd definitely say that it's worth getting the app.Version: 0.2.60

Ok for the price but nothing exceptionalThe price isn’t bad, but overall I don’t think the app provides anything exceptional. I don’t really know what the difference between “top sounds” and “trending now” is. I also wish the key used for song expected to rise/fall was a bit easier to understand... For example, is it expected to fall gradually or drastically? Starting tomorrow, or next week? My biggest critique, however, is not being able to see the length of the songs. I wish there was a feature that allowed you to find trending songs that are 30 seconds long or 1 min long or something like that. For me, the biggest problem I face when selecting music is finding songs that fit the length of my videos so I would really love to see a feature like that.Version: 0.2.0

Great overall but missing a few featuresThe paid version is great at finding the sounds but there are some issues I find annoying; Once you bookmark a song, you can’t in-bookmark it. Also when I get a notification of an upcoming song trend there is no way to find it in the app unless you click directly on the notification when it pops up. Once the screen notification is gone I can’t see it again. Would be nice to have a messages tab in the app..Version: 0.2.62

Love it!!I’ve just started using the TrendTok Analyzer recently and I’ve been loving all of its amazing features so much. It’s given a tiktok newbie like myself a tremendous help and advantage when it comes to getting the most out of my videos. Why waste so much time trying to figure out the best trends to hop on!! I also really love the communication I’ve gotten from the companies founder and thought that was a nice touch. I’d recommend this app to anyone!!.Version: 0.1.2

Reccomended: From a Social Media ManagerIm a social media manager and I've been sharing this app with my whole team. We've been trying to get into tiktok but by the time we make a video and get it approved by our managers the trends are already stale lol. We've been using the app to find trends for the next week to make content for so that by the time we get them approved and posted, theyre still relevant..Version: 0.2.60

Trends by CategoryThis is the only tool ive found that actually shows you trends by category. I hate that everywhere else you can only see the top 10 or 50 sounds or whatever but I really like that this app shows you trends based on where you are and what you post about. If youre someone who like the top sounds features everywhere else this is like 10x that..Version: 0.2.60

Get ProI saw a tiktok about this app so I came to here to download it. Yeah theres a lot of reviews that you have to subscribe to see everything but IMO it wasn't that much, ive spent more on an uber in this last week than the whole annual plan lol. The trending sounds are really cool esp the ones by country bc im an NYC creator but my audience is about 50% from Thailand so being able to see whats trending there is SO nice.Version: 0.2.60

Love the trend predictionsFinally theres a way for me to optimize my tiktok content and get analytics that I can use! I’ve been relying on my FYP to show me new trends but its always so hard to figure out which ones are blowing up, are on their way out or are over saturated. I LOVE being able to see the stats on each trend and create content that will reach a bigger audience by hopping on these trends early..Version: 0.1.2

Extremely Helpful!!I’m newer to TikTok and this app got me up and running fast. I understand how important it is to get analytics and make optimized content so it’s so cool to bypass the things I don’t have time to concentrate on and let the app do the work for me. I’m starting off really impressed and can’t wait to use it more!.Version: 0.1.2

Thank you!Thank you for making this app. I spend hours scrolling through my FYP when its time to make content for the next few days but this app has made it so much easier to find ideas for new tiktoks to make.Version: 0.2.60

Time saverI have been using this app for about 5 days and I use it across different accounts, it really does save time as you don’t have to second guess the trends or sounds you are using. It does all the work! Great for managing various accounts 👍🏾.Version: 0.1.2

Try it!I manage the account for my dog, my own personal account and i have a "life hacks" account and i think this app is awesome. when youre posting as much as i do, any help is amazing and this app has helped me more times than i can count. try it!!.Version: 0.2.60

Happy with itI am really happy i got the app, I was nervous about paying for pro but im glad that i did because ive gotten a lot of value from the app. its helped me find new trends, build an audience outside my area and find content inspiration when im lacking it.Version: 0.2.60

Helped boost our business!! Amazing resource for digital marketersWe are a small family owned business and using this app is the best! They are so helpful and got feedback from new customers that they found us from the trends this app identified for me! Thank you so much TrendTok!!! 🤩.Version: 0.1.2

Worth the priceYes you have to upgrade to see all the sounds but I've had it for awhile now its actually helped me find new content ideas and make better content. I would say its worth getting it.Version: 0.2.60

