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DoorDash - Driver Positive Reviews

Improved driver issue response.. map no goI do not like new map... it does not connect to my blue tooth and even turned off, I can’t get sound unless I turn the car all the way off... it was great before... however, it might mostly be from the iOS update. But I could deal with that if the map automatically centered so I could glance at the screen to see where I’m at...and it’s more difficult to locate customers houses and probably fifty percent of the houses and apts, you cannot see the numbers. I had to manually put in addresses into my google maps... it’s still easier to follow without sound. Having to re center the dasher map constantly is like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe there is an advantage to that that I don’t see yet? Also, customers have reported that they’ve tried to edit their info and messages to us, but it doesn’t work ... their changes don’t update. It would be super helpful if we had name of shopping center, office, apt complex, neighborhood where those stand out. And if someone lives in a house with no or difficult to see house numbers... some other visual indication might be helpful... like ‘white house w shutters and two lights at door’ or something. Half the houses are easy and straightforward... but some are not clear on map and when I can’t see addresses, I can’t confirm... I’ve had several close calls of dropping at wrong location. These details could help circumvent problems..Version: 2.112.0

My Experiences as a Doordash DriverWhile dashing I hate it when I see “you missed an opportunity”. I tell myself, how could I have missed when it’s not even offered to me. Sometimes these “you missed an opportunity” shows in succession, like three in a row in a matter of seconds. Does Doordash intentionally do that? I am an optimistic person so when I see “you missed an opportunity” I just smile and tell myself “here we go again, there goes my acceptance rate, it’s going to go down now. I work very hard and I’m dedicated to my job so I always try my best to satisfy my employer and my customers all the time. I have been dashing for three months now, I haven’t declined an offer yet, I always accept whatever I’m offered. Sometimes though, there are offers that I had to pick up from about 11 miles away then deliver it way to the end of town, about another 15 miles. I just tell myself, it’s a normal part of the job so I don’t complain at all. I must commend the “Doordash Support Team”, they’re always there for me. Every time I get into a situation where I needed their assistance, they’re there and always are willing to help. One time though, I had to wait almost 20 minutes before someone offered to help me. The majority of the time, there’s someone within three minutes..Version: 2.96.0

Fun but app could be a bit better for dashersI like the extra $ and it’s a decent gig but I feel that door dash shouldn’t allow the customer to do a no tip. I get them quite often from the same customers and I’m always on time or earlier. Make sure they have extra sauces. Napkins. Etc and I’m always polite and still get nothing from it. Dashers drive their own personal cars to make sure the customer gets their food and we use our own gas to make it happen. 3$ a trip isn’t worth delivering to people ordering 40-60$ of food and we have to go the extra mile for nothing basically. I feel that door dash can implement something on if you order either a lot of food and or a high price amount then the customer is required to tip. Also regarding if a store is indefinitely closed. They should make it easier to know what button to click to say you can’t do the order and not be docked acceptance because it not being your fault. If you click stores closed it should prompt you to say is it closed or closed indefinitely and then take you to the proper area if it’s indefinitely. Other than that. I’ll continue to do this as a side gig because it’s not hard and easy $. Also I think door dash should do a rewards program on for every order you do you get points to get door dash merchandise to help with deliveries either it be better bags. Drink holders. Shirts. Etc. Would boost people to push for helpful items and or personal merchandise..Version: 2.50.0

System needs some work. For sure.There are a lot of things I like about DoorDash. The opportunity, convenience, & ability to serve & help others who can’t get for themselves. But...From my very first order it seems I was set up for failure. Being sent to restaurants that often were as much as 10 min behind on an order being ready. More than half of those instances I was late delivering as I walked out of the restaurant or soon after. This is especially the case with double orders. Which means from the start I’ve had a low “on time” score. Not ok. Your algorithm for this stinks. Next. If a customer cancels an order after I accept it, or the restaurant cancels for some reason, it most definitely should NOT count as an incomplete on my score. Yet this is happening. Lastly. I’ve seen a lot of young dashers with friends and/or significant others in the car as company to hang out with while they dash. I’ve even had restaurant owners say something to me. I was under the impression this was frowned upon for safety reasons. But especially now..dashers should be warned against doing this since it violates the 6ft rule and puts your customers at risk. I’ve had quite a few restaurants in my area tell me this is a concern. These things above make those of us trying hard to do a good job look bad. As for the rest. The app is great. It’s an awesome opportunity. You asked for my opinion though so I’m being honest. I haven’t had a bad review on my service yet..Version: 2.52.1

