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Celebrate the magic of the holidays with unique, one-of-a-kind gifts lovingly created or curated by small businesses. Easily discover the best deals from sellers in the personalized Deals Hub, exclusively on the Etsy app.

From festive home décor and handmade cards to personalized jewelry and custom clothes—there's something for everyone. Find the perfect present for friends, family, co-workers, and everyone in between. Browse trending gifts like holiday sweaters, customized pet accessories, creative travel must-haves, DIY crafting supplies, earth-conscious finds and so much more.


Never miss a discount again! — Check out the Deals tab
◈ Staying up to date on deals from the shops you love is now easier than ever with the new Deals tab in the Etsy app. We'll also offer you inspiration if you're feeling stuck.

Gifts Delivered On Time — Or Your Money Back
◈ Shop confidently knowing you'll get your gifts by the estimated delivery date or get a refund for qualifying orders during the holiday gifting season.

Easy Order Tracking
◈ Track the entire progress of your order from when it ships, to the exact delivery route and right up until it arrives at your door.

Simple & Secure Checkout
◈ Easily buy goods swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, Klarna, or Apple Pay at checkout.

Create A Gift or Wedding Registry
◈ Curate, manage, and share your registry full of truly meaningful gifts from your Etsy wishlist. With the Etsy Registry, you can choose personalized gifts that never feel cookie-cutter.
◈ When it comes time to say thank you, you can review the purchaser list so you know exactly who to thank for each thoughtful gift.

Stay In The Loop
◈ Never miss a new item or a flash sale. Get notified when your favorite shop adds new items, or when your favorite items go on sale.
◈ Enable notifications on your order updates, view messages from sellers, see special coupons and promos, and get notified about the latest trends across Etsy.

Search & Save Your Faves
◈ Search over 45 million items to find just what you need.
◈ Use the Image Search function to upload or snap a picture and find indescribable treasures. If you can dream it – or snap a photo of it – you'll find it on Etsy.
◈ Filter your searches by more than just price and color. Shop sellers by country or location, see products by features like customizable or handmade, or filter items by occasion.
◈ Save your favorite items, shops or searches so you can discover more of what you want later. Easily return to your Favorites to save time and get personalized recommendations in the future.

See It In Your Space
◈ Use Augmented Reality (AR) to see items in your space before you buy. Now you can test how that one-of-a-kind painting or breathtaking photograph will look on your wall to make sure it's the perfect pick.

Chat With Sellers
◈ Chat directly with the makers, creators, and artists behind your custom goods. Most shop owners are quick to respond and love creating something just for you!


We are committed to doing good—from the small businesses, to the creators behind them, to the planet around us. When you shop on Etsy, you can find one-of-a-kind items that help create a vibrant community of real people earning income while pursuing their passion.

We connect sellers with sustainable packaging for their products and offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping and packaging of every delivery.

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Etsy: Shop & Gift with Style App Comments & Reviews

Etsy: Shop & Gift with Style Positive Reviews

Etsy App ReviewI have been using Etsy for around two to three years now, and have had virtually no problem(s) with it. Easy to work with, generally, and you can find lots of cool stuff. Some of my favorite things I’ve purchased have come from this app. Generally, shops and those who run them are nice. I also find this fun to use (but that’s just me.) Just like any other on-line marketing platform, though, I’d say use caution. Check shop reviews before buying. But if something really catches your eye and it’s from one that hasn’t been rated or reviewed yet, well, there’s nothing wrong with that (necessarily!) Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Anyways, back to my point. I’ve bought a motorcycle jacket from a shop on here, and the seller was kind enough to send me a message (shipping from U.K. to U.S.) to let me know it was Easter holiday there. She did as she said and shipped it out as soon as it was over, and was even kind enough to include a thank-you card for the purchase! (Some shops will send you little things like that as extras.) Communication is also important — especially if, or when, there is an issue. But over-all, it’s a safe, fun, and easy-to-use app! Very awesome. I’ve never regretted anything I’ve bought off of here, and I hope I don’t in the future. I love it so much. Oh — turning on notifications often helps (tracking packages, etc.).Version: 6.76

