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Zillow Rental Manager Customer Service

Save time with everything you need to fill your vacancy — from listing to leasing — all in one place. Our easy-to-use tools let you list your property where over 34M visitors search each month. Once you find a renter, you can screen them and collect rent, entirely online.

Key Features:
• Add, edit and publish your rental listings
• Set your rent price
• Add unlimited photos
• Integration with Zillow 3D Home app
• Receive notifications as soon as a renter asks about your property and message them in the app
• Accept rental applications
• Get verifiable information about your applicant upfront, such as income and credit score
• Collect online rent payments

Zillow Rental Manager App Comments & Reviews

Zillow Rental Manager Positive Reviews

Best Property Owner Tool Ever!I have used Zillow Manager since 2017 to rent properties I own. It is easy to list your property information and pictures also allowing for 3D virtual tours and Zillow Online Customer Support is always available to assist. The best is that the Zillow listings are also replicated on Trulia and HotPads which allows even broader advertisement for reaching prospective tenants. The App helps you send/receive messages to prospective tenants and all features are well laid out and easy to read and use on PC, iPhone or iPad. Also helpful are the ability to do background checks, Rental payments, online tenant application submissions, etc. 2 thumbs up for Zillow Manager which helps owners rent and connect directly with prospective tenants..Version: 7.8.1

LandlordI really like the services that Rental Manager is offering to landlords. Potential tenants can interact with landlords for showing and view. Potential tenants to disclose their income and credit scores so as to help landlords preview the profiles of some tenants. Also, the pictures downloaded by landlords have a word description of the pictures, so that tenants understand better what they are seeing to help them decide to request a view appointment or not. Another feature is the 3D video, which I have not been able to record and subsequently download. I need more technical advice on how to do it although I have downloaded the software. Overall, I am extremely impressed with Zillow Rental Manager..Version: 7.6.0

Zillow makes finding a tenant as simple as possibleIf someone wants to live in one of my properties-they must fill out an application. This way my time is not wasted on anyone who is just “looking” at properties and not really moving or is not qualified to live there! I can see very quickly if someone is a good candidate or not! If someone has a problem paying the fee Zillow charges...then they probably are not ready to pay the minimum $1100 security deposit on top of the rent that is required to move! Weeds out all the nonsense!.Version: 7.7.12

Could be all in one solutionHas so much potential and I could use it as all in one solution in my landholding business but the app has been so buggy ever since it came out and even after the update has more issues than the previous version that I am unable to use it. The most notable issues that I’m dealing with now are the fact that I can create a listing but cannot activate it - keep clicking activate button but no response. Keep trying for days. One listing eventually got activated by itself. The other one sits as off-market. Support is useless with their no-solution responses days later. Another annoying thing is that the new messages do not get marked unread when they arrive so I have to go to each message to see if I responded to the inquiry..Version: 6.2.6

Love retail managerI love the fact that I can list my homes for rent. It is easy to setup and work with. I do have a few issues I have faced.. 1. Unable to single sign with Facebook. I tried access Facebook on the app and browser and when I pull up the retail manager so I can use the application section it doesn’t single sign on with Facebook nor does it gives me another option. 2. Loading pictures takes too long to load. I am currently facing that I can’t view the pictures section. It acts like its opening and then it closes the app. Very frustrating. 3. It would be ideal to get the URL that we can share with different apps and so forth with a simple click. 4. Ideally after someone has viewed the home, it would be nice to have an option that we could send to obtain feedback regarding the home. 5. The new sort on property is perfect 6. It would be ideal that we could export all the details that were provided for the potential clients on the homes. I have found myself copying and pasting into excel spreadsheet so that I can contact clients to come view the home. 7. The push notifications are the bomb! Love that feature..Version: 6.1.7

Please fix your glitches!Zillow, you’re embarrassing me as a landlord. The only thing that HASN’T glitched so far is the payment platform. But I’m looking for another service to handle applications and lease signing. I can use DocuSign for the signing as I’ve tried to get my 3 new tenants to sign twice now and it glitches with the last signer every single time. The application also glitched with one of my three tenants and after several days Zillow customer care wrote back to me and said they fixed it. But even the fix was messy. So we just moved on. And now the lease issue. I give up. I may use this for listing and payments but so far it’s garbage for everything else..Version: 6.2.7

This is a small property landlord’s dreamWe own a duplex. I love the ease of using this app for managing the applications and messages all in one place! I also LOVE that the applications can be filled out by those interested and I get a notification of it and don’t have to worry about doing ALL the checks myself. This is a wonderful app to support those of us who don’t have a large business focused on rentals, so we don’t have a lot of time or money to spend but want to have quality renters. Thank you!.Version: 6.2.6

