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YOUR ADIDAS - MORE THAN A SHOPPING APP. The home of sport and sneakers, the adidas app puts you closer to the action with instant access to sneaker drops, seasonal fashion releases, and the sports, clothes and gear that fit your personal style. Athlete inspiration, stories, and app exclusives at your fingertips.

Unlock the best of adidas and more of what you love with adiClub. Earn points by completing your profile, making purchases and leaving reviews. Use your points to level up and unlock even more exclusive rewards.

What's in it for you?
- Members Only Exclusives: Get exclusive access to shop and vote on members-only sneakers, apparel and products
- Unlock discounts, limited edition drops, invitations to special events, free premium training apps, exclusive offers and more great rewards.

Those that hear about it first, wear it first. From athlete news, clothing collaborations and hype drops, you can discover it all in the adidas app.

- Get news of the latest sneakers delivered straight to your phone
- Shop the newest adidas releases
- Gain access to special offers, rewards, gifts, and gear
- Get alerts when your favorite adidas sneakers & clothes go on sale
- Order and buy in just a few taps
- Track your orders and purchase history for easy returns

Love shoes? Just scroll, select, stand out. App in hand, you can be the first to shop sneaker collaborations and the newest releases to take your look to the next level.

And the more you use the adidas app, the quicker you’ll get access to the sports technologies, fashion and stories that inspire you—whether that’s giving your running regime an UltraBoost, the newest NMD release, a classic Stan Smith, a retro Gazelle, or the shoes that will launch your sneakerhead status.

Running, training, football, basketball, or soccer? The adidas app has what you need and more. Whether you’re putting time in on the football pitch, the track, court, or the gym, find inspiration from adidas creators like Patrick Mahomes, James Harden and Stella McCartney as well as the right shoes and clothes for your favorite sport.

Don’t want to miss out? Opt-in to instant notifications to get the latest performance stories that matter to you. From running and performance shoes to the latest in football; experience the innovative Boost technology or shop the legendary Nemeziz or Predator soccer cleats. Find all the gear you need to own your sport.

Adjusting to your preferences as you go, the adidas app allows you to easily build your own 3-Stripes style. And if style is your sport, Originals clothing draws from the storied adidas archives to shape the looks of today. With clothing lines for men, women, and kids, adidas keeps it fresh season after season.

Whether you’re in the market for a new Ultraboost running shoe, the latest pair of NMDs, or looking for sports inspiration and fashion, the adidas app is the place to be.

Adidas App Comments & Reviews

Adidas Positive Reviews

Throwback fanI have so much Adidas gear that my friends and family always joke that I should have stock or be a spokesmodel for Adidas. I have stuff that’s over 10 years old but looks brand new. I’ve figured out the fool proof way to take care of my stuff. I have 2 issues. 1)a lot of your stuff is awesome but doesn’t come as a set so sometimes it’s hard to find stuff to match properly. Back in the 80’s it was all about matching items. We need that option back. 2) I keep getting offers to anywhere from 15% off to 50% off or my most recent was spend at least $100 and get $20 off. Great but the only thing is it’s only redeemable at certain stores. We’re in a global pandemic where we’re warned to stay in as much as possible so the coupon for me is a coaster because I am immune compromised, have 1 lung so I’m one of the one that follows the guidelines to the max and then some. Where are the rewards and coupons for people like me that shop from home consistently? 3(I know I said 2 things) What is the use of leveling up on the Adidas app if it gets you nothing? Adidas needs someone like me and my best friend who’ve worn Adidas since the 70’s and can prove it. Ours and others loyalty should somehow be rewarded and we should not be taunted with fictitious offers to save. Your products are great so there’s no need to try to lure people in with falsities 😎.Version: 3.43

UltraBoostI am very pleased with the items I purchased, however, I had a lot of difficulty completing the actual transaction. On my first few attempts, the credit card I was attempting to use wouldn’t get authorized. I got in touch with the credit card company to let them know the purchase was a valid transaction and they notified me the reason it wasn’t being authorized was because the billing address didn’t line up to their records. I made the switch but still had no success. I eventually changed the payment to a different card and the transaction went through. This caused me to have to purchase a pair a half size up as the original size was out of stock. I love the product itself and what Adidas offers, but it would’ve been helpful to talk with a support team to solve this issue in a faster manner. Looking forward to purchasing much more from the Adidas app and I’m thankful you’re taking the time to hear my feedback and improve the process going forward!.Version: 3.42.1

