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The OpenTable app is your one-stop-shop for everything dining. Download today so you can:
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OpenTable App Comments & Reviews

OpenTable Positive Reviews

Great customer service and excellent restaurant listingI’ve used other restaurant apps but having to prepay discounts or learning the restaurant were no longer taking the prepaid discount. Open table has excellent customer service. They are very clear speaking( what did you say and you’re name is what? Huh all simple names but a headache to understand you will get elsewhere)they also completely did have understanding that bc of this pandemic I haven’t been able to use app and had lost all my points which was an easy fix. Believe me the points lost and I love dining out and with open table and reviews it’s allowed me to find unknown hidden bargains and gems. I also love the fact this can be used in almost any place other than your home state or country. It allows to pre plan perhaps a hidden gem while visiting or even finding bargains but hands down this is an excellent app, accurate, and customer service care team that are helpful, you will not get a person that you know is sitting in India, Philippines or a robot and run rings. A live human who may be bilingual but who you can completely understand and helpful and not give you a headache after you get off..Version: 16.14.0

Fair Review?Overall? I am very happy I can reserve in advance and not have to worry about long wait times while on vacation. Good Job! However, the app to get you to “some” places are not accurate, and when I called the restaurant no one answered, which isn’t all of the OD App’s fault, but the horrible directions from their link to the restaurant in the app is an oversight that can be fixed. I did appreciate that when they contacted me in email to remind me it is courteous to cancel reservations (i.e., as I DID already try, due to no fault of my own or lack of effort) the context of their email left a tone that didn’t assume it was ALL the customer (my) mistake. The email left a kind of open, placing no exact fault on any one party as the email just went over the correct procedure to cancel for next time kind of thing. I found no negative remarks in my account as a result of this mix-up, which was how it should have went. This is why I am trying Open Table again, and still providing a good score of 4/5. Honestly 4.5; but that isn’t an option. Good App Overall. Fix these little quirks like, a direct link to the restaurant’s email account, so when someone cannot get through on phone, the company can go see what is up, and then can offer up the canceled seat in real time to another party on the waiting list; thus, leaving everyone covered, and common courtesies can be given between all parties..Version: 14.12.0

Good App, but Needs ImprovementI love the convenience of making reservations on this app, but I’ve given it 3 stars as it needs some improvements to go from good to great. OpenTable is great as most places use it, but if a competitor were to come up with a better user experience, I’d switch in a heartbeat. 1) Needs functionality to redeem points for dining coupons electronically. It’s 2018, why can’t I get a barcode that can be scanned at a restaurant? I tried to redeem points last weekend and it said to go to my desktop...some folks don’t even use a desktop outside of work. This is a huge miss. 2) Needs a better layout of local restaurants and navigation. I’ll search for local restaurants and after listing a few, it jumps to those 20 miles away. I’m in a huge metro suburb and I want to narrow in on a certain town and not get mixed results with places far away. I go out a lot and do a mix of city and suburbs but for folks not familiar with the area, it could be deceiving. For example, searching for something close by and you see an interesting place and don’t realize it’s further than you wanted until you click on the restaurant to explore..Version: 12.5.0

Useless without way to update contact infoThe app is useless if there’s no reliable way to update your contact info so restaurants can confirm your reservation. I missed my Valentine’s Day reservation (they called to confirm using an old phone number I cannot update in OpenTable) because the app failed to update my phone number after changing it on both my mobile and desktop versions of the app. Customer service said they’d manually update the phone number after our attempts to troubleshoot the issue failed. A few days later they let me know they deleted an old account OpenTable account of mine that I wasn’t using. They didn’t change my phone number and—not surprisingly—deleting the other account did nothing to fix the issue. I understand the wish to troubleshoot, but after resolvable attempts have been made, that’s not the customer’s job and if the app doesn’t work for reservations what’s the point?.Version: 15.10.0

