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A free, fun Vegas casino slot machine adventure awaits you under the sea! Enter the deep blue water of Gold Fish Slots and win a FREE coins bonus pack! There is plenty of big fish in the sea, but only one as awesome as Gold Fish Casino Slots! The mythical free slot machine goldfish gave a Las Vegas slot master three wishes, here’s what the magical goldie granted:

Wish #1: Playing the best free golden casino slot machine games from the Las Vegas casino slots floor! Imagine having all of the best slots from bally and WMS right at your fingertips, wherever you go. You can enjoy the full Las Vegas slots experience with over 300 different free slots that include Lock it Link, Heidi's Bier Haus, Ultimate Fire Link, Invaders Planet Moolah, Dancing Drums and many others. Some free slots games have special bonus rounds and more free casino games that will make your head spin! You’ll get to choose fish tanks and win HUGE coin bonuses. You'll never get bored with these free slot machine games, because new and hot Vegas slot machines are added ALL.THE.TIME. With so many games, it feels like a huge casino filled with big win slots is just waiting for you. Here, you’ll find all the hot slots fun you can think of!

Wish #2: Awesome features of the gold fish slot games that really make a splash and take your gaming experience to a new slot machines era! You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into one of the casinos in Vegas. Enjoy multi-Level progressive jackpot games, Ultimate Fire Link slots, and bonus slots, and let the hot Vegas slots surprise you.

Wish #3: The gold fish slot machines offer you a sea of HUGE rewards, prizes & gifts! Spin the wheel of all Vegas casino slots FREE of charge and win rewards, win free slot machines bonus spins, and don’t forget about the huge welcome 20M coins bonus you’ll receive as soon as you start to play free slots! Surf the waves and spin free slots machines to get your big win. Win a spin on our online casino daily bonus wheel and get mega bonuses with every free slots spin! If other free slot machine games make you feel like a fish out of water, our winning slots will make you feel right at home. This fish game is waiting under the sea with lots of casino games for free, so take a swim in free slot machine fun! Between casino games, mermaids and gold coins, you will be surrounded with slot games fun. Download this casino app and join the fish mania and slots mania!
The collection of classic slots features the best slot machine games you’ll ever play. The fish frenzy is ON! This free casino game is a hidden pearl in a sea of slot games.
In this free slot machine fun, you’ll want to dive into these top casino games and enjoy every free casino slot game. This is the best free slots game, with authentic free casino slot machine games from the Vegas casino straight to your home. Goldfish slots casino – free online slot machines is an underwater world of fun and adventure, full of slot machine games that will make your heart pop and turn you into an expert wheel spinner and a casino billionaire.
Enjoy casino games for FREE and play slots free with bonus rounds now. SciPlay creates the very best free casino games for tablets and phones devices, and these free slots bring you your favorite free slot machines straight from the Vegas Casinos. You’ll be able to enjoy these games for free and spin the variety of goldfish slots anytime, anywhere.
Gold Fish Casino Slot machines is a Play-For-Fun casino that is intended for amusement only and does not offer real money gambling. All in-game sales are final. The games are intended for an adult audience. (i.e. Intended for use by those 21 or older) The games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Gold Fish Slots - Casino Games App Comments & Reviews

Gold Fish Slots - Casino Games Positive Reviews

Gold fishLove this game but since the last up date the amount of my bet when I open the game starts at much more than I usually bet so you havto be careful to adjust the amount before you play also hate the unneeded tournament and slot previews on sides of screen pain in the neck much better since up date fun game. June 2016 fun game. Dec kinks seem to be worked out. July 2016 still fun. Aug 2016 still fun but all of a sudden the game "all that glitters" is gone note even put in locked mode for future levels to reach. Bummer...... forward to July 2017. Can't play the game unless I update the problem is I have two IPads and when I updated the older one my "money" I had accumulated was not forwarded to the new update. I don't care about the update it stinks!!!!!! No better than before. Mad I can't just play the old way and keep my balance. Finally updated second iPad what a MISTAKE!!!!!!! Lost my "money" and all the games I had opened over the last two years. Who wants these problems. Dec 2017. Still loving this game!.Version: 24.03.00