Creative giftsI love Etsy. First off I enjoy helping out other artists and individuals more than big corporations. I have had some wonderful quality items I’ve given as gifts or kept for myself. The layout is easy to use. You can buy the item straight away or put it in the cart and buy all the items together. Some shops give discounts on multiple item orders. Etsy shows you which shops have items on sale and how many other people have that particular listing in their cart. You can favorite a shop or an item that you can easily go back to later. You’re able to put those items in a group, which is useful in the form of gifts you have in mind for one person or event like Christmas. These groups seem to be unlimited as I already have a bunch I’ve made. You have seller and buyer feedback and you can contact your seller. They show similar items to what you’re looking for on the same page. You are able to see turnaround time and the general location area of the shop, then pay through credit card or PayPal which makes it convienient..Version: 5.88

Ok app with some major annoyancesThis app is fine for shopping and favoriting. I've deducted two stars and deleted the app because: 1) The red numbered dot that is supposed to indicate when you have a new notification thing is always there. So if it says you have 4 items to review, the dot doesn't go away until you review those items. It's the same on the website and it is annoying. Also if it says you have updates from sellers, that dot doesn't going away even after you open and read them. This wouldn't be a big deal except that it essentially makes the dot meaningless. It's supposed to indicate when you have something new to look at, but if it's always there, it's not doing its job. This is either a bug (which I've reported twice and both times they said they are aware), or they're doing it on purpose to get people to keep going in there. 2) It is aggro about getting people to allow notifications. Every time I sent a message, it asked me to allow notifications. This is user hostile. I shouldn't have to constantly re-affirm that no I don't want notifications. I'm picky about the apps I keep on my phone and even more picky about which apps are allowed to push notify me. Using an app is supposed to be a better experience over the website, but that's not the case here. I just use the website instead..Version: 6.70

Lost trustLet me start by saying I’ve order from Etsy quite a few times and though I’ve had to message sellers about my product on more than one occasion I’ve never not received my purchase until now. And Etsy won’t help. I placed and order with Cowboybootsusa on 12/6 seller Communication was fine, March 27 order was sent but I did not get what I ordered at all. March 29 I reach out to the seller and Etsy for a solution, the seller agreed to remake the boots and said he would need 3 months. No problem, 3 months later I reach out for status, July 3 seller said he was in the final stages and would send them end of the next week. August 5, I reach out and seller says he had unexpected delays in production but would mail in 2 weeks. September 5 I reach out again and I’m told staff had COVID so there were delays he would send in 2 weeks. Now October 8, I reach out yet again and not only do I have no boots the seller has stopped responding to me. Etsy support says they can’t help because it’s passed 100 days from original delivery date, seems like something the seller knew. And I obviously didn’t. I’m out over $400 because Cowboybootsusa did not do what they promised and Etsy won’t help despite all the communication on their site between me and the seller. I’m not sure if I trust the sellers or Etsy at this point. Be careful when ordering from this site..Version: 6.44

Great for gifts but website still needs improvementBeen purchasing through Etsy for many years and was surprised recently when my entire buyers account was deleted. Someone decided to change my account to a sellers account-extremely bizarre as I have never sold on Etsy ever. My entire buyer’s history along with all my favorites was deleted. It took months of persistent emails demanding help from yet another customer service person who had no idea what they were doing. Finally my buyers account was restored but without my purchase history or favorites. Clearly customer service needs improvement. The way the site works is also very slow and outdated. Changes that have been made only slow it down further. Investment in new servers might be a good idea! However- I decided to stay here because there are still some artisans who sell only here. And I do purchase. However the other issue is that many of the single artist sellers have left. Most of the sellers are Chinese companies who sell for Pennie’s on the dollar on Taobao except on Etsy they often raise their prices. I think it is sad that true artists have been pushed out and these high volume companies have taken over in many cases. This is all My current opinion..Version: 6.36.1

This goes the entire site as a whole, not just the app.I love that genuinely innovative things people make and sell. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry come from Etsy shops. My personal interactions with customer service have been great and I love the variety. However, I’m a consumer frustrated with a few things. And I can never truly only imagine this frustration asa seller. For one, I understand inflation, but taking away more money from the sellers but still upping tax? Two, money sellers and consumers have called out the slack of eligibility requirements to sell items on the site after the pandemic. I understand it’s to try to help more small business worldwide, but there’s a difference between similar items being sold and copycat manufacturers that very obviously steal item designs from authentic business and sell cheap poorly made items that take credit for and take over real handmade or vintage items. Three, there’s a reason why so many businesses so many small owners on your site are going on strike. None of the demands suggested for the Etsy Strike subreddit and overall union have not been considered at all evidently. I love the overall concept and the many small businesses are great but there’s a reason people are moving to Shopify and other selling platforms..Version: 6.23.1

