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THE ORIGINAL: ProCamera is the ultimate photo and video app for photography enthusiasts, creative minds, and professional users. Experience the power of a DSLR camera in the palm of your hand with ProCamera's robust features and seamless integration with your iOS photo library.

ProCamera brings a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, allowing you to effortlessly capture stunning images and videos with your iPhone and iPad. Choose from easy point-and-shoot mode or dive into full manual controls with just a tap, making ProCamera your go-to app for all your visual needs.

Elevate your photography with our comprehensive editing tools, giving you complete creative control over every aspect of your captured images.


- Auto, Semi-Auto, full Manual mode
- Independent focus & exposure control
- Manual focus & focus peaking
- Exposure compensation with zebra Stripes
- Portrait mode with depth preview
- Support for all lenses (ultra wide, wide, tele, LiDAR)
- Manual white balance
- 48 MP photos (iPhone 14 Pro and up)
- Selftimer & ProTimer intervalometer
- Selfie mode with display flash
- OIS image stabilization on/off
- EXIF & metadata viewer
- Live Histogram
- Configurable capture quality
- Optical & digital zoom (up to 24x)
- Aspect Ratios (4:3, 5:4, 3:2, 1:1, 16:9, 2:1, 2.4:1, 3:1, golden ratio)
- Adjustable LED light
- Anti-Shake
- Rapid Fire photo series
- Apple Watch Remote Trigger
- Powerful gallery with iCloud integration
- Support for iOS albums
- Graycard calibration
- Mirroring options
- Photo Compass
- Code Scanner (QR, Barcode,…)
- Date stamp & copyright field
- Volume button trigger & full screen trigger
- Optional on-device save location (Lightbox does not sync with iCloud)
- 3D Tiltmeter


- Video resolution options (4K, 1080, 720, 480 VGA)
- Frame rates (24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120, 192, 200, 240 fps)
- Codecs (H.264, H.265 HEVC, ProRes 422)
- ProRes codecs (ProRes, Proxy, LT, HQ)
- Log profile ProRes
- High bitrate recording
- Record to external USB-C drive
- Connect bluetooth, lightning, USB microphones
- Stereo audio & Audiometer
- Disk space indicator
- Still photo capture while filming


- ProRAW/RAW Editing with EDR support
- Depth editing (Bokeh, simulated aperture)
- 80+ photo filters
- Wide range of pro tools
- Export options (resize, convert to jpeg, remove geotag)
- Perspective correction (with ProCamera Up)


Upgrade to ProCamera Up for access to exclusive features such as Auto Perspective Correct with Live Preview for professional-looking photos free of perspective distortion, Custom Camera Presets (Exposure, WB, Focus), Anamorphic Lens Support, (RAW) Exposure Bracketing, safeguarded Private Lightbox folder, and specialty photo filter sets. The optional upgrade is available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription. Terms & Conditions:

Discover the potential of ProCamera as your go-to app for capturing breathtaking photos and videos. Unleash your inner artist and transform your photography experience with ProCamera.

ProCamera. Professional Camera App Comments & Reviews

ProCamera. Professional Camera Positive Reviews

Awesome Camera AppI have been a photographer for a long time (60 years) starting with a 127-size roll film camera as a boy and eventually using pro grade Canon dSLR cameras and lenses, and state-of-the-art Olympus mirrorless gear. So I’m no stranger to all of the settings, options, etc. that are often to be considered when shooting. Fast forward to today’s iPhone 11 models and I now have a pocket sized camera with lots of built-in still and video capabilities. ProCamera flawlessly expands on this awesome technology by enabling a robust set of the creative tools, options and settings that I came to love with modern digital camera systems in the same pocketable device. Things like shooting in RAW mode, setting the aperture, focus and exposure locking, display grids, live histograms and so much more are now available when using the iPhone (the most portable camera platform today thanks to the ProCamera app. Augment these fantastic capabilities with the ProCamera in-app purchase of the HDR and LowLight+ features and you’ll have an incredibly powerful still/video camera - so powerful that I leave all the dSLR/mirrorless gear at home when traveling, around where I live, etc. The add-on HDR capability is well worth its minimal cost and rivals what can be produced with the dSLR/mirrorless gear either in camera or with special software tools. I cannot rate a camera (or any other type) app any higher than ProCamera. Its developers are the best!!.Version: 13.3.1

Pro Camera 16.0I have been a professional photographer for over 41 years starting out using canon and then using Pro Nikon cameras. So when it comes to camera settings I know them inside and out. I have purchased all the in app features like Raw Exposure bracketing, Auto Perspective correct, Private Lightbox, San Fran filter pack , food filter pack, Low light plus and vividHDR they are all worth the price paid. This is by far the best Pro Camera app in the App Store. I have been using this when it first came out on the App Store for several years now and it just keeps getting better every year. Now with the iPhone 14 pro max 48 megapixel camera it’s just as good as the pro dslr cameras. Now I can go on vacation and only have to bring my iPhone 14 pro max and take outstanding photos and videos using Pro Camera 16.0. I highly recommend this app to everyone. Since using the new beta Pro Camera 16.0 app one feature that has been a huge help is the auto perspective correction feature that I have been using for Real Estate Photography no more distorted pictures just a one tap solution and your done. Every feature is a plus especially taking pictures in Low light. This app definitely rates higher than 5 stars..Version: 16.0.1

