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Our new property partner app lets you keep Booking.com in your pocket. Manage your property easier and faster – plus keep your guests happy anywhere, anytime.

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-Stay up-to-date on today’s arrivals, departures, new bookings, cancellations, modifications, and reviews

Interact with your guests in a few taps
- Stay in touch with live chat between you and guests
- Use pre-translated templates to quickly reply to frequent requests

Quickly view at a glance:
- Your performance, updated daily
- Your reservations calendar for previous or upcoming activity
- Reservation details including the number of guests, rooms, room types and nights
- Total rate and breakdown per night
- Applicable cancellation policies

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- See your rooms and rates
- Update your availability on the go

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Pulse for Booking.com Partners App Comments & Reviews

Pulse for Booking.com Partners Positive Reviews

Restoring my app account w/ pulseI was asked to sign in again, but when I did I realized that I was actually setting up a new acct. so I defeated the account. I lost my original account. Now I have no app. I tried to restore it but that didn’t work. My account is fine on my computer, but how do I get that account on my iPhone again? I love the app because I use it all the time. Please help me restore it. Thank you Sydni swenson.Version: 19.1

Payment systemPayment system should be improved to make it convenient for the owners. Booking payment process showed a lot of confusion to guests for not telling them total charges when they book. I experience a lot of booking and cancellation on this site. Very unfair to owner who have short time to list our unit to other travelers who really needs the condo when someone hold on the unit then just drop it a few days of their ETA..Version: 7.1

Awesome Pule AppI have used many apps throughout the years and my favorite app is the Pulse app. It’s ease-of-use enables me to be very efficient in my business as I travel to various places. There is nothing negative I can say about this app because it has allowed me to do everything I want to do and more. I would recommend this app to everyone searching for an app to manage their resort/villa rentals. Thank you so much to Booking Dot Com for a great app. SOV.Version: 18.9

Hotel management made it easyBeing a small hotel and managing reservations can be a nightmare. Pulse (Booking app) has made our job so much easier because it allows us to manage reservations everywhere we go. Pulse it’s easy to use and quite practical. We don’t know what we would do without this app..Version: 16.3

Ave R apartmentsBeautiful application, very useful and simple to use. Hopefully, as time passes, will be more options to choose for easier handling of booking account and reservations. I would like to see in some future updates easy accessible information of monthly (or chosen date) sales value. From me 5 stars 😀.Version: 6.8

Forced updatesWhen I open this app, it's because I have a guest on the phone and need to check their reservation. I don't have the time to update to a new version and keep the client waiting in the meantime. However, when you roll out a new version of this app you force everybody to update before they can access their calendar. Could you please introduce a “Remind me later” button, beside the “Update Now”?.Version: 7.1

Great App, easy to manage rentalsThe Pulse app is wonderful and easy to use. It’s makes managing our rental apartments quick & easy to do. The messaging part works great! Love the message templates and scheduling capability, eliminates a lot of work for us. Calendar is easy to use and change prices. And calling quests from the app is great..Version: 14.0

Not easy to manage calendarMobile version is way more difficult to navigate, especially when access to the calendar and reservations are needed. It gets even more complex if there are two properties, then to manage the calendar is almost impossible. As much as i would love to work from my phone, i can’t alter the calendar the way I can access it from my laptop.Version: 8.1

Bug at writingThere is a problem for very long time at replying in messages. The whole app is stacked and it’s very difficult to reply or correct something in your message. You can’t easily move in the text and copy and paste parts in the text so sometimes you have to erase the whole message and start over. Ether it’s a problem or something else but it’s very annoying..Version: 14.8

Arrival date tab shows incorrect dateReservations under arrival show the date as one day earlier then the actual check in date. Happens on all my reservations. This is under bookings and arrival tab. Otherwise useful app..Version: 7.0

New bookingI am writing this hoping that one Day the new booking info becomes easier to read. When we revive a new booking I wish it to read dates name and price as well as promo all in 4 lines if you want to go into the booking then you enter each department. It really does make it easier when you are busy and a new booking comes in.Version: 6.6

Help! App not functioning suddenly 2/16~17Used for years and no issues (so 4 stars) but need help today. 12 hours ago or so the app started opening to a black white screen with the words: “Something went wrong An error occurred while loading this page - please try again later.” And under that a blue button “Retry”. All 5 tabs on the bottom have the same or similar error messages. However, new booking notifications still arrive! But when you press an alert, it just opens the error message. Thanks I’m advance for looking into this issue Tech Team!.Version: 23.4

What happened?This app used to work really well. Now, it asks me to login each time I open it and then 50% of the time the login doesn’t work and I have to do it again. And now they added a terms and conditions disclaimer that pops up each time I click to send a message to a guest. So much wasted time!.Version: 23.9

