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• Instead of calling, find quick answers with in-app support.

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My Spectrum App Comments & Reviews

My Spectrum Positive Reviews

Spectrum ExpierenceWe’ve used Spectrum at 2 different houses, Technicians have always been above the expectation you normally get from other providers. My wife and I are both creatures of habit and were hesitant to try a new provider at first, especially in regards to speed for a family of 4 and regular guests visiting us and my wife working remotely, but we’re glad we did as we haven’t had a single issue with internet speed whatsoever. Only improvement we’d have to recommend is that at both houses we had to call technicians to initially startup the equipment as the signal didn’t work through the app on our end, but the technicians called us ahead of time and even showed up early, only took 30 mins (probably less) both times, were professional and courteous, and were very knowledgeable. Also they scheduled the appointment the following day of the initial call to setup the appointment. Summarized, Spectrums customer service, workers, and service they provide is efficient, reliable, and professional. This is also coming from someone who generally doesn’t leave reviews but Spectrum has our loyalty over years of usage as customers..Version: 11.16

Spectrum CellularI’ve had spectrum/time Warner Wi-Fi for over decade. It’s been okay. I’ve only had their cellular phone service for almost one year. I’m a stay at home wife and it mostly works fine at home off my Wi-Fi in the house But it barely works when I’m out and about. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t count on it. If I’m out doing errands and I need to use the search or pull up an email it sometimes will and sometimes won’t. The map and the weather usually always work off my data but apps, email, websites, it’s very inconvenient. I had the same problem with my last provider that’s why I switched. Before that I had Verizon and they for sure were the best but way too expensive. Before that back, in the day I used Cricket and they were actually really good. The only reason I left them was because I started traveling and they didn’t have as many towers back then, that’s why I went to Verizon but nowadays all cell providers have plenty of towers. Yes it was a thing. Only the big companies like Verizon ATT Sprint, not sure if they’re still around, they were the big companies that had the best cellular coverage and the most towers. Anyway, I don’t know why it doesn’t work good outside my home Wi-Fi range. It’s caused me a few issues now because I needed it to work when I was away from home and it didn’t and yes I made sure that cellular was turning on..Version: 11.3.1

Updated doesn’t mean betterI agree with previous review 100%. Also with the TWC app, I was able to receive notifications on my iPhone of an incoming call on my home number pretty much in real time. It would show the name of the caller and time of call, (just as it shows up on ur TV, if you have turned on ur called ID in settings on ur remote). If there was a voicemail, there was notification would pop up as well. I’d tap on the notification on my iPhone, and it would take me directly to the TWC app and I could listen to the voicemail. I could even send that VM to my email if I wanted to keep it or forward to a family member so they could listen to it. Why is this not available? And my mobile service is thru AT&T, not Spectrum. So that is not an excuse. After the price jump on our bundle of services, and losing channels we had for years, that are no longer in our tier unless we pay extra, we are looking into “cutting the cord” and getting our services elsewhere. Spectrum there is a lot of competition out there, keep your customers happy. It costs you more money to get new customers vs maintaining the ones you have..Version: 7.3.1

Can’t even watch a show!I got Sling do you watch specific channels. At first it worked OK, at least during the trial. Within two months, streaming is failure, it doesn’t respond to commands. Every channel on sling jumps back five or 10 minutes several times an hour, showing the same commercials and starting back at part of the show I watched 10 minutes ago! This happens every time every channel at least 3 to 6 times in an hour show, fast forward doesn’t work or only works once, then no controls don’t work at all, not even to ask it does show!! Understand this, I already watched that batch of ads and beginning of show segment and your app jumps five minutes backwards or 10 minutes backwards making me watch same thing over again, several times an hour!! I tried everything, turned off do you, reset modem, changed electric outlet, changed to different streaming service and back. Interesting, no interruptions or jumping backwards to see same stuff happens on other apps. If this is not fixed I will cancel! Yes quite angry because I’m paying for a service you’re not giving me!! And don’t thank me for feedback, just fix the app or give me a refund!.Version: 9.22

Good User Experience to Manage All of Your AccountsI have TV, Internet, and Mobile service with Spectrum. It is nice to be able to track mobile data usage, view current and past bills for TV and Internet, as well as change plans (for any accounts you own). It is a one-stop place to manage all of my different accounts with one app. The one thing I wish this app could do is to purchase phones, or at the very least research options and costs, all within the app. You can do this with TV and Internet, just not the Mobile side of things. I would like to have the option to be able to upgrade my phone in the app. This way, any new phone purchases are automatically linked to your account (don’t have to sign in online). Hopefully that will come with a future app release. Time will tell, I guess. Overall, this is a solid app that does everything I need it to do..Version: 10.10.1