My new go to camera appWe all have certain requirements we look for in a camera app. The tools to capture an image with this app, lacks very little for me. In fact none readily come to mind. It is a well supported app, in constant refinement where new additional features seem to occur with regularity. They provide resources on using the camera and all of it’s feature. Notifications are sent out on current upgrades, which I greatly appreciate. If you are looking for a new camera, I’d venture to guess it is because you feel that your your talent needs exceed your current app’s capabilities or the features you want are either lacking finesse or completely missing. I obviously recommend you give this a try, I find the price of admission, offers any photographer the quality tools needed for great image making. I have not touched on the rich editing features of this app. I will come back later to fill that in. This review comes from three months of consistent daily use. New additional feature has appeared. The user now has the ability to shoot B&W with live view, by simply toggling a switch off or on. The B&W is nondestructive, so it can be converted back to a color image at anytime..Version: 17.2

Low light+ is amazingThe new low light + feature is amazing. I was searching all around online to find a night sight camera app for my XS Max. I came across this app (ProCamera), neuralcam and procam 7 as apps that where recommended online by you tubers and online media outlets. I couldn’t decide and none offered free trials so I just purchased all three apps and spent close to $30 for all of them. I can tell you the $12 - $16 you spend on this app (app $8, HDR $4, low light + $4) is worth it. I did a low light comparison between the three and this one by far could get the brightest and clearest picture, if you enable lux it has almost no grain in the photos and the image can get very bright. A grainy photo is my biggest pet peeve with cameras. I am super impressed with whatever magic it is that they run in the background after it compiles all the photos it takes. I wish I could return the other apps but it’s too late. Save yourself some money by skipping the other apps and just get this one with the in app purchases. With this app, I do not feel that I have to upgrade to the iPhone 11/pro’s to get a great night sight feature. I look forward to seeing whatever else this developer has instore for future additions..Version: 13.0

Wow this app absolutely destroys the stock camera app.I always needed more from the stock camera, and being forced To shoot photos in HEIF is super annoying as you loose significant amount of quality from a extremely good sensor and optics. This app solves all of my issues and probably yours as well! The ability to take photos in TIFF unlocks three times as much detail when pinching to zoom it’s incredible and gives larger sensors in the other phones a serious run for their money. This app obviously gives you full and total professional control of every camera aspect including a legit histogram! Actually several to choose from from live feed to approximate this app is next level and Apple needs to take some serious notes. Bracketing HDR photo mode with up to 7 burst shots for some seriously dramatic imagery is next level and smokes the measly 4 bust photo shot Apple does with its stock app. And this app even supports Dolby vision HDR at 4K 24,30 and 60fps and it removes that nasty block rolling shutter artifact from inadequate lifting you get with the stock app. All I have to say is spend the $10 and enjoy the best camera hardware you can get one a phone with software to match its capabilities!.Version: 14.2.1

QualityI must admit, if all developers were half as dedicated to their products like the ones for ProCamera the iPhone would hold close to 75% of the global mobile phone market. One they are dedicated to Apple, (least that’s my impression) two it’s frightening how obsessive they are over this app! ( I’m serious! If I didn’t no better I’d think it’s not people in charge but a male/female AI program gone rouge and this app is their offspring, you can feel how protective and proud they are over this app.) Three they care about us the consumer! It’s a crime if and that this team has not been picked up by some Fortune 500 and given straightforward instructions then free reign to protect and care for your very important project! I don’t give reviews often, when I do it’s cause I believe. I have benefited from this app much much more then the 5 bucks I paid. I don’t know if this is the best camera app on the market... but I am thoroughly convince the people behind (or AI Momma/Poppa if robots take over I’m pointing Harrison, Will, Sigourney right at you. Snitching Hard!!!) this product... if they say their 2 hard press to find 1. There efforts are deserving of this review Period!.Version: 13.1.1

Issue with Manual ControlsIt is an amazing app. It really is. I have tried a lot of cameras on the App Store but keep coming back to ProCamera because it truly has it all. However, after upgrading to an iPhone 14 Pro I find that a most manual controls, including the fantastic shutter priority mode do not work either with 48 MP captures or whenever HDR is active. They do mention in their site that Smart HDR is sort-of an “auto” feature so it has to be disabled for you to be able to control shutter speed or iso manually… but if you are in the app, there is absolutely no indication of this. I took so many photos until I came to realize my chosen settings were not in the resulting image. Even knowing, it’s hard to keep track of this, since I can dial in settings that I am expecting to get, then later I remember (Oh, I forgot to turn off HDR). So please, disable the possibility of selecting things that do not work as expected. I am surprised by this, though. I was trying Halide which does support manual settings with 12 MP proRaw capture with smart HDR, so I guess it’s possible. I still think ProCamera is better than every other camera app out there. I just hope this gets fixed..Version: 16.2

GAME CHANGERI purchased this app as soon as I got the iPhone X that I pre-ordered. I had never tried anything other than the normal Camera app on my older iPhones last one I had before the X was the 6. It was painful purchasing that iPhone X for over a grand for the 256 GB but once I downloaded this app and started using it, totally worth it. Added on to how great the phone was in other aspects. I help my parents manage a five-star resort in the mountains. I needed to take a lot pictures for our new website I was creating for the resort. Not knowing what to do without purchasing an expensive camera or paying someone. It’s been 2 1/2 years now since I took those pictures and people are still amazed on how great the pictures turned out not even knowing that they were from my phone. I will say that I now have the iPad Pro 2018 model and I can’t get as good of photos with just the one camera. Not that I need 2 insane cameras anyway. I am still using that iPhone X and dropping jaws on the photos it comes out with completely because of this app..Version: 13.4