Mostly goodIt's a useful service that I've used for years but there are a couple of annoying things about the app: 1) first of all, because you're on mobile, the app defaults you to "book a table near me now" mode and it's a little hard to navigate out of that. Most of the time I'm using the app, it's because I'm on the go or in a meeting - not because I need a table right then. It's annoying to constantly figure out how to book a table for a future date, in a distant neighborhood. It takes way too many clicks to do this. App designers: there's more than one mobile use case; more than one user journey. 2) rebooking a table doesn't seem to work. I tried at various times of the day and kept getting error messages, or no error just no success. I ended up having to call the restaurant directly which to me, defeats a lot of the purpose of OpenTable. Also, as others have noted, using rewards is a pain. This is the fault of the company, not the app, so it doesn't figure into my app rating, but I would advise against giving an Open Table gift certificate as a gift to anyone. There are way too many limitations, rules, and annoying steps to redeem..Version: 11.2.2

Good but WE NEED FILTERS Already!!!I’ve been using OpenTable from day one. It’s frustrating that developers still haven’t made the ability to filter things better. Such as, the reviews of a single location you’re looking to dine in that’s part of a multiple location/chain restaurant… reviews for all their locations all show up under the one restaurant you’re looking to book at. If I’m dining in Boca Raton FL I dont care to see reviews from their Miami, NYC, etc. locations! There is no way to filter reviews to one city and there should be by now. Also, the “location” of the reviews are labeled as major cities such as West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale (for example) and yet the one I’m dining in is actually in the Boca Raton area. Not sure how we are supposed to know which restaurant the review is for when the restaurant Im looking to dine in is smack dab in the middle of these major cities!?! It’s a forced guessing game that no one is interested in playing. Lastly, there’s no way to filter out OpenTable’s restaurant recommendations. They recommend restaurants in Miami (an hour away from me) when barely ever dine in Miami. I maybe dined there once ever through the app. No bueno, OT! PLEASE FIX THESE FILTERS —it’s looooong overdue!!.Version: 15.22.0

Generally excellent app, but skip their “waitlist“OpenTable works really well for reservations. I have used it for years and have never gotten to the restaurant without my reservation being there. They do not have as good as selection of restaurants as they did years ago, and they cut down on the perks. I used to like to save my points to try a new restaurant but now this is not one of the perks offered. I recently tried to make a reservation at a place that was completely booked so I got on the waitlist. Reservations did come up but seconds later, before I could click on the notification, the reservation was gone. After this happened a couple of times, I ignored the notifications. other “openings“ on the waitlist were outside the time I had requested.. They should give the person at the top of the list a defined amount of time to respond. Not everyone is good at beating the buzzer. Period I found it Disappointing, and annoying. This is an otherwise good service, and I hope they will improve this feature for other people..Version: 17.7.1

Our Favorite Sit Down RestaurantWe are happy to live near Van Rensselaer's Restaurant. It is our go to for a wonderful meal and it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. Their menu suits us perfectly - the mixed seafood grill is always so perfectly prepared. Last visit it was tuna, seared on both sides and warm in the middle that melted in the mouth, swordfish that was tender and juicy and so fresh tasting, and shrimp cooked just the way I like them. It's a hard decision to choose from their menu, as they prepare salmon and other fish in a number of ways so you can make a choice. Salads are satisfying and served in an appealing way. And then dessert. Oh, my. Once you’ve tried their toffee Kailua chocolate mousse cake it's impossible to order anything else, if you’re a chocolate lover. Don's favorite is the crime brûlée and their carrot cake is made on premises and is legendary. This will be the last weekend that they are open until spring so we are reserved. Thank you, VR’s, for some wonderful meals this season!.Version: 16.1.0