Love Etsy, but it needs some changesI shop on Etsy a lot and love supporting small businesses in the United States. That being said, my biggest complaint right now is that Etsy seems to allow foreign businesses to present themselves as US businesses and I would like something to be done about that. For example, why is a jewelry shop that is supposedly based in North Carolina actually shipping orders from Turkey?! I read reviews and I read ‘About’ the shops and time and time again, a shop that says it’s located in the US is obviously not located here. It’s aggravating. My second complaint right now is the search function. I put in very specific criteria and I get tons of results that don’t fit it. And the items marked as ‘Ad’ are the worst because even if you sort by price (low to high, for example), the Ad items show up everywhere so it’s not actually in order by price. I also find that the same items show up in the search results grid over and over. Again, aggravating! I feel like the Etsy search feature used to be better and if the site gets overrun by foreign businesses pretending to be in the US and selling shady merchandise, then I’m going to have to shop elsewhere. Just my 2 cents!.Version: 6.27.2

I love supporting USA small business, not Chinese liars buying addresses in the USABeware of who you are buying from on this app. I have had multiple problems with thinking i’m supporting domestic small business because a seller advertises as being from the USA when they are not. I’ve also had issues of the sellers not giving me a refund when i NEVER receive my order. I’m still waiting to open an etsy case review, they say I can after 48 hours after submitting help request, it has been past 48 hours and still waiting. The seller i’m having problems with is from China, bought a USA shipping address through FAST TRACK EXPRESS INC, and claims the post office is overwhelmed with packages (true) but in this case, the post office does not even have my order. I’ve checked USPS for DAYS, and they are awaiting the item from FAST TRACK EXPRESS INC, which ships internationally from China. Now why would a USA seller need a 3rd party company to deliver a package to the post office when literally every town in the USA has a post office? Because they are a liar and are in China not the USA. I order from etsy to avoid supporting Chinese business but they’ve gotten real good at lying and deceiving. I’m very disappointed in Etsy and their allowance of this sort of matter..Version: 6.51

Need Better Receipts!I’ve been shopping on ETSY for several years and never had any major issues. Well I ordered a shirt for someone for Christmas and what I received is not quite what I ordered. It’s gray not black and the wrong size. I’ve been looking for 2+ hours trying to find a receipt that shows what I actually ordered. I’m not sure if I messed up the order or they messed up and shipped wrong item. I can see I purchased it but has no details on what size or color I ordered. If you touch the actual item it just takes you back to their page to buy another one. I scrolled through the help page and goggled it-apparently the little email saying you place an order with this shop that has view order link is all you get(clicking the link takes you to the generic receipt showing the product but not the specifications you ordered) I had this problem before when I ordered a set of acrylic nails. They were beautiful and the size I ordered was perfect so I wanted to place a new order. Never could find the details showing what size I ordered so I had to get a new sizing kit and start all over. I don’t think it is too much to ask to see exactly what you ordered on your receipt/my orders page..Version: 6.17

My Favorite App.....EVER.I use Etsy for 90% of my gifts I give for birthdays, Christmas and any other gift giving holiday. As long as you do your research about a shop (have a look at their reviews see what people say, how long have they been a seller, how many things have they sold, picture quality etc.) to see that they are a quality seller you should have no problems. You can find a vast array of things from allover the world (though be weary of things from the China region, a lot of those items are cheap and poorly made). Lots of beauty sellers include free samples of their other products when you buy something, which is amazing. (Who doesn't love free stuff to try) And I could fill a box of thank you cards, hand written notes and messages from sellers thanking me for my order. It makes it feel like you ordered from your neighbor down the street not someone six states away or half way across the world. I have bought nearly a hundred things from different shops if not more and will continue to do so because where else can you find amazing cool things made/sold by equally amazing people..Version: 4.83