Pro-Level Quality for Every New ProThis app has easily become my go to app. I’ve paid an embarrassing amount of money on other “Professional” video and photo apps. Others may be close in quality, but almost always lack in one way or another. Every beginner, new or longtime professional can benefit using ProCamera. I’m obsessed with quality but I do not like to waste my time. This has everything I want in go-to planned or last minute photo/video app. Max your video/photo quality on the fly for any occasion. If you are a beginner, I can’t stress enough how valuable ProCamera is! For the professional: All the options you want in speedy creative work environment! - Video File Recovery, Creative Cloud Integration, File Formats, Non-destructive Photo Editing and more. The developers are always adding more and more features all the time. Cons/Wishlist: More times than not, when I want to quickly record and share a video on social media, I have music streaming on my phone that I’d like to continue playing while I record. Just about every video app available silences the audio playing in the background the moment you open the app or begin recording. My easiest option at that point is to use the social media platform’s in-app camera. PLEASE, consider adding the ability to record without the phone audio silencing! If you are feeling great today, some basic video editing options to trim and adjust the video brightness and color temperature would be amazing!.Version: 14.0.1

Best photo app for iPhone!THE BEST!!! First I’ve been using this app since the iPhone 4S now on my iPhone 13 Pro Max still the best - Photo quality choices, choices, choose TIFF etc. Photo, Video, HDR, Night mode, Q scanner, Builtin editing, filters & more. Crop W/built-in sizes, flip horizontal, straighten. Flashlight with different brightness setting's, choice of App library or iPhone Photo library. Choice whether or not to keep photos or delete later right from the app! Shooting in HDR keep both HDR & regular photos or just HDR. I think this is the best photo app. I've used on my iPhone 6 or 4s & I do believe I had the previous version/app on my 3Gs? It's still the best & running great on my iPhone 13 running iOS 16, but you will have to learn how to use it! There are a lot of options although you can make it simple or use it as an expert in (expert mode) which is still easy once you get the hang of it. I think using the previous version helped me to move to the new version. Best of luck... PUNK INC..Version: 17.0.1

A Phenomenal camera app!Search no more my friends, you have hit the jackpot in camera apps! I'm embarrassed to admit, since I am a photographer'l but I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on pathetic camera apps that nearly all of them fell short of a crappy one star review. Take it from someone that took a punch in the bank account. Read the reviews here, these are not people paid to lie for pure entertainment purposes. If I had done that I would of saved myself some serious cash and would of also saved myself from a lot of painful headaches from not getting the shot I wanted. PRO CAMERA has done a complete overhaul on this app and although it was a Phenomenal app before it is now a spectacular photography app. If you are into iPhone photography dump every other app you got and get this one and if you’re a beginner then your photos are about to get a whole lot better. Thank you to the developers and just a huge Kudos to everyone under the hood of PROCAMERA/Coclogics.Version: 15.0.1

Found the oneI've tried a number of camera apps and even thought I found the best with ProCam, but there's something about this UI that got me. Simple to use yet lots of fantastic features tucked away. I was sold with the the widget which opens the app and is ready to shoot amazingly fast. Editing tools are not as great as other apps, but I'd rather do editing on my computer for certain photos. RAW capability is awesome and the portrait mode is super fast and I love the ability to post-adjust the bokeh. Portrait mode has crashed the app a few times for me and I've reached out to support on that. I've been impressed with the customisation of modes and quite impressed with the LowLight feature for nighttime shots. Purchased LowLight+ with the noise reduction – amazing! Totally worth it. And the LUX feature is truly something. Close to getting the HDR feature. All in all this app is feature-rich, fast, easy to use, and makes my photos look professional..Version: 12.1.1

Very niceWho needs a regular camera with this it's in your hand great features. I have had pro camera since it came out help fight to keep it on the App Store now the next gen is here thank you very very much this is a must have if you use you iPhone for photos just get this app it's easy to use and your photos will pop. Man Fantastic update when you update you update sweet even better. Just keeps getting better and better thanks for the update. Nice update and thanks for adding HDR was disappointed in the cost I hate in app purchases just hope it's not a habit but I have had pro camera since it came out its perfect I fought to keep it when Apple wouldn't let it update this is the best camera app period. You guys just keep getting better wow great update thanks. Another fantastic update. The update is great but the monthly charge for some is f the new updates just plain wrong no monthly revolving charge is better..Version: 12.4

They Now Are 5 Stars!When I first got this app, I really liked its interface and myriad of features. Hands down, this is much better than the native Photos app. However, in the past, whenever I would make any revisions or changes to a picture I’d taken within the app, it used to save those pictures as separate files. I let them know of that concern, and they were professional in getting back with me on it quickly. But now, with the 12.2 update, they answered my concerns, and for the first time, whenever I make any changes to a picture, it asks the question: “Allow ProCamera to modify this photo?” When I hit the modify button, it saves the edits to the EXISTING photo just like it does in the native Photos app. This feature alone has now put it into the 5-star category for me, and it also saves on disk space! I highly recommend this app..Version: 12.2