Not sure how to title this....nor rate at this timeVery frustrated & disappointed to wake up this morning & find my account deactivated stating I have committed referral fraud in which have absolutely no clue in how I could have possibly done this. I have only sent out a referral email & one on Facebook each once to my personal email contacts & FB personal friends/acquaintances thru DoorDash link provided in this specific app... how does that go against the rules? I have put in my appeal along with then sent an email back once receiving an email stating that they received my appeal & that I could respond to that specific email & once I did that I got a “delivery failure”stating I may not be in that group allowed to post in or the group was removed... I do not feel I have done anything against any rules/wrong whatsoever & have only done 2 days worth of deliveries & just got a bit more comfortable & was getting more excited to the opportunity to make the extra much need funds. I’m just a simple single mother trying to make ends meet not anything by no means excessive or wrong but was looking forward to for example the $20 bonus challenge given only needed 4 more deliveries to achieve it & had 2 days to achieve & if I can’t get reactivated in time I am going to lose out over something I don’t feel was my fault. Not to mention feel embarrassed for it being considered fraud....that’s an awful strong accusation....Version: 2.112.0

Dasher Michelle WalkerI love doing deliveries! Meeting new people and building a network with the merchants. I have established a few regulars which makes this that much more enjoyable. My only thing is that there seems to be too many drivers out at the same time on certain nights and even during the days lately. Makes it hard to commit full time especially in a small town. I like to stay busy and for the last two weeks I am not busy at all. I can schedule a seven or eight hour shift and actually only work maybe 3 hours. Too much down time. I love being part of a platform where I decide what works for me and change it up by doing deliveries when I go to my moms in Colorado. Being able to work in different cities around the United States is awesome ! There aren’t too many platforms which allow this, I think it is great though because a dasher can keep their ratings high and the app greasy and not lose status as a top dasher if they so choose or they can take vacay! So many great options driving for Doordash but working for me by me! I’m going to give full time devotion here in a couple weeks I’m praying to be able to quit the working for someone else and be happy doing what I am loving more everyday! Best to you all out there doing the deal!!!.Version: 2.146.0

Simple, Convenient, and Honest.I work for three different on demand companies, or apps, and DoorDash was always my favorite one to work with. I absolutely love that there is now a Debit card for dashers to be paid, DAILY, I am impatiently waiting to receive mine! The only things that I would suggest are being able to know more about the mileage you’ll be driving when accepting an order, and the road conditions (if paved or stone, pot holes, hilly, etc.) another is customers are still able to text you after you have marked a delivery completed, I’m not very comfortable with that, although DoorDash hides your number, it is still aggravating when you are trying to delivery your next order and you have the previous customer texting or calling your phone. I also wish Dashers had discounts for the apparel and car accessories on the Stores website. I think it would be a pretty cool idea to have local Dashers in the different areas to get together for meetings, that are not mandatory, for things like advice on being a Dasher, practicing possible delivers, and fun delivery games! That may also help keep us Dashers to stay motivated and want to Dash more! Thank you for this opportunity, I think this was an amazing idea!.Version: 2.160.0

Could be betterI been dashing for a few months now and I honestly think the app could be so much better. Firstly, when two orders from the same place show up at once; we should be given the option to either accept all or accept one. I had a retail order that was more than half an hour away from my location but because I accepted the other order, I had to accept the long distance one too. Secondly, base pay is too low. $2-$3 is nothing especially considering the amount of wear and tear and gas you’ll be needing when working as a delivery driver. I believe it would be more fair to give a honest base pay plus tips of course. Third, there should be a mileage limit. Especially if I’m dashing in a certain area there is no reason I should be given the option for orders that are 10+ miles away. Of course I don’t have to accept them but it makes more sense especially if we’re choosing a select area to dash in. Lastly, for the dasher retail orders, we should be able to zoom in on the pictures or at least get clearer pictures. I’ve had a couple of times where I had to strain my eyes just so I could see the correct measurements on a product. Not to mention, these photos/ products should be up to date. If the company changed their packaging then DoorDash needs to include the picture of the correct packaging so there’s no confusion..Version: 2.174.0