Some things need to be fixedOne of my favorite apps, love it. But I hate the update because it’s has changed stuff that’s unnecessary . Example 1. When going into a list and adding one item already in that lists to another, it takes you back to the top of the lists. Example 2. They Changed where you can look at vids and now you can’t go it anymore. You have to wait for the vids to pop up on your homescreen instead of actually having a place where they stay. Example 3. They show the same things over and over on the home seen except showing something that you think you want. I look at things that are related and my whole home screen page is filled with the same stuff. I’d like variety. Example 4. Add more explore interests. Example 5. The editor picks take up almost all of the bottom of homescreen page. Edit: you need to edit how you can make list(s) such as being able to do multiple selection of items to cross over to a different list(s), !RECCOMEND! I recommend making a spot where cart, favorites, and home are for place where you can interact with items in AR or put back the video thing..Version: 6.28

ConfusingIn general, I like Etsy, because you can find items you wouldn’t find anywhere else, but this last purchase was very confusing. Some discount codes worked and some didn’t. There was no explanation why. Discounts left me paying for shipping so it kind of wasn’t worth it especially because I couldn’t tell what price the shipping would be. On this particular site, I couldn’t see the variation in what I bought and it wasn’t noted in the image you saw so I had to contact the seller to clarify, especially since on some sites in Etsy, you have to pay to return shipping so you don’t want the wrong item. I never saw the price of shipping until I went most of the way through PayPal. Previous experiences with Etsy were not this confusing and complicated. All Etsy site should have a PayPal option because I have no idea who these people really are and I credit card because of that. All pricing and return car should be clear up front. Because of the confusion and changing and prices. I went back and forth. Through the process many times, never knowing if I would lose my. Discounts..Version: 6.38

Review of EtsyI have purchased various items through Etsy from jewelry, greeting cards, personal items and so much more. The shops used through Etsy are very reliable and I would like to add they are very unique items that you will not find anywhere else. In purchasing an item the shop gives a full description of the item and notes if there are any flaws and also they list the previous customers the item they purchased and if they were pleased or not pleased. Just purchased the most unique Christmas Cards to send to family and friends these cards you will not find in Hallmark because they are Vintage. Yes they cost a little more because they have to be shipped. But once a year I want my Family and Friends to know I went that extra mile to send them unique Christmas Cards because they are Special. I also purchased small replicas of the characters from The Classic Charles Dickens Story “Scrooge”. A gift for my Nephew which I know he’ll treasure. Etsy is really TOPS in my book and I will go on being one of their devoted customers..Version: 6.54

So Cool!I recently purchased a graphic tee from WyattsDigitalArt on Etsy and I have to say, I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I would give this brand a 5-star rating without hesitation. The shirt is not only stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable to wear. As a hip hop dance teacher, I'm always on the lookout for unique and expressive clothing to match my vibrant personality, and WyattsDigitalArt delivered just that. The collection of graphic tees and clothes offered by this brand are eye-catching, full of character, and impressive. The designs make a bold statement wherever I go. I've received numerous compliments from friends, family, and even strangers. It's clear that the attention to detail and creativity put into each piece is unmatched. The quality of the fabric and printing is also top-notch, and durable enough to dance in. I'm thrilled to have found this brand as it perfectly aligns with my personal style and profession. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for high-quality, trendy, and expressive clothing options. Thank you, WyattsDigitalArt, for creating such amazing pieces!.Version: 6.25

Really Good, but…I really enjoy browsing through the different shops, but with the newest update, the receipt page for an item is contradictory. At the top, it will say that an item has shipped, but at the bottom, it will say that it hasn’t shipped yet. It’s very confusing, and I’m not sure which prompt to trust. Small error, but an error nonetheless. Another issue I had pertains to where a product supposedly ships from. I had one item ship from California to my home across the country in four total days. But an item that supposedly ships from my resident state hasn’t even shipped in the same amount of time. Not necessarily the fault of Etsy, but I would suggest that a shop be required to provide Etsy with a legitimate location to ship from. I have a feeling that not all locations listed are accurate. Sellers should also be required to ship sold items within a set amount of time, otherwise have their ability to sell their wares on the platform to be revoked. Also, before you purchase anything, ask the seller if they ship through a service called Ding Hong. There have been many instances where sellers shipping through Ding Hong are scamming customers..Version: 6.30.1