Don’t even call them to ask about the mobile service!I did that and before I knew it, Ithdy sent me a phone and They refused to take it back. They finally said I could return it to the spectrum store but they would not take it back either. They have billed me at least 4 times even though I told them I was with Sprint and didn’t know if I could get out of that service. I haven’t been Able to f/u with it but you can bet I will. They are Liars and thiefs!!!! I would give them an even lower score if I could. I was taking care of my 94 yo mother when this happened. and she has now died ! I haven’t even opened the box, in fact I don’t even know what model it is . the SIM card is not installed and yet they won’t let me return it and have charged me all this money. The guy I spoke to knew I wasn’t buying it and he even said well , if you do want it, don’t buy it from the store, call back and buy it from me! I am giving you fair warning, stay as far away from Spectrum mobile as possible! DON’T EVEN CALL THEM ! If they lie and cheat sending and charging you for a phone you didn’t want them no telling what they will do in the future ! !.Version: 8.19

My grandparents have never had internet since they bought their home in 1954I was out shopping and for some reason the Spectrum store really drew my attention. I stepped in, signed up and 15 minutes latter I had a same day appointment for a first time installation. I did this for my grandparents they where never much of internet, iPads , computers, and sill have a S5 Iphones…. The spectrum technician Lee was on time. It took him by himself every bit of three hours to install cable from the electricity poll to the house. I felt so bad it was in the middle of June and the temperature was in the three digits. He never complained just smiled and assured my wide eyed grandparents the job would get done by 6pm. He currently did complete the job on time. The then local channels only tv was transformed into a RUKO smart TV and Pluto Cinema. They are slowly progressing over to other applications. But the look on their faces was all made possible by the staff and of course Spectrum. Thank you for catching them up to the 21st century… or at least some of it. Thanks for reading !.Version: 11.13.1

Spam emails generated through Spectrum/Charter CommunicationsI have been a Spectrum customer for many years and thus have the Spectrum app. From the very beginning I have been bombarded with promotional spam e-mail that I am not able to report as spam or unsubscribe from. When I attempt to use the app to unsubscribe or report it as spam I am informed that the information is based upon my apparent likes. Absolutely none of this is desirable to me. It is endlessly annoying spam. In fact many times I delete one of these promotional e-mails only to receive the same one seconds later. The only possible source for this type of spam must be Spectrum or it’s parent company Charter. I do not pay for my internet service in order to allow Spectrum to drown me in promotional spam for which they undoubtedly receive additional compensation. So if this update requires me to continue receiving this kind of promotional spam, with Spectrum not allowing me to unsubscribe from it or report it as spam, then Spectrum will have failed it’s duty to me as a customer..Version: 10.18

Completely CoolMe being completely on my own and at my age I am completely honest about the service that I have received with the things that I do like and everything else. I will like to say that the address to the site when I was trying to make sure that I had returned the other gear tech that I needed to turn in to receive a discount and recycle the things properly so I don’t have any issues with my personal life or anything that I wouldn’t want anybody else to have access to due to my own issues with my own family and everything else. But I am completely satisfied with the customer service that I have received from the technicians and everything else thanks again for the service that I am definitely looking to keep for the duration of my experience with getting into college and completing my therapy and everything else. -Malquan D. Waithe/Collins aka Quanny.Version: 9.4.0

Spectrum InternetSo I got a coupon for package and the woman even agreed when I said is this your highest speed cuz I need for security system woman cx serv rep says yep ‘lies so now I need my Internet updated to the higher speed with no cost but if it’s there fault then they should have to send someone out and change routers to accommodate a customers security system!! It’s not convenient to go to the Store to change it cuz not every body has a car. I don’t. But I get rides although I’m fully disabled and would help me if they come out to my address and check all wires so I know my security system is set ! There should be an option on the website to be able to push button to upgrade at no extra cost and put your information done name and such . Address and then service man deliveres to you plus makes sure it’s all connected wires for the internet are all connected and in good spots for security system to work correctly . Thank you Your Customer , Rachel Sloan.Version: 9.8.1

CompassionI just wanted to let you know about the services that you offer and that it is great and I do appreciate during this pandemic that y’all have the compassion to let us have payment agreement and you break it down and everything like that the agents are always sweet and it’s not like they’re trying to rush you or talk rude to you or anything and I have recommend you to so many people and again I just want to say thank you and continue to keep keep up the good work I just want to thank Spectrum I enjoy your services that you provide and I also enjoy appreciate that during this pandemic that you give us a chance to make payment arrangements and you know you just reach out to us and when I called I always get excellent service from the agent and I am I have recommend Joe to so many people because of your service and I am just wanted to let you know.Version: 9.0.0