Handy app for when you are not in your officeAs a general manager most of the time I’m not sitting behind my desk. For those moments it is great to have the pulse app at hand on my phone. I can immediately communicate any incoming messages to my reservations staff wherever I am..Version: 6.5

Waiting for one more feature to this app please add pay mark in pulse appPlease bring pay features to this app why we need to go to mobile web or computer to mark as pay in full why not add to this pulse app make more useful and easy to mark as pay in full without leaving app.Version: 9.4

NotificationsWish the notifications would go away immediately after resolving. Such as messages and guest reviews. It takes a while to update even though reviews have been replied to and messages have been responded to..Version: 8.1

Works GreatApp works great, It would be nice to be able to change the main photo through the app, mark reservation cards as declined, and change reservation date/ prices when needed. Otherwise it's great..Version: 6.0

Great for easy jobIn my oppinion pulse is so correct thing which anyone did or does , it is easy way to get anonce about booking ... so it helps me very much . i can control my booklist when i want and it is good ,with best wishes ZT_ROOMS.Version: 8.3

Booking in ExtranetI noticed delay of booking details under notifications. It doesn’t alert me after guest confirmation of booked rooms. I had to checked via email to make sure the booking came through..Version: 25.2

AwfulAwful service 95% of their customer service representatives are rude and not willing to help you to resolve your problem. They are very good to give fine for their mistakes which they not taking responsibility and blaming you. I stop business with them. AIRBNB much better to work with. Very disappointed...Version: 6.0

App with temperApp crashes way too often. Have to sign in via web site sometimes even to every opening. Sometimes it run smoothly..Version: 25.4

Change langague and notificationsI use it a lot and I like it, I just dont like the fact that we dont receive notifications anymore in any celphone. We also dont know how to change the language..Version: 16.9

It is difficult to find the rate and to free text a descriptionNeeds improvement.Version: 22.1

Great management platformApp sometimes will time out and log off mid use. Should have more capabilities on app as well as add users. Otherwise, really great app to communicate and manage the property..Version: 24.6

Improved Features!Loving the new features & ease to attach pics, etc... Makes doing business professionally very easy!.Version: 19.2

Good App lousy bookingsThe Pulse app is intuitive and versatile. It is the the copious fake bookings that are frustrating. I would like to see the country of origin of the reservation if possible. And expected time of arrival should be mandatory..Version: 16.8

Very useful APPPulse truly makes our lives easier as it’s very simple to navigate through bookings , photos, reviews, invoice etc... Thanks so much for making our lives better. Jupi Da Silva.Version: 8.7

Better than the restI enjoy this plate form better than any other company.Version: 20.6

AmgedLast update not good , missing many option , and many not working , before is good Old version.Version: 16.2

Limitation on editing from the appCan not edit template & many time need to shut down to reboot to up date the schedule.Version: 9.5

Good app.I like this app I do wish the host (me) had more control on the fly like being able to add cleaning fees and the option to approve or not approve a booking but all in all ok..Version: 18.7

Great AppAt first I found it challenging but once I figured it out I’ve found it easier than most platforms to use!.Version: 12.1

At my fingertipsHaving my bookings at my fingertips when not on location and managing message requests from Guests is magic!.Version: 7.9

Booking buttonUnder the booking button the dates of arrival are showing up as one day ahead..Version: 7.5

Good AppGood app that make it easy to check booking online. It just would be better if we could revise some other information like description of rooms by app too..Version: 9.5

Casa Do Tio SoaresJust want to say I think your site is amazing I appreciate your updates and all the info you provide on a regular basis. Ana Soares.Version: 18.9

PulseI love that it is so easy to access than having to go into extranet and wait for the code..Version: 6.0

Presque parfaitePas tjrs synchronisé avec l’extranet surtout au niveau des avis clients sinon très bien.Version: 6.1

Owner of the propertyMakes my job a breeze! 1018amigo.Version: 25.3

FantastiqueÇa va mieux Et merci à Booking.com.Version: 18.6

Improvement recommendations-calendar should have the persons initial, picture or name on the dates that they are booked for so we can differentiate one booking from another. -the upcoming reservations should show in one column labelled ‘arriving soon’ and the cancelled reservations in one column so they are not mixed together, it’s very confusing. -an option to send multiple pictures to guests at once instead of selecting one by one. -an option to input specific directions and instructions for guests to follow..Version: 25.2

Telephone des clients ou leur statuts habituels avec booking pour identifier les clientsVous n’affichez pas les téléphones des clients et c’est très important de les avoir car il ya beaucoup de squatteurs.Version: 24.2