Best Place For Custom Kink GearYou won’t find a single place where sellers go above and beyond for kinky buyers who usually have some sort of shame wanting items that make adulting more fun and with Klarna as a partner, I was able to treat myself and my lover to beautiful, one of a kind items that are fairly priced and extremely hard to find to add to our bedroom time and this was made possible by Etsy. Etsy isn’t perfect and there will be times you get a dud but 9 times out of 10 I’ve been super happy supporting people in the kink community with all my purchases. With Klarna I was able to get a great deal of custom items for like $30 bucks a month on auto pay. It’s a no brainer. You pick out what you like, open Klarna and shop Etsy, the transaction is seamless and worth the wait. Tracking numbers and a way to contact the seller all make this easy to do with no stress. Plus when people ask you where you got your sexy toys at the next play party you can tell them with absolute confidence they can find it on Etsy!😊.Version: 6.2

Loyal but cautiousI have been a buyer and seller on Etsy since 2007 when I opened my jewelry shop. Since then I have seen many changes to Etsy, some for the better and others not. Etsy is a Mecca for specialized, beautiful items that you may not be able to find anywhere else, and it serves as a community for creative people. It is user-friendly and easy to operate, and the prices are fair. My biggest complaints about Etsy are that they do not promote truly handmade items as much as they used to, and that they are too quick to shut down a shop at the first sign of a conflict with a customer. There is no hearing process or chance to course correct. I’ve seen too many shops get shut down for no reason. I love being an Etsy seller and I am happy, but I no longer trust them as much as I used to. I don’t trust that if there was ever a problem with my shop, even after 14 years, that I could receive proper customer service and feel heard and honored. I have no first hand experience with this as my shop is still in tact. This is my honest assessment that I would tell a good friend. I would have kept it to myself, but they asked..Version: 5.73

Reviews need ReviewingThe shopping interface is easy to read and navigate, and I’ve never had an issue with purchases I’ve made from the app. 4 stars for that! And shoutout to all the shop owners of Etsy. Y’all have some exceptional creativity and I love seeing the variety of shops. One star was deducted for the reviewing process. Leaving separate, non-clearable notifications to review two purchased options of the same product seems unnecessary and excessive. The review process as a whole and the non-clearable notifications is already mildly annoying and discourages me from wanting to make further purchases, but having to leave back-to-back reviews for the same seller on the same product listing for two different variants/options seems like an inefficient use of time when I could just review both products in one review (and it would make the reviews appear less spam-y on the seller’s page). Since Etsy is so keen on reviews, I hope this feedback is taken into consideration to optimize the reviewing process more and make it a more efficient and enjoyable experience for the buyer. ☺️.Version: 6.66

How can you NOT Love ETSY?This site has grasped my heart from the first time I visited it several years ago. I had first heard of it through a cousin who’s daughter was making the most intricate jewelry and was showcasing it on ETSY. I figured let me have a look. I have to warn you, this site is addicting. My husband who can’t stand flea markets, and as he says peoples old junk loves me to show him things on ETSY. Plus it’s not just the VINTAGE items. Its the Artisans that comprise so much of what you see on here. The first time I witnessed a person who took an old Novel and folded the pages into a Heart. Another who used spoons to make a piece of functional decor. Just so much. All so beautiful and special. The first time I witnessed a hand and arm crochet chunky blanket! This is what ETSY is about. I love so much I could go on and on. My favorite has to be the Books that are wrapped. How awesome is that. You receive a Vintage Novel wrapped uniquely. Now I want to go “surprise” myself with that! Here’s to having a bunch of lovely, wonderful and inspiring experiences on ETSY!🌻.Version: 5.76

Extremely unhappyI am extremely unhappy I have been dealing with the supplier LoveJilty, since I’ve paid for my items I haven’t received any information regarding why my payment has not gone through on THERE part. I was supposed to receive a bra top and a garter bottom and was told that my items was marked as unpaid because of being shipped internationally and that additional charges may apply that I was okay with what I’m not Okay with is the fact that I got a message from LoveJilty saying they need me to pay again for what I already bought and have a receipt for ! Which is 85$ extra! I have tried to open a case but cannot because it says that my items will not be shipped until July 12 which is a lie because I will not be receiving my items because they have told me I need to pay more money. They also sent me a one additional message saying that they would check the bank as to why my payment didn’t go through and they never got back with me I want a refund and have not heard back and I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied.Version: 5.26