Amazing experience for all the sensesMy boyfriend and I had a beautiful date night at Salt & Cellar. As we do not drink alcohol we so appreciated the beautiful mock tails, he ordered Into The Woods which was a green juice with shaved chocolate on the glass sitting on a bed of moss with mushrooms and a dry ice mist that is created with the server pours water into the moss bed activating aromatics and essential oils. I ordered a Moon (something?) which was watermelon and lavender and it was delicious!! Our server Matija was so sweet and accommodating, we took his recommendation for the appetizer and loved it and then enjoyed some vegetarian options. After dinner Matija so kindly gave us a tour of the amenities at the hotel and offered to take photos for us. It was truly a magical night to remember and we are so grateful to Matija for making it extra special for us! We will definitely be back to enjoy for of the vegetarian menu and experience different delicious mock tails! Thank you again..Version: 16.28.0

Thank God this place opened in our neighborhood!All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! We came here for the second time (first time yesterday) and still the same review! Fresh homemade food served as described, but even better! The past two days we have almost tried everything and took food home to go! Amazingly, delicious food and it’s going to be hard not to drive by and stop no matter what! I recommend the calamari, hummus, pizzas, the lamb (doesn’t matter burger or the entree). This place knows the proper cooking temps on the lamb and the “Mediterranean” is truly “Mediterranean” if you know what it should taste like! Also, the talent within the restaurant is professional, well-versed on the menu and the wine list. Customer service is definitely a 5+ along with the food! You have a diverse variety of food to choose from such as pasta, pizza, seafood and it’s all amazing! A must try and you will be hooked! Seriously, it is one of the best restaurants in the valley!.Version: 12.5.0

I wish I knew about this app sooner!I strongly urge everyone should try this app if you haven’t already! It should be a staple/utility app on everyone’s device! It’s such a basic concept when it comes to dining, surprised no one else like Yelp did it like OpenTable does sooner. Features a variety of customizations and filters to find the perfect spot for any special occasion, business meeting, casual coffee or breakfast, brunch or a night out in town, you name it! App’s catalogue holds a vast selection of locations/experiences. Each establishment has a profile page with all the information anyone might be looking for. You can reserve and add your guests and contact the management team directly from the app. It shows you price points, reviews, availability by the hour etc. Not sure if it’s this useful in other cities but in LA- an absolute essential app for everyone!.Version: 16.24.0

Improvements madeFirst of all, who are these people detailing the restaurant’s tilapia and their server ignoring them on what is supposed to be the Open Table app review?! This is not Yelp, folks. This latest update resolved my ire with the searching. We can FINALLY search for restaurants in San Francisco in its entirety. For a long while you had to specify a SF neighborhood when looking for an available restaurant i.e. 3 people at noon in the Mission, San Francisco, CA. Every other city, you were able to indicate and search by just the city name all except for SF. Looks like the capability has returned. But scrolling through the list of restaurants was and still remains to be both annoying af and difficult as where my finger lands to swipe up or down to move the page up or down, it’ll attempt to drag and drop that restaurant as a link to a message whether text or email. Why anyone ever thought that would be a good idea when everyone in the app is using a touch screen phone is beyond me. Can we get that fixed, please?.Version: 12.17.0

Not updatedIn Hawaii on our 3rd day of vacation and it becomes clear that everyone here made their reservations for their entire stay before they came as we cannot get dinner anywhere the first 2 nights without waiting an hour and a half as a walk up. I begin to book restaurants for the remainder of the trip to ensure we are not eating with kids at 9pm and think. Have it handled when we arrive at Hard rock for our reservation at 7:45pm (earliest we could get but showed open) and are informed by hard rock they are only open Thursday thru Sunday for the restaurant and the retail store all week. Not sure what II made reservations for on open table who had not updated hours for them since Covid a year prior limited hours or why the Hard Rock site sent me to Open Table to make reservations when it was not an option. Frustrating..Version: 14.12.0

A must visit Winery that serves food.As soon as you step in was welcomed with sample of wine. Presented with drink options and then was able to walk around and see what items they had for sale. Unfortunately we didn’t plan this part better and enjoyed the wine experience more. Next time. Off to our reservation we had quite a mix of food. Shrimp Rosotto which was amazing. Chicken sandwich that was listed as a favorite which was also good. The turkey burger though was of a softer consistency and not like a traditional patty. It was good, but not what we were expecting. They did exchange for a regular burger which turned out to be great. We decided after a couple more samples each to indulge in monthly membership and will definitely be returning. It’s amazing seeing all of the wines they offer from their own branding it’s pretty overwhelming actually. But now with a membership we can try them all..Version: 12.5.0

