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The only App that builds your entire Army Service Uniform (ASU) and shows all the measurements!

* This App supports the latest AR 670-1 and DA PAM 670-1 (31MAR2014) updates for wear and appearance of the ASU.
* The App displays all measurements and spacing details by zooming in. Takes away the guesswork when setting up your own uniform.
* Save multiple ASUs with the option to edit or update later.
*Email, or Share ASU images. A great tool for assisting other Soldiers.
* Covers all ranks, branches, and genders.
* A ruler in the App facilitates on-the-spot uniform adjustments.

Square away your team, squad or platoon. You can build, save, and email your soldiers' ASUs faster than the time it normally takes to figure out one uniform using a booklet or manual! This App was created to make Army Service Uniform assembly fast!

This App does not yet cover:
Uniforms other than the ASU
National Guard State awards and ribbons

IUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform App Comments & Reviews

IUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform Positive Reviews

Minor work neededOverall not a bad app for quick and accurate placement. Would be nice to add a ruler function that can be seen while in camera view. Allowing the user to double check all measurements. Also add Class B option, measurements not annotated for badge placement on pocket. (I.e. Evenly spaced or with one once between), would also show what intersecting the lapel for the insignia disc actually means. Make a separate disc measurement/photo ability as stated above..Version: 1.13

Works WellThe app hasn’t crashed at all since I got it. Many of the issues I saw others rating this app low for seem to have been fixed with the exception of one or two things not allowed on OFC Uniform but are allowed to be placed on via the app. Basically the app allows you to see where things should go, if you are hoping the app does all the work and gives you the exact measurements you should always go see AR 670..Version: 1.13

I wish I had this when I set up my first uniformAbsolutely love this app. I appreciate the saving function for each uniform layout as I move throw up in ranks. I know it would be a lot of work but having the ability to add individual State Awards/Ribbons would be a great addition. Or at least a blank ribbon to hold the space for one might be easier..Version: 1.13

Generally OkayThis app is okay at best. It provides correct measurements and correct depictions of how your uniform should look. The issue I have with this app is that it doesn't account for whether you award or badges are covered. They should update the app to allow the user to input whether they want the award aligned to the right/left of the pocket etc. to account for it being covered..Version: 1.13

Not bad could be betterNeeds to add more awards I struggle trying to find where to put my Norwegian ruck March award. Additionally ar670-1 has updated several times since 2014. Has default crest badges and lacks several awards. Highly recommended to install worth the money just needs more updates which aren’t available.Version: 1.13

Not badThe concept of this app is great & it helps me out a lot. Especially since I transferred over from the Marines. There are a few areas that I could see that will improve this app. - Actually seeing the regimental insignia/crest - Actually seeing the branch (Transportation, infantry, etc.) - Update the ribbons & unit awards to match the new ribbons that are now authorized (Inherent Resolve ribbon). - Adding other Marine units to the Combat Service ID Badge (2nd Marine Aircraft Wing) and make it so that we can actually view it on the uniform. - Give an option to stagger awards & decorations with the regulation to indicate proper wear..Version: 1.13

Valuable toolA great app, no excuse for Joe to look like a soup sandwich at all anymore, great work on the app. Looking forward to seeing updates to include authorized marksmanship badges i.e. President's Hundred tab, Distinguished Marksmanship badges and interservice championship metals in order of precedence..Version: 1.13

Add an AR FunctionThe app is great but you could charge a lot more money for an Augmented Reality function that checks measurements and overlays the medals on your uniform. Just food for thought..Version: 1.13

Needs updateI would really like to see an update to add the new ribbon devices and also new campaign medals and what ever else has been added since the last update. The most recent update was 3 years ago, and yet the app is still $3.99.Version: 1.13

Can do better.Overall I love this app but there are two things I’ve noticed that seemed to be not correct. #1. The Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon and the Overseas Service Ribbon are switched. #2. The Humanitarian Medal isn’t the actual though. That one is the Civilian Version of the Medal..Version: 1.13

UpdateI’ve had this app for 3 years and I’ve never had a problem with it! It’s a great app but I would like to see and update on the things you can add on the uniform, new operation ribbons and recruiter, DS identifications etc..Version: 1.13

Great appThis is an outstanding app that provides all the information you need such as measurements and placement. The only thing is it needs to be updated with the new OIR campaign medal..Version: 1.13