Very slow on ios16 / CrashesIPhone 12 Pro with iOS 16. Deleting multiple pictures crashes the app. The app seems very slow. App is missing gesture controls that are available throughout most of iOS. Feels a little weird. Example: when viewing images, you have to click a button in the top corner to go back to the camera instead of swiping like in the default camera app. Taking a picture ties up the camera for over a second while it saves and processes. I don’t even have any additional processing turned on. It takes way long than the default camera app to take images. I love the controls and features, but a few things are making this app really rough on iOS 16. Update: thank you for the response and the update! It’s working much better now. The Deep Fusion doesn’t quite make sense on why it’s slow to allow me to take another photo when I can do it on the main camera app..Version: 16.0

Ability to record with no external soundI really love this app but one option I'd like to see is the ability to record a video without sound. It's nice that the camera control sounds can be muted, but more often than not I don't want any sound being recorded. I live near a busy road and the sounds of the passing cars can be heard on the video. Or, when I'm trying to record when other people are nearby, I don't want their conversation in my video. I tried denying access to the microphone in settings but it isn't permitted. There are apps that can be used to edit videos to remove the audio, but that's more trouble than it's worth. Allowing users to restrict access to the microphone while recording a video would be a great feature. I cannot believe I'm the only user that would appreciate that option. Thank you, though, for all the other great features and continually enhancing this app..Version: 13.1

Video mode falls shortI love this app, especially its photo mode. However, video mode leaves a few things to be desired. First of all: zoom. While recording, zooming is soooo slow. It looks and feels like a low-end camcorder. I would like the ability to zoom at any speed I like, as one is able to do with a physical zoom lens on a real DSLR or video camera. A little smoothing would be nice, but the way it is currently is awful. Secondly, when recording in VGA resolution (I know, it's 2020, but it works great in low-light and has the old skate-vid vibe to it) the viewfinder is offset to the left and is partially obscured by the controls on that side of the screen. Being 4:3, why isn't it centered, like it is in photo mode? Thirdly, the app was recently updated to support a few new video recording features, such as support for external microphones. However, in doing this, the interface is now ridiculously slow. I expected them to fix the problems already present in video mode, not add new ones..Version: 14.0.1

Plain & SimpleI am a career shooter owning all things Canon and Carl Zeiss. My main shooter is the 1DX. I love playing with depth and very sharp images. My post edit ware is Capture One by Phase One and Lightroom. This App can do in seconds what I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to try to do with very heavy, bulky and expensive gear that I usually have to haul around with me to get my shots. If you ask me if an iPhone using this App can replace my top gear, then the true answer is... well, yes in many cases this would in fact rival results from an average shooter with a DSLR. It has tons of post edit adjustments. I will still use my big gear on dedicated shoots, but I will not take it with me as much as before. Please keep in mind that my iPhone is the new one with dual cameras. A single lens phone camera will not have such depth. A very well done to the developers of this very fine and stable application. Kudos..Version: 12.1.3

Excellent app and even better photosThis is much better than the default IOS camera app. I love that filters are built right in to the app. After shooting some pics I can quickly go in and apply filters if needed. I ended up purchasing the HDR and low light add-ons. You’ll be surprised how the photos can turn out even better using those. Although they are nice, this app still takes incredible photos and video without them. About video, I use this app at work to film all our video. The default audio capture is adequate, but I have opted to use an external lav mic to capture the highest audio quality possible. The built in meters and visual indicators allow you to take most of the guess work out of taking excellent photos and videos. Do not hesitate in trying this app. It will quickly become your go to camera!.Version: 12.4

Still great app but now being caught up to and surpassedGood app that was once great, and still is, but other apps are quickly catcihng up in features and quality and surpassing it now. Compared many and when doing crops noticed that Procamera, as compared to others, had a lot more noise in my images at 100% and in comparable settings, and whose files are bigger, to boot! Prefer Fjorden, Camera Pro (still and always one of the best and cleanest images) and even Beastcam and the noise free Even Longer as well as the always reliable native camera app, and others, and too numerous to name here. Video settings also need a revamping and more setting and export options. Still, overall great camera app, but, squiggly image noise problems at 100 percent magnification and at above average settings are a huge problem to me. Am a subscription subscriber..Version: 16.2.4

My new default iPhone cameraI was on the lookout for a replacement, default camera app as the previous apps I had used have failed to deliver consistent updates and customer support. Saw an article listing ProCamera as a top app for 2018 and went all in purchasing the paid app as well as all features. First time using the app today and can’t be more impressed. Simple UX for a novice such as myself and the HDR, Lowlight and auto settings truly give the best quality pic my iPhone 6s has ever been able to create. A+ all around and although I hope I don’t have to reach out for support I’m fairly confident the developers provide a high level of support. $10 VERY well spent for all features and this is literally now my primary iPhone camera. I’ll still use Snapseed for editing but will take all pics with ProCamera!.Version: 12.0.3

*Updated* What is it going to take?Update: Finally fixed! Rating revised. Thank you! — Original Review: I keep waiting and waiting for HDR support, a feature I paid for, for the iPhone XS Max. I understand it takes a little bit of time to get things properly upgraded, but now we’re crossing over into an excessive amount of time. I am missing countless photo opportunities due to the fact that this is my go-to camera for all professional and prosumer photography. I suppose on one hand this low score is a supreme compliment, but seriously—I can’t wait much longer. Please expedite the process or offer beta access. At such time as I have hands on full functionality for my device, beta or otherwise, I will revise my review accordingly. As it stands, I cannot recommend purchasing yet if you own an iPhone XS Max..Version: 12.0.4

