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Cloud storage for your mobile devices. Easy to backup, search and share.
Get started with a premium Verizon Cloud account today to securely back up, access & share photos, videos and contacts!

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● Unlimited storage - Unlimited storage and continuous backup of photos, videos, and contacts on your phones and computers (requires Unlimited plan)
● Unlimited devices - No limit to the number of eligible iPhones, iPads and computers backed up (requires Unlimited plan)
● Cross-compatible - Works with various operating systems (requires Unlimited or 2TB plan)
● Shareable storage - Personal storage for up to 5 users (requires Unlimited or 2TB plan)
● SYNC & ACCESS across devices – Backup, sync and access your content when you need it, from your smartphone, iphones, iPad or computer
● PRIVATE FOLDER with PIN-protection for your sensitive content
● ORDER PHOTO PRINTS & GIFTS using your favorite photos in app
● CREATE MOVIES AND CUSTOMIZE PHOTOS Make masterpieces with music, filters and fun stickers to share
● FLASHBACKS – Relive your memories from past years with weekly photo flashbacks
● CAST TO YOUR TV – Share your pictures, videos and music with family and friends on the big screen
● SHARE select media content from your Cloud using your favorite native apps

Get started with Verizon Cloud today to securely back up, access & share photos, videos, contacts & more!

Verizon Cloud can be downloaded and used on both iPhones and iPads.
Go to for the complete list. *Data charges apply.

View the complete Terms & Conditions at:

New Verizon Cloud subscribers: Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your iPhone for a 30-day premium trial of Unlimited, 2TB or 600GB storage plans. You will automatically be billed $19.99/month, $14.99/month or $5.99/month (plus taxes and Verizon surcharges), respectively, once the trial ends unless you cancel. You can opt out of the trial through the Verizon Cloud app at any time during the 30-day period and enjoy free 'Contacts Only' support.

Verizon Cloud App Comments & Reviews

Verizon Cloud Positive Reviews

Verizon Cloud AppI pay for this service and I have had it for years and to this day I still can’t get my IPhone 8+ to back up with this app, it used to sit there and act like it was backing up my phone and you would have to keep the app open and not let your screen go black and I tried this so many times for hours and hours I even let it try and back up for a whole day, during this process you can’t use your phone at all or it will have to start the process all over again but after letting it back up for a whole day it never finished and when I gave up and checked on how much it was able to actually back up I was completely blown away that after 12 hours of me dedicating my phone to nothing but backing up my phone it accomplished absolutely nothing!!! Not a single file was ever added to my cloud all the stuff that I have in my cloud was from 3 or 4 phones ago so I have basically been pay for this service for years thinking that it was working this whole time when it never worked at all or at least not in years. Now all it does is crash every time you try and open it so it can’t even pretend to back up your phone now. I really hope that Verizon can fix this issue I know I can’t be the only one with this problem. Until this issue is fix I wouldn’t recommend using or purchasing any storage from this app!!!.Version: 18.8

Davemeta2Love the FiosTV app I own thousands of movies and tv series that I was afraid I would lose when I had to temporarily leave FIOS for a month or two after father’s death.... and it’s sooo good to go to app and scroll down through my huge list of things so quickly and easily.....hit show and hit remote to my Apple TV or Roku device or use iPhone and computer and instantly I am watching on My 55” OLED HDR 4K TV..... And the cloud backup is as good as Apple’s Cloud System and is as user friendly.... Thanks again FIOS I look forward to returning to my ultimate package soon!.Version: 20.2.9

DisappointedI had been with Verizon for twenty years, I had a life change and had to change services but thought All of my 3700 photos were “Safe” in the cloud plus I was paying for it. What I Didn’t Know was that they would Erase All of them after 30 days! I was told they held onto them for Six Months. You Know people don’t read the fine print and I am technically challenged. I was crushed as I was making gifts for my children and grandchildren that specifically involved these precious photos and No, I didn’t have them backed up anywhere else because I went specifically through Verizon up until that point, and my S6 did not have a SD port. I am now back with Verizon but extremely disappointed they don’t have a better system in place with information if you leave for periods of time. I will never trust them or the people who give different information again.Version: 19.10.7

My worldThank you for not losing my pictures and I get to see my children and myself and friends oand hopefully this world clears up the problem that we’re having and we can all get together and have fun like we used to really sad never did I ever think it was gonna be like this at least I have the pictures to show how much fun we used to have going to concerts going out to eat buffets dances airplanes MexicoCruise is not worrying about catching any kind of virus laughing eating fun stuff.Version: 20.9

Hope you're happy because I'm not**update It only took me over an hour to get everything back BUT I HAVE ALL MY PICTURES BACK. If you're unable to log in using your email/username you can log in using your phone number. The app refused to backup my most current photos so I uninstalled it and downloaded it again and now it's refusing to let me sign in with my previous information on the app and online. I lost photos of deceased family members because of this. Everyone, do yourself a favor and get a flash drive or something more reliable..Version: 17.4.7

