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With the #1 fantasy sports app, fantasy sports are always in-season. Play ESPN Fantasy Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey or check out one of our many prediction games, available for most sporting major sporting events. All ESPN games are completely free to play.

-Create a fantasy football, basketball, baseball, or hockey league to play with friends or join an existing league to compete against other fans. You can play our standard game or customize the rules to your liking.
-Sign up, draft your fantasy team, edit your lineup, add players, and make trades.
-Get player rankings, projections, and analysis from the most trusted names in fantasy sports, including Matthew Berry.
-Follow your players all season long with live, real-time matchup and pro game scoring.
-Predict the winners for biggest matchups in sports each day in Streak for a chance to win cash prizes and bragging rights. Test your sports knowledge against ESPN experts, friends, family, and other fans.
-Customize your teams with hundreds of exclusive, free team logos. From ESPN personalities to your favorite superhero, there’s something for everyone.
-Subscribe to alerts and get the latest videos and news for the players on your roster, right as news breaks.

Live Streaming with your TV provider:
-Select live programs from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network are all available to stream live in the ESPN Fantasy App. Access to live video is determined by your TV provider and package and, in some instances, your Internet service provider.
-Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especially play-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that's on-air won't match the schedule that's online. If you have specific schedule questions, please contact the station directly by visiting their website.

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ESPN Fantasy Sports & More App Comments & Reviews

ESPN Fantasy Sports & More Positive Reviews

ESPN Fantasy AppOur league has been together for twenty years on another site. This is the first year we moved to ESPN. While many of us start our fantasy careers in our 20’s, the power of technology has allowed us to stay together into our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Note to Millennials: You will never have more free time than you do now. Once you get married, have kids, juggle careers, become active in the community you have less and less time to take care of high priorities like your fantasy team. I appreciate the resources made available prior to our the auction draft. I am grateful for two minute (or less) drills on injuries or free agent pick ups. I like Matthew Berry, Field Yates, and Stephania Bell equally well (although I wish Stephania would talk about routes more). I like the rankings that include Mike Clay and Eric Karabell. If the playoffs were held today in our ten team league I would be in, but we all know a lot can happen over the next nine weeks. I will click on the app on a regular basis and I hope the energy & enthusiasm of the talent over a long season will stay at a high level. Donald Hale Owner of “Eclipse This” Columbia, SC.Version: 3.4.0

Was amazing! Small changes have made it worseI really hope someone that works on the app actually sees this and takes it to heart because I use the app every single day. My 2 biggest issues stem from changes that were made to the app in the prior months and the first of the 2 is the inability to uphold trades as an LM from the app. This used to be possible from the activity screen but it is no longer an option and forces LM’s to have to go on the website and uphold trades from there. The second issue is the “Interested In” section of all free agent waiver pools in each fantasy sport shows everyone how many people are interested in a player. I used this feature to track players that I was in fact, interested in, but I can no longer do that and have to keep a notes section open in my phone just so that other members of my league don’t see that someone else is interested in said waiver player. This was never an issue before but an update changed this so all I ask is for this to be changed back! Other than these 2 things this app is amazing and it is so easy to manage all fantasy sports in one place, please make these 2 changes it would mean a lot! Thank you!.Version: 7.9.2

Slow & buggyI can’t believe I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning, but the app is even slow & bombing out now... and it’s so much worse when it matters most, on Sundays. Lineup changes & research in the last hour before games is terrible, especially after NFL teams post final injury status... and all through the games. This has been happening for years, and my league only remains here because of inertia. We know Yahoo is better (our friends share this by showing us the app of course). On top of it, in game point totals have been wrong with frequency this year, so “projections” are effectively meaningless since, if they are sometimes wrong... they might always be... so they have to be calculated offline/manually to be certain (that’s assuming the stats are right...) I really hope ESPN adds a server or a dozen, especially something extra on Sundays, or I’m going to be pushing for the change in 2020 that we’ve wanted for years now. If the app cannot work well, ESPECIALLY as you do final prep to set lineups and track your teams’ progress on game day — the second best part of fantasy football after the draft — what’s the point in staying around?.Version: 6.5.0

