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Grubhub: Food Delivery Customer Service

Food delivery right to your door. Choose from the largest selection of restaurants and amazing Perks with Grubhub. Find food and get fast food delivery from your favorite restaurants, from Applebee’s to Red Robin. Get restaurant deals and discounts, including $5 off an order of $15 or more with the promo code "GRUB5OFF15." From fast food to convenience store finds, Grubhub has what you need, instantly.

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What Grubhub offers:

- Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation
- Order food using the Grubhub app and avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes
- Grubhub’s customer support is there for you 24/7
- Whether it’s Chinese food, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered.
- Food delivery from exclusive restaurant partners, so you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love.
- Contact-free food delivery
- Pay through a variety of options including credit cards, Grubhub gift cards and Venmo

- Fast delivery for anything you need
- Quick grocery needs or household items can be found nearby

- Alcohol delivery straight to your door
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- The Grubhub app provides lots of great features
- Order food now or preorder your next meal
- Takeout or delivery

- What you see is what you get: upfront pricing with no hidden fees

- Grubhub has the most restaurant ratings & reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area

- Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal

Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love, including:
- Applebee’s
- Auntie Anne’s
- BJ’s Restaurants
- Buffalo Wild Wings
- Burger King
- Del Taco
- Denny’s
- Dunkin’
- Firehouse subs
- Five Guys
- Jack in the Box
- McDonalds (NYC only)
- Panda Express
- Panera
- Red Robin
- Shake Shack
- Sonic
- Taco Bell
- White Castle
- and many more!

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Grubhub: Food Delivery App Comments & Reviews

Grubhub: Food Delivery Positive Reviews

Terrible customer serviceThe only form of customer service they provide is just, essentially, throwing your money back at you. They figure if the wrong item is refunded that that suddenly resolves the issues. They, apparently, have no guidelines upon their presentation of advertised products, they have no guidelines on how to treat their drivers and upon first moment when a complaint is made they take the money allotted to the drivers even if I personally request that that money not be taken from them and if I ask that the tip remain the same since the driver had done their job in a way that exceeds expectations, and they have no guidelines upon how to ensure that food is delivered correctly. Every order that I receive has a missing item, or no cutlery even though I request them, or the entire order is completely different than what is pictured. Then when I make a complaint and say it is not the drivers fault their only form of reparations is that they refund the order but do nothing to ensure that the mistake does not happen again, refund everything including the tip, and just accost the restaurant and the driver. I have been using this app for years now and I am just done with it. I can never receive a meal and enjoy it. Instead it’s a headache of having to speak to customer service, be treated like I’m a liar and that everything was correct, and just feel as if the company is throwing my money at me only to appease me..Version: 2021.2

Grub HUB delivery peeps are LAZYFor the second day in a row I ordered GrubHub one from Taco Bell the other from Papa John’s. I left instructions on both evenings to the floor and the exact room knock on the door of the hotel room and leave in place. I did this because I’m alone in a hotel and I had surgery on my left hip and unable to really walk. the hotel is huge and it’s a five minute walk to the front desk itself. GrubHub drivers even though I left the instructions I did the first night left it in the foyer area of the hotel took a picture and sent it up to my cell phone when I called him and text him he didn’t respond to either。 The second night, the Papa John’s, I never received my order. This time I didn’t even have a phone number to call back except their little five digit text message to tell you it was delivered. This is unbelievable the incompetence just to have some food ordered to my gosh darn freaking room. I’ve never seen such incompetence. Step one order food. delivery driver pick up food. Step 2 Delivery Driver Drive to destination ,look at instructions provided at hand. Step 3. arrive at destination ,get out of vehicle, grab food from vehicle, locate destination( like my fn hotel room) . READ THE FN INSTRUCTIONS!!! Thank youPapa John so I called personally and they made my food for free and delivered it properly..Version: 2022.19