Redemption of points earnedWe love making reservations through the app and earning points. It’s so easy to find and reserve time slots for our favorite, tried and try restaurants as well as new ones to try. However, redeeming your points and actually using them are quite a different story. After a very lengthy and difficult process of redeeming the points we earned through making reservations with Open Table, it turned out that the restaurant that we chose to use the redemption certificate didn’t have a clue as how to use the credit… and pretty much washed their hands of the responsibility of doing so.. stating that even the manager couldn’t figure it out. So, we left without using our certificate… which was disappointing. Needless to say… I have this wasted certificate that apparently I cannot redeem. It’s making me think twice about using this app due to this situation..Version: 15.7.0

Fancy Night Out-No ReservationFor a company that specializes in dinner reservations, it better work or what is the point? Right? I made a reservation for a restaurant on 2/16 for Saturday 6/9 just to be sure we could get into this nice place. 2 days before I got a confirmation reminding me about the reservation. Our party of 4 showed up, only to find a sign on the door that said the restaurant had closed on 5/27. All decked out we stumbled around town to find the only upscale place that would take us. Turns out there was a party of 12 in there who had the same experience. Imagine a party of 12 scrambling around to find a table in a small wine town? Easily Open Table should be on this, and send a note. The restaurant could as well, however if they’re closing/ closed who would do this. While I would normally not give any place just one star, this is the 2nd time I have had this happen with an Open Table reservation. The first time was on New Year’s Eve. There have been no communications from this app regarding this unfortunate experience. I would recommend that all restaurants who take Open Table reservations start working the front desk themselves and stop paying their fees. I would recommend all diners to trust the telephone more. You may be the next. Do not trust this app to be 100% reliable..Version: 11.18.0

Performance beginning to degradeI’ve been using OT for ages, always had awesome experiences but today it was a train wreck. I was trying to dine at the Galvez Bar and Grill in Galveston Texas, after an hour and too much trouble with the wait staff we decided to leave and go at a more reliable restaurant. I tried to use OpenTable to make a reservation and OpenTable said “want to modify your reservation”, I said “yes”. Opentable popped up with “Call the restaurant”. I was one hour into dining. “Hello” Did the app not connect I had already been checked in? The restaurant checked me in on the app. By now I had already told the restaurant I was leaving. I tried to book another restaurant Gaido’s in Galveston Texas but the Open Table reservation would not process. Got to the they said you don’t have a reservation. Tried to reserve again and OT insisted I call again. So I called again spoke to The Galvez they said they were cancelling. Still the OpenTable app would not let me cancel. After dining at Gaido’s the app does not show Galvez Bar and Grill since it is cancelled and Gaido’s never got logged. The tool was built to simplify, but now they have changed the way their data is managed and so they have broken the process. It was a good many years but I believe OT is about to lose a very loyal customer, not willing to go through OT hassles..Version: 13.0.0

Be careful how you use this app. They are sneakyIts ok for reservations but the sneaky developers just added a toggle for you to ‘opt-in’ on receiving points. Then they make it difficult to redeem. Far cry from the original concept and the app developer actually treats you as the enemy rather than streamline and make it easier to use. They change terms and conditions often requiring to keep an eye on uses. Make sure you are awarded your points and keep your receipt. These folks make it very hard to collect points if the restaurant forgets to credit you. 2019 Update: this company makes it so difficult to redeem points, gift points that it makes you wonder why you even use the app. To the Developer: your Customer Service, responses, replies are very poor. Either use a call center and stop hiding behind email or watch members drop you..Version: 12.7.0