Good But Could Be Elite.The app works well for the most part, there stems a few glitches here and there. My issue with the app, (football specifically) is that there are so many features that should be added and improved on. The LM’s need to be able to do a lot more from this app. A few of those include, upholding trades and setting a draft order. You are unable to do these things on the app for some reason. Also the app should include a dynasty feature where teams can trade and stockpile future draft picks right on the app. This would make it a lot easier to run a dynasty from the ESPN app and bring a new crowd of fantasy players to the app. Another is adding a 3+ team trade machine. A lot of users want to be able to make a trade with multiple teams at once. Drawing it up from the notes isn’t cutting it, simply add a 3+ team trade machine on the app to make quick and precise trades amongst multiple teams. I want to see more effort into the experience on the app..Version: 8.1.2

Pretty Good but not perfectThis app is very good. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, but there are some quality of life problems that should be fixed. This is included being only able to access the my team and matchup options in the main menus, and also accessing other leagues. You have to click on the my team or matchups options and scroll right. Depending on where you are in the menu, other leagues are not accessible and you need to exit menus to get to them. There is also the same problem with editing team names and other settings and options. However, this app brings real time stats and clips to help you make educated decisions on who to bench and who to play. This includes text telling the status of a player, point averages, rankings and text to better explain events. This is a high 4 and could be a five with more updates to fix problems mentioned earlier..Version: 7.0.0

ESPN MAILING IT IN ONCE AGAINYeah I know it’s a free app but it’s as if they don’t even care to improve it with anything but an aesthetic upgrade every now and then. Sure a couple of functional changes happened last year but they didn’t make the app more user friendly. The stat research on the app is flat out garbage. And their draft room and preseason player breakdowns are a joke. For ex: 2020 B Ball app doesn’t have adequate or even remotely accurate stat projections. During my draft I wanted to see what Kyrie Irving’s projections for this upcoming season would be and they were obviously not his projections. Other starting caliber centers have zero RB as their per game projections. That’s ridicoilso. You’re ESPN. At least get that right. Also, as league manager I can’t do anything from my phone. I have to get on the full desktop to adjust settings in my league. Speaking of which, I have a friend who started his first league this season and made one mistake in his roster settings pre-draft. It’s impossible to adjust roster positions and such after the draft. Why is that so hard to do? Why not expand LM ability to sculpt each league to his or her liking? How much money does ESPN have? With all these advertisers I imagine their fantasy sports brings in some money. Maybe pay to really deliver an incredible app next year ESPN? Already looking forward to next season on a different app and this season hasn’t even started yet..Version: 6.5.1

(I know it’s long but please read) I love this app, but it could improveI am in a fantasy baseball league with my uncle, brother, and grandpa. We have a ton of fun on this app, but it’s not perfect. It has occasionally logged us out of the account. Also, as our draft approaches, we are trading picks, and we have to make a weird maneuver to make it work. We have to tell the other who to draft then trade who we got at the other slot. It would be a lot easier if there was just a way to trade picks. Also, the logging out glitch is bad. I already mentioned it, but it really messes it up that Mike Trout can ride the bench for a season while putting up career stats because you can’t remember your password. That’s all I have to say, but don’t think because of my critiques that it’s a bad app. Far from it. We love it, but these are some edits that might need to be considered..Version: 7.7

Streak for the cash needs improvementMy dad and I have both had problems with making picks we don't want. When we are scrolling through the list of picks, one of our tap&drag actions on the screen will actually select a pick. I'm pretty sure when this happens, the animation to turn the pick yellow doesn't happen, or maybe it happens off screen because we are scrolling down the list. We weren't trying to select it, we were just trying to scroll. I'd really like it if this was fixed. Other than that, the app is pretty good. During fantasy football season it was a bit annoying that the app would load to streak for the cash and I would have to wait for the "loading picks" to finish before I could switch to the fantasy football portion and update my lineup. A bit stressful when it's 1 minute to kickoff and you want to make a change to your roster before the lineup locks. Other than that, pretty good app..Version: 3.4.3

