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Compete against the World in 26 NEW Angry Birds levels every week!
Or take your chances in the Star Cup as you go head-to-head against individual opponents!
Compete with your friends, come out on top, and climb the leaderboards to become the BEST Angry Birds player in the World!

Tournament Features:
– NEW Competitive Tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!
– Play 26 NEW levels every week!
– Challenge opponents and win to advance to higher leagues!
– Take hold of the top position for amazing rewards!
– Special Themed Tournaments every other week!

Star Cup features:
– Challenge other Angry Birds players one-on-one!
– Free Power Ups, Level Effects and Special Slingshots on every level.
– Collect Feathers to level up your Birds and gain more scoring power!
– Win streaks! Win multiple matches in a row to increase your Rewards.


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When playing this game, Rovio will offset the carbon footprint caused by the device’s energy consumption.

We may update the game periodically, for example to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected. Angry Birds Friends is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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Angry Birds Friends App Comments & Reviews

Angry Birds Friends Positive Reviews

Petition to Make angry birds games for the Nintendo switchI freaking love the angry birds franchise and I really want angry birds games for the Nintendo switch . Maybe instead of angry birds trilogy you could make Angry birds the fully angered collection with the original angry birds angry birds seasons ,star wars and space and maybe 2 rpg games called Angry birds the wrath of the pigs and angry birds the piggy wars and A platformer game called angry birds z and another one called angry birds it’s about time where you red gets pushed into a time machine and has to fight pig bosses in every dimension. You could even make a game called angry birds egglympics where the angry birds characters go in Olympic Games. And even a remake of angry birds go called angry birds go re-race and one for angry birds epic called angry birds epic next battle and another remake for angry birds action called angry birds action re-angered. Maybe make a game called angry birds x where Instead of the pigs stealing the eggs which Is getting kinda boring imo They trash bird island and the birds get so angry that they try to stop them. This would be very awesome. Please do this..Version: 11.8.2

ABThe game is getting more intricate and difficult and to maneuver around and because the score boxes cover the parts of the game at the top and to the right. Please either make them smaller or put score boxes on the bottom so as not to interfere with the playing of the game. April 18, 2023 Thanks. The game is not loading on my iPad. I have to click on the app about 10 times or more and if I'm lucky, it will come on. What is the it new updates or is it from Rovio? Losing my patience😩 October 19, 2023 Angry Birds creators are not listening....the score boxes are covering parts of the game because they're too big. The difficulty of the game has increased to the point of frustration and considering quitting! When he run of playing becomes too much of a chore to continue....then something needs to change. The fan feature is ridiculous and sometimes impossible to get good scores. Not happy.Version: 11.17.1

Closest to the original as I could findMy personal favorite version of angry birds is the original, no leveling up birds, no transformers, no battles version. Angry birds friends is the closest I could find. Rovio could you please release the old version where there were a bunch of themed level for each land? It is my favorite and it isn’t as overwhelming visually. I would really appreciate it. I mean what’s the harm? You could make it like retro angry birds and tons of people would go for it. I do like how you release new levels that change every few days and you try to score the highest, that adds a fun element but once you get to diamond level, there really isn’t anything to earn, there is no point. Maybe you should release more themed slingshots or add skins for your birds. You kind of level out on friends. I still play it for the changing levels but if it didn’t have that I would have gotten rid of it. Overall it’s a fun game but I would like it if you could take my suggestions into consideration, thanks!.Version: 9.9.0

Angry bird friendsI have to admit that i still enjoy playing the six levels a week. I made the decision to play without power ups (or whatever the scoring aids are called) so it may limit my scores some. I had some problems a month or so ago with an upgrade ( original ipad ios 5), but other than that issue the game has worked well and provides a few hours of entertainment a week - generally trying to coax an extra point or two out of the game. I am a bit miffed when the latest update did not work under iOS 5. Lost slingshots and other items, so I,lol play it natural or un enhanced, no more purchases. a continuation the star tournament is compelling, i enjoy the four time a day one on one challenge. i don’t i particularly good at the game, i made star level nine once, but generally hover around level one..Version: 6.0.3

