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The Content Transfer app allows fast and simple transfer of personal media (photos/videos) as well as contacts, calendars, and reminders from your old device to a new one. Content can be transferred over the air without the need for wires, subscribed services, or additional equipment. Simply run Content Transfer on both devices to easily and intuitively copy all your personal data and begin enjoying your new phone. Also supports transfers to and from other devices that run on other major operating systems.

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Verizon Content-Transfer Positive Reviews

Works with iPhone 8I have struggled for literally (not figuratively) for 3-4 hours today trying to sync my contacts from an old iPhone to the new iPhone I just got today and have been so frustrated I considered just doing the old fashioned pen and paper method for transferring contacts, BUT on a whim I decided to try the App Store and see if someone had an app that could solve my problem. AT&T had an app, but it crashed so quickly and often that I googled if it was a fake app made by trolls. It wasn’t. Verizon wireless (who is not even my phone carrier), however made an excellent app for transferring content from one phone to the next and in less time than it took to download the apps to both phones I was able to sync phone contacts. So, thank you Verizon engineers for making a simple, high-quality app that gets the job done!.Version: 3.5.7

Works like a gemThis app was super easy to use took about 10 minutes to transfer approximately 1250 photos and a lot of contacts. This app was actually suggested by a Verizon employee who works at the customer service phone center and it worked just like he stated. All my contacts were in order just like they were on my older iPhone and all my pictures seemed to transfer over in the same exact order that were on my old phone. Too bad the Verizon employee in the store who was Condescending and told me I just need to trust the iCloud and get over it couldn’t bother to tell me about this app. He suggested I use iTunes. I had multiple problems with iTunes and could get nothing transferred. I would suggest this app to anyone..Version: 3.5.13

Much better than T-mobile content transfer app.First it was hours. Then it was days when it came to the amount of time I spent trying to transfer content from my old phone to the new phone using the t mobile app their store advised me to use. Finally got fed up and just used this Verizon app. It worked flawlessly and lighting fast. Of course that’s to be expected since I never had a problem with Verizon technology before. Using a t mobile phone to write this but I’ll be going back to Verizon sooner than I thought if the poor performance of the t mobile content transfer app is a sign of things to come..Version: 3.5.8

Transfer a total successIt was so East to transfer contracts and photos from one phone to the other. I had read that the process may not be that way... woo it was for me! I simply followed the online directions. The transfer took about 15-20 minutes. The only time consuming part was having to actually redials the apps. My list of apps transferred, but I had to download the ones I wanted to keep. I thought that works happen automatically. I it worked out well, because I had apps that I didn’t need anymore! A little decluttering exercise.... I rated it 4 stars because I thought the apps would install automatically. Other than that it was quick and painless- and I am not a tech person!.Version: 4.1.0

Content transfer for iPhone to iPhoneThis was amazing! I was walked through it by a very well versed person who knew the app and it was quick and easy. But.... I spent approximately 18 hours with tech coaches off and on trying to accomplish the same thing by utilizing the cloud. The phone had 30+ GB of content and I did not have unlimited data. None of the tech coaches ever mentioned this app and I have accumulated over $400 in overages following the advice of those who should have known this app existed. I am not a complainer, but I feel I need to contact someone in the company to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else. Thank you.Version: 3.5.17

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!I tried absolutely EVERY possible solution to transfer just contacts for iPhone to iPhone and the backups of the old iPhone kept failing. I spent at least 12 hours on it even consulting a friend that works in IT who also tried a lot of the same things that I attempted. Then as one last attempt I remembered that a Verizon employee used this app on my other old phone so I figured it was worth a shot. Lo and behold, it was done in not even THREE seconds! I’ve never written a review for an app in my life but this was so amazing that I couldn’t say no to reviewing it. Thank you so sooo much Verizon! I LOVE YOU!!!.Version: 3.5.28

EasyThis app was easy to use. My first transfer, something failed on my old phone and it stopped the transfer. I restarted it and seems to have worked correctly. Prior to the transfer, I took a lot of pictures/videos off my phone onto my computer and my transfer was an hour and a half including the fail and restart. My husbands has been going for 3 hours with 2000 plus pics and videos, and whatever other info is on there. That said, I also suggest doing this at night where both phones can be plugged in and you won’t need them in case your transfer is lengthy. We didn’t really know what kind of time to expect it to take..Version: 3.5.8

Apple said it probably couldn’t be doneReplaced my droid with an Iphone thru Verizon. First Verizon associate suggested Copy My Data to transfer my contacts and photos but had problems connecting. Went to the Apple store, they had me there for over an hour while they tried apps and a wired connection called Celebrate. Finally they apologized and said it probably can’t be done. I would have to enter all my contacts manually. Went back to verizon and found a rep who within 10 minutes, using this app, had all my contacts (300+) in my new 10S..Version: 3.5.19