More notifications to guestsCompared to other booking platforms this needs a lot of tweaking. For some reason guests are rarely notified or encouraged to look through information given to them. We often get calls from guests asking for basic check in or wifi information - when they have not even taken the care to look at the messages we have sent them which has ALL the information they could want. It’s frustrating having to “baby” many guests- we don’t have to do this with the other major booking platforms. Booking.com need to help guests be more independent. Last night a guest called us multiple times (at midnight!!!) asking us for where to park, then what the check in information is, then what the wifi was, and then where the pull out bed is-!!!! All questions that would be answered had he bothered to read the messages we sent to them. This happens very regularly with booking.com guests. We are happy to help guests that have genuine questions or problems but it’s a huge waste of time and frustration when they don’t even bother to read. Booking.com need to help guests with that..Version: 22.7

App is terribleThere’s just so much wrong with this app I don’t know where to begin. Mostly, things just don’t work and are too convoluted and difficult to find..Version: 21.9

ManagerGreat updates but I sometimes get two notifications on messages.Version: 17.2

Great appVery efficient.Version: 16.9

💙 PulseVery easy to navigate! User friendly! 👍🏼.Version: 11.9

Would love to edit/add promotionsThe app is pretty good! I just wish I could edit or add my current promotions..Version: 15.4

需要改进!同步容易出现问题!.Version: 11.9

Better than AirbnbBest Airbnb alternative I have known so far. I like it how they group the same address as one..Version: 11.4

AvisL application te montre des informations inutiles , comme les réservations annulées, c est mieux d avoir juste l information pertinente; les réservations à venir . Merci.Version: 11.9

The bestExceptional.Version: 10.0

Accès carte de créditOn devrait avoir accès.Version: 8.6

Love the App However ?When accessing the app from an email it won’t take my cress and locks me out !? I then have to back out of the email and reload Pulse via my iphone’s home screen. Very annoying Jim from 2545681.Version: 9.8

Pulse AppLittle cumbersome to use and still can’t cancel reservations as property owner. Only can do it from a desktop after marking a credit card invalid..Version: 9.6

FacileL’applicazione é facile ed intuitiva. Uno strumento utile ed efficace che ti permette veramente di gestire tutto attraverso il tuo cellulare..Version: 9.1

ManagerBest app ever.Version: 7.9

Unable to reply to guest in PulseI need to reply to guest but every time I try to get to extranet it goes to Pulse and I can’t send guest a reply Harbour Heights.Version: 8.5

Pulse App helps busy peopleLove the ease of using this app.Version: 7.6

ImprovementSince bookings are not confirmed in my property unless they make the prepayment, i hope you will have a button that will say that their reservation has been confirmed by the property. Also, for guest who are not responding, there is an easy way, a button or something that would prompt you for help to contact the guest and pay or cancel the reservation. So that the days will be open for booking and prevent no show, lost revenue issue. Its so disappointing that a lot of people are booking and not communicating and not showing up. With regard to genius, its not 100% they show up. They hold the rooms and still doesnt communicate and even doesnt show up. It makes no sense to give them discount. But if you prefer to give them some attention, atleast charge them for not showing up. They should have credit card on file. This way the properties will be compensated for lost revenue. Thanks! Beth.Version: 7.9

Easy to useThis app offers everything a lodging owner needs to manage bookings and inventory..Version: 7.5

ExcellentC’est tellement pratique..Version: 7.1

Re: ReservationI have a lot of cancellations and wish there is a system in place for prepayment policy. This has caused a lot of non-bookings especially if you block those days and then a cancellation. I think a 24hr booking expiration should be applied if no response..Version: 7.4

Bonne applicationFacile à suivre très bonne aplication..Version: 7.1

Directeur des opérationsC'est parfait comme un utile gratuit. L'interface est loin d'être parfait. Il est temps de faire la révision complete. Bonne chance Alex.Version: 7.1

Très bons servicesUn service efficace et un outil indispensable facile à utiliser.Version: 6.9

Very convenientThis app is extremely helpful for the front office manager..Version: 6.6

Amélioration intéressanteSi les numéros de réservations étaient des hyperliens qui nous amènent directement dans la réservations ça serait parfait comme application..Version: 6.6

Great AppThe app is very effective and handy in keeping track of the bookings and guest messages..Version: 6.0

Nice appRecommend that a time of arrival to the hotel is added on the Pulse for helping out hotel owners.Version: 5.8

Pulse appCan't live without it!!.Version: 5.8

MThe app is very useful , thank you. A lot of things should be improved such as interface and some functionality. Also a few standard approach methods for iOS are not respected, i.e. notifications, focusing button and others. Hope you still working on it! Alex, Booking.com user, Works on iPad, iPad mini and iphone 4 & 5.Version: 5.8

Customer reviewsIt will be good if we can know the name or booking number from the guest who left the review.Version: 5.8

DommageFenêtre trop petite sur l'onglet Activité Devrait être aussi large que la taille du iPad Dommage.Version: 5.8

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