First order was wrongDecided that since we’re in quarantine and my car battery died, I’d use the app to order dinner from KFC. At first it seemed like an easy and seem less process to order my meal and it said it would take about 20-30 minutes (the restaurant is literally down the street from me). So I waited and decided to check the status, the time kept getting pushed back which was pretty annoying but I thought ok whatever not that big of a deal. So after almost an hour my food finally arrived, the driver was nice and kept me up to date with my delivery. When I got my food I thought cool this is pretty neat getting my fast food delivered now, but when I opened the bag my order was completely wrong. Now I’m not saying one or two items were wrong but the whole meal with the exception of the drink 😅 I ordered a 5pc strip combo with 2 sides (mashed potatoes and gravy, and Mac and cheese) but I got popcorn chicken with wedges, a chicken sandwich with pickles, and 2 biscuits. Needless to say I was upset that my order was that screwed up, but I was happy that reporting the issue gave me an instant refund from GrubHub so that was cool. I’m willing to give them another chance and just placed another order from Panda Express but if this happens again then I’ll just delete the app 😕.Version: 7.77.1

The customer is always right even when they’re wrong.We love Grubhub! We have never had an issue with any of our orders. Our food from Smashbox was, as always, hot and delicious! And although the order was supposed to be delivered a bit later than expected, it arrived 10 minutes earlier than the initial time we were given! We had gotten a message from Grubhub that our order was running behind. A+ for that alone! We accidentally ordered one too many burgers because I couldn’t make up my mind and had added a few to choose from, meaning to delete one of them before submitting our order. Well, I forgot to delete the one I didn’t want and we tried to contact Grubhub and also our driver Helen to see if the order could be adjusted (I hate wasting food and we don’t care for leftovers). Helen promptly texted me to let me know that Smashbox could not adjust it once placed. No biggie, it was my mistake...I get it. Helen, our driver, is fabulous! Courteous and friendly. Smashbox is fabulous! Even though, I’m the one that made the mistake, I got a message stating that our bill was adjusted and we weren’t charged for the extra burger! Talk about great customer service! A happy customer is a returning customer! Thank you!.Version: 7.80

Needs work.You guys rarely offer discounts/ coupon codes compared to your competitors and you're actually more expensive which seems rather backwards. Drivers should be able to be rated based on the service they've provide. It would show that you cared more about the customers experience if you asked for individual feedback on the people you've vetted to work under your company. Representation is everything and you have plenty that work for you that simply should not, for a choice of better words. It seems you're outsourcing your CSR's for budget purposes however; I have two problems with this. 1. You barely give out coupons especially to your GH + members which I find to be absolutely pathetic therefore you should have the funds to hire quality employees no matter the position. -No excuses. Secondly, you're outsourcing people who don't speak the native language of the country they're answering calls in. That's a major NO NO! And makes no logical sense whatsoever. Additionally, I find that a handful of your chat support agents lack customer service skills specifically empathy and the ability to anticipate the needs of consumers. If you do not know how to provide customer service you don't belong in a customer service role. It doesn't matter if it's indirect or direct. The moral seems rather low and if it stands out you know that it's an issue..Version: 2022.20

I love it.IAs a college student, I know how to get cheap food. My friends and I have used every other delivery app you can think of and tried all the free premium trials of them so I also know how valuable it is. All this to say I use Grubhub the most out of all the delivery apps out there and it’s by far the best. They have a great selection, they don’t have ridiculously high fees like UberEats and (the worst delivery app ever(Postmates), and they have excellent customer service! They rarely ever cancel your order(Postmates), they typically have speedy delivery and wonderful, kind drivers who deliver your food without spills or mess. Like I’ve mentioned I’ve also tried the premium of almost all delivery apps and imo Grubhub’s premium is definitely worth it. You get perks every week which invited me to find new local restaurants I fell in LOVE with, prompt customer service, and free delivery almost every time. Some premium accounts are completely useless(Postmates) and others just don’t give you as many reasons to pay monthly. It’s just a reliable app which is what I count on when ordering food. It also uniquely caters to students! I love it, I tell anyone who asks, and will continue using it..Version: 2021.11