Great appThis app is awesome and very helpful. Only have seen 2 problems if I try to edit a saved uniform app crashes and placement of attachments for the armed forces reserve medal are incorrect other than that excellent app cant wait to see identifications badges..Version: 1.13

DecentNot a bad app for general uniform advice. Could be improved with a little effort. Doesn't have my CSIB (SOCCENT) or my wife's (525 Bfsb). I would also like to have seen badges of other branches approved for wear on ASU (I have Navy EXW). Overall I guess it's helpful but not a complete resource..Version: 1.13

Helpful.I think this app is well structured and is pretty quick and easy to use. The only addition I would like to see would be the Chords for the uniform. For instance, the blue chord for infantry, and chords for specific units..Version: 1.13

Great, overall.App is great, but needs a few improvements. It crashes a lot. A few more things could be added, like measurements with foreign jump wings and flashes around Airborne wings..Version: 1.13

Could use workWould be above and beyond if they made it for all branches and added some missing parts here and there.Version: 1.13

National Guard AwardsOverall an excellent app for quick reference, the only gripe I have for it is the National Guard State awards aren’t present like on the full website. It’d be nice to see.Version: 1.13

My favoriteThis is my favorite uniform app, I wish they would update it to include new ribbons, or performance updates :).Version: 1.13

Good app, hasn’t been updated in a whileI’ve been using it for a while but it hasn’t been updated in some time. I’d like to see “C” and “R” devices and new ribbons (OIR, etc) added.Version: 1.13

Missing badgesGood app, gives correct measurements and all but some of the badges are missing like a lot of the foreign jump wings and things like president 100 tab. Also missing medals. Ex Syria campaign medal.Version: 1.13

Incorrect ribbon placementHad to double check the regulations considering the app shows me one thing and ezrackbuilder shows me another. Overall nice but double checking is not..Version: 1.13

Great appLove this app! Did exactly what I needed it to. Would like to see some recruiter/DS badges and some class B measurements for the gold ranks on the collar. Other than that, great app!.Version: 1.13

Awaiting AGSU update, but good so farDon't use this too often, but I use it to update my ribbon rack as needed. Would love to see this updated to include a toggle between the ASU and AGSU..Version: 1.13

Great app please updatePlease update the app. We need officer uniforms as well as special functions badges like recruiting, drill sergeant, etc. I use this this app a lot. Needs latest ribbons also..Version: 1.13

Love it - Squared me awayI love his app. I square my joes away with it before every inspection. Super easy - have used it for over a year now..Version: 1.13

Update needed.Overall not a bad app, needs updating though. Newer ribbons have been established in the past 5 years..Version: 1.13

Good appNice little app. Still currently has issues with placement of badges. I have the expert shooter and a driver badge and it places the expert badge above the ribbons.Version: 1.13

Needs updatingThe app will save any changes made to the uniform even if you click for it to NOT save changes. They’re also missing the “C” device and the ESB..Version: 1.13

Could use improvementOverall it is great. Now it is missing some things , make a update Add different branches, More ribbons Other style ASU/AGSU.Version: 1.13

Needs To be updatedThe Id Badge hasn’t been updated for a while It needs to be updated a little more so I can make the uniforms a little realistic And Add Decades So I can Make Vietnam Era Uniforms,WW2,Ww1,Etc!.Version: 1.13

Could be betterWould like to see a tropic B uniform as well. Would like to see updated with Pinks and Greens uniform as well..Version: 1.13

Short sleeveNot a bad app. I wish there was a option to toggle between the jacket setup. The long sleeve set up. And the short sleeve set up.Version: 1.13

Too expensiveWay too expensive but very handy to use..Version: 1.13

Needs an updatePretty good but it hasn’t been updated in 7 years. Need to add the expert Soldier badge and others..Version: 1.13

Awesome App!Overall...👍👍👍👍👍. This app did everything that I needed it to do to get my uniform ready in a hurry. Usability is Joe proof!.Version: 1.13

Overall good appThe app runs fantastic, but I wish I could have the ablility to organize the badges myself. Overall fantastic app!.Version: 1.13

Needs a lot more work.Overall it works but it's missing all special badge other than the CSIB..Version: 1.13

GoodGreat app just needs different class options and needs like the signal Coro badge.Version: 1.13

Great appLove the app! Great for referencing, however can app be updated for use of the Identification Badges?.Version: 1.13

MsYou need to know more about specifics than I do. This app isn't for 'Dummies'..Version: 1.0

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