Fabric pricingThe only thing I don’t like on Etsy is having to guess the price of fabric. It is usually by the yard but on Etsy you sometimes have to go all the way into your cart before finding the price is not for a yard but it is for a fat quarter, an 1/8th, or 3/8 yard, 1 yard etc. It makes it very hard to compare fabrics. Normally it would be no big deal but when a fabric is needed now it gets very annoying to open an ad just to find out it still doesn’t specify how much you are getting for $3.40. After reading the entire ad you still don’t have an indication. So now you go to the cart to see what you bought for 3 @ $3.40. One would expect about $12 with tax but instead it said $38 and that didn’t include shipping. I did this kind of searching for 6 hours yesterday between 2 sites and left everything at your site except for one small purchase. I don’t have a problem paying what something is worth but it seems like a trick. It is not needed unless your goal is to annoy. Just price it the real price. Thanks, Donna Watkins.Version: 5.42

App needs improvementI was enjoying the app until recently. The searches work well. The “similar items” are helpful. And the shops that make and sell products are wonderful that I’ve purchase with. However, two major flaws are the “favorites” function is not currently working. When you click on favorites, it does not bring you to all of your favorites. Only at the top of the favorites screen does it show your “recent favorites” but the remainder of my favorites and favorite shops are no longer shown on that page like they use to be. When I go on the web and use Etsy, everything works perfectly but not on the app. Also, when trying to do reviews, you should be able to provide more than one picture with your review, especially if you purchased a set that comes with numerous items. Yes, you can provide a video but I like to take pictures as well. Another helpful feature would be if discounts & sales be more apparent when displayed. If the glitches and improvements were made to the app, I would definitely give 5 stars. The app was 5 star worthy until the most recent update..Version: 6.70

Too many factory made products!Hey Etsy - thought this was all about the craftsperson, not the Asian factory. You know that there’s something not quite right when you see the same photos in multiple shops that were also on Chinese mega-sites. I do appreciate the shops that will custom-make garments. That’s a service that’s necessary for the plus-sized in particular - I had to stop at 1X because customers sized larger refused to pay a higher price than I was charging for a small. Back to the situation - I’ve always put the mandated care and content labels in my garments, but content is sorely missing on the imports from China. I purchased a rather pricey sweater from Alicewool that she stated was cotton. It started pilling if you looked at it cross-eyed. Within 24 hours it became some you wouldn’t leave the house wearing. I tested the yarn, and got very little ash, and a hard plastic-y blob - it was most likely a petroleum based synthetic, with a single cotton thread. When I called her on it, she was rude and dismissive. Is it one rule for us, and another for China? I’ve often thought of contacting the FTC regarding this..Version: 6.31

Overwhelmed by adsI love Etsy and I’ve used this app for years. I was SO happy when they finally updated the options for search filtering because that was a long long time coming, but recently my searches are dominated by ads paid for by the stores owner. I’m used to Etsy ads and they’ve even helped me find new favorites. However, most of my search results are now ads, and they’re ads that are no longer even pertinent to what I’m looking for. If I’ve searched for sunflower necklaces, adjusted the filters to what I want, I don’t want to see sunflower wedding invitations suggested, or sunflower art prints being suggested. Seriously?! At least suggest the same thing I’m looking for, even if it’s a $200 item and my search criteria is the $0-$50 range. That at least I understand. Mixing completely different categories is obnoxious and makes it hard for me to see what I’m looking for. The second problem with the ads lately is the quantity. I’m used to seeing 2 ads every so often, but I’m seeing 4-6 ads clumped together now and coming up so often I don’t know if it’s still on my search at all. This is ridiculous, I want this fixed ASAP please..Version: 5.14

PDF DownloadsI am so annoyed with Etsy. I purchased a pattern from a seller on the app and of course there is no option to download the pdf pattern on the app. I purchased a pattern several years ago and had the same issue then. I can’t believe after all this time you still haven’t managed to add a download pdf function on the app. When I click on the link in the email received from the seller to View your files on Etsy it would automatically open the app. Could not find a link anywhere on the app to access the full site so I could download the pattern. Tried going directly through Safari and Google Chrome to access the full site and it would just jump to the app every time . I finally had to delete the app from my phone to be able to access the full site so I could download the pdf file for the pattern. So ridiculous. There should be a link in the app to access the full site since some functions are only available on your full site..Version: 6.68