Not freeIf your wanting to play free slots for fun keep looking this isn’t the one! First of the games in here are a lot of fun and there are plenty to choose from. You get daily spin bonus pulse every 2 hour bonus however the amount of free coins and what you wil win you might get 5 spins out if if your lucky. The coins to bet are high and you might win small amount every 3rd spin. I have not had enough free coins to make my play time more than about 10 minutes then I’m out and promoted to buy a coin package. It’s a shame because there are a lot of cool slots on this app but freebies don’t last more than 10 minutes 🙀if you don’t mind buying coin packages then this is the app for you. Me personally if I’m gonna have to spend money to play I at least want the opportunity to win real money not coins. Sorry Goldfish Casino due to the lack of freebies, betting minimum, and free playtime I’m giving 2-1/2 stars..Version: 30.1.0

My favorite slot gameI’ve been playing this slot for about 8 months now and it’s my favorite of all time. I love the variety of games offered and the payouts are pretty decent compared to other slots I played. I feel like this game is very fair and because of that I have purchased coins a few different times. One thing I wanted to point out is that I have encountered an error a few times while playing. When I got a big win I received an error that an error occurred and my spin was being refunded. I reported the issue via email and both times they reimbursed the win amounts. I am very grateful to the support team for taking my word and refunding me the coins lost. Both times I sent emails they have responded within 24 hours. I will continue to play this game as long as they don’t make any changes to the payouts..Version: 24.05.01

Good games- Needs some small changes thoughSo far my experience has been pretty good. They have popular slot machines that are fun to play and the leveling system, so far, has seemed fair and within reach. I really only have 2 criticisms for the developers. The first one is I wish they would add a toggle for the coin sound that plays when you get a line hit. The sound is louder than the game and takes away from the experience. It’s almost like if every time you won in real life someone started talking in your ear. The final wish is that the animations be more fluid and I believe this comes down to optimization. Actions such as tapping the continue button after leveling up or backing out of a machine feels a little sluggish and slow, almost as if there is a 0.5 second delay. These are really minor criticisms but I think would help the experience of playing even better..Version: 30.1.0

Tight! Swamped with attempts to buy tokensLet’s be honest, there are games here we all want to play. The problem is I spent $100,000,000 fake dollars on Huff n Puff and never got a bonus! Interrupting the game play is continual upgrades to the next level winning you Bonuses of 1/5 a minimum bet and more attempts to sell you tokens. Anytime you download a new game is where you get the best and biggest wins to make you like the games, love the app. When you love playing you will pay and buy the tokens. They just forgot to let me have fun in order for me to want to buy billions in tokens. I guess you need the billions because otherwise you will be broke because this is the toughest app to win, the tightest casino app ever and I probably won’t be back. I’m not giving such a site $1!!! Be cautious!!.Version: 30.0.0

So far it's been a lot of fun.I love your site but I and other users have problems with wagering. When one changes game the wager defaults to the highest wager. This is problematic because one can accidentally hit the spin button before setting the wager. This happened on several occasions and I reduced my coins by millions. Please make the wager the lowest amount so that the user can raise it to the amount they would like to wager. Keep up the great work. Since your last update I must shutdown my iPhone each time I leave a game and try to enter the lobby. This is very annoying and I wonder if other iPhone users have the same problem or is this specific to my phone. If I reload or update the app, will I lose my 450,000,000 points? Great!!.Version: 34.0.0

Horrible Odds and Non-Existent Win Rate after update!The win rate was ok to begin with. No extravagant or completely flawed. Being a statistic major, we are assigned these types of games to validate how close they are odd wise to actually machines. Sadly after last update, something was changed or broke. 200,0000,000 @ 500,000 a spin should have triggered the bonus game more than 2 times. Note: that is a sample size of 400 spins making it a 0.5% win rate or outcome. Previous tally rate was 13 out of 400 making it a 3.25% win rate. I’m level 183 and the original stats were even higher, but it seems that either the higher the level yo get, or the patches, reduce your win percentages, which equates to no fun. Maybe that’s why they have recently been opening all of the games vs having you level to get to them. They may want to look into their stats or algorithm..Version: 28.00.00

Changing of featured games every couple of daysDon’to understand why the games are changed every few days. In addition it appears you’ve completely removed the Cleopatra, Merlin and Neptune games that I really enjoyed playing. Why not just leave the games alone? No way under The support area is there an option to actually contact a live support person. Almost all other apps have a support button that you can actually contact a support person and get an answer to an issue. When going from one game to a different game the app changes your bet. Most of the time it goes from what you’re betting to 150,000;000. Clearly meant to cost you coins! Far to greedy and in my opinion unethical!.Version: 25.11.00