I think more is to be doneWhile this is a great way of making some extra cash, many times I’ve been left frustrated. For instance I’ve been to Taco Bell on two different occasions just to realized that they’re closed and you have to use the driveway. By the time you get to the driveway mic, they’re not accepting DoorDash orders. I spent 37mins in a Taco Bell driveway just to be told this and it’s happened twice. I was once sent to a restaurant that wasn’t even open and for all my time spent I was compensated with $0. NOTHING. I don’t even want to talk about the times they’ve made me do orders way out of my delivery zone. It’s one thing to pick up orders in your zone and deliver out of your zone, but to give me orders out of my zone is not cool. I was dealt a blow when on one occasion I did a delivery out of my zone and since it was going to be my last delivery because I was scheduled to stop in a few minutes, they added my order to pickup another order close to the delivery point of my first order. Remember I was already out of my pickup zone. The second order had a delivery address about 17mins when it would’ve been way above my schedule time. When I finally delivered it, it was a 50mins drive back home. I used to care about my acceptance rates, but not anymore because they don’t care about your contract I can go on and on, but I’ll end here for now.Version: 2.195.0

Fun job just needs some tweaks to the appThe map is pretty difficult to use since you can’t hear where you should be turning. It just beeps at me when I need to turn. It’s really distracting having to look from at the phone every time I deliver. I have also been missing out on more dashes because the directions are wrong and send me to dead ends or closed roads. I either have to enter it into my google maps if I have somewhere to pull over or just try and figure it out if I don’t. Or I will get sent to an address that is way out of my delivery area and have to go all the way back to my area before I can get another order. It usually cost me as much as I get paid for the order in gas when that happens. I’ve been dashing for a little over a week and have literally only made enough to cover the gas that I’m using while delivering. Even though I show up early to pick up and leave restaurants early with the deliveries. It’s usually the amount of time it takes to actually get to the delivery address because they can be all the way across town. Other than that I love working for DoorDash. It just needs a few tweaks on the app to help out drivers and make it easier and faster to get to deliveries. Or adding to the pay due for the amount of time you are driving to a delivery. Here in Vegas it can take 20 minutes to go 11 miles..Version: 2.168.1

App Ratings/Order PayDoor Dash app lowers your acceptance rate considerably if you refuse a couple of orders in a row. The app doesn’t show you if a customer is adding a tip, so sometimes it’s just the base pay, or base pay plus peak pay, no matter the distance. I want to deliver during lunch hours but won’t because it’s not worth the expenditure of fuel for $4 to travel 3-5 miles/$5.50 for 6-12 miles. When sending two orders, it affects our delivery time window, especially if the restaurant takes longer to process the second order, or the customer doesn’t include gate codes, or special instructions that there are 2 entrances to their residence location, which brings down our “on time” delivery rating. If I’m headed in one direction I am sent an order that is in the opposite direction, I can’t switch lanes that fast, sometimes traffic is heavy it’s difficult to find where to do a legal U-Turn. And the biggest issue is I get sent orders that take me out of my scheduled delivery area, and am notified that I’m out of my delivery zone, so I have to travel back if I want to receive more orders, so for a longer distance the app doesn’t account for round trip travel which is not cost effective. I’m looking to sign up with other similar food delivery apps to see which one works best for me, but of course I will continue to do Door Dash..Version: 2.166.2