Double dipping on your $$So they obviously charge you fees , they have to in order to keep the business operating. That’s fine , it is what it is , my problem is that they charge you a delivery fee , not the restaurant , who is the one actually delivering your food . I was actually so angry at the restaurants like “how dare they charge me a delivery fee when I’m still expected to tip the driver and I know they aren’t giving that fee to the driver.” Nope this is grubhub just charging you more money for something that they literally have no part or burden in helping complete . A delivery fee charged by the app that facilitated the order , they literally just make the menu available to you and forward your order to the restaurant, and collect a service fee for that… the audacity to charge DOUBLE the service fee for a delivery fee by people who aren’t even in the same city as the people delivering. Horrible business practice and the customer service is a joke . Someone walks out of the restaurant with your order by accident ? Not their problem … Order inexplicably cancelled? Not their problem you’ll get the money (that they took immediately) back in 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS(after it’s sat in their account a few days collecting interest for them or so they can use it a few days investing for financial gain) YOUR ORDER WILL BE , ON AVERAGE, 40% MORE EXPENSIVE DUE TO THEIR FEES.Version: 2022.7

The app is better than the serviceI have used gh at least 20 times. The app is great, it always works. though it seems inconsistent from restaurant to restaurant in its menu application and usage -sometimes confusing what comes with an item. The service from grub hub employees hasn’t been bad, they tell me when there’s a problem and make it right, so I think the company seems to care (more than I can say for other food delivery services I’ve used which I won’t name here, but it starts with a U!) So I’m loyal to gh in my restaurant delivery patronage anymore. Now you just have to expect though, the restaurants sometimes have issues and cancel your order & your experience depends in large part upon the relationship between that restaurant and gh. Another factor- if you get a driver who treats your food and your time with respect, which isn’t usually a problem. The drivers usually call from the driveway, I don’t know why, most pizza places ring the bell. Sometimes the drivers forget food or spill it. hey this is going to happen if you order from gh 20 or more times. You take your chances, because you don’t want to cook so much, and you don’t want to go out into the public either. Thanks for being there most of the time gh when I’m not cookin’. And shout out to mr. gyro because he is consistently good & fast, never cancels.☮️.Version: 3.36

Iffy customer serviceHonestly it wasn’t the food that was the was the first the ETA was between 9:15-9:25 which made sense considering it’s FAST took a while for someone to pick the food up which I understand due to COVID but while a driver was able to pick up the food or was en route to pick up the food within the 9:15-9:25 ETA when the time moved to 9:35-9:45 I was confused on what was happening so I went to track the order to see that the driver was stuck at the same location for at LEAST 15 minutes...I had attempted to contact her to see exactly how far she was so I can try to figure out the eta again but she took about 20 minutes to respond to the time she did respond she said she was coming to me (which I felt was a lie) but nonetheless I still waited for her to arrive to which my order was delivered literally an HOUR after I ordered drink was watery (which I know isn’t the restaurants fault) and the food was on the verge of being cold...lack of communication is the main reason for this rating and the fact that I couldn’t get in contact with Grubhub themselves makes it worse...seriously debating if I’m going to be using this service for future deliveries cuz it doesn’t make sense for it to take an HOUR for fast food and that I was unable to get in contact with customer support.Version: 2020.31

How on earth do they have 4.8 stars?!The quality of Grubhub must depend on the area because we have NEVER had a smooth delivery with them, yet we’ve never had any issues with UberEats or DoorDash. Grubhub is HORRIBLE. Food arrives super late if it ever arrives at all! One driver apologized profusely stating that her COMPANY credit card had been denied upon paying for our food at the restaurant so she had to wait 45 minutes for customer service to assist her. Thankfully, she insisted that the restaurant remake our food so it would be warm for us. We’ve waited & waited for several orders & called customer service to find out what the hold up is, only to have our orders CANCELED in which “no further information as to why, can be given at this time, but we apologize for the inconvenience.” Seriously?! I’m pregnant, I have a 2 year old & when I order food for delivery, it’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I’m having a moment of desperation & a NO SHOW order is NOT cool. Some of our favorite restaurants have switched to Grubhub & I’ve told them all of our horror stories & they’re seriously thinking about going back to UberEats or DoorDash. If you’re not able to be consistent in certain areas Grubhub, you’ll only damage your rep & lose clients. If you’re not ready &/or equipped to deliver in our area, pull yourselves until you are!.Version: 7.27