Get it and get proI think its way worth the price lol theres a lot of people complaining about having to pay but if you get the annual plan its so cheap and worth the price. $2 a month? you cant even buy milk at that price anymore lol.Version: 0.2.60

Already helped me grow my accountOk so clearly hopping on trends and using trending sounds helps your content get more views. This app is cool because I’ve been able to find these trends early, create content and get WAY more views on my videos..Version: 0.1.2

Changing the gameAs an aspiring content creator, this app is super useful in creating my brand to stay ahead of the curve. The interface is intuitive and designed to maximize efficiency. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to grow their brand!.Version: 0.1.4

Great AppI don't always make videos with trends, I try to make more original content but when I do use it this app is my number one and only app I’ll go to find them..Version: 0.2.60

Great app, works like a charm!This app is super easy to use and it comes with different categories of trends so you can find analytics for different niches. It was also easy to just go straight to TikTok from the app..Version: 0.1.2

Extremely helpfulAs an early Tiktoker, this app really helps me grow my following with pushing the most relevant trends at any given time. Highly recommend to any TikTok user looking to improve their following!.Version: 0.1.3

Is anyone reading thisIdk if anyone even reads these reviews but if youre reading this then this is me telling you that i think the app is good and worth my time of writing this.Version: 0.2.60

Good for organic contentHaving to pay to promote videos has def changed the algorithm and so I got this app to hopefully help me boost my content organically. So far its great and I'm hoping il see good results.Version: 0.2.60

Go for itJust get it, its a helpful tool and i honestly think theyre underpricing it. i'd probably pay 3x the price and was shocked that theyre only charging 20 for the whole year..Version: 0.2.60

5 StarsI dont understand people who complain about paying for the app. I bought it and its way worth it. It's cheaper than a cup of Dunkin coffee lol and its a good app.Version: 0.2.60

Went Viral !!!!!I have been using trendtok and I just had a video go viral from one of the sounds that I found in the app. 200K likes and counting!!.Version: 0.2.60

Highly RecommendThis app does exactly what it says it will, its a good app for tiktok creators to use and helps me personally a lot when i make my tiktoks.Version: 0.2.60

Category albums are greatI use the Books album and the education album for my content and its been great!.Version: 0.2.2

Needed this!This app was so helpful to help gain more followers and know how to target more views on my videos based on songs! The app all tik tok obsessed users need!.Version: 0.1.2

It’s good, but I want to see new featuresWould like to see some information about hashtags since it’s easier to find trending sounds now on the app..Version: 0.1.7

Instantly Worked For Me!!!First video after using this got me 10x more views!!! Will be using it, thank you for making this!!!!.Version: 0.1.2

Good For NichesThis is a great app to use if you're trying to solidify your niche/find followers within it.Version: 0.2.60

Have to purchase the membershipIf you don’t want to spend $2.99 a month for the information don’t even bother downloading... there’s nothing they give you for free.Version: 0.2.3

ATTENTION TIKTOK BRAND BUILDERSA must have if you are looking to build your brand or business on TikTok..Version: 0.1.4

Missing featureCan’t search for duration.Version: 0.2.60

Too expensiveI’m not spending that much money for you to tell me what songs are hot......Version: 0.1.7

TeLol.Version: 0.2.62

Great app!Have been using the app and the insights for a few weeks now consistently and can see the results. Lots of data on trending songs in different countries and niches that has helped me grow the account..Version: 0.2.61

Was skeptical but honestly love itAs a creator on TikTok, i know that trending sounds and trends overall play a pretty big role when it comes to reaching not only my audience, but also the right audience. Whenever I got a TrendAlert through another creator or Google Alerts, it was too late as the trend had already blown up. Since i started using TrendTok, Iv been on top of every trend, EVERY TIME. I recommend it to all my fellow creators. Some complain that its not free but why would it be? LOL Overall an amazing tool. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 0.2.2

DisappointedExcited to try it out but there is not a single free feature. Why does it say “upgrade to pro” as if there is any features at all? There isn’t upgrade it’s just subscription. I’m new to tiktok so I don’t think it’s worth it for me to buy right away. Especially since I don’t know how app performs..Version: 0.2.60

DisappointedI don’t know why this isn’t listed as a subscription on the App Store because you can’t do or access anything without paying for pro. I’m sure it’s a valuable app but it has a poor initial experience because of the set up..Version: 0.2.3

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