Great side money, App very easy to useI was hesitant to join DoorDash because I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure if it was ever coming to my area. Then one day it arrived just as the state-wide quarantine did. I had a way to get something good out of this horrific virus. In 3 days I made close to $400 dollars, however I begin to notice that some of my orders had NO TIPS and I was taken a back by this because if I could see that BEFORE accepting a route I wouldn’t take it just like I do with InstaCart. I go above and beyond for every delivery that I make and I’m always on time or early so it’s quite disappointing after completing a delivery that I see that there was no tip. Ugh!!! Jeesh, it’s a quick and easy way to make money but I’m noticing that more and more orders are coming through with no tip and if you go to a restaurant and order a meal you usually have to pay at least 10% in tips. The work is easy but I feel that those who take the job seriously and do their best should be rewarded. Otherwise than that I have no complaints. I really love how daily earnings are itemized upon completion of each delivery. I immediately felt confident to continue working once I saw that. GREAT JOB DOORDASH!!!.Version: 2.56.0

It’s okay but...I’ve only been dashing for a week and I’ve already encountered some things that work against drivers. If an order isn’t ready at the restaurant, even if you let DD know, it still goes against your on time percentage. If you are picking up multiple orders from that location, all of your deliveries are going to be considered late, which mine were. Also, acceptance rate. I’ve only declined two orders, both large ice cream orders. Again, I just started so I don’t have a cold bag yet, and both orders were 10-12 miles away. It would have taken me two hours round trip on each order and I could tell by the offer totals that the customers didn’t tip. Perhaps a screen could appear after we’ve declined an order asking why we declined so you know why certain orders are being declined. Also, tips... on postmates, customers are given percentages of 20, 25, and 30% or custom amount when tipping. On a large postmates order you can make an extra $20/$30 on a tip. On DoorDash, the tip prompts when they place the order are $2, $3, $5, no tip.... so even on a large order or an order that is far away, you are spending more in gas and your own time waiting than you are tipped. This is a service and everyone is trying to make tips. It feels like the DoorDash app is designed to keep tips for the drivers low..Version: 2.156.0

Best gig work I’ve ever done, but system needs some tweaks!I have worked for a couple other gig companies before and DoorDash is my favorite. The pay rate is good once you get in a rhythm and it is so worth it just for the reduced stress compared to running around grocery stores all dah! I love the convenience of the work and most of the restaurants in my area have been very easy to work with. I really appreciate that we can choose to whether to accept an order or not without being penalized so I don’t feel forced into orders that are further than I am comfortable driving, etc. My primary concern is with the delivery times we are expected to meet in some instances. A good 80% of the time the deliver by times are realistic, but sometimes I get 10 minutes to pick up an order that is 11 minutes away (and longer with traffic) and then if there is any wait at the restaurant at all, I am all but guaranteed to be late. There should be some sort of process for proving/showing that the line is super long and that we personally are not at fault for delivering an order late. I have a 78% on time rate and yet NONE of my late orders have been my fault; they’ve all been the fault of the restaurant being busy and/or behind. That doesn’t feel very fair to me!.Version: 2.154.0

Too much redundancyI worked for other delivery services and I have the know how of how things work. It’s been a little overwhelming receiving texts telling me repeatedly the customer wants you to leave the order at the door when I can read the customer instructions and I signed up to do Myers park area earlier I sat there right near queens and east blvd but it would t change my position from uptown/nods to Myers park area so i wasn’t able to get any work I had to go to park road area to get it to switch so I did some unnecessary driving and wasted time trying to get an order I hung out in South Park area since it told me that’s another hot spot but I didn’t receive one order so a bit frustrated and my first day it didn’t give me an earlier end dash time it was 3:30 am I was on a route so I just went with that so I can go back to my delivery screen but please cut back on the texts unless it’s to notify me of changes don’t tell me go to so and so restaurant I see on the app where the call is sending me and reminding me to take a pic etc. sometimes the customer comes down to get order or opens the door upon arrival so I can’t take a photo. Please use these tool for the drivers that are new and need more guidance I got this ive done over 300 deliveries for postmates and instacart as well so I know how it works. Thank you.Version: 2.56.0