Game is a RIPOFF!I have bought coin packages on this game and plenty of them. During bonus rounds YOU WILL BE CHEATED. You will go through the bonus rounds and once it’s completed your winnings WILL NOT be added to your bankroll! There have been many complaints about this glitch and they do nothing to fix it. They will not reimburse your coins either. They will claim it’s the odds of the game. It’s not the odds of the game when you are in a bonus round and have won the coins but after it is finished it is not added to your bank roll. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME absolutely do not ever buy packages unless you’re okay with them ripping you off. Just warning those who love casino games as a way to relax and waste a little time. Don’t install!.Version: 25.11.00

ImpressedI have played this slot for years. It’s been great entertainment and consumed hours of what otherwise would have been dull and boring. After a month or two of what I hope was just lower luck and not a losing algorithm (because I do buy points packages) causing me to lose, I contacted support to let them know of my disappointment. I was pleasantly surprised they even addressed my issue. Was then surprised that they understood how I felt and compensated me a little to keep me playing. Needless to say, it keeps me playing. Of all the slots I have played, Goldfish is really the best when comparing the points you get for dollars spent. I like the variety of games, bonuses, and promotions..Version: 38.0.1

Pop ups are off puttingOh my gosh I have begun to hate opening this app because of the 4-5 pop-ups one after another. The pop ups are timed or something because I have to tap the x to close each one multiple times to make it go away before I get another pop-up. Hey, we know you sell credit coins, we can see the big SALE banner at the top. Why pop up over and over until you chase some people off? I have bought their coin credits in the past but I have lost patience. I’ll show up once a day to deal with free credits and play when I feel like it. I mostly lose anyway. It’s gotten boring even though the slots themselves have potential to be fun. Just too annoying to get to them..Version: 25.09.00

Return my CreditsMy credits were deleted when I signed into Facebook. I had over $150 million & everything got changed to the $5 million first login amount. Someone needs to fix that. Until this gets fixed & I receive notice that I get back my credits that I won, I’m deleting this app for failure to have any support to get back the credits I originally had before logging into Facebook. FYI, do not login to your Facebook account if you have more then the $5 million they’re offering to give if you’re a 1st time user, because all those credits will no longer be available! Especially since they don’t give enough chances of winning to continue playing anyway..Version: 24.10.00

So Annoying!I’ve played this game for a long time, and love it because the slots are the same ones you find in real casinos (I live in Vegas, so...) Right now I’m REALLY annoyed with the level up procedure—when you level up, a pop up comes up telling you what level you were, what level you are now, and a button to tap to collect your reward. Right now, I’m betting high so it happens about every 8-10 spins! If I’m in the top 2 in a tournament and close to finishing first, seconds can count, and it gets extremely frustrating to have to clear the level up and keep going, especially when it happens happens so frequently..Version: 28.00.00

Typical Casino AppGood games and payouts at low bets are not horrible. As soon as you start betting high your bonuses are sure to leave you frustrated. Keep to low bets or they will just take all your coins. Example: I’ve hit a few bonuses at 90+ mil bet only to get a payout you can easily get at the 5-10 mil bet level. So this your typical casino app game. You will lose more than you gain betting high. Worst part is when you go in a slot they put it at max bet. I have 5 billion coins and every time I go in a slot it’s set to 500 mil. Again, they just try to take your coins fast so don’t bet too high. There coin to dollar ratio is good cause they know people will bet really high only to lose it fast. Or people that don’t pay attention and just hit spin when they enter a game. Daily bonuses are better than most..Version: 25.03.01

Heed my warning!Just want to give those who want to play this app a heads up! Don't play the Ruby Slots because if you win any coins and the game times out, it doesn't give you the coins earned! Also, during free spins, I won 200,000 coins but as it was adding it to my balance, the game just shut down and it never added the 200,000 coins! CRAZY! Anyway, fellow slot players, I had to delete this slots app. I was scared if I bought coins and then what if the game shut down during a coin I didn't want to take that risk! This slots app does have great potential because the graphics are great and there are a lot of variety of slots, but the negatives outweigh the positives! SO SAD! :(.Version: 24.04.02

Bad!!! Pearl Bonus Mega featureI’ve been playing @ Gold Fish Slots online casino for a very long time! Every time I’m in the Mega Pearl Bonus I pick one of the multipliers, as I just did (I picked the 8x’s) and sure enough it went to 2x’s , which was a complete row and 1 away from where I tapped. When I tap other times in a variety of places I never get more than 3 x’s. I’m sorry I don’t buy your virtual coin to play but there are other online slots that rather have dedicated players than just trying to sell or ruin the fun the player is having because they don’t buy something, not everyone today has extra money. Thank you.Version: 33.1.1