Rate transfer appGeorge was my support representative he was absolutely amazing! The transfer app was so convenient it made me so happy because I had lost some pictures changing my Apple ID from my husband. I have not checked to see if my photos are all have been returned. If my notepad my contacts and my photos are all on my new phone, I will be extremely happy! I receive the phone for my birthday and I’ve been on the phone with support since my birthday trying to get it all reconfigured. Your support team is very convenient and knowledgeable! Thank you!.Version: 3.5.13

Works flawless for iPhone 6sCouldn’t find an app that would reliably transfer my files, video, and photos. Well, that was until I found this app. I was able to transfer all of my files and photos that I needed from my SD card effortlessly to my iPhone 6s which is still a very fast and powerful device to this day. This app is perfect! If you are having issues with this app then chances are it’s hit phone having issues or you you have a really outdated device that isn’t compatible. I’m giving this app a perfect rating. This app saved the day, very awesome!!!.Version:

Efficient and thoroughAfter the catastrophic failure of Move to iOS, this was a breath of fresh air. All of my photos, contacts, and calendar events transferred seamlessly - in less than a half hour. Photos remained organized in same albums. My reminders did not transfer, but this is minor. At the end of the process, Transfer listed my apps, asked me which I wanted to install, and immediately took me to the AppStore for each I clicked, so this was also a very efficient process. (For reference, I transferred data from an S8+ to an iPhone 12.).Version: 4.1.0

Good, when it worksThe first phone I transferred using this app worked well, although I thought it would transfer more data items than the few it did. However the second phone was a problem. The transfer was interrupted by a phone call and hung. There was no indication that it hung, but after several hours of no progress, I killed it and attempted multiple times to rerun it. The final solution was to uninstall the app and start a new transfer after deleting all the photos that did transfer. The multiple attempts also duplicated contacts - a major issue in my opinion. This could be a great app with a little more work..Version: 4.1.0

LOVE... IT...This is by far one of the ideas for an app that I’ve come across. As someone who likes to always have the latest available tech, in this case my iPhone, it’s always been a pain having to have to transfer all my data from my cell to a computer, hope it goes well and then transfer that data back into my new toy, and again hope the transfer goes well. Well no more of that... In less than 15 secs my data was transfer via WiFi from my old device into the new one. Easy breezy....Version: 3.5.8

Amazing transfer appWow!! Transferred everything I wanted very quickly!! On-screen prompts were easy to follow and walked you through everything step by step! No funny business!! I cringed at the thought of having to transfer my information from my old phone to my new one....I put it off for months!!! Had I known it was going to be this easy...I would have sat down and transferred the information right after buying my new phone!!! Can’t say enough good things about it!.Version: 3.5.19

Thought I lost my dataI used this app when my port to transfer data was not working. I wasn’t able to connect to an outside source but my phone would charge. It was weird. But thankfull I was able to recover 2500 pictures and 300 videos from my phone! My iCloud ran out of space a few years ago so nothing was auto backing up. Thanks to this app for helping keep all my records for the last year so I could transfer to my new phone and soon my backup external hard drive!.Version: 3.5.13

Easier than I expected!I was having heck of a time trying to get photos from my old phone, to the computer, then onto my new phone. Talk about frustration! Later that day I had gone over to visit my parents where my dad told me about this app. I was relieved to know I just had to sync them up (easy task) and sit back while the app did everything for me (easier task😎). Very pleased with how simple it was to transfer everything I needed. Thanks!.Version: 3.5.9

Couple Flukes or FloundersVery good app when faced w the challenge of transferring data from anAndroid to iPhone. Only kink is in gaming as it loses your progress made in many game which really bites after you hit 3500+ levels in heaven knows how many game!! Argh & Agony! Also, it tends to duplicate photos and video clips you have made... Deal w it, right? As long as ya get all your contacts all is good! You REALLY don’t need the app for iPhone to iPhone, cause it does it for ya! Androids are alians! God only know what they do!!! Glad to be back to an IPhone XR- totally AWESOME! Yes, a 60 yr old reborn beach broad can say what she really thinks!!!.Version: 3.5.30

App minimized repeatedlyFirst, it should be made clear that the new phone can be “set up”, then installed on it, which is necessary to do the transfer. Next, the app disappeared from the screen on my old phone repeatedly (minimized, but not closing entirely) and reset to the first step, so I had to start over about 10 times. It could have been a problem with my old phone, but that doesn’t happen with other apps and I’m sure it happened once on my new phone, too. Once it finally started transferring, then it stayed open and finished the process..Version: 4.1.0