Too many ads, too hard to earn powerups, & technical issues!I have played AB Friends since it started. I LOVED it! Able to move up according to your skill. A couple years ago I stopped playing bc levels became too complex to win without powerups. They also added more levels so you run out of powerups with the extra levels. Unless you pay real money (I refuse) you can’t compete equally with those players who do. I watch ad after ad after ad, and still can’t get enough powerups to beat each level. I would rather pay a reasonable amount for a fair game than watch all the ads. My fave game has become too frustrating to play as is. Also there’s an issue where after shooting last bird, the “End Level” and “Use Wingman” buttons cover up the playing area while the game is still going, so you can’t see what’s happening and then can’t make a decision on whether to use wingman or end the level. This is happening on my iPad since the last update..Version: 10.10.1

Great game but..Love the game really fun, I love the tournaments. Every time it’s creative and I love when the levels reflect certain holidays. My only issue is recently with this last update I’ve noticed I’m not getting my rewards when I complete a level and get 3 stars. I should be getting 8 coins each time and it shows that I should get it but my coins never update to show the new amount. It’s really annoying, I think I’m owed over 50 extra coins that I never got at this point. Edit: This is like a year later and still having the same issues the coins I should have. Now none of the coins I earn are updating into my “bank”, it keeps playing the little clip where the coins get added up at the end of the weekly challenge over and over and over but when I try to use them while playing a level, my coins aren’t there. Get it together developers my god!.Version: 10.9.0

Soooooooo EXPENSIVE !!!I’ve been playing Angry birds and Angry birds friends since they came out, and for the most part enjoyed it; except when you get kicked out of the game, especially during your highest score😡! This happens every time I play, as well as it freezing up during, or after the ads that are meant to give you free power ups, so then you waste several minutes watching either a frozen screen or it giving you an error so you don’t get the power up, then you have to power off and reload. Rovio has also taken the “Let’s make tons of profits” to a ridiculous level. You are unable to get 3 stars on most levels unless you power up and to power up, you have to purchase coins which are extremely expensive and the higher level you go, the more power ups you have to use in order to be competitive and earn coins. I guess the only solution is to quit playing a game that I have loved for years. Greed is the worst!.Version: 9.8.0

Please fixI really like this game but it's constantly kicking me off. I lose my free birds after an add, the birds randomly shoot off without me touching the screen. I lost my high score constantly. I even lose my mini games due to the ads kicking me offline. I get high ranks, like 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but it gives me 17 coins as it shows I'm in last place, even when my scores are in the 1st - 3rd high scores. Please fix this. I'm tired of being kicked offline, losing my ranks in the tournaments and I need those free birds... I watch those endlessly irritating ads, at least let me have those needed birds, slingshots, etc. I can never get past 4th or 5th treasure chest in the mini tournaments, because I get kicked off and have to start from the beginning... over and over. It's beyond frustrating..Version: 8.6.0

BrawlSooo what’s up with these new wheel 🙄 it looks like just more ads and 1/4 the jackpot. You guys alredy cut from 2 to 1 every time we watch ad or turn the wheel and even after all that when I do want to use the bird I have to watch another ad which are now more then 30–35 seconds plus another few for waiting for that X so I can close it. Seriously guys….disappointed. Btw free wheel thing still don’t always work. So the changes in tournament part is very good the brawl part is well you guys took the fun out of it. Also soooooo many ads. 😣 I touch screen once could be anything boom ad pops up. To start new game….ad…to go back…ad urrghhhh u guys have alredy changed to 1 reward instead of reg 2. So do either or. More add sure give 2 rewards then or cut back. It takes fun out of playing the game. Maybe ok in beginning but players will get irritated with it. Also the wheel don’t always work..Version: 11.12.1