You can’t win real money….…….. so why do your machines pay out worse than the actual casino slots? People do not play free online not-for-money slot machine games so that they can be frustrated at the lack of bonus rounds, and then the absence of big payouts when you actually do get a bonus round. They play to enjoy the games they play at the casinos in their own homes. I can go to a real casino and waste real money and get a better experience. I spent the $10 for 10 billion coins after I went through the starter money the first day, and I’m going to play the smallest bets possible so I can actually play this game for more than a few days because the payouts are that bad. I’m not taking your real money when I win, let me enjoy winning more often!.Version: 39.0.0

Fun but BEWAREOf all the casino apps I play, this one has the most win opportunities and the game selection is great. I spend a lot of money on this app (everyone has a vice, right?) but twice now, I’ve lost all of my coins due to internet connection issues. Let me be clear, it’s NOT my connection as I have high speed w great connection. It’s something w the app. It just happened again - I just bought a package, my bank loaded, I spun 2 or 3 times and lost the connection. When it came back, all of my coins were gone. I’m up to almost $20 LOST now. I will update my review if/when the developer addresses my issue and refunds me..Version: 25.09.00

I used to love itI’ve been playing Goldfish for couple months and it was so much fun at first but now it’s nothing but frustrating... There is no way to win, you have to spin hundred times before you get any bonus and usually you loose it right after, you just can’t get ahead.. I’ve had few bonuses that paid ZERO!! Payouts are ridiculous, you can bet 1,000,000 coins yet you gonna get 40,000 back or nothing. Same with high limit games, you think at least these should pay little higher. I’m erasing it as soon as I loose all coins and looks like it’s coming very soon. It’s sad..Version: 25.13.02(4396)

Lower the Betting MinimumThis has been my favorite slot for well over five years. Every evening I enjoyed playing the new slot or the featured guest slots for the minimum 5 million coin bet and then when the minimum was upped to 10 million I still played. I’d win some, lose more but was still playing because I enjoyed it and it relaxed me. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. I will not be playing while the minimum is 25 million and I can’t get a win after 25-30 spins. I used to enjoy Jackpot Party just as much as Goldfish Slots but stopped for the same reason. Please stop being greedy!.Version: 37.0.2

They do resolve any issuesI bought their sale pack for some coins and everything went fine. Then when I lost those coins I decided to buy the sale pack again every thing went fine until after a couple spins and my game froze. So I had to close it out and open it again. When I did all the coins I just bought were gone. Even with refreshing and closing it out and restarting my phone nothing helped. I requested support and have an open ticket they still haven’t responded to after two days. Update: they did respond and give me my coins back, no problems. Thank you!.Version: 25.09.00

It’s fun but doesn’t let you play very longIt’s a super fun game. There are a lot of fun games that are the same ones you would find at an actual casino. However, there are a few things that are annoying. First, it’s so odd to me that almost every mega bonus I somehow manage to pick the 3x. It just seems statistically impossible that that would happen that often. Next, on the daily wheel spin it’s always a super low amount. Again, it feels statistically impossible that it should happen over and over again. It’s an extremely rigged game, but it is fun. I just wish it would let you at least win bigger on the daily stuff to let you play a little longer..Version: 28.02.00

Gold fish slotsHow can I play this game if the screen keeps going pink with coins popping everywhere and I can’t even claim my coins or play my game,,,it has been going on for a while,,,first I thought it was my tablet but I have other games and the issue doesn’t happen with them,,,so how can I buy any coins if I’m not going to be able to play,,,I have lost so much of my coins n when I win or try to claim,,,poooop,,there goes the screen again,,,have to get off the game and turn it on and off,,,but guess WHAT,,no coins have I received ,,please fix the problem,,if not I can take it off,,I really like this game,,,thank you,.Version: 25.04.00

Customer supportAfter getting a new I phone with more memory I inadvertently used Facebook to switch over to my new phone after discovering my mistake I contacted support. After a few times I finally got a lady who said no problem they would merge my two accounts. It’s been weeks now and still no merge when I contacted them again they said o we don’t do that here we have to put in a request for that. That was another week that I have to keep my old phone active so I guess I’ll bite the bullet and just delete it from both phones. Very unhappy with their customer support.Version: 24.14.00

Fun casino games, dumb bet amountsI like this site because it’s got a lot of the games that I like to play at a real casino. what I hate about it is the better amount, they come up with stupid wagers like $1,001,250 for a bet which makes a large portion of the win amounts have 666 in them which is just bad luck! If you aren’t prepared to spend money buying chips, you’ll have to collect your daily chips for a week or two in order to play for half an hour. The more you play the higher they make the minimum bet so the last time you can play. I’m not sure what their payback percentage is but it seems to be less than a real casino which really isn’t very much fun at all!.Version: 39.0.0