Saved my baconWhen I first had purchased the phone the transfer using airdrop went horribly wrong. It took two hours to get going again because of various operator errors (me). The general manager at the Verizon store in central park Fredericksburg Virginia was outstanding! He quickly help me download this app on both of my phones. it transferred a lot of data efficiently and without corrupting the already partially filled iPhone XP from my aging iPhone 6s with all my stuff.Version: 3.5.19

Thought I Had to Start All Over!!!This app is so wonderful! While transferring my content from my old phone the old phone’s battery drained and the phone shut off. After over an hour into the process I thought that I was going to have to start the process all over... When I went back to the app on the new phone, it asked if I wanted to save the content from the previous transfer attempt. Lifesaver!!! 😁👍.Version: 3.5.19

Phone-to-phone transfer...This was my most rewarding cell phone experience in my entire life. I’m not as proficient with software and or cellular devices, but this made me feel like a professional. The process, app, and support service was distinguished! Jasmine’s experience and knowledge allowed me to be a successful student as I accomplished the task of transferring resources from one phone to another. She also bowled me over with her professionalism. I am very grateful that I purchased and utilized the Verizon and its outside team’s services. This has been a late evening, but very rewarding experience. Thank you again to Jasmine for the online telephone support as well as my representative Anthony from Verizon in Folsom, California for taking my call late to introduce and provide additional help to me. Again, thank you, Tim Howard.Version: 3.5.13

Paying a premium price for serviceVerizon stores don't help an individual out when paying premium prices for less than premium service. Buying new phones and no help to transfer information. Low and behold drink a beer with the right people and learn of an app called content transfer! I'd give it ten stars because all my memories and contacts were transferred successfully with no hassle! And no ignorant people telling me to use the cloud!.Version: 3.5.6

Pretty EasyVerizon mailed iPhone XS Max to me and I was transferring from iPhone 6. I followed the Apple instructions first, then put the phones next to each other and followed the Verizon Transfer instructions on the 6. You have to read the screens and take time to be sure. Took over an hour to transfer 70 GB wirelessly. I kept the old phone for about a week just to make sure everything was transferred. Never had to get anything from it..Version: 3.5.17

Once I figured it out it went greatMy old phones contacts were a mess and I did not want them to transfer. The app kept wanting access and would not connect to the other phone until I granted it access. Only then did I “discover” that I would have the ability to choose what to transfer. Once I made sure that contacts were not going to transfer I hit the go button and an hour later all was painlessly and completely finished..Version: 3.5.28

Verizon Content AppThe app works perfectly. I will admit that I chatted Verizon first, because I couldn’t get my old photos and music off of my old iPhone. The advisor that I was chatting with told me about this app and was able download it to my new and old phone. After that she helped me through a few things, but the app is user friendly. I recommend it to anyone who wants to transfer from phone to phone..Version: 3.5.19

Awesome idea but major bug.This app is very convenient and a great tool for transferring content from one device to another. However, I have tried transferring my photos and videos from my old iPhone to my new iPhone a couple of times and both times after the transfer was complete my photos were completely jumbled up. My most recent pictures were instead in the middle / top of my camera roll and my old photos were where the recents should be. Fantastic app aside from this, hope this bug is fixed soon..Version: 3.5.9

Best way to transfer from Samsung to iPhoneOriginally I tried the app Apple recommended to transfer contacts, pics and videos...estimated time to complete the transfer was 21 hours. After 4 hours I said enough was enough! I then came across this app and figured it couldn’t hurt. In less than 1 hour all on my contacts, pics and videos were transferred over. Highly recommend!.Version: 4.1.0

Great App not so great Local Customer ServiceThis app is awesome and so easy and user friendly to use however when I asked the employee in my local Verizon if there was any other way to transfer my content other than to purchase more iCloud storage, he said no I would have to purchase more space back up to iCloud and transfer that way. Luckily a friend recommended this app and it worked like a charm!.Version: 3.5.15

What a great appSo thankful that Verizon has this available to no cost. I was fighting with my computer, old iPhone and new iPhone for over 12 hours. Downloaded this, transferred all contacts, notes, videos and pictures in about 2 hours. This fixes the problem that apparently many Apple users are experiencing when trying to restore their info onto a new iPhone..Version: 4.1.0

A breeze!I only needed to transfer my many contacts (nothing else at this point) from my old iPhone 6S Plus to a new iPhone 6S Plus. Both on iOS 13. This worked flawlessly & quickly and was SUPER easy! I am not a Verizon customer either, so it obviously makes no difference who your carrier is. Great transfer app! Thanks Verizon, for making such a straightforward and reliable transfer app! Happy! :-).Version: 3.5.30