Review because I hope for site to improveThe search options are absolutely horrible. Unless there is a very minimal amount of establishments that use open table and that is the reason only a few places pop up when I am searching locations. But I am a frequent diner , sometimes I will type in a location (city I prefer ) and the same places that aren’t even in that city come up . It’s terrible for trying to find new places . I use site for places I know are on it but when I want to try somewhere new by cities it is pretty much useless. Hope this can be improved … even right now making me keep selecting nicknames over and over because they have been used is stupid. I’ll just put my full name smh.Version: 15.2.0

Not a bad app, but no communication with real people running it is bad bad badSince this is apparently the only way to offer feedback on the technical side of things, here we go. I like OpenTable, the app runs great in its function, however I work at a restaurant that uses this booking platform and there is a way for clients to capture MORE bookings. If the search was a filter option to at least search for a time frame of multiple hours, maybe even across multiple restaurants, guests would see WAY more booking options. Example: 7o’clock resos are almost impossible to snag at Spinasse, so most people think we have no open tables because they have to search by 30 minute increments at a time to maybe find a slot that is open. It is a waste of time for the guests and for clients on OpenTable who still spend a considerable amount of time taking phone reservations because of the platform issue..Version: 15.13.0

Dated Experience, Weak Loyalty, Lame No Show a little too close here in the end RulesI’ve been using OpenTable since the very early days. It’s always been super convenient and, like it or not, almost necessary in this day and age to get reservations with most restaurants. What I don’t like about it is that that platform has not changed for years, you can get logged out, relogging back in thru email never seeks to work, they’ve downgraded the loyalty program and made it harder to earn points or redeem them effectively, and I’ve had a couple of no-shows over the years that have basically put me in an inactive status on the platform. Given 100s of reservations I probably made, not showing up for one or two should not blacklist me from the platform. A LOT needs to change with this platform. It’s like they put it on autopilot and don’t pay attention..Version: 16.27.1

Great food great viewsAs the title says food was great and views were amazing. Two reasons why not 5 stars? 1) We arrived about 10 min early for our reservations and were left standing awkwardly in the lobby waiting for a table- no bar seating available. We had an early seating and lots of tables were open. The hostess was borderline rude. Seated 4 other couples before us when we were there standing. I even asked politely if she forgot about us and she told us to wait while she seated people who came after us (at least one couple didn’t even have a reservation), and had a nice long chat with a customer in the bar! 2) the restaurant had more of a golf club vibe than we were expecting but that’s on us. Bar was a rowdy post golf round crowd and the ambience was a bit disappointing for such a great menu..Version: 16.12.0

Delicious food BUT NO STAFF WEARS A MASKWe were not sure whether we should stay when we went to check in for our reservation. Three people were at check-in which is indoors, and one person on the phone wore a mask, but the other 2 did not!! This was a very stressful start—we wore our KN95 masks. We ate outdoors. My husband’s vegan meal with white fish was awesome and so was my scallop meal. The chef, without a mask, came to see my husband to make sure his meal was great. Very nice. BUT, no masks for the staff is very bad with Omicron increasing. Although we would like to eat there again, we feel like we are putting ourselves in a risky situation especially since another restaurant on El Paseo just was in the newspaper because 20+ staff have COVID and were working before their diagnosis was made..Version: 15.3.0

Easy breezy to use with one big flawGreat app, use it all the time. But, one thing that has to be fixed is the restaurant search feature, which doesn't seem to care how far a restaurant is from your location if there is no restaurant with that name locally. Example: Searched for a restaurant and selected my city. The results give me first a restaurant that’s 400 miles away in another country followed by restaurants in my country that I guess were more farther away by distance. Okay, so no restaurant with that name locally, so just tell me! How about saying there are no restaurants with that name locally, followed by similar cuisine restaurant suggestions? Or even better, be able to select criteria that most closely fit that restaurant profile? That would be a lot more useful than accidentally reserving a restaurant 400 miles away in another country!.Version: 11.10.0