Good Camera App for features we wished forThe camera app pre-installed does quite a good job on its own. But when I heard this app offers the ability to capture 48MP shots without being in the raw format, I had to have it. My photos look even more crisp before without enduring the raw look and uncompressed size that the pre-installed iOS app does which is great and something I wish Apple does. However I keep coming back to the original Camera app due to lack of long exposure settings on the iPhone 14 series and how hdr photos appear more overblown with ProCamera compared to the regular camera app, even with having paid for vivid hdr. There’s also no action mode that I could find, but this is a new feature for iPhone 14 so I should be more forgiving, even though they did release Deep Fusion from the new iPhones already..Version: 16.1.1

Love this app, don’t like the subscriptionThis is my favorite camera app and have used it for years. I appreciate all the attention to detail and it’s obvious this app caters to more photography minded shooters. I’ve had no problem paying for single in app purchases that give even more features and functionality. Unfortunately the developers have decided to go with a subscription model for future upgrades. While I get the reasoning behind this, I fundamentally dislike a subscription model. I wish they could provide a one time payment option for upgrades as well. I’d even consider paying a little higher one time payment for lifetime access. But I can’t get behind paying a regular subscription so I will use this app as long as I can and hope that what I have as is will last. Aside from this one big negative, it’s a great app. Highly recommend..Version: 12.3.1

Yes....5 starsApple (and a few others) are slowly making the DSLR and Mirrorless camera obsolete for the vast majority of the public. Not so good for Canon, Nikon and the others! Of course many of the owners of these big, heavy, costly, etc. etc. cameras scoff at this. They are right (for the time being). ProCamera however, unleashes the vast and sometimes hidden features of the X and iPhone and gives it most of the features of those big, heavy, costly, etc. cameras. The app and it’s developers understand photographyThey understand app development, support and value. This is a must purchase for anyone wanting to get the most out of their iPhone. For all ProCamera owners, we already know this. If you haven’t, go buy it after you read this. And then let the developers know you agree with that 5 star rating..Version: 13.4.3

Essential camera appApple’s camera app is good—if you like point and shoot cameras with minimal control. Since iPhone 2.5g, my go-to Camera app has been this one. I’m use to, and prefer, manual settings, or at least, a high degree of control over my photos. I prefer a Nikon F to the modern fully auto cameras. I want to think about my photo composition: the framing, focus, exposure, and film speed. This app provides that to me and more: including HDR photos, anti-shake, different aspect ratios, and now correction like tilt-shift so high angle objects are not falling down in the photos. While not a replacement for a quality digital SLR, the best camera is the one you have with you. And I always have my phone with me. You can expect to get shots limited more by your skill than by the camera with this app..Version: 12.3.1

Crucial with PoshmarkI am very satisfied with this app! I sell clothes online and just using my iPhone does not cut it. The images are mostly dark and do not pop. I downloaded this to take better pictures for fun but I find myself relying on this app day to day to color correct images for Posh. I love how many filter options there are, as sometimes just popping on a brightness filter is enough. If not, you can custom adjust brightness, contrast, and even curves and shadows, etc. It really is a quick and easy game changer. Before I found this, I downloaded VSCO and it was all right, but the monthly fee was NOT appealing to me. I bought this once and can use it day to day with no additional fees unless I want more filters, which I might do. Very satisfied and easy to use!.Version: 12.4

Struggles to photograph accurate colorsI take product photos for my online store using this app. If something is rich in colors, the auto processing bleaches the photo and no amount of editing can make it like the original image before the processing. I have to take a screenshot of the preview photo to get accurate colors. It really struggles to focus on small objects like rings. When it does actually focus the photos are amazing, but it’s hard to get it to do that. I’d give it 5 stars if the auto focus worked on close up images and if I could turn off the processing after taking a photo. Might have to use a different app because these things are annoying. The products in my store need to look exactly like the photo, and this app only does that sometimes..Version: 17.1

Its okI really wanted to like this app. I love the layout of the user interface. However I can’t flip the selfie view in portrait mode and I can’t adjust the amount of blur in portrait mode live and have to wait to do it in post. Also, when saving to the lightbox, it is saving two photos, one with blurred background and one without. I only want the blurred background. I couldn’t get past this to check out the other features of the app. I am sure they are great. Apple’s camera app is better for what I want to do, but I like how Procamera is laid out better. ***Update: I appreciate the response from the developer. I have given this app another try and am enjoying using it. I still use the Apple camera for selfies but everything else is being done with Procamera now..Version: 17.2.6

Amazing - Big League - ProfessionalFor years I carried my Nikon everywhere with me; Then my son purchased the iPhone 13 ProMax with 2T. I was amazed at the quality of his photos. They were better then my camera. He captured the moment. I asked which application he was using. It was ProCamera; So I upgraded my phone to the 13 ProMax 1T. I’m hoping to follow in his footsteps. I love all the Applications that make photography exciting. This is exceptional. With my Nikon I used my flash even in the high noon daylight to capture the details of seashells. With a flash on the iPhone that’s evenly exposed the details in the shadows would come to life. Especially when the sun is behind my subjects. ProCamera allows a quick preview and the flash will light the shots to perfection..Version: 15.2

Love love lovvvvvvve this app, what's not to like?Recently the camera app I've used for years went to a very expensive annual subscription model without warning. I did my research and decided to give ProCamera a try. Wow, I'm so glad I did! While the basic settings will give amateurs like me great results, there are plenty of pro-worthy settings that let you take *amazing* photos. The basic package is a bargain one-time price. The extra whistles and bells can be purchased through the app. It even has a better photo library interface than the default iOS version. And the developer is very responsive with an active online community if you have questions or need support. What's not to like??.Version: 17.2.1