Fast and Easy-Make sure you are on WiFiIt took no time to transfer over my contacts at home. I could erase apps and delete things on my own before turning the phone in for a credit. It worked out perfectly for me. Except having to get the previous carrier to turn off service so the new phone would ring. But the transfer went smoothly..Version: 3.5.17

This is how easy it SHOULD be!Works great as long as you still have your old phone. When I upgraded my iPhone and my contacts didn’t automatically update I was frustrated, thinking I’d have to manually update many hundreds of contacts. Not after finding this application! Interface is smooth and process is easy! made the transfer of contacts so easy..Version: 3.5.15

Verizon Content Transfer WINS...Hands Down!I fought with Apples Move to iOS app for 2 days trying to move my stuff from my Galaxy S7 Edge to my new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Then I tried Xender and was prepared to use a USB thumb drive or dropBox when I came across Verizon’s Content Transfer app. I read the description and instructions, watched the video and downloaded and used the app... I am still in shock... It Worked the First Time I Ran It! Wow...Just WOW! Verizon Wins!.Version: 4.1.0

So fast and easyI first used the apple build in transfer app of apple and after 2 hours of laborious downloading time, nothing was effectively transferred. Then I used Verizon transfer app and it was done in approximately 15 minutes, Pictures, contacts, calendar, full app list and so on. Very happy with it. Good job to the creator(s) of this app. Never seeing phone transfer so fast and easy. Thank you..Version: 3.5.30

Setting up new iPhoneI had tried all afternoon to transfer photos, etc from my old phone from iCloud. I couldn’t get that to work so I went online & found the Verizon Transfer app. I loaded it & I was amazed how easy it was to navigate. Within less than 2 hours I had everything transferred from my old phone to my new one. What a happy ending to a frustrating day!.Version: 3.5.30

I’m so happy!Just upgraded from an IPhone 6 to an 8. When I bought the phone they transferred my info. But when I went to send a text I noticed not all my contacts transferred over. I was even more sad when I found out my calendar didn’t transfer over. This app is amazing! So easy to set up. I had all my contacts and my calendar transferred over in less than one minute!.Version:

Smooth as silkI’m not IT or iPhone savvy AT ALL; I usually get my daughter to handle something like this. Anyway, my new SIM card came today for my new iPhone and leaving one carrier to come to Verizon, I just knew it was certainly going to be a nightmare. Thanks to your app, it went fantastic! It was very simple and easy to use and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is switching phones..Version: 4.1.0

Seamless worry free appThat had to be the fastest and easiest transfer of data ever. I have had Verizon wireless for over 20 years and absolutely dread the thought of trying to get my contacts and pictures moved to my new device I have had horrendous experiences. This was my first new smartphone in 3-4 years (iPhone 6) and I upgraded to a iPhone 11. Thank you for taking the anxiety out of the process.Version: 3.5.30

Good, could be betterHonestly this was super simple and worked really well. The only thing I would change is to be able to check a box on all apps you want to transfer and somehow be able to download all in one swift movement rather than being taken to each app individually having to select download. That step made for a more tedious process, but all in all I am glad to have found the app!.Version: 3.5.30

Such a time saver!!My old iPhone would not cooperate with the iCloud transfer. I downloaded this app and within a few minutes everything was transferred and my phone was ready to go! I had left my phone updating and backing up overnight and got no where. This app saved me so much time. Now I can turn in my old phone and get my trade in credit! Thanks Verizon!.Version: 3.5.28

Would not use againI transferred from an Samsung s9plus to an iPhone XS Max. I had already made the switch but nothing transferred except the contacts saved on my google. This app said it would transfer my messages, contacts, call history, pics, and apps. My contacts and pics are all that transferred. I got a list of apps that I had to individually download. It started out stating it would take 15 hours, it finished after about 4 hours (plus an additional hour of downloading apps)..Version: 3.5.19

Great simple easy to use!I just got a new work phone and had to transfer all my pics and contacts. Other apps had limitations or required purchases however this app is 100% free and worked great. Have WiFi running on both phones and you can have your info transferred to the new phone in minutes. Definitely recommend 👍👍👍.Version: 3.5.27

This is hands down thee best app out thereWhy has this app never existed till now! Such a life and stress saver! I will tell everyone I know about it because it’s so simple to use, anyone can do it it’s impossible to not follow along no matter how much or little you know about phones by always keeping both phones on the same screen at every step of the way! 110% recommended.Version:

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