Robert and the entire staff are lovely ~Today was my mother’s birthday and we happened to stop by without making a reservation. The hostess was kind enough to find us two seats at the chef’s table which is exactly what we wanted and hoped for. The food was refined, delicious but unpretentious and we felt like we were at home in Seattle at our favorite restaurant, Canlis. Robert made our time here very special and he catered to our every whim. We appreciate how down to earth he was but was extremely sophisticated and kind. Life has been tough for the entire world, but for these few hours we spent dining at Coyote Cafe, we felt as if we were dining at the most exquisite restaurant on the planet and it was nothing but pure bliss. We thank you and love your team!.Version: 15.3.0

One of my most used apps - since 2005UPDATE: I just realized an old review was up from years ago. I just erased it. Apparently, I was in a cranky mood - probably during a major app upgrade. Here’s the thing. It’s now 2019. I’ve been a loyal OpenTable user since 2005. The problems I had with the app, in the review I erased, were fixed years ago by OpenTable. And I have continued to be a happy user of the service. I just realized I owed it to the company to improve my review to match my satisfaction with this service. Following is an older, glowing review from who knows when. Everything I said in this original review goes double for the latest iteration of the app. Thank you OpenTable for years of great service. "I have been an OpenTable user for years. I depend on and use the service constantly. This latest iteration of the iPad app is terrific. Location service, reservation, and calendar coordination are working seamlessly for me and I love it." I don't remember when the first app appeared. It wasn't THAT long ago. In fact I have used the OpenTable platform on a laptop almost since its original launch, and was an OpenTable enthusiast as much as I am a restaurant and wine enthusiast..Version: 13.6.1

The HoneysucklePositive: great atmosphere and nice restaurant and bar area. Love the raw bar too! Negative: I was the only one sitting at the bar and barely got service from the bartender — I literally would’ve stayed much longer and ordered more if she would’ve just paid attention to me. I ordered the glass of champagne twice and it was warm both times — even after she “chilled” it; I ordered the duck— The Brussels sprouts were tasty but so tough it was hard to cut them, the grits were super yummy (a positive) , the duck was mediocre. I was disappointed overall as I really liked the ambiance. I think the bad service from the bartender was the kicker.. fake friendly when she was obviously annoyed with me asking her to chill the champagne, never filled my water, didn’t check on me and simply didn’t convey she cared..Version: 14.13.0

Outstanding!!!My wife and I have lived in SE CT for twenty years and have somehow never visited Ford’s Black and Blue, until last night. We had reservations at 6:00 and arrived a few minutes early. We were seated immediately upon arriving. Our server was friendly and fast. In fact we were very surprised at how quickly our appetizer came after ordering. The calamari was piping hot and delicious. After some debate, my wife went with the baked cod and I chose the lobster risotto. We often split and share our plates, and then choose who picked the better dish. This dinner resulted in a very rare tie. Both dishes were incredible. We both cleaned our plates, which is also rare. The portions were so perfect, we decided to venture into dessert. We picked the chocolate crème brûlée and key lime cheesecake. Again, both were amazing. We left Fords Black and Blue completely satisfied and happy. Our first experience was so enjoyable we have already decided to add Fords Black and Blue to our date night list and visit more often. Do not pass up a chance to eat here. You will be glad you ate at Fords. I personally cannot wait to go back and try more from the menu..Version: 16.31.0

Used to be goodBeen here a couple time. Came all the way from Yakima to celebrate our anniversary. Usually... the service is exceptional. This evening not so much. After the waitress akwardly greeted us. We ordered and the food came out. Seemed good at first. Then my wife discovered her salmon was cold. We let the (awkward) waitress know and she assured the food would be ready quick. I urged my wife to enjoy my warm plate of food and we finished it and honestly taste great. After waiting for about 20 minutes the waitress came back and assured us the food was only a few minutes longer. I am now waiting on the second mediocre drink I ordered. For longer than an upset customer should. Let’s see if the recognize the short comings... very under appreciated, underwhelmed customer..Version: 12.15.0