Fun to play, but Ad-greedyI do love to play this game, however lately they have been playing more and more ads. Now, in addition to the ads that are optional for you to watch to receive bonuses, etc., Now they shove ads down your throat and between the matches. It is one thing to consent to watching an ad to get an extra bonus, however being forced to watch ads on top of the other ads is getting to be a little too much. And many of the ads are not appropriate for all ages so if you have children playing this game, which I’m sure that they do, they will be exposed to inappropriate ads. They clearly do not care where the ad revenue comes from as long as they are shoving the ads down your throat continuously. Stop being so greedy, I’m sure you make enough money as it is, stop it with the unskippable ads!.Version: 10.3.2

Fun time kill but have some suspicionsI have played this game for a few years and find it fun. I don’t play against anyone, so my competition is computer-matched. There are patterns in the strength of my opponents. For example, the first game after losing it is generally easy to get at least two out of three stars. Many times after winning game 1, the game 2 opponent is much more difficult. Higher levels of competition is good, but there are times when the opponent score is beyond possible. For example, I just got beat by over 2 million points and there was maybe 200,000 points left for me to get (I would share a screen capture if I could). It seems to me as though the computer is making the game 2 matches extremely difficult or impossible. Why? I can only reason that it’s to avoid the higher bird coin payouts for higher levels of games..Version: 6.0.0

Really good…but a bit buggedThis game is really fun and even has some old features from the old AB games like the sound effects and extra points when you have some leftover birds , but it has some glitches one being that sometimes when you complete one level with three stars and then when you move on to the next level you don’t see any stars on the level but then again the game will correct it’s self when you complete the next level so it doesn’t matter too much (oh and they redesigned Hal for like the third time I mean second design was looked good to me so I don’t know why Rovio changed Hal again but it looks kinda ok I guess.).Version: 10.3.2

This one & match3Of all the AB versions, it’s got to be a tie between this one and AB-match3. but, it’s close. they are both great games on two different games formats. the only problem is how small everything is. i mean i’m not on a 4s or something. they screen size on my iPhone11 has plenty of play area. the tiny little pigs are sometimes fun to find, but the birds are so small, that i have to waste a few, and then start over if i want to know which ones they are, when my sound is off. all part of the fun, really, but it gets to be frustrating during tournament play, because you don’t get to start over, and it can KILL a streak if you play a bird wrong. but, all in all, this game is a blast! thanks, dev’s. keep ‘em coming! (can’t wait to see the new head-t- head set-up!).Version: 11.0.0

GlitchesThe BEST games Rovio putout were the original Angry Birds and it’s clones: Seasons (my favorite), Space, and Rio. I had quit playing all the newer Rovio games, the ones that came out after Rovio was bought out, because they weren’t fun anymore. They were fancier, the programmers and animators worked very hard on them, but they weren’t FUN. After a few years I decided to try Rovio again (Covid shut-downs making me desperate?). This game, Friends, plays like those originals, and WOULD BE fun if …. If only they didn’t glitch. As a “for instance”, slowing down and/or freezing so that the level must be started over, or the best solution (like hitting a blinking light) doesn’t work, so a 3 star score isn’t possible. Come on, Rovio, you have had a chance. If I find one more glitchy level you’re done for another few years. P.S. To those players who complain about spending too much on power-ups…. I am an old lady -almost 80 years - have played 60 levels, and only on the horribly glitchy level 60 did I need a power-up to pass the level. In the latest tournament that I bothered to take part in, I was 3rd place with no power-up used. I advise you stop complaining about spending money and focus on improving your skills and strategy..Version: 10.4.0