Outstanding InterfaceIf you want the ability to be in control of the technical elements of your iPhone photography such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, filters, etc., this app makes it possible. However, it’s not the only one. Other apps such as Halide also place you in control of as many elements as you wish. The feature sets of Halide and ProCamera are not exact duplicates, but either one should serve you well. What sets this app apart is the superior interface. To me, Halide can feel cluttered and annoying to use. The UI for ProCamera is much cleaner and more intuitive. Unless Halide or some other app has a feature I couldn’t live without, I’ll pick ProCamera for ease of use every time..Version: 15.2.1

The best Procamera you ever need!I’m a skill photographer, and this is the best app I ever bought! It have most of the feature you ever need and it work the same way as you do in DSLR manual mode. Most of my photos have been improved so much thank to this app! 😃 Also, you may notice that there are some new customers that are complaining and writing negative about this app. To be honest, they are the one at fault because they doesn’t have any clue on how this app work. If you use this app only to take Automatic mode photos, then sorry this app isn’t for you since Apple stock camera already do the automatic mode too. If you willing to learn something new about manual mode, then you are in the right place and start buying it! 📸 😃.Version: 13.1

By far the best of all the photo apps I’ve soent a fortune on over the years and never use!This interface mimics the iphone camera interface which not only is the most intuitive and simple this interface is like as if apple created an expert mode. That’s it. And the steady shot is such an amazing feature. The app won’t take a picture until it’s steady and clear and there’s live feedback on screen. Couple that with the several modes like lowlight, sunny, etc - all which you can tell are finely tuned algorithms made with perfection based off the end result and the reasons we use these apps. I would consider replacing my default camera icon with this app it’s just as familiar of all 9 apps I have that are “pro”.Version: 12.3.1

May I suggest the y important upgrade that everyone wants.Please did deep into what apple did, starting with the iPhone 12, to enhance the photo and video images, in a way that’s totally unnatural. I’d like a switch that reverts all images to what the iPhone 11 Pro Max, produced. All users complain to deaf ears, because sone none-photographer geek or committee at apple, thinks they’re Ansel Adams. Every iPhone user agrees. Addendum; The Developer !! Just sent me a personalized reply on how to adjust the amount of over processing. I’m amazed at such a quick response and from the Developer, yet! Just goes to show you, why this is has always been, and still Is the #1 iPhone camera app..Version: 16.3

I love this app but it’s missing the macro functionI love this camera app very much. It’s my go to app when I take photos but there something missing. I have to use Camera+ for the macro function. I’m hoping in the next big update that the macro function will be added. When you put in that function I’ll delete Camera+ and won’t buy into the hype of Halide. By the way Halide has the macro function too but what stops me from getting the app is the subscription. I’ve used ProCamera for over 10 years. What makes this the best camera app for me is this app rarely crashes. I can used this app for 2 hours. It won’t crash. It’s one of the most stable camera apps. I hope you will read this and listen….Version: 15.5

Great app!I like so many things about this app! Quick Zoom to 2x/4x, slide for variable zoom, exposure override, HDR, photo preview with options to save one or more renditions, and many other great features. And the UI is superb, too! It's very well thought out, so I can do many things with minimum number of taps or gestures. I've tried many camera apps, and overall, I like this one the best. My only complaint is that, when using HDR, the highlights area often washed out, with faded color on those areas, as compared to the actual scene. A suggestion for future enhancement would be to have a slider for choosing an exposure somewhere between HDR Natural and HDR Vivid..Version: 13.5

J-dubThe update and the explanations for each area is to the point and informative. It’s exciting to see all of the new updates and improvements that are able to take full advantage of the newer hardware I the new IPhones. I’ve been waiting for the HDR update because it is so good, already and now you say it is improved, as well as the low light. I missed out on some wonderful moments that I wanted to capture and enhance while I was waiting for this update. I also was not aware of the formats that utilize 50% less storage but have higher quality - Wow I love that. Finally the ability to hide or securely store photos and video without having to buy another vault type app is super cool. I will try out these new features and get back to you..Version: 12.1

It doesn’t get better than thisI’ve searched the App Store high and low for the perfect camera app and, after trying most of them, have come to the conclusion that ProCamera is by far the best. You can tell it has been built by people who love photography because every detail has been created with convenience, ease of use, and professional results in mind. Well worth the subscription cost to get all the amazing extra features. I’m happy to help support this amazing app. It’s really the Swiss Army knife of camera apps—it has sophisticated gadgetry and tons of manual controls, but it also works like a charm when you just want to point and shoot. Highly recommended!.Version: 13.3.1

Best Camera AppI bought ProCamera when I had the iPhone 6s to take great nighttime photos. The default software always seem to be too dark. I ended up using it for all of the important and timeless photos I took. You have a lot of manual control over the camera settings or you can have the app do everything automatically. Every year the new iPhone camera get’s better and better but the default software is always just “good”. If you want to take great photos you need to have a great photo app. I’ve tried several and the ProCamera app is always the best. Also, the developers add new features and updates to improve upon an already fantastic app..Version: 13.4.3