Overall good app but minor flawsOverall the app is good and it’s easy to use for drivers however there is a major flaw which can cause drivers to lose orders and money. When you are delivering you pick a zone to deliver in yet sometimes DoorDash will give you orders where you are delivering to houses way outside of your zone and then you are forced to quickly hurry back to your zone or else DD wont send you orders. Then your acceptance rate lowers and you money it even goes as far as to tell you that you may miss orders because you’re outside of the zone. Not very helpful if a DD order was the reason you are sent outside of your zone. Also, my acceptance rate was at 98% and now it is at 57% because I forgot my redcard for one day and it sent me 5 back to back deliveries for Walmart groceries, which also when i finally accepted the order i had to cancel it bc the store said three other drivers have tried the pick up this order but they don’t know what order this is. Not very fair to drivers to be penalized for missing orders when you’re outside your zone or if you cannot do grocery pick ups. There should be a choice for grocery deliveries or just regular DD food deliveries. Sometimes the app sends you to the wrong location or address..Version: 2.176.0

Honestly, it depends where you liveOkay, I’ll start off by saying, this app can either be so great you can do it full time, or the opposite. Obviously, like UberEats and other driving services, if you don’t live in a populated area you can’t do it. Not that well anyways. But if you happen to live somewhere where the app is popular and you can get a lot of orders, believe me when I say you can make $1000+ a week if you are dedicated to it every week. No, I don’t think you should replace your full time job with it if you have a decent job. However, if you’re 18-21 years old working fast food making minimum wage, this app is the way to go. It has its flaws, but overall I’ve had a great experience with it. Customer support is a bit touchy as their English isn’t great and they’re hard to reach sometimes, but don’t listen to people who say they’re garbage. I would give this app 10/5 stars if I could. I’m considering replacing my pizza delivery job with this. I average $16-$20/ hour and I only work 4-8 hours a day. You can work whenever you want, stop whenever you want, you are your own boss, and you can basically just listen to music and vibe all day. This app is great.Version: 2.38.0

It’s Great ButSome restaurants seal the customers ordered bags and therefore we as dashers are unable to see what’s in the bag and also some orders at some restaurants it doesn’t even show us dashers on the app what exactly was ordered so it only shows the number of items ordered but not the specifics and if the orders are incorrect it goes against us as a dasher when the restaurants seal the bags before we are even able to check to see if the order is correct or if it doesn’t show us on the app exactly what a customer has ordered but only shows us the number of items ordered there’s now way of us possibly knowing what was ordered but yet it goes against us if the order ends up incorrect in these situations. In situations like these it is totally unfair for us to be marked as getting an order incorrect when the bags are sealed by the restaurants to where we can not check it or it doesn’t even show us on the app exactly what was ordered in some cases as well. It’s one thing if we literally make a mistake and get the order wrong but if it is the merchants fault or the apps fault that it doesn’t show us exactly what was ordered how are we supposed to know if it is correct or not..Version: 2.50.1

Latest Update For Base PayRecently, Doordash updated their base pay for depending on the number of miles you have to drive to deliver the order. Before the update, the base pay for an order that was less than 7 miles away was $3 per order and for orders more than 7 miles away was $3.50. Now the base pay for an order shorter than 7 miles is $2.25 and a base pay for an order more than 7 miles is $4.50. Personally, I don’t believe it was a good thing to add to the app because most of the time, how much you make for an order depends on how well a person tips you. Usually a customer will tip between 2-6 dollars and sometimes you’ll get lucky and receive a 7-10 dollar tip. Since the update, it seems like i’ve only been getting orders that are $4.25-$6.25 and sometimes $7.25. I’m also having to drive 4+ miles for an order that is only worth $4.25 and that’s the only order i’m doing since i was sent another order to do at the same time. And if I have to drive 7-10 miles to do an order, I don’t think $1 dollar more for the order is worth the drive because it ends up taking 20-30 minutes to do the order depending on the wait time at the restaurant. I thought the way base pay was set up before the update was so much better than it is right now..Version: 2.168.1