Alright this game is kinda goodThis may be the closest game that we get to the classics and I like that but in case you did not know Rovio people like the old games WAY more than the ones we have now. This game is good overall though. But I think you would get WAY more downloads if you brought back the old classics like the first game, the Star Wars game, Angry birds Go! And the a lot more like Seasons, Angry Birds Epic! And Angry Birds Fight which I think at this point you guys forgot about the game but for real if you won’t do it for just 1 person then do it for the MILLIONS of people that prefer the classic games. Please Rovio I know you want to update the newer games I’m not saying to update them I’m just saying to bring them back but for now you won’t see me playing much angry birds.Version: 10.1.1

Exciting concept but poor design, very expensive gameThe concept of the game and animation is very good. But more designed towards increasing their income. The birds don't have much power unless enhanced using a sling or magic poison for each occurrence of a level. And the pigs are out of reach in some levels and requires more power ups. The cost of the in-app purchases keep increasing almost every couple of months. Also, Sometimes the rewards don’t get credited after watching the full ad. This game has become monotonous and boring to play. They have made more difficult to play in the name of challenge. And if we get good at it, they promote and increase the difficulty level. I used play the game to reduce stress but It’s no longer fun to play. Just moving on. I would now give less than 2 stars..Version: 11.14.0

Pay to WinThis is classic, old-school bird-flinging fun. Be aware: “Friends” is a pay to win setup. In tournament mode, levels are filled with extra points (diamonds, etc.) for those who are willing to constantly buy power-ups…and there is ALWAYS someone willing to spend more money than you. In regular mode, some levels are impossible to get 3 stars without power-ups, especially as you get higher up the tower. I don’t begrudge them making a profit. This gets spendy fast if you care about your place on the leaderboard. I’d rather pay $10 for the game and have it be purely based on skill. I’ve been playing AB since it came out. This version is fun and uses the original physics of the game. Wish they’d also bring back the orbital and modified physics from Space and Star Wars..Version: 10.9.0

I’m ok with friend birds but new things are hard to getI like friend birds but the problem with it is when I don’t know what to do with the end of the level. And the game makes you think that you can just buy things and the problem is solved but instead of the problem being solved you just can’t get anything new. And being on like level 30 you have 0 new things and you don’t have the money to buy anything new. And then people start making fun of you because you don’t have any type of new slingshot. When you complete friend birds you don’t have anything that is better then the stuff you started off with. Sure that’s impressive but then the game just goes a lot slower then usual..Version: 11.2.0

Love them BirdsTakes your power ups at times due to glitches and loading but they give it back on the daily spins with ads. I played since it started and it has changed a bit. I play on diamond level 7-9 back and forth. I’m in first place sometimes 33 place at times but it depends on how you figure out each stage. The winning is really up to you I have tried different things for each bird sometimes you get it and sometimes close is good enough. Play the levels without power ups until you find the highest score then figure out your power ups after to save yourself from loosing time=money.Version: 8.6.0

Fun Game…butIt clearly rigged in several manners. I don’t understand why they bother to rig it, but it’s clear that they do. Sometimes, the birds are noticeably less effective. Other times you loose a tournament when there’s no way you could have gotten enough points to win because there isn’t enough hardware left to damage. Two or three wood blocks aren’t going to make up for a 300,000 point difference. I have multiple screen shots of such examples. Finally, the latest has been the program crashing on the sixth tournament level when you are about ready to win. Once or twice is perhaps a coincidence, but dozens of times it crashes at just that level and no other level is just too coincidental. And always crashes AFTER you watch the ad..Version: 11.9.0

Please readOk I do have a question it happens to me a lot when I pretty much demolish everything but maybe a block or two I’m still in 24 th place now why is that when everything else is gone except 2 things I’m in 24th place I am very agitated with this game cuz of that bull crap but I do love this game even though to me it seems like it’s rigged for other people to win I should make it a 0 star game but I like it it happened to me twice yesterday never should’ve of been 24th on the one game everything was demolished but 2 blocks and I’m in 24th spot wow I was mad I wanted to delete this game but like I said I love this game I’m done with rant have a good day now I will always play this game cuz I love it.Version: 6.0.5