Rental AppThe Zillow app works well. Unfortunately the automatic listing on Trulia and Hotpats doesn't work so well. Trulia seems to just randomly pick any of the pictures as the intro picture without any recourse and hotpats lists random phone numbers as contact numbers when Zillow isn't showing a phone no. There also no manual recourse provided. Besides that and probably worse is the lag and in the messaging system and sometimes messages from the Zillow messaging system go to email only and not back to the messaging system causing confusion and missed opportunities..Version: 6.1.6

Really helpfulI’m glad that I found this app. We have rented quite a few apartments because of the leads from Rental Manager. I don’t use the credit report, rental application, or rent collections features because we are already set up with a different program but I would not hesitate to try them otherwise. Zillow has created a very helpful product, I have recommended it to friends, and it is definitely worth five stars!.Version: 6.2.7

Key rental management tools missingZillow (the website, not this app) has a great tool in taking rental applications online, & you can send an invite to others for them to apply. When you receive a completed application, you get an email, and you can review it on the website- but not this app. Why not? A step beyond that would be a display that compared key aspects of each applicant (occupation, # of months employed, income, credit score, debt to income ratio, # of pets, etc), instead of having to open each application individually and having to make your own spreadsheet for comparison..Version: 5.2.10

Excellent aside from alerts for communicationA very useful app for property owners and managers to forgo expensive broker commissions and reach out to potential tenants directly. Easy to upload images, edit listings, and switch between live and archived information as the properties’ status changes. Only drawback is that communications coming into the app do not forward to email or text and it is sometimes difficult to remember to check in constantly to see new inquiries and respond in a timely manner..Version: 5.2.10

Great way to find rentals and post rental properties!I’ve been using Zillow rental app for a few years as a landlord posting my properties and I think it’s a perfect way to show your property to potential renters. On the flip side a great way for renters to see multiple properties in an area at a glance. I like the features where a landlord can do a credit and background check and also set up rental payments with their tenants as well! Well done Zillow!.Version: 5.4.5

Initial Review - uploading the listing.The set up is easy but when it came to listing or uploading the photos I was not able to rearrange them in the order that I wanted to. Also it would be nice to be able to email within the platform to a potential tenant. wished there was on onboard application forms that can be tailored then sent to a potential tenant. also if I could upload the template for the lease so they can see in abvanced the terms and conditions. would be good if the background check connected with all three credit agencies..Version: 5.4.6

This Service is Great!I have been using Zillow Rental Manager for several years exclusively to market my properties. Now they have added online applications and background checks. I am interested in seeing how it goes with uploading our lease and having them sign online. The rent payment sounds good but won’t work for my situation. I’m glad to see the evolution of their services and best of all it’s free to property owners!.Version: 7.6.4

Good platform by needs improvementI really like how Zillow is so easy to use and how it is a one-stop shop, especially for rentals with the different features of Rental Manager. It needs improvement though because Zillow Rental Manager does not sync well with Zillow. Ironically, it syncs better with Trulia and Hotpads! Changes made to your listing in Rental Manager does not reflect on your listing in Zillow but it does on Trulia and Hotpads. Someone from Zillow has to update it on their end. Go figure!.Version: 7.2.0

Horrible updateIve been working with the new update since it came out (several months). The website, doesn't allow you to delete leads, so your leads pile up and the application on your phone is extremely glitchy, horrible way to keep your leads and clean up, its extremely confusing..., loading up listings have never been more difficult and frustrating..Version: 5.1.5

Trouble editingThe first time I put in my listing I had several inquiries and answered them all. I got back requests for viewing times and showed them all. The second time, this year, that I posted my unit for rent I also got several inquiries and I answered them all but, this time I never got one response back to ask for a time to view the unit. I’m wondering if there is something that went wrong with the settings when I cancelled the listing the first time..Version: 5.2.6

Property Management On-The-GoZillow Property Management Application allows the ability to be connected to all my properties with a click of a button. Before communication with potential tenants was only when I was able to plug in to a iPad or laptop. Now I can create an ad, post, and screen tenants, at the same times as chatting with my friends. Excellent application for the progressive professional!.Version: 6.2.0

Freezes upThe concept of this app is awesome but I’ve had it freeze up 5 or 6 times causing me to delete and reinstall the app which not only is annoying but not filling confident to use to full potential as far as payments go. I do wish it showed the social or something that they agree to allow the landlord to check the employment status. And probably the biggest issue is that I can’t print off the applications. It’d make it a lot easier to compare prospects if I could..Version: 7.2.1

Should be easier to invite to applyRight now, the only way to invite to apply is via email or through the app. I should be able to invite via a link that I can send through sms/text. I know this would not be hard. I do everything through my phone so this would be awesome. Pulse I wouldn’t have to ask other people to give me an antiquated and useless address for an antiquated and useless form of communication..Version: 7.1.1