There’s a few bugs but nothing that makes it unusableComing from the AT&T app which was such a pain in my back that it hurt my chest, the Spectrum app is like that moment when you feel the painkillers kick in and it all just melts away. No exaggeration. I physically feel relief using this app after using AT&Ts app. You can see exactly which devices are connected to your WiFi and kick some off if you don’t recognize them or they’re using too much bandwidth. Or idk, change the password and ground the kids. Also you can easily and immediately change the password or WiFi network name but keep in mind you’ll need to reconnect everything manually if you do change name/password of the WiFi. Pay the bill in a couple taps, change account settings, check status of all your spectrum equipment and restart anything if you need to, add or upgrade whenever you want. Seriously they absolutely nailed it. The only real bugs I’ve noticed on multiple devices is the Home Screen scrolls faster than what your finger is scrolling. Only the Home Screen, and it doesn’t jump around so it’s not a real issue aside from taking some time to get used to and dismissing in-app notifications doesn’t dismiss in-app notifications..Version: 9.23

Spectrum AppThe app is great it does what it’s supposed to. The service on the other hand is not the greatest, my internet shuts off at the same time every night which is about 12am. I have made multiple complaints, they even sent someone out to check my wires he was a total spaz, he sat out in front of my house when he first arrived windows up music blaring for about 10-15 minutes until I went out there to knock on the window and hurry him up. Then he went all through the house inside and out checking the wires and connections he said everything looked ok but there where some extra wires that needed to be removed from the pole in front of my house apparently these wires are causing the interference in my service so someone would be out to correct it….that was months ago..Version: 10.16

Poorest com service in the stateI had to give Spectrum 1star to write this review. 12 years ago when this company was Brighthouse we signed up for all our services, home phone, internet and cable. It’s always been a touch and go service company as our home is in a short term vacation rental community. That said, the quality of service from Spectrum is so not up to par that I feel they are not even worthy of of a decent review or rating. Going “smart” ie paperless statements, autopay, internet dependent home devices ie heating/air, security, refrigeration etc that is internet dependent is rendered useless by Spectrum’s laksadasical attitude toward priority for providing prompt attention to restoring and maintaining this service. Therefore, I will be returning to mailed statements, manual payments and removal of all “smart” devices from our home..Version: 10.18

It’s all in one application!I’ve been with spectrum since they were Time Warner cable I’ve seen that they had two separate apps which it was extremely convenient now they have merged mobile and Internet applications into one I’m disabled and a truly simplifies my life I’m not gonna say all my experiences with them was stress-free but what I can say is any time something wasn’t right or had to be fixed or adjusted they came through 100% thank you spectrum and all your impeccable employees and if there’s anything or any advice that I could give to anyone as far as Internet and mobile services at one without a doubt I recommend spectrum And if you’re disabled they truly do treat you as an equal thank you again spectrum.Version: 10.14.1

Horrible compared to TWC (updated review)5/9/19- latest update (7.4) allows me to check home phone voicemail, so that’s a much needed fix, thank you. Still needs ability to chat and I have yet to attempt to pay bill through app but hear that may still be an issue... still holding out 5th star until a later date. Separately I will agree that prices are high and there is no easy way to change plans TWC to Spectrum and be rewarded for being a long time customer, however I won’t allow that to influence my rating for this app and it’s improvements/refinements. Since being forced to move from Time Warner app to Spectrum app now I can’t check my home phone voicemail and now you can’t chat the agents, you must call or email. Way to go Spectrum, making it more difficult on the customers and simpler on yourselves, so much for the age of customer service... horrible!.Version: 7.4.0

What happened to My Library/Watchlist?I can’t find My Library/Watchlist anywhere on my iPhone Spectrum app. I reloaded the app and I’m running the latest version. It’s been increasingly difficult to find, but I can’t locate it anywhere in the app today. I was sad when you made the change quite a while ago that no longer allowed various family members to have their own watchlists on their devices. We all had to share one watchlist after that change and find “our” shows we liked to watch. But, now, I can’t find a watchlist or my library at all on my mobile app. Did you remove that feature? I used it almost daily since I only watch TV on my iPhone. Also, why are all your tips and support helps about how to access info on the TV app? Why aren’t there helps for where to find stuff on the mobile app? I can’t press “menu” on my remote to find stuff on my mobile app..Version: 10.24

Forced and failed updateThe app is poorly designed. When an update is push you are forced to update right now. That is poorly elementary level IT personnel writing that. This current update will not complete. It downloads then when I try to go in it downloads again. Hopefully this will be corrected soon. I will not be paying my bill until it is. Much history of poor service from charter. Including noise from house. Tech disconnected all wiring from spectrum installed amplifier and left. Took a few months to get the billing corrected. Will never go back to TV services due to that. Will go back with competitor for internet if this is not corrected. I refuse to be the customer having to bend over for a service I pay for. Hire competent people. Place a policy that updates are optional for the first week released..Version: 9.24