HORRIBLEEvery time I order there’s a problem. One order was taking forever so I called the restaurant and they tell me have no connection with Grubhub, so then took me an hour with support to get it cancelled and get a refund. Another order I realize it’s past the estimated delivery time and still no updates. So again I cal the restaurant to confirm the order and they say the foods been done for 30 mins but no one has come to pick it up. I get on a chat with support and they tell me they can confirm that there’s a driver currently at the restaurant picking up my order and he’s about to be on his way to me. Okay fine. Then 5 minutes later I finally get an update on my tracker that there’s a driver ON HIS WAY TO PICK UP MY ORDER. So support flat out lied, and trust me I saved that chat transcript. Anyways I literally watch the guy on the tracker drive his way 10 mins to the restaurant to pick up my order that was SUPPOSED to be already picked up and on its way to me. Took almost 2 hours to get the food from the time I ordered. And if I hadn’t chatted with support who know how much longer it would have taken. Just unreliable and a pain. Never using again..Version: 2020.34

Typically not badTypically when I use Grubhub (which is a lot lately considering that we are virtual learning) the drivers get the job done and are very nice. I have only had 2 issues. 1 is my address doesn’t pick up in the maps so I have to use the address one apartment building over and put in notes to the driver my actual address with explanation of why because I’m afraid my food won’t get delivered to the right place. The 2nd issue has only happened once. I ordered and my food never came and the driver never called/text to let me know it was delivered however the app showed it was delivered. Grubhub refunded my money so that was great but I had to figure out at the drop of a hat what I was going to do for lunch for my kids because it was past lunch time and it had to be something discreet because most virtual teachers don’t want kids eating during their class periods but also didn’t have that money to just order from somewhere else. My hands were tied. Pretty disappointing when you can’t leave to go to a store because your kids are home, there’s next to nothing available to eat at home and you’re depending on a delivery that doesn’t show up. Again, this only happened once but I kinda lean away from ordering as often out of fear that it will happen again..Version: 2020.39

Bad communicationSo i ordered food obviously, and was given a wait time. I am guessing that this includes time for food to cook and for the driver to deliver said food. In my circumstance i ordered food around 12:05 at noon, the app said that the food would be delivered estimated 55-60 minutes. So i waited till time and still no text, call, email.. nothing, so i decided to make a couple of phone calls and spoke to a grubhub customer service agent and they told me that the driver will be on their way shortly. This all could have been avoided if the app tells you when the driver is running late or that my food got completed and is waiting on a driver. They should make setting in the app that lets you choose what kind of text messages you receive.(like when the food has been finished, and when the driver has gotten the food and headed your way) hopefully they see this and understand i am not happy with the lack of communication but still want the food. Shortly after i got told to wait, my order got cancelled now j dont know if this is because the agent said “hey ill take care of it for you” or if it is just they dont want to deliver. Definetly needs more customer service and communication without having to call someone..Version: 7.85

Still not quite there...I use this app maybe a couple times a month at most when I don’t feel like cooking. The app itself is easy to use but the fulfillment of orders leaves much to be desired. Most of the time it takes much longer than is advertised (e.g. delivery time 45-55min has sometimes taken 90min), food has arrived barely warm despite coming from a few blocks away, drivers don’t know how to read maps (our condo complex is a little confusing but there are maps & they don’t bother looking - I’ve been called & expected to walk out to the front of my complex which I cannot do because I have a small toddler & probably ordered food vector was inconvenient to go out in the first place, & several drivers were rude or unprofessional. That being said, there have been a couple great driver & they have comped delivery fees or given ‘free next delivery’ codes when I’ve contacted the company but I don’t appreciate having to contact them with issues the majority of the times I’ve used the service. Hopefully hey can get it together & maybe take tips from Uber eats to have ratings for drivers separate from just rating the food. I still come back because of the restaurant selection in my area but always keep my fingers crossed that it will arrive in a reasonable time frame & be relatively hot still 😑.Version: 7.8