Honestly ehhhI like adidas but there are some issues. Try delivering the packages without letting the package scream that it’s an adidas box with logos on the labels please. Not everyone lives in pleasantville. I had a package stolen during the lockdown and got screwed so I had to buy it again. Another issue I’m having is that on my 12 pro max all of a sudden I cannot locate any stores within my area to schedule a pickup. I’m being forced to pay $5. I did this with no problem last order but now it’s not letting me see my options as to what store to go to pick up my item. Get it together adidas, no excuses on why this is going on. Fix your app with the store pick up location issue and please let one be able to pick up at the nearest store. Thank you kindly. Also tell your designers to make better designs for sneakers and clothes. A lot of it is being wasted because nobody wants to buy some weird adidas items. Keep it simple..Version: 4.6.1

Love adidasIt’s not even close I buy adidas more than any other company period. Specially when it comes to my shirts. Love the quality and fit. Please do more 3xl options please. Also lightstrike pro I love this new foam always be a boost lover but please please make a lightstrike pro show that has no carbon fiber rods or plate in a high stack with a nice wide platform and that show would be the most comfortable shoe on the market. Because I bought the super shoe but super narrow. So please this way I could own the best shoe the most comfortable shoe ever made is my quest to find. Keep up the great work and amazing products also show love to the ultraboost for casual people as well. What happened to the boosts feeling we loved. Super stack with super squishy boost would be a dream. Ok sorry for the long wish list but I want you to succeed and I want to wear adidas products that kill the competition. God bless..Version: 4.26

About the app and customer serviceI haven’t had a problem with the app up until recently. Ordered an item twice through the app and received no confirmation e-mail nor it reflected on my order history. 2 people in Customer service told me to re-order and that there was nothing they can do. The third person I spoke to finally told me that the app had problems and advised to order a third time through the website. I ordered the first time and was offered a comp 2-day shipping and expected this to arrive on the 15th as it mentioned on the confirmation page. Had through hoops with customer service and ordered the item 3 times. And the best they could do was a 15% coupon and didn’t honor the 2-day shipping offer originally. Fix your app or fix your customer service..Version: 3.38

Great app but...I have been using the adidas app for about a year, I find the app very useful. I find items that I normally don’t find at the store. I can say that I have become an adidas fan not because of the app but because of the quality, style and comfort of the items adidas sell. Over all it is a great app but all of the sudden I have encountered some issues with the app. When I open the app I normally go to my wishlist to see what to buy next, when I click on the item I want to potentially buy I get an “error page”. Even though I have the latest version and I have uninstalled the app and installed it again I get the same issue. Second thing, when I am browsing through the app, the app freezes and I cannot continue scrolling through the page. I am not sure what is wrong or what it needs to happen but I hope the adidas developers see this and can look into it..Version: 3.43

Error messages and WishlistI love adidas, it makes up half my wardrobe, but I need fixes to be made. I’m hoping deleting and re downloading the app has solved the constant “error” messages I was getting that would then freeze the app and require me to restart it, but now I’ve lost my wishlist. I need my wishlist to be attached to my account and not the app. If I log onto another device it doesn’t follow and now, after logging back into the app on my phone (after deleting as stated above), I've lost my wishlist, too. That’s my biggest issue provided the error message is solved. I also wish the wishlists had a feature that could hide the sold out items, so that when I decide to buy something (I just got a couple e gift cards), I am not wasting my time scrolling through items that are sold out (which seems to be a majority of my 99+ wishlist...where is all the stock?)..Version: 4.1

Overall great experienceOverall amazing. I hate shopping online because I’m so picky with how things fit, but the website is super informative, easy to use and helpful. The shipping is a lot faster than I was expecting. I got a pair of slides that were too big and all I had to do was put it in the same box and ship it back for free and select my size online. No shipping any direction for the order or exchange it’s great. The member program is awesome too, it’s easy to rack up points quickly. Best, smoothest and most enjoyable experience shopping online in a long long time. Quality of product, price/discount/sale, ease of use and just overall freshness are top tier. Will definitely be back soon 😁 I recommend ordering through adidas directly. 🤙🏼.Version: 3.35