Player vs PlayerIn the player vs player mode where there is competition, the thing that I hate is that I will finish my round and supposedly the other player has finished their round, it shows the scores and the person that I am playing against has mysteriously gained tens of thousands of points from somewhere. It’s hard to compete when you don’t know what the actual score is. This problem has gotten worse with the latest updates. The other problem with this game is still the ads. The same old ads over and over for the worst games possible. The crappy farm game. The “Matchingson Mansion” (or whatever the name is). I know that these companies are paying money for these ads but you guys should be able to pick at least some good games/companies to be shown..Version: 7.7.0

Angry Birds steals my coins and everything!They say the holidays and into 2019 have exciting new games! Then , due to glitches on both my iPhone and iPad, I have “something went wrong ....sorry “ and I am totally robbed of all I have worked for. I can’t get in to either game. And there is no chance my money will be there if I could ever get back on. This has been my favorite game for years, but I will not give them any more money to start over. Don’t think this won’t happen to you. Avoid this game and all Angry Birds games! It is a total rip off. It is called stealing and in the name of a game. “Oops”, they say to make it okay. NO MORE.Version: 5.3.0

Way way way way way way too many adsMaybe I’ve got a version that’s different from others, but the ads pop in every 4 or 5 or so minutes and some are not easy to get past once you sit thru it…and seem to last a few mins each time. I honestly get so annoyed I wouldn’t try the games they are pushing just because they are so annoying. The AB Friends game is awesome and the tournament and levels are always challenging and different…never boring. But the constant ads really take away from the games…I get that they help pay for the outstanding programming and development on the game, but it’s way way way way way too much. Would rate it 10 stars if the ads didn’t constantly disrupt the games. Sorry..Version: 11.7.0

Too Many Ads, Seriously.When I first began playing this tournament style of Angry Birds, I didn't mind watching some of the ads, as it was an acceptable amount. I really enjoyed playing Angry Birds as a tournament and like the incentives. Now, I get 3 ads in a row! Come on, guys. Don't chase us away with all of the ads. When I get my free spins, it will just be ad after ad after ad until I just go onto another game app to get away from the onslaught. Enough, okay? Also, I feel like I'm not really playing against "real" people because I don't ever see the same names each time. Something not right with that. Also, I agree with Curly. Same thing has happened to me. Okay, I do enjoy this game a lot, but when I find something else I like with fewer ads, I'll be gone..Version: 3.8.0

Most replay value of any Angry Birds gameI've been playing nearly every day for more than five years. Of all iPad games, this is the one I enjoy most. I look forward to seeing what each new week will bring. My favorite levels are the ones with the cannons, but we haven't had one of those for months. Rovio, make more cannon levels! :) [EDIT: They did, for a recent Pirate Week. Yay! Now make some more!] UPDATE late 2017: The star tournament added recently has been fun to do, but it really should hand out more bird coins as rewards. It could easily become a trap for people who spend too much money on in-app purchases..Version: 3.9.0

A Nice Alternative Fun To Be An Angry Bird FriendI’ve been playing Angry Bird Friends, and for some reason it works out better for me than Angry Birds. I guess I’m better suited as a friend of the Angry Birds. Anyway I’ve been having a lot of fun; Blowing up, thrashing, smashing those naughty piggies. Always after the prized bird eggs; all the piggies and their evil foreman stop at nothing, building worlds to thwart all Angry Bird Attacks! It’s fun blowing up, smashing, demolishing piggies, and theirs structures. If you’ve tried Angry Birds, and it some how didn’t work very well. If you were great at Angry Birds, or perhaps you never played Angry Birds. Give Friends of Angry Birds a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised..Version: 5.3.0