Romona SchoonoverI like the money I make with door dash my only complaint is we should never have orders under 5$ cause 3$ orders are not worth our time also I think we should get an extra 1$ an order no matter what time we dash if we are top dasher or a bonus for the month every time we get top dasher cause right now there is no incentive for getting top dasher every month I also wish when we are sent to deliver to a business rather than a house it would help if the app said the name of the place like for instance if I’m delivering to someone’s work like a nail salon it would state the name of the nail salon or the if I’m delivering to an apartment complex the name of the complex also I wish the map would send us to the main gate of a gated community instead of a gate you need a transponder but for the most part I do love dashing and one more thing when I need dash support and I say I need a return order don’t tell me to drop it anywhere and take a picture give me a dang return I’m not gonna be responsible for a product that was just dropped anywhere some places are making us sign our name and number for that reason when we pick up the items.Version: 2.156.0

DoorDash robs their drivers!I have worked 50+ hours, no compensation for extra time (didn’t expect it, but even just $1.50 extra per delivery for every order over 40 hours would be appreciated...) I get routed on cancelled orders every week, your options are cancel your run and take the hit in your personal ratings, or wait on hold for 10 mins just to speak to a representative who tells you to keep refreshing the app, tells me I will receive half wage for the run, and 5 minutes later tells me that was incorrect bc it was paid to another dasher, STILL on the phone 10 mins trying to get the order off my screen and telling her I’ve spent over 30 mins PLUS drive to this place to receive $0?! Plain robbery. AND in the end I have to cancel the order on my end and take the penalty in my ratings!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!?! If this was a once in a lifetime thing, whatever, but this is LITERALLY over 7 times this has happened to me in the 6 weeks I have been dashing. I’m ready to find a lawyer who knows how to handle these issues since DoorDash is “sorry, but we can’t compensate you for anything you have done or lost at this time”..Version: 2.90.0

It’s ok if you’re desperate for money, otherwise look elsewhereDashing for extra cash is nice when I’m bored, however the only thing that has drawn me to dashing is the pandemic. I’m making an extra $8+ per delivery usually. When things calm back down, I more than likely won’t use DoorDash again because it’s simply not worth your time unless you plan on being a full time delivery driver grinding out 8+ hours behind the wheel every day. For those of us will decent full time paying jobs and looking to make extra cash on the side, ride sharing apps will get you substantially more money. When I have a couple hours to spare and I’m only getting $3 for orders that can take up to 30min to complete from start to finish, it’s a waste of time, and more importantly, your own personal resources. Especially because DoorDash doesn’t make tips mandatory, you’re at the mercy of your customer who’s already paying an extra $10+ for their meal between DoorDash app upcharges on food items and all of their fees. Bottom line, if you’re looking for lucrative side hustles, DoorDash isn’t exactly where it’s at. However if you plan on making it a full time gig between delivery services and ride sharing, DoorDash would be a nice supplement if demand is lower for your other paid service apps..Version: 2.68.0

Doordash: Mediocre at Best - A ReviewDoordash has been a great way to earn money for the time I’ve used it thus far. Interestingly enough though for an app based service the app is filled with fun issues. My favorite example is being logged out at random and then when you go to log back in it doesn’t actually log you in and rather leaves you on the same login screen. The app also has a tendency to crash at times and usually the most inconvenient moments for you as a dasher! The dasher support is also an interesting feature considering texting is how you communicate back and forth which promotes the dangers that come with texting and driving. Calling in could be far more effective if anyone actually picked up on the phone. I’ve called in before and waiting for an hour just to get no response. I fever tried to use the websites form for customer support which you can’t complete all the required fields because there aren’t selectable options for some of them. Doordash needs to make a far better effort to aid the success of their drivers. The current state of how things are handled and function are unacceptable..Version: 2.170.0