Great App and easy to useThe app lets you access all the adidas items that are available even if they aren’t at your local store and also saves the time to actually visit the store at the small expense of just not having the deals that may be at your local adidas store, however promo codes do make up for that small disadvantage. Overall easy to use and gets the job done just as well a cashier would, transactions are as secure or even better than stores unless you do it in a public WiFi were someone could be sitting ready to snatch your credentials which is the WiFi providers fault for not being secure enough to block any sort of hacker..Version: 3.31

Enjoy... but...I enjoy Adidas products but there’s two things stand out that as a socially and physically active customer, I’m not fully aware of how accrued points work as far as product perq’s/discounts go. Metro themed customization isn’t what I’m looking for. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but the points thing really should also equate to product discounts at purchase checkout. Also, as a runner, OCR athlete, HIIT group participant, I have found that shoes with stability (i.e., stabilization in the show heel) is extremely effective. But Adidas does not seem to have good running/training shoes with stability as a standout feature, except for maybe 1 or 2 models. I would imagine that there would be more purely because Adidas is a leader in active and even fashionable foot and outer wear. Let’s put more of a focus on what’s good for the athlete, as well as for those who just want to look cool..Version: 3.43

UNABLE TO PROPERLY SEE MY POINTS OR ACCOUNT ON THE APPI’ve recently started to buy adidas and just when I did they started the creators club. I’m not sure if it’s because the club is new or whatever but point is I can’t properly review my points on the app! I only get emails regarding my status of recently becoming a “game changer” but other than that the app is on point with its GUI (how the app looks) and sometimes glitchy navigation system. The app is useful to real adidas fans, it just need lots of bug fixes. Also some orders I did while logged into my account weren’t added to my point system, and if they were I couldn’t even tell. Listen the app needs major improvement l! I’m not hating on it I’m just a bit frustrated at the fact that adidas can’t make a simple app to properly help its loyal customers (even if I’m new!!!)!!!.Version: 2.3

Update productsLove it how it update the items when shopping. Easy to assess while shopping. Best part that the items sold out quick and I able to see the blocking. Love love. Have not receive my items yet. But will come back to let you know the wrapping and the items of design. Excite to see the products for my nieces and nephew. One of the birthday gifts arrive later but, my niece ok with it. Just hope the items was in the store where I can pick it up. But, it’s ok, we all happy. Thank you for making everything to run and easy to locate everything on the web. Hot optic: I am not an online shopper. Good luck and many more on your journey of business..Version: 4.19

CheckoutHad ordered multiple items from the app. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to order anything. I was told to go online an order which worked. My card got flagged as fraud and wasn’t able to use my card. It was frustrating because adidas shoes go quick, especially in my size. Still give 5 stars cause Adidas is the only brand I wear on my feet. I hope the issue will get resolved so I can continue to use the app. Also plz make more size 11 starwars Vader originals. I had them in check out when they brought more sizes a while back but it was snatched from my bag in checkout. Don’t know what happened, but plz make more!! Thank you. Adidas forever.Version: 4.1

Need improvementI like the way the app design, and how sleek and smooth it runs every time. But there are lots of space for developers to improve the app and hence customer’s experience 1. Filter: let’s say I’m looking for what is on sale, I just wanna look what is on sale for women size 6. Then after I apply the filter, it show every in size 6. Man woman girl boy infant sale not on sale. 2. I made a few purchase using exact same account, it show in the app that I did not make any purchases, and I cannot track my order. The email with tracking info lead me straight to the app so I’m deleting it cuz I feel it doesn’t help much with my shopping experience..Version: 2.7.1

Too barebonesThe app looks great. The ui design is really nice, but it’s buggy. Especially when filtering and searching for specific items. On top of that it feels a little barebones. I can’t edit parts of my profile without going to the website, nor can I view tracking info. The only thing showing on the app is my order cost, ship address, and payment. Basically a receipt. I can’t check my tracking info from here, and if there is a way it isn’t very obvious. I have to go to the website just to do all that. Even if the app opened a link in safari or something to the store that would work and not even that works. The app is convenient, but it doesn’t have all the necessary features needed to replace the web storefront. Also, the chat function in help never worked for me. Always said it was busy..Version: 3.17