Star cup drama.I great game I love the tournament and the piggy tower. The only thing I can complain about is the star cup, the game will NOT let you get to a 6 streak under any circumstances. The early streak levels will be easy but then you will probably get squashed by the opponent from somewhere streak levels 4-6. One level I did great, the next I got slaughtered. The tournament is fun, you try to get the highest scores on level so you can rank higher in the league. It is hard to get in first but it is possible (with the aid of powerups). The piggy tower is also nice but it doesn’t last long, and some of the level are a pain to get three stars 😔..Version: 10.0.0

Cute graphics and animation, but small bugsOverall very good, but needs fixes. When you are in a level and you have a power up of count 0, the game may invite you to watch a video for a free power up. In this case, the theme music still plays during video advertisement. Similarly, if you do the Daily Spin with an ad, the theme music plays with the advertising video. Similarly, if you choose to watch an ad video to increase feathers on a bird in your flock, the theme song conflicts with the advertisement. There is no option to enable sound effects with no theme music. There is a serious glitch in the Star Cup. I can finish a level, with all my birds used and the opponent’s score stabilized, with me winning, but when I end the level it sometimes bumps the opponent’s score up so I unexpectedly lose! In fact sometimes the opponent’s score remains 0 until the level has ended, and afterwards the opponent’s score suddenly is as big or bigger than my score. This bug is not consistent. Usually the scoring works fine..Version: 7.7.0

Can u update this?Add: old angry birds friends theme Add: the app was now windows 10 game on the app Plz.Version: 6.0.5

Game is not fun anymoreI used it love playing this game However, since all the changes where it is very evident that you need to continue to purchase more and more power ups to win, I feel a real loss of enjoyment for the game. During this COVID-19 pandemic a lot of people have lost everything from family members, their jobs, and the ability to provide for their families. You would hope that a mega company like this would step up and realize that money is short, and playing this game was one way for people to escape and have a little bit fun during these very tiring times..Version: 9.9.0

Put aimer back before you shoot. ThanksIt’s like abit of AB1 mixing with AB2 it would be better if u had the aimer like in the other game....Version: 8.7.1

Lego ad frustrationThat Lego ad makes things unbearable. There’s no way out, makes you click and go to sites and I have not found a way to get through it and actually get the reward for watching the ad. I just quit the app and start over and hope to get a different ad, and lose the reward in the meantime. Super frustrating..Version: 11.15.0

UpdateI don't like new update. Very bad.Version: 7.6.1

FunEnjoy the games. Innocent but interesting. Strategy that sometimes comes together after playing. I am not a gamer. Played Original Angry Birds years ago. Came across new Angry Birds and fun..Version: 6.0.4

DisappointingHave 3 Angry Birds apps. NEEDS MORE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY too many purchases to keep playing. Love the idea but so very few slingshot scenes. best App by these devs LONG Gone STELLA.Version: 11.15.0

Internal server errorRecent frequent internal server error has been a major bummer.Version: 8.6.0

UpdateI love the game but the update changed everything , it freeze, says I lost connection, freeze again , I want to use powers “ and reduce number of particular power but freeze I have to reboot .. it’s annoying to the point I am looking for new game to play.Version: 8.5.0

Angry birdsI love love love this game ❤️👏.Version: 5.2.1

ReviewGreat game.Version: 3.7.0


Angry BirdsI can’t do this latest update IOS version something I don’t understand it so I can’t update so no more Angry Birds, too bad, I really enjoyed your game. Maybe you could change your update so everyone can update, not just a certain few!.Version: 11.17.1

Fun but there are issues lately.Games are fun, but lately there are lots of server issues. If it wasn’t for that I would have given more stars..Version: 11.18.1

LikeLove.Version: 11.16.2


Fb LoginI’m logged in through my fb account, but my friends that play no longer show up under the “friends” tab nor can I send out gifts..Version: 11.17.1

Angry BirdsAwwwwwwsome.Version: 11.16.2

UpdateSince updating the OS for my Ipad Angry BirdFriend’s does not load.Version: 11.16.0

🙁Game won’t load after the recent update 😕.Version: 11.16.0

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