Truly Pro level - and the most responsive support ever!I've been there and done that...from 8x10 film cameras and huge 250W size flash these tiny little phone cameras with their teenie weenie LED flash, but this is a whole new ball game. I actually have pretty much everything I have on the view screen of my DSLRs showing up on the screen of my iPhone. And they aren't just showing up, they actually DO what they do on the DSLR. This isn't the app for Aunt Nel who want to take pictures of her posies. This is for the photographer who wants to get the best image possible out of the one camera they pretty much always have with them..Version: 14.3.2

Excellent iPhone camera appI use this app almost exclusively for photos on my iPhone 8p. The feature set is very thorough. Only bad glitch I’ve discovered is with RAW photos. Sometimes the app fails to take the picture and presents an error message concerning flash. The issue was reported to the developers and their answer was immediate. It appears Apple has a ‘bug’ in their camera system that causes the error. The current ‘fix’ is to reboot the iPhone. The developer response has always been excellent. I had numerous questions early on and they responded very quickly. I also received a quick acknowledgment for a couple of suggestions I offered..Version: 11.1.1

WowI rarely write reviews, but I had to for this one. This app is amazing. The amount of control you have is astonishing and the pictures produced are incredible. I have been shooting with a Nikkon D80, but at 10mp, it really is quite outdated. I was looking at the Nikkon D7500, but it’s just not in the budget right now. I wanted a way to take better pictures with my IPhone XS, so I did some research, and read about this app. I had low expectations that any app could significantly change my iPhone photos. Wow, was I wrong. I’m just starting to learn it, but already have taken some stunning pics. Love it! For what it does, it’s definitely worth the price..Version: 13.3.1

WOW - Finally a camera app worth having!Every single thing about this app makes my iPhone a great backup to the DSLR! -UPDATE- I have had this app for over a year and a half and still the best app out there. Some apps come and go because somewhere they lose their way or don’t maintain them. The people that work on this app must be forward thinkers which suits photographers well because we want to think outside the box with our creativity, this app is updated regularly, they listen to the customer base as well. Nice work everyone involved and always keep up the innovation and never lose sight of the vision that fuels us end users!.Version: 14.2.1

Decent, but also money grab...Camera is a pretty decent app. Lots of controls to really create the type of shot you choose to make. Feeling a bit ripped off, though. Early option to add HDR mode was purchased. Later, they added the option for exposure bracketing but for that you have to buy a subscription. I don’t want a subscription for my camera app. I just would like HDR capabilities (exposure bracketing) which is what I already purchased. Using valuable space on the camera interface to place a button for a feature that only comes with a subscription and triggers a promotional, buy now, style message when touched, is just further evidence of their intent. (And no, I don’t want perspective correction either.).Version: 13.4.2

Best BestJust LOVE it really deserves full 5⭐️ Richard.Version: 14.3.2

Great App but off the rails nowThis is a camera app which I use frequently. Feature rich - I have purchased both the LowLight Plus and VividHDR but have no interest in a subscription of any kind. The intro of the subscription has lowered the app from a 5 to a 4 star for me..Version: 12.3.1

Raw files give flexibilityI have been shooting RAW with Canon cameras for more than a decade. It gives me maximum flexibility for post processing. To have a 12 MP camera that shoots RAW in my iPhone makes for a very usable carry-around camera. I seldom take another camera, unless for birding, pro portraits, or other similar outing. People are constantly amazed at what comes out of this app. And with each update it gets better and better: crisper, more beautiful photos and easier to use. Has to be the best iOS camera app available!.Version: 17.2.6

WowC’est beau la vie, je peux maintenant mourir!.Version: 17.2.6

Pro CaméraL’application pour photographie et vidéo la plus complète et professionnelle. Je l’utilise régulièrement et les tutoriels sont très pratiques et adaptés à tous les niveaux d’exigences. De plus cette app est le meilleur rapport qualité-prix. Vraiment, j’ai fait le meilleur choix en matière d’application photo-vidéo et je la recommande vivement. Bravo à toute l’équipe de Pro Camera!.Version: 17.2.1

Loving my IPHONE CameraIf you take your time to learn all the tricks of the iPhone 13 Pro Max you will be amazed with the pictures you can create. I took a few online courses to get the most out of my camera and having tons of fun almost as good as my Nikon D500!,there are lots of tripods, add ons like wide angle and even fish eye lens,first take a few courses to figure out what kind of photography you want to do, then you can start to look at accessories you like,and the rest is up to you,have fun!!!.Version: 17.2.4

Focus issue …I like the app. Nearly everything is there except 2 main issues: 1. The focus do not works well for close objects. I have to use the native app of the iPhone which works perfectly; 2. Macro do not work or is not there like the native iPhone app..Version: 17.2.1

Effortless multi person sharingThis five star feature..Version: 17.2.1

Bravo!De bonnes et utiles améliorations.Version: 17.2.1

The best it isProCamera is the best mobile photography app you can probably get. The numerous settings are just perfect. I do shoot manually and love that thing! Every times I get nice comments on my photos, I do know this app is a major reason for it..Version: 17.2.1

Best mobile camera app.When I forget my Nikon at home ProCam is my choice of cameras. I’ve toured Scotland and Ireland using only my iPhone X and ProCam, and people say “well of course your photos are great because of that Nikon you have”. The photograph quality with ProCam is astounding.Version: 17.2.1

Can save to usb on iPhone 15Brilliant app that really does mean pro now with record to usb-c through the new iPhone 15 port. I love the total control in composition and editing.Version: 17.1.1