Duplicate charges, Bonus round disappearsThis has been my favorite casino game for some time but as of late, I’m not so sure anymore. Over the holidays I ordered a few sets of coins but was charged for two extra sets of coins. I would recommend only ordering one set per day if you do decide to order. I won’t order any more coins. This morning at 6:55am I got a bonus round in Lucky Meerkats with 2 crates and 2-2X’s which would have doubled my winnings. When I went to select select my crate, the screen went blank and I lost my bonus round. Sooooo frustrating!!!!! Maybe it’s time to find another game..Version: 24.11.0

Pretty sure it’s riggedI understand this is all just fun and no money is exchanged, unless you are buying coins, but, why is it the treasure chest bonus only ever gives me a 2x symbol. I choose the same chest every time. There are 8 of them to choose from with the possibility of a 3x win on 3 chests; 4x on three chests; 1x on one chest and 2x on one chest. I have played this part of the game no less than 100 times and the one time I chose a chest other than the one I always choose, my go to finally had something other than 2x and the “new” chest I chose revealed a 2x. To coincidental not to be rigged. Otherwise, I like the games..Version: 24.09.00

Not a happy camperI actually have 2 gold fish slot apps on my ipad and it keeps telling me on both of them that I don’t have the most current version. It won’t let me log on to facebook. On my ipad, I’m back to level 1 and the initial coins you get when you first start a game up. I’m on level 164 with over 353,000,000 coins. The game on my cell is fine. I mainly play on my ipad and I’m not starting from level 1, again. It might be time to delete this app. I really liked a lot of these games, too. Update: The developer emailed me and my problem was resolved. I’m back in business. I love the SG Interactive slots..Version: 24.04.02

Thousands of Pearls not rewardedI have enjoyed playing this game for years, but have especially liked playing Mermaid's Cove! It takes so long to accumulate the pearls, so you can imagine how disappointed I have been three times with 1,000 pearls and once with 250 pearls to try to use them for prizes and have them disappear with no rewards. Yes, I have received my rewards many times, but it is very frustrating to work to get all of those pearls just to have them vanish. I'm not sure that I will continue playing if this is not corrected. Please work your magic and fix this glitch! Thank you!.Version: 24.06.00

FunAwesome games.Version: 24.00.00

Gold FishHours and hours of fun, fun, fun!!.Version: 24.00.00

Gold fishGreat game to play , all game on here are great to play.Version: 25.09.00

Gold FishI used to really enjoy this game, but the longer you play, it the less it pays. My last game took 593 spins to get the 10 free game spins. The pay out on the 10 free spins was the equivalent to 5 spins. Going to run out my coins and play something else..Version: 25.04.00

GoldfishSince the new and improved Goldfish the screen appears upside down and will no longer flip..Version: 25.07.00

No chances to winMinimum bets are much too high!!! Bonus spins are rarely given!!!.Version: 28.00.00

Great gamesLove the amount of coins given to play I never run out and always winning..Version: 45.0.0

Goldfish Casino is funI’m having fun playing when I have lots of coins. Bonuses are big when you bet big!.Version: 42.1.0

JMAwesome slot games!!.Version: 43.2.0

More jackpotsQuite enjoy this game it is fun but you don’t get the jackpots that often..Version: 43.0.0

CasinoSo much fun.Version: 41.0.2

Retro games galore …I enjoy the older games.Version: 41.0.2

This gameAlways Love this game.A lot of times when I loose at other games ,I fall back on this game because it seems to give me enjoyment and sometimes it helps me play longer without constantly loosing and giving up .it keeps me entertained for longer periods and sometimes even helping me to gain some extra playing ..Version: 39.0.0

Mega bonusI’ve been playing this game for over an year and always get 3x or 4x if lucky. Odds are you will never get more then 4x. That needs to be corrected otherwise why even offer above 4x??.Version: 39.0.0

Top katzGreatest! ❤️❤️.Version: 38.0.1

HiGreat game.Version: 38.0.0

Authentic gamesLots of games and they all play just like real slot games at the casinos and online. Lose, lose, lose. Very few symbol matches and rarely get to the bonus..Version: 37.0.2

GoldfishMy go to for fun and try to outsmart those pesky fish food cans😂👍😂😂👌👍.Version: 37.0.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 45.1.1

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