Apple Wallet, Status on premium releasesI shouldn’t have to ask, but can you please make the creator pass available on Apple Wallet. Yes, I understand you need people to go into your app. Yes, I understand that app shows you the “rewards” you can unlock but if I’m simply making a purchase at an adidas store I don’t want to have to say “ oh hold on let me download the adidas app, oh wait let me sign in, oh wait I have to wait for the app to show me its updates, and how to use it, oh wait the app is frozen..” it’s all simple with Apple’s Wallet app it’s just a double tap and all my reward cards and debit cards are there. And please don’t have people look on you webpage to see when the next premium yeezys come out. Just have it out there in the shoes categories as premium releases and keep allllllll ooooof theeeem there. Future and past. Thanks..Version: 2.2.2

Quick and Easy!!!This app has an awesome e layout! It makes for easy shopping. You can literally type in an article number in the search bar and you can learn the status of that item. Or you can type the name of it and use filters to narrow it down. Finding the product is so easy. The viewing options are awesome as well. You can view your item magnified, on a model, in motion and 360 view. Sometimes are sizes are missing in certain items but the selection is almost endless!!! You are bound to find what you are looking for and more on this awesome Adidas app! #adidas.Version: 3.41.6

HonestlyI love adidas, I love the brand the products everything but wow is it hard to order something online. I had to re order two pairs of shoes THREE different times because my order kept getting cancelled by the company. The issue apparently was that my billing and shipping address was different but I was doing that to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, by having the shoes shipped to his house. In order to finally complete the order I had to tell him about the surprise so that I could send him money to his bank account so that we could use his card therefore solving the shipping/billing address difference. Such a headache, other than that I totally love adidas.Version: 1.9.9

Random thoughtsI Love Adidas. Have since I was a kid. I don’t really have many complaints, if any. You’d might say I’m completely bias. You might be right. I always buy NMD’s. I love every pair. Even if it takes six weeks to receive a new pair, in the meantime, I’ll still be rocking any of my older pairs with confidence. They wash and dry so well that they almost always come out looking new. They’re so durable. I’ve had one pair for almost 3 years, took them through all types of construction work, and at the end of it all, I was left with a hole in the top of one from getting caught by a fence I was jumping... lol..Version: 3.43

Kinda uselessHalf the time I have to submit an order multiple times before it’ll go through. Recently I placed an order and got confirmation from PayPal but not from adidas, so I guess the order didn’t take, but getting in touch with customer service through the app is a joke (even if you’re at “gamechanger” level and supposed to get “priority” customer service). I’ve also had some discount codes emailed that don’t work when I try to use them in the app, which is very frustrating. I guess I’ll start ordering through the website, but why have an app that doesn’t work half the time? Very frustrating..Version: 3.38

Adidas Is Simply The Best!I shop and purchase Adidas products for my friends for birthday and Christmas presents. The products Adidas have are the top of the line. And all of my friends really like the Dame collections, it have been a big hit. I also been buying Adidas products for myself and I’m all into Dame shoes. By the way, Adidas online and App is very user friendly and easy to use. There customer service is simply 5 stars, whenever I need to call with a few questions. Therefore overall I highly recommend you to shop at Adidas and give the company 5 stars out of 5 stars! H Harmon Portland, OR.Version: 4.14

Love Adidas needs moreI absolutely love Adidas however you need more Yeezy sneakers to be available especially around the holidays! You would make so much more money and I don’t understand it I wanted to buy my adult kids sneakers and there’s either 1 pair available or your out of stock or the sneaker will say not available until December 24 that’s crazy how can we buy something if we can’t get it before the holiday? If you want to make more money stock up! Simple I’m giving you 5 stars only because I’m a business owner and I love the adidas products all of them but as a corporate business your losing money! DT.Version: 3.17