Easy peasyI was super busy, and I didn’t want to be constantly answering questions by phone, so this made it easy. I did get a lot of no-shows for viewings, so I’d recommend posting a virtual showing and only do in person showing for people who apply. At least one was a “mystery shopper” and tested my compliance with equal housing laws thru the messaging part of the app. Be smart! Credit bureau function made selecting a tenant fairly easy. I will use this app again..Version: 7.0.1

Ease and ConsilidationWow! I’m not sure that listing a house for rent could be any easier than it is with the Zillow Rental Manager. I love that everything is consolidated to one place and it’s easy to use. You can message all potential tenants straight through the app. The can also apply, sign the lease, and make payments through the app. We will definitely use it in the future..Version: 7.7.11

Income Property SuccessZillow Rental Manager makes it so easy to create opportunities for success, not only for those who would seek properties to live and thrive but also for income property investors who are interested in efficiency, consistency, and value. In minutes my properties were ready for business thanks to the design and operability of Zillow Rental Manager. Zillow makes managing rentals feel like a pro is right beside you!.Version: 7.3.0

Zillow Rental manager is awesome!I have been using this for about two or three years. The system saves all my information and it is easy to read list the properties as people move out over time. It also allows people from out of town to look at my rental houses before they get to Fayetteville. This is vastly superior to just putting a sign in the yard. Eric.Version: 5.4.0

Convenient appLike that we can manage our listing through the app but wish that responses to leads via email would be reflected in the app so the communication thread could be tracked. Also, app does not permit us to post an open house for a rental listing, only a for-sale listing. 1) wish we could list an open house or 2) with the section indicating "no open house" wouldn't show up in the listing since Zillow directs us to specify in the description but this messaging is confusing for a rental shopper..Version: 4.6.5

It works great and keeps getting better.I only use Zillow for managing my rental homes. There’s a huge universe of potential renters on it and the tools for me just keep getting better and better. They’ve added the ability to do the application process, post 3D tours, and even process the rent checks. I can’t imagine using any other platform..Version: 6.2.6

Very convenient and effectivePretty happy with how quickly I can get my units rented. I like that once a listing is created, I can easily relist it at the next vacancy. The customer service has fast and effective solutions if a listing or the app has issues, and I have no issues since I updated my phone to something not 5 years old..Version: 6.1.9

Message threadsI like the app, easy to use and easy to post properties. The one thing I would like an improvement be made is the ability to see the whole communication thread. As is right now you are able to see the first contact initiated by the potential customer but any follow up is not shown so it is difficult to keep track of the status with each potential customer..Version: 5.1.2

Great toolAs a professional management company I found the app and advertising on Zillow a critical component to our business. We are a smaller company with an inventory of about 150 homes we manage. I used to advertise a lot on Craigslist but in the past couple of years I’d say about 90% of qualified applicants came via advertising on Zillow. I’m a big fan!.Version: 5.4.6

Great Resource!We own and rent a number of properties. We always get plenty of leads quickly (and we are in a rural low population density). You don’t need to waste time with those who don’t qualify ... and can save time with online applications, tenant screening ... and the rent collection service is working well. Zillow just keeps getting better and better!.Version: 5.2.8

Efficient app and knowledgeable staffThe app is super efficient for landlord. I rented both of my properties within 3 days. Applicants income and credit score verification can build initial trust between landlord and applicants. Encountered some technical issues in use and called Zillow rental. Danny is very helpful and knowledgeable, solved issues in minutes. Highly recommend for landlord..Version: 7.7.11

This is a no brainer use this app !This is an extremely comprehensive app yet simple to use if you follow the step by step process that Zillow walks you through. You could spend a lot of money on a broker listing your apartment and more money on at attorney to prepare a lease but Zillow can do it all for zero cost. Suggest you give this app a try !.Version: 7.7.8

Great App!New to the renting game. Kept seeing the app pop up so I finally downloaded it. It has made the process so easy for me. From being able to message possible tenants to the application process all the way to the lease. 10/10 has made everything very simple and I have saved a lot of stress with this app..Version: 7.6.4

Easy!!!I really am enjoying the app for many reasons. Mainly the credit report and criminal background screening. The only thing I’m disappointed is that I can only list one property for free. Isn’t Zillow making enough money from the renters application fees, without having to charge the owners for multiple listing fees?.Version: 7.8.0

Works well with Zillow but...I do have a few issues. Messages won’t sync often times. I’ll have to close app and reopen it to get new messages. Also hangs when told to manually sync messages, again needs to be closed out and reopened. Notifications are turned on but it’s the only app that won’t make a sound when I get new messages..Version: 6.2.4

Great job on this!Very well designed app which make the whole process much easier from listing to getting paid for the rent. The information received to ensure the renter has proper credit and background is well done and simple. Notification when a renter is interested works good as well..Version: 7.5.4

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