Great App: Easy to Fix nagging WeaknessI’ve been using the web app / iPhone app since the beginning and have been patiently awaiting a fix for two limitations that have plagued us as commissioners. 1.) Why is it that I can change owners and DELETE THE WHOLE LEAGUE, but I can’t approve trades in the app? This is frustrating as it is the most time sensitive activity I use and most frequently used. 2.) What is the point of a keeper system that doesn’t let you have keepers in pre set rounds other than your first two picks? The developers have done an amazing job in a very complex draft pick trading and player trades, but this one missing feature recurs every year and makes our league consider flea flicker / yahoo. Hate to look a gift horse; the app gets better every year, but I can’t complain if I never bring it up..Version: 5.4.1

Likes dislikesThe things I like better on other sites. To be optional. Where you can choose to use as commissioner. Injury reserve option to save a bench spot. With the league getting more injury prone this is nice. The decimal system that yahoo uses is nice so that there are no or very rarely tied games. Also you could have more/better tie breaking options if that is not possible. Waiver rules are kinda basic and not really great. I have 16 team family league, I can speak for all of us on these ideas. We are considering using a different service next year. Positives I think the layout and overall performance/functionality of the application is great. Easy to navigate and use regardless of your technical expertise. The drafting and connecting with remote players drafting from out of town is good. I use my iPad application primarily and have had no problem getting around and using it. This will be our 7th year using this product as far use and functionality no problems. Some of us are good will computers and some are not, all have been comfortable using it. Just a few more of the options I listed above would make the experience much better. Thanks for time and listening. Thank Ben K.Version: 3.4.0

League manager toolsMy only true complaint, and it’s an annoying one, is that I don’t have all the league manager tools that are available to me from the normal browser on this app. This wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t automatically send me to the ESPN fantasy app every time I tried to just use the browser. So if I ever need to do something from my phone, I have to delete the app, then go to the website, then fool around with making sure I’m not accidentally clicking the wrong thing, which happens a lot from the phone browser since it isn’t specialized for phone browsers. I either need to do it from my laptop or struggle through that whole process from my phone, and my laptop isn’t always available to me. If that is fixed, ESPN would easily take the cake as the best fantasy app.Version: 7.9.2

LM ToolsAs a career fantasy player, ESPN has been the go to for my 6 year and running friend league. It’s been just fine and it’s the system I’ve gotten used to over the years. My biggest gripe with the app (as the commissioner of my league) is that the full LM tools palette is explicitly excluded from app. Normally this is a mild annoyance having to switch to your browser on your phone to use LM tools, but somewhere in the updates between the 2019 season and the 2020 season, ESPN has added the “convenient” feature of force opening the app anytime you tap fantasy on the espn website. This effectively makes LM tools inaccessible on mobile devices. The only way to work around this is to delete the app and then safari (or chrome, etc) can’t force open your app. Simple fix idea: add LM tools to the app..Version: 7.4.2

Slow and FreezesOut of the three fantasy sports apps I use, ESPN is by far the worst. It is slow when opening and sometimes just freezes on a white screen. Even the app will say ‘Seems to be taking longer than usual to load’ but that, ironically, is the usual. Even once it does load, the home screen is my matchup for that week and if I want to look at anything in my league I have to go through that first which is an annoying extra step. There are many other inconvenient processes that seem like there are much easier ways to get what your looking for, such as draft results, etc. All in all, just not a the most user-friendly fantasy sports app out there..Version: 6.5.0

No support for League ManagersGreat app for most players...unless you’re a league manager. Barely offers anything for management in the app. Therefore, you have to log on to the actual website to adjust any league settings. Ok...I can do that...except when I log onto the website with it iPad or iPhone and log into the Fantasy side to adjust my league settings it automatically opens the app on the device. Only way around this is to DELETE the app on the device, then login to the website and make changes to the league. They either need to make the website not automatically push me into the app or allow access to make all changes allowed in the website through the app..Version: 3.4.4

Less Than One StarI can’t rate an App that doesn’t function, but I will try. ESPN has really bombed this year. They used to set the standard for all fantasy sports. Now are a smoking dumpster fire! This app rarely functions. It just will not download on anything approaching a consistent basis. This problem is mirrored in the actual website, which is also unreliable and difficult to use. It’s a real shame. ESPN Fantasy used to be top notch. Over the summer they made changes- all bad. Hey guys, if you are listening