Glitch Fixed Within Days!!!I had complained a couple of days ago about a glitch that would always freeze my app within seconds of using it. To my surprise when I updated the a app a few minutes ago, I was able to finally use it without the screen freezing!!! I am incredibly happy that I can finally use this app and all of the perks included in it. Adidas really does pay attention to its reviews which is why they deserve 5 stars. Also it is simply just a great app, it’s the adidas store on your phone, so of course they deserve 5 stars. Thank you Adidas for the big fix!.Version: 3.4

Love the appI love the app and have made quite a few purchases with it. However within the last few days, and especially after the latest app update, it doesn’t work at all. I can’t get anything to load even while connected to WiFi. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem or if there was something wrong with the last update but other wise this is my preferred method to shop for adidas out of sheer convenience. I really hope the app starts working again soon..Version: 4.14

Great app, easy browsing, please list colorsMy only real complaint about the app is none of the products list the color. It’s very strange. The website does. It’s particularly tough for me because I am partially color blind. It’s very hard for me to tell the difference between black, dark blues, and dark grays. And some of those in between colors, like shades of yellow etc often look tan. So descriptions are really helpful. Otherwise the app is great and I prefer it to the site. The photos are easier to scroll and zoom in on. Only downside is the notifications and convenience hurt my bank account..Version: 5.0

Love it , just love itThe way how it’s been designed It’s just perfect I really love everything on the app! So much convenient to look up stuff, the Designing is JUST PERFECT!👍👌🏻.Version: 1.7.1

ExcitedCan’t wait to see how this will fit. Seems like great quality.Version: 5.3

Finally!Love the app, although the interface is bit over-designed. Hope there’s improvement to make it more of a shopping tool rather than promotional hub..Version: 1.6

The Best Brand Out ThereSo much selection and always good quality.Version: 5.3

Looking for my size!!So impressed w your option to do this for me!! Love it!!! Thank you!!!.Version: 5.3

Easy appI love this app. It is very easy to navigate and do shopping..Version: 5.3

Adidas for ever!!!Another great product with quality and style!!!!.Version: 5.3

Can’t/won’t let me sign inI tried to sign in but something is wrong each time even though I never changed anything and I just want to shop but I can’t. Can you guys help me?.Version: 5.3

Adidas⭐️Love the brand. Love the app. Makes purchasing fast and easy! Ty Adidas😊.Version: 5.2

Amazingly intuitive and easy to use ❤️Love the online experience of shopping.Version: 5.2

HookedAmazing discounts, access & perks! Love it and I may be a little addicted. Oops!.Version: 5.2

Awesome!Definitely my favourite brand for comfort as well as street style/culture!.Version: 5.1

Great app!Love what you are doing with the design and adi club membership program..Version: 5.1

Adidas is an AddictionSimply the best for me.Version: 5.0

Love this appI’m able to secure items that are normally sold out instantly thank you so much..Version: 5.0

ExcellentJ’adore cette app vraiment facile pour faire les achats.Version: 4.25

Best appLove the content and the product information.Version: 4.25

My Fav BrandI just love adidas nothing more ❤️.Version: 4.24.2

Amazing AppApp is very user friendly! 10/10.Version: 4.23

Icon ReviewGreat brand and great all. Love it all. Only thing; sometimes it feels the special features for different levels of members are not working on the app. Personalize your item is mostly not working. Icon card doesn’t update in Apple Wallet. This might be a phone issue, I’m not sure..Version: 4.23.1

Great Shopping Experience!Easy to use and navigate. been buying all my gears from this app..Version: 4.22.1

HappyMy favourite bran and I’m happ.Version: 4.22

Promo codesUnable to apply multiple promo codes.Version: 4.22

Great appExcellent to navigate.Version: 4.20.1

Fantastic AppGreat navigation options and seamless interface..Version: 4.20.1

SuperbSuperb.Version: 4.20.1

Thank youThank you.Version: 4.18

UltraboostI love your products but, you really need to work on your exchange and return policies. As a consumer I should be able to exchange or return a product at the Adidas store. Also, because I wasn’t able to exchange a pair of Ultraboost for a different colour (at the store and online) that I purchased 3 months ago I had to return them to and I’ve been waiting for my refund for 3 months. As I said, I love your products but you really need to fix your nonsense exchange and return policies. Gabe.Version: 4.18

Great siteThanks.Version: 4.18

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