Help! MLB Ch 90 is not “available” tonight as a pre-season game began at 8 pm. Why?Why is the MLB Channel not working, not available tonight on the last night of the baseball pre-season exhibition games are played? Games were scheduled. Now, tonight, there is a fresh block on the channel. We have waited all day to see a game. We are once more disappointed in Spectrum’s service - or lack of it. We have been loyal to cable in Lexington, KY since the beginning. Pricing has escalated and is far too expensive. The Internet Speed is not near what we pay for. It is highly stressful during COVID to have to deal with another breakdown and disappointment in expected service. What can a customer do? Cable news and rerun movies are wearing us down as time goes by. We, like many, want to see sports again. Live All-American Sports! Let’s get this right for the health and well-being of our Country and all!.Version: 8.13

DO NOT USE APP TO PAY BILL!Used app to look up current bill amount. My dog jumped in my lap causing me to nearly drop my phone. Grabbing my phone, I inadvertently touched the blue button. It immediately paid the bill! There was no “check your info is correct and select the submit button”. There was no confirmation screen. My intentions were NOT to pay the bill, rather to see how much I was being charged when my channels and viewing quality were terrible! Consequently, nothing could be done on their end. I was told I’d be charged $25 if a return payment was executed, not to mention the bank fees! All because I accidentally pushed a button when preventing my phone from dropping. I asked the CS Rep if she’d heard of this happening before, surely I wasn’t the only ‘klutzy customer’ and she said ”oh yes, many times.” I could only say, “wow, seems like that should be fixed.”.Version: 6.3

Spectrum are great! Service...Hello: I switched from Verizon (internet) and T-Mobile (cellular phone) to a Spectrum package which combines both. I don't know what the package is called, but I seriously LOVE it! My internet speeds are fast and my cell phone works better than before. I like Spectrum so much, that I've recommended it to two friends and they both switched. That being said, I find it difficult to navigate their customer service. Just today I wanted to upgrade my phone and I just can't get anywhere. I've decided to just show up at a Spectrum store near me during business hours and HOPE that they have what I want, as there are NO store numbers listed. I find that odd. It's not easy to get to speak with an actual PERSON at Spectrum. Anyway, maybe things are just SO automated over there, and that's how they can offer such low prices. Thank-you..Version: 11.14.2

Happy New Spectrum TV CustomerWe were a Direct TV household for many years and I recently switched to Spectrum TV. Speaking with the professional sales agent was very simple and the installation process was outstanding. I not only saved in monthly expenses switching to Spectrum, my family are over the top happy with our new Spectrum TV. I should have switched a long time ago. One of the best features is the Dodger Spectrum Sportsnet channel. We are huge Dodger fans and this has been one of the highlights in changing to Spectrum. The NFL channel and all sports channels are amazing. Lastly, the quality of our HD digital picture is clear and sharp and much better then the Direct TV connection. I have encouraged my family & friends to all switch to Spectrum. Great job Spectrum! You have a lifetime customer now!.Version: 7.8

Spectrum Account FeaturesI am a residential account holder and I wanted to say spectrum has a very convenient account to manage. Iv been able to do mostly everything I wanted to do online and the app is alot more useful than the apps of my other utilities. It is very easy to set up payments on the app and make changes to the account. When I need to, I know I can call customer service and recieve exceptional service over the phone that is also very useful. For planning my first move, I called them up and they were helpful in putting my account on hold with a minor fee to keep it open. No utility has been this helpful so far. I am very pleased with how convenient spectrum makes it to have an account and move around with them. Thank you Spectrum!.Version: 8.8

Easy for CanadiansSo much easier now for Canadians to access,use and make payments. I have contacted Spectrum for help and information and both times were exceptional. Thank you.Version: 10.0

Great ServiceGood to have..Version: 11.3.1

Excellent serviceNous avons été très bien accueilli, le service était excellent.Version: 11.1

SpectrumPayment and account easy to follow, thanks.Version: 10.22

ServiceWe had a problem with our modem and Spectrum sent someone to our site to fix and we’re so pleasant about it. Excellent service.Version: 10.4.1

Great serviceSpectrum offers the best deals and service for us seasonal snowbirds. Delivered as promised with great support on getting set up on the internet ..Version: 9.21.1

Easy To UseSimple interface to make payments but the login is difficult on an iPad because the user cannot see the text of the login or password..Version: 5.1

ReviewNot user friendly with iPad.can only view with iPad in length wise position.Some wording overlaps..Version: 6.3

Customerservice********* I will 10 star to Spectrum customer service. Paul.Version: 10.17

Hot spotsCan’t login on the ‘cable wifi’ when we aren’t home. No one can help despite calls or stopping in at store ☹️.Version: 5.1

Brighthouse AppVery efficient, so simple to use, wish all bill payments were this easy..Version: 4.1.0

Diana & Johnny BWe are very pleased with the service provided by Brighthouse. We really like the online payment option too!.Version: 3.0.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 11.15.1

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