Best camera appI really enjoy working with the ProCamera app..Version: 17.1

ZoomWhy is my 5X Zoom on my iPhone 15 Pro Max closer than that of ProCamera????.Version: 17.1.1

Continuous development is great!I’m very pleased to see how the developers of this camera app continue to improve it and add new features as time goes on. Yes I have subscribed to some additional paid features. They were just so useful to me I couldn’t pass them up. The sort of features that I do not find useful in a camera app are the various filters and “looks” that some camera apps add. I never find anything I like among them. I guess I’m more of a traditional photographer having started with film cameras and photographed with film for many years before digital came along. The sort of new features I do enjoy exploring are things brought about through computational photography. Portrait mode is one I especially like. I would very much like to use portrait mode in video. I’m also very keen on using a powered gimbal for mobile video so having support for a gimbal is very important to me. I especially like the Insta 360 Flow gimbal. Hint hint. I am very happy to see white balance lock in ProCamera. I use it all the time when I shoot and I use a white balance reference card with it. It’s just the only way to get good colour, in video especially. It’s so much easier to get the colour right at the time of shooting instead of trying to fix the colour in editing. And another feature I consider essential for video is stereo audio. What is the point of recording audio if it isn’t stereo? So I was very happy to see that my Shure MV88 stereo microphone works great with ProCamera’s video mode. Thank you!.Version: 17.1

Great app. Easy to use.Great app. Easy to use..Version: 17.0.3

Very fast customer serviceI had complaint about the camera focus problem. Sometimes the focus doesn't focus. Got the very fast reply from customer service saying that they will update the app soon :) and fix the problem.Version: 17.0.3

An amazing AppThis is one app I don’t mind paying for. I have tried many camera apps but ALWAYS come back to this one. Well designed, reliable, and frequently updated. Kudos to the developers..Version: 17.0.2

GoodI’m going to be able to make a new update.Version: 17.0.1

Loving it so far!I’m not a great photographer, but I think I can be much better with this app. So far my photos look better and I love how intuitive it is to use. I bought it to do photos of my products for Etsy. It’s so much more flexible I no longer need to but a separate DSLR camera. Well done!.Version: 16.3

HiAmir.Version: 16.3

Pro CameraApplication complète, versatile et précise. Cette version de l’application est conçue pour des utilisateurs avertis. Bien que excellente, elle est un peu plus difficile à maîtriser..Version: 16.3

Very good application for day to day photography!Very reliable application for photography! Good choice of filters and application who receive new features throughout the year! Very good for day to day photography!.Version: 16.2.4

Amazing Camera AppTo get the best image quality, you need the best camera app… and this is the app!.Version: 16.2.4

ArtistI’ve used ProCamera for many years. Even from the beginning it was the best around. The quality and excellent user interface and tools have been superb from the first day I started using it. I left all the other camera apps to never be used again. Grateful User.Version: 16.2

Meilleur application photoUtilisé depuis plusieurs années, après en avoir essayé d’autres, cette application est ce que j’ai trouvé de plus complet, et maintenant avec la version Ipad c’est le bonheur. De plus les développeurs ne cessent de l’améliorer constamment, je recommande totalement..Version: 16.2

Un plaisir, vraiment un professeur particulier à notre service!Si vous débutez, bien lire la nomenclature. Serait un atoût précieux, pratique essentiel à bien des égards. Bonne suite!.Version: 16.0.1

Great but CrashingSeems like a great app, but it keeps crashing when in portrait mode.Version: 16.1.2

Oh_J0kerWell done.Version: 15.5.1

ProCameraFantastic new features for the new iPhone X that make photos look amazing..Version: 15.5.1

Great new featuresGlad I went with the premium option on this app. It’s been great. Love the new features and updates. Also great they are listening to the users for added features in their roadmap..Version: 15.4.2

Pro CameraThis is the only camera app i use.Its amazing.I love it,its the best.I just wish it had Pause/Resume for Video.Keep up the great work.Version: 15.5

Always getting betterFaster and more responsive..Version: 15.4.2

I never write reviews.This app is fantastic, the perspective correction, that does cost extra is well worth it too!.Version: 15.3.3

Restore PurchaseI just sent this recommendation to my friend, “Abdallah, recommend this ProCamera App for your iPhone available in Apple App store. It’s a great way to learn how to use and control your iPhone camera creatively and to do corrections “in post” using this ProCamera App which is also now usable on your iPadPro. It costs a tiny fraction of what it would cost you buy a Sony, Canon or other mirrorless cameras and lenses. Very flexible and user friendly - great for travel. Software is far more sophisticated than Apple’s Photo - also great website for learning. Seriously underpriced considering photos you can produce with it. A must for your upcoming travel to South Africa and Iceland”..Version: 15.4.1

Review . Icon setting not wiryAttempted to change icon….. not allowing me to accomplish..Version: 15.3

Focus peaking: awesome!Excellent feature upgrade! Love it!! Amazing value added! Absolutely the best iPhone camera app out there! Since using it on my iPhone X, friends have asked me if I got the new iPhone 12. Developer upgrades consistently provide new and amazing features I never thought my phone camera would offer. Highly recommended!.Version: 15.2.1

App icon lockedWith the new update, the app icon is locked on default. Clicking on another icon does nothing.Version: 15.3

App IconsAs a result of yesterday’s update, I am no longer able to change the style or colour it your app icons. What is the reason for that change?.Version: 15.3

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