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* unlimited sessions

* swipe to change pages

* 11 scramble types to choose from

* 3x3 scramble image

* themes

* instant average calculation and solves page

* +2 and DNF penalties

Kyuubi App Comments & Reviews

Kyuubi Positive Reviews

Best cubing app to dateRecently I’ve been using chao timer, but since it got taken off the AppStore, I couldn’t find another good app. This is the best app EVER. The only thing I don’t get is how to change the theme. It says default but I’ve tried clicking and swiping but it won’t change. Not that I care too much about the color, but it’s a nice cosmetic feature..Version: 1.0

Timer Reset BugSometimes during my solves, the timer starts again. For example, I’ll be 15 seconds into solving, and it will suddenly start again from 0.00, so my time ends up being about 5 seconds. This has happened to me a few times already, and I know I don’t accidentally touch the screen because that would just stop the timer early. Can this get fixed?.Version: 1.0.3

Best Cubing App (Aside From Chao Timer)Best cubing app aside from Chao Timer (has been removed from app store though). There are some flaws like lack of customization compared to some other cubing apps, but it gets 5 stars as it is already 3-4 stars and I believe with future updates it will reach that level..Version: 1.0.2

FinallyI’ve been waiting for an App like this one, it is absolutely perfect, no issues starting timer, and best of all there are no ads. Thank you Developer!! :).Version: 1.0

Some sort of tutorial or tips would help navigateThis app is great and works well. I figured out how to switch between sessions but it took a little while to figure it out. So a few navigation tips would help. Maybe a help section..Version: 1.0

No frills freeYou get a scramble and a timer without ads or paying. Great! There are a couple little bugs, like if you delete a solve it will still show in your best statistics on the right. I’d also like to see the scramble larger (an additional space between turns) and perhaps spread more evenly on two lines. Overall, I really appreciate this app..Version: 1.0.3

Truly and utterly stunning 🤩The app is super high quality and with no adds it is the best cubing app to date. Thank you u/_C2H6_.Version: 1.0

AmazingAmazing app! Every cuber in iOS should use it! It’s a very good replacement for ChaoTimer! Very good!.Version: 1.0

:)Thanks :).Version: 1.0

Very good but……Pretty good, but scrambles aren’t wca legal tho :/.Version: 1.0.1

Thanks Ethan!I saw your reddit post and this is just what I needed, it works very well. Thank you for putting in the time to make this.Version: 1.0

RedditI saw your advertisement on Reddit and went to check it out. Since I don’t have access to chao timer because I don’t have an iPhone 8 or above this is a really good app to use! I find it simple to navigate and that everything is pretty accessible. Thanks for making my life easier with no ads to! Well done!.Version: 1.0

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