Points are a scamI almost never write reviews, but OT deserves this one. It used to be useful for reservations, but points are a total scam. I started using OT in its early early days and back then 2,500 pts could be redeemed for $20 and 5,000 for $50. At some point I got to 2,500 and decided to keep earning to get to 5,000 so I can get the higher reward. Some time later... they dropped the reward for 5k pts to $25 gift cards.. I was at 4.7k pts recently and now I check and find I have 3.9 because they decided to also add a 3-yr expiration to points as well. It’s literally impossible to earn a reward unless you eat at their crappy promoted 1k pts restaurants (not sure if even those exist anymore). Well done, OT, keep running your scam. I’m switching to Resy and Seated. Oh and by the way ratings in the app are totally useless, everything is a 5-star according to them..Version: 14.19.0

Not very impressed with UIProblems: 1) I mostly wanted to search by map, and it was very hard to find how to do that (the little icon is not great; using the word “map” would be better), 2) I was taken into OpenTable by some restaurant web site, but they did not have availability for that restaurant at the time I wanted, so I broadened my search. Took me a couple minutes to realize that the search results were for my home neighborhood, not the area (Hawaii, a thousand miles away) where the original restaurant I was trying to book is located. That’s an embarrassingly bad UI for such an old and supposedly mature service, I’d think. Combined with not making it easy to find the map view, one can waste a lot of time. Pretty sure I’ve run into this more than once over the years, the majority of times I have ever used the app..Version: 15.9.0

Not as good as previous visitsHad wonderful experiences in earlier visits..however, this time was a bit disappointing. Ordered a drink, straight, took 15 minutes to arrive. Entree (pasta) was served lukewarm and unlike the customer who had the same dish, I was not offered table side fresh grated cheese and his dish was steaming. Ordered blueberry pie to go. Opened the box and found a quarter of a slice. Asked our waiter for an appropriate portion, he took it back only to return and tell us the employee who boxed it had given us the last piece of the pie and that was all that was left. Replaced it with a piece of key line pie but did not the small piece of blueberry pie as he promised. Again..disappointed and surprised based on previous visits. Server was nice and apologetic but overall this was not a great experience..Version: 12.9.0

Creative and delicious with an open sexy bar.I went last night after Pilates at G:50 down the street. Didn’t know their bar opens right up across the front, over looking Robertson. Great summer vibe. The restaurant is beautiful and everything I have eaten their every time has been exceptionally creative and delicious. To name a few items: their raw oysters and brine, lobster toast, Vietnamese inspired salad with avocado, korean inspired skirt steak, spicy tuna on crispy rice. I am eyeing their lobster pasta! At brunch they had an egg scramble in a bowl with black beans. I forget the name but it was delicious, healthy and a good portion. Different from others which I love. Covid safe with tons of patio seating and ventilation. I hope they do well and stick around. It is a nice addition to Robertson!.Version: 15.17.0

Disappointed AnniversaryWe have been dining here since they moved from Canopy restaurant in town to Firefly on the beach. The food was ok. Our Wedge salad was lacking in bacon and tomatoes which use to be plentiful. Our main course was good. Several familiar items from before Hurricane Michael were not on the menu although the service is still excellent. We have dine here on several special occasions over the years and Canopy’s before that and were always treated with a dessert with our occasion written in chocolate on the dessert. Tonight was our 38th Anniversary. All We receive was a “ Happy Anniversary” from our waitress. I did not I feel like I had a fine dining experience tonight like I use to in years past. Very disappointed on our anniversary..Version: 12.20.0

FantasticUse this app all of the time, easy to use, get points to spend on dinners!.Version: 11.0.1

GreatSuper app with rewards.Version: 11.0.0

Great App!!...Use it often!!...Has always worked great for me!....Version: 11.0.1

WTHWhen I try to find a good sushi restaurant in my area (New Westminster) there are no results in my area even though I know there are many sushi restaurants around here! On top of that, it shows restaurants in Vancouver, Richmond and beyond. How the hell am I supposed to get ratings in my area?.Version: 14.6