If you can't find IT on eBay...You can definitely find IT on Etsy! I love the ease of navigation and the ease of purchasing. I like that I can put several things in my cart , and then choose which ones I want to purchase now or later. I like how it saves my recent searches, has suggestions based on my recent browsing, and the ease of asking a question or starting a convo (conversation). Other than the following complaint, this app gets 5 STARS!!! (I put 1 star so it would be reviewed by the app developers, and they can fix the search problem). **the complaint: While searching, sometimes my thumb accidentally hits the search icon at the bottom of the screen, which kicks me out of my current search. Sure, the search title I used is saved, but not the place I was. It's very frustrating to search through 250 items, only to have to start the search again because I tapped too far down on the screen** (I know... I need smaller thumbs lol!).Version: 6.36.1

Casual UserI'm on this app every so often and I've never had a problem with it. Every time I use it it's always a pleasant experience..Version: 4.74

So far so good!I'm new to etsy but so far the app has been very user friendly! Very simple searching and submitting my first order. I will be back!.Version: 4.74

Pushed an app update, but didn’t fix resolution?!You need to update your app to support the resolution of the XS Max and XR. It’s really unfortunate that you pushed an update that didn’t include that fix....Version: 5.8

Beautiful designI am updating my previous review as I received the stencil and it’s beautifully done! I am very happy with it and look forward to doing my projects with it..Version: 5.39

Recovery is a processThanks for your support.Version: 6.47.1

Mostly great, except settings issueThe app is mostly great, easy to use and navigate. However, I have to reset my currency each time I use it as well as specific filters I apply to my searches (ie: shop location, ships to, etc.) and I also noticed that some options re:colours of products are not always visible on mobile vs. desktop. This makes the app less appealing to me because it feels like a bit of a hassle to use. Please fix!.Version: 5.7

App IssuesI love browsing Etsy often but lately I been having issues with the app where it gives me a pop up saying “Uh oh, there was a problem. This listing can't be loaded at the moment. You might be able to get to it later” and it will do it constantly. I’m not sure if it’s just the app or not..Version: 6.70

ShippingThe shipping charges in most cases are way too high more than the product cost. There should be some kind of cap on shipping charges..Version: 6.60

Notification annoyanceNo problems with the items for sale. However there is always the notification thing on the app and it won’t go away even tho I checked everything..Version: 6.44

Unique Items - Shop EtsyI’ve already done lots of Christmas shopping. I buy all my cards on Etsy and I’ve been very happy with the quality of the items without exception. I look for shops that don’t charge postage or have reasonable postage rates. Great way to support small businesses and find unique gifts..Version: 5.87.1

Frustrating search functionPlease change back the search function. it’s slow and is incredibly frustrating to use now. no one needs an ai conversation or whatever to search for things, it makes me not want to shop on the app anymore.Version: 6.40

Not a fan of the new updateBasically what the title says. I have used the app for years but with the new update the search function is now set up like a chat. When you search for things it lists some and you keep having to click “see more”and it gives automated responses constantly instead of just giving you the results. Personally I don’t like it and will be using the website from now on. And when looking at my favourites list they don’t all show up. But everything functions really well I just think the new search feature should be an option to search that way..Version: 6.40

Its really good but-It keeps showing me alot of nsfw stuff and its really bothering me and idk how to get rid of it and i really dont like it.Version: 6.6.1

Shipping is way more at checkoutThe shipping price listed on the product page will show 5-6 dollars and then when you get to checkout, the shipping beside each product end up being $7-8, plus a $10 shipping charge on the whole order. I wish Etsy would tidy this up so there weren’t all those added costs suddenly. It would also be nice if they’d bundle the shipping if you’re buying more than one item from a single vendor. Other than that, I love the selection of shopping on Etsy..Version: 6.2

Amazing productsThank you, very good quality and fast delivery.Version: 5.78

What happened?Why is it after the latest iOS update you have to sign in every time? This only happens on my phone. Super annoying and I can’t find anywhere to change a setting to keep it from happening..Version: 5.85

Freezing (as of April 4)Love Etsy and the app is pretty great, but recently having freezes on iOS 14.4.2 where I have to force close then reopen the app. I’m sure this will be fixed so 5*. :).Version: 5.72.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 6.75

What do you think Etsy: Shop & Gift with Style ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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