Love .... but...This app is the best however there is one major glitch. If you Open a restaurant and start to place an order and then for some reason have to do something else on your phone such as received a phone call or send a message, when you go to go back in to GrubHub your order is completely gone. It in NO WAY saves your order to you bag. This has been a large inconvenience a few times. Also it doesn't often seem to be very convenient way to add extra small things that aren't always automatic optional extras. Like if you want to add peppers to your soup ( a cheap but important add for some) and you have to message in the comment you then and hope that they add it and possibly price adjust your order. The thing that the app is outstanding. I use it constantly. Not to mention their customer service is amazing! Recently we were missing an addition to a main dish that was supposed to be together. Not only did grandpa take it upon themselves to send out the missing item they re-ordered the main dish for us so that everything could be hot and fresh together. That will ALWAYS fix problems above and beyond. That's why I will continue to always use them..Version: 3.31

Well...So I used to love GrubHub and suggested it to all of my friends to download and use. Lately has been a different story. More often than not our food has taken at least an hour to get here, and I’ve had to walk outside and down the road or across the street because the drivers don’t leave their car. Now I’m understanding, so I called customer service to inform them of the issues I was having and the response I got was that they were short staffed and that it wasn’t policy to have the drivers bring the food to the door. But if I’m waiting for an hour, pay a delivery fee and tip, and then still have to go downstairs and outside down the road to get my food that’s ridiculous— what’s the point in paying for all that if they can’t even walk up to my door (and no it wasn’t raining or snowing or anything like that either). I talked to two customer service representatives and basically all I got was “I understand is there anything else I can help you with?” And felt extremely brushed off. I think we will be taking a long break from the app while they fix these issues. I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s upsetting that after having all these issues all I got from them was “oh I understand but if I can’t help you with anything else have a nice day”.Version: 7.7

Doesn’t really work -> go with their competitorsSigned up for Free Lunch NYC. Spent like an hour and was told my card didn’t work, my account was invalid, the promo code was used etc. Ended up not being able to order anything 👍 NVM: Order came through.Version: 2022.19

Ken GizowskiOur first order try Grubhub we never received from A&W, didn’t realize it was for pickup so ended loosing my money Have enjoyed since Koop G.Version: 2021.32

Serious Customer IssuesDidn’t boogie 🥲.Version: 2021.44

GreatOrdered chipotle, was earlier than expected delivery time still warm and was all correct.Version: 2021.42

Start grub-hub in canadaI use food delivery apps and want to try this i can download it but can’t use it for delivering order. Can you guys start it in canada. I will be thankful if you start this app in BC, Canada.Version: 2021.38

Good AppHas always worked without a hitch for me. A little annoying that you have to enter certain information like cross street and additional instructions each time you order, but I've never run into a problem using it. It's a nice plus to GrubHub's regular service to be able to order delivery on the way home from work and have it delivered as soon as you arrive..Version: 2.50

ConsistentGreat app.Version: 2.99.6

Does it's jobGood little app, easy to use..Version: 2.98

AmazingDefinatly never cracking out the phone book or the operator again.Version: 2.96.1

Good App for travellers looking for takeout!Easy to use app with useful notifications. Worth a try..Version: 2.92

Grub hubThis app lets you order food from local restaurants..Version: 2.92

Simply the bestI'm in NY, a place where grubhub has really been embraced by restaurants, so in a city like this, you can't beat grubhub!! Come on every other city everywhere!! Join the club!!!.Version: 2.91

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