Doordash Is what you make of itI have been dashing for over a month now and overall I’ve had a pretty good experience. Most customers are kind and understanding and the restaurants I pick up the food from are usually efficient. As for the App there are many things I like about it. I love how I can dash whenever it’s busy (in my area it usually is busy all day long) and how I can schedule a dash in advance but be able to cancel it with no penalty. The interface is simple and easy to use. I like how you can pause your dash if need be. The pay isn’t bad either with most dashes landing you anywhere from $6-$20 depending on customer tip and delivery distance. And they’re usually pretty generous with the amount of time they want you to pick up the food and deliver it by. You truly can work as much or as little as you want with doordash. However, like every job, doordash isn’t perfect. Sometimes when im dashing my app will freeze and i’ll have to close it out and open it again. I also don’t like how they draw some of these district maps, I believe my own district if a little too big. Other than that, I’ve had a pretty positive experience so far. Im on 64 dashes and have made about $500 in total..Version: 2.20.1

A few concerns...I’ve been dashing for about a month now and i really enjoy it! it’s easy money & i can choose my own hours. however, dashers have to purchase their own gas, which was fine at first but gas prices have went up drastically. i usually go through almost a whole tank of gas each time i dash & i’m paying $10 extra for a full tank than what i used to. i dash about 5 days a week so that’s an extra 50$ that i’m spending on gas, so i just feel like if gas prices go up then so should the base pay, since we have to use our own gas to deliver. another thing, i REALLY wish the app would tell you where you’re delivering to before you accept the order. i’ve had to dash in really bad areas that i wouldn’t have been went to if i would’ve known where i was delivering beforehand, and sometimes the long distance i have to travel just for $3 with no tip is just not worth it. my car also sits low to the ground so there are certain roads i can’t drive on (uneven roads, dirt roads, roads with a lot of potholes) and ended up damaging my car driving down them to deliver. like i said, i wish i knew where i was delivering the food to before i accept the order but the app doesn’t tell you until after you pick up the customer’s food..Version: 2.138.0

Needs to be fixedDasher is not letting you give a reason for why you are declining an order. Very annoying. Poor development..Version: 2.178.0

Coupled DeliveriesCouple deliveries are too far from each other..Version: 2.72.0

JoseIt’s seems doesn’t worth doing door dash as pick up drop off locations are far and very little money.Version: 2.68.0

Abboud2Hi.Version: 2.24.0

WorkVery low rate for delivery how can you send a driver for $4.Version: 2.197.0

Less earningsNot enough trips and zone problems.Version: 2.199.0

Too many tapsThe app experience needs to be made more efficient..Version: 2.199.0

ReviewHello, everything has been great except for my second dash. When I tried to use the map, it took me to an entirely location. I was over 30 min late to drop off because of it. Disappointing start to the day..Version: 2.193.0

PayThe amount in comparison to distance is very low sometimes i drive 10 km to deliver and get 5 $ after gas it was 2$. Need to increase the base pay.Version: 2.193.0

Who is a Dasher Driver?A person who finds a customer in even the darkest furthest areas that no body can ever imagine; a person who has a warm meal ready for his or her waiting person looking on the road for the order. Becoming an expert driver and dealing with new life challenges, opens new gates to the brightest future..Version: 2.92.0

The app has bugs and support is hit and missI contacted support about a bug. I articulated that I had gone through the troubleshooting steps. They referred me to the troubleshooting page and closed the ticket without regard about whether anything was resolved. I get that bugs happen. Ideally they are acknowledged and handled quickly. And it would be nice to hear “we are working on it” rather than being shut down..Version: 2.178.0

Please fix the app soonHello, can’t decline orders as the dropdown is empty, there are no reasons shown which can be used to decline. And it says no options selected, so have to wait for 30 sec unless the order goes away for a new order..Version: 2.178.0

Review:I wish you’d do away with the sections of the city and do it as one big area like when I started. Dividing the city into sections lowers productivity. I’ll pick up an order to deliver across town. Being limited to pick ups from my asigned area only, means I have to drive all the way back to the original area resulting in unproductive downtime and extra fuel consumption when, before, I could pick up from the area I’d just delivered to and carry on; pick ups were far more regular. I’m lucky if I do a $30-$40evening (5 hrs) when before the changes, I could easily do $70-$80+. I’d rather take four $7 orders in 3 hrs than two @$10. Not to mention longer wait times for customers while drivers have to return to their designated pick up area..Version: 2.170.0

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