Photos and shut down on phone and wont let me open on computerI lost all my photos on the app because the she cancelled my cloud. I asked about extra storage for my 5c iPhone but she said I had the max. And she deleted the photos and videos but keep my contacts. Thanks to .Jesse and Hannah I have my pictures back but I still can't get on to cloud on my desktop and on my phone it goes on and immediately shuts off. Very disgusted..Version: 17.5.10

It does what it wants toI was told to use this by Verizon but when you want to download there is no category to do this on iPhone I was upset after having to erase everything and start all over with iCloud. None of these apps are easy. I didn’t realize the Verizon amp uploaded everything overnight on its own. Contacts are now in a separate place away from messages. Photos are now found when signing on with the app. Not the most ideal transfer but I did get everything. Stressful to use when one doesn’t know if it is even working.Version: 19.5.9

A Wonderful Place to Visit!So glad to be able to store so many treasured memories in a safe place. I’m able to tell so many stories from my photos. People wonder how I got so many of the things that I have. I value the vault of images as they allow me and others to experience the past together. I can bring up a picture from almost every phase of my life. Not many people are able to do that. Thanks!!!!.Version: 21.7.10

Verizon is the best !Verizon is the best for everything ! Emails photos, backup, holding pictures in texts just push save ! So many other things to do ! I had the other popular phone for approx 10 years ! I just got this iPhone plus about two years ago and it is so much better so many options ! I have the tablet too! Holds a lot of books ! Verizon is 5 star all the way !Rev. Darlene Lindstrom.Version: 19.11.5

Not workingFor the last month or longer I have been trying to back up my photos and videos and for some reason it wants to back up photos and videos that are already in the cloud. Then when it gets to a video the app locks up and you have to close it down. Not sure what’s going on but it is frustrating. Hopefully this will get fixed very soon as I have years of pictures and videos backed up to the cloud..Version: 21.6.7

My Verizon Account Increased My Credit Score!Although having a Verizon account increased my credit score up to 8 points the service was not as good as some unmentioned service providers; however the iCloud was great but I thought was unnecessarily costly and should have been included in my overall account bill. And since I am giving Verizon 4 Stars for its overall service two separate lines with unlimited everything should be offered for under $100!.Version: 20.7.5

Will not openThis app is useless, it will not stay open, every time I open it it just shuts down, update didn't fix the problem. Originally gave this one star as it wouldn't open, but after a lot of help from the Verizon support team we got the issue fixed and it now works great. Ended up being an account glitch and not the app..Version: 17.4.7

I love it but...I will give it a 5 star when it speeds up, Also when my phone goes to sleep it stops uploading. I have unlimited data (grandfathered in) and I pay more so it shouldn't be so slow. Other than that It’s sweet to be able to back up photos without paying for the app like Dropbox which I also pay for just to upgrade to have 500gb I take A LOTTTT of phones and make videos so I need all the speed and storage I can get..Version: 17.6.6

Love it!Never realized I could take photos on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, have them automatically saved in the Verizon Cloud and am now viewing the same photos on my iPad. What a great concept! LOL I guess you can tell I’m a little late getting up to speed on the technology available to me. The price is reasonable and the app is very easy to use. Full disclosure, I’m a retiree of a subsidiary of Verizon..Version: 18.5.10

Changed phonesSo I bought a new phone, set it up, and thought I was ready to use it. Well I didn’t have all my pictures or anything else, all because I had to reset it multiple times during a 24 hour time frame, trying to locate my stuff. After I downloaded my Verizon cloud, all of pictures were there..Version: 19.8.19

SAVED MY PHOTOS!!!!I had an issue where my iPhone 6a plus disabled therefore leaving me with no choice but to factory rest my phone. It was awful. I thought I had lost everything to include pictures of my dog that I put down on 2017. LUCKILY, everything was on this app, I am still waiting to see if the pictures of my dog are on here but I am happy with the backup already..Version: 18.4.22

Great appI recently reviewed this app at 1 stars due to the iOS 11 compatibility issues. I feel they should have been ahead of the problem as this is such an essential app but I feel they fixed it pretty quickly. Customer service saw my review and contacted me immediately. It’s an app that you shouldn’t go with out. Thanks for fixing the issues..Version: 17.4.12

UGH!!!!! HorribleOkay I’m getting frustrated now. Something tell me to rate the app ha perfect because I’ve had nothing but trouble. I go to the reviews and not only am i but other people are wondering why the same thing... THE LIBRARY WON’T BACK UP!!!!!! Helllllp me this is horrible! Then y’all have the nerve to want somebody to pay to use the app please you won’t get a penny from me this is unacceptable!!!.Version: 17.6.6

Same thingIn regards to the above review titled , “worse ever.” I had the same problem and it turns out I ended up getting an upgraded phone with more memory and it worked 100 times better. It acted exactly how you described and I wanted to scream! The reply that you got from Verizon was unacceptable. They should know what devices have issues and should list which phones and memory can be used with the cloud! It would save a lot of time headache and frustration!.Version: 18.1.14

Ordering photosAfter instantly realizing I had ordered a photo in the wrong medium: acrylic instead of canvas, I was informed that there was no way they could cancel the order even when I called immediately after placing it. BUT then they immediately refunded my money after I received BOTH items! That’s what I call customer service..Version: 18.3.15

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