Excellent ResourceLove using the app to research and book restaurants. The only issue I have is leaving a special request. Many times it does not register directly with the restaurant itself..Version: 17.2.0

WowFacile d’utilisation!.Version: 14.18

Love itGreat app.Version: 16.30.0

Easy to navigateI’m new to online reservations and this seems user friendly..Version: 17.12.0

One of our favourite restaurants.Excellent on all fronts…service, food, drinks 🌹.Version: 17.10.0

Love the App—Detest the notificationsWonderful app & works really well. I don’t like all the notifications so for now until I use it again, I’ve turned them off..Version: 17.11.2

Always Reliable!Always Easy and Reliable to Book!.Version: 17.10.0

RestoToujours d’excellent resto à proposer.Version: 17.9.0

FineIt’s good but please stop recommending restaurants cities away from the one you are trying to book. It’s too easy to accidentally book a spot on the wrong day or location if you arent reading everything carefully.Version: 17.9.0

Great eveningThe best steaks and service experiences we’ve ever had 10/10 we can’t wait to go back..Version: 17.8.0

Handy App for planning good food.Love this app to find good restaurants when on vacation..Version: 17.8.0

Birthday celebrationExtremely easy to make a reservation…..Version: 17.8.0

Open Table a great convenience and time saverUsed this app regularly. Easy to use and saves huge time when travelling..Version: 17.7.1

Great appWhere ever i am in the world i can book! it's great.Version: 17.7.0

The Perfect CaperI have eaten in many restaurants around the world and this is up there with the best of them. Our waiter was knowledgeable and made ordering a fun experience. The food was outstanding and beautifully presented..Version: 17.6.0

Too many verificationsHad to have a code sent by recut and by email just to make a reservation! Not fun and give too far. My devices are protected already. What a pain..Version: 17.6.0

Pretty handy but……doesn’t work in Mexico. Great for canada and the US though 👊🏽.Version: 17.6.0

Easy to use - the only way to make reservationsVery easy to use, accurate reviews help make the choice of a new culinary experience an easy one. We’ve been using OpenTable for a number of years - on one particular 40 day period a few years ago we travelled cross country, driving 16,000+ km - not knowing the lay of the land, let alone a dining spot that matched our preferences or needs, we depended on the app for more than a simple dining out evening. It did not let us down then, or since. Fans forever..Version: 17.6.0

Great food at your fingertips!I use this app all the time and find that I can trust the ratings and the service. Great food, easy as hell..Version: 17.6.0

Great, if you are able to cross borders at will.It’s awesome, I just wish I could block out the results on the other side of the border.. unfortunately, that’s just not a regular Tuesday trip for me..Version: 17.6.0

Great up!Easy to use, and you can find a reservation at a restaurant quite quickly with no wait times. And you get points!!.Version: 17.6.0

Slow and BuggyNot sure what’s happened in the past month but takes forever to open and usually times out on local searchs Used to be great app. No terrible iPhone 15.Version: 17.5.0

Love this serviceAlways super reliable and easy to use..Version: 17.5.0

DelightfulThe Hearth is so comfortable and friendly. A perfect place to go for Sunday Brunch with friends..Version: 17.5.0

Easy to useVery effective APP to find a table at any restaurant you would like to go to..Version: 17.5.0

User FriendlyEasy to use, search, click and go!.Version: 17.5.0

Great convenienceThis is a wonderful app for booking dinner reservations as well as providing suggestions for new restaurants to try. I look forward to them including more restaurants within the lower mainland..Version: 17.4.0

SmurphGrand app and segway for reservations. So easy to use. Restaurants always aware your coming!!!.Version: 17.4.0

Easy Reservation BookingThis is the best way to book a reservation and you can book at any time in the day..Version: 17.4.0

Convenience for the ‘Foodies’I have used this app for years and it’s always well run. Never any issue upon arrival and easy to use..Version: 17.3.0

DaveWouldn’t let me complete verification.Version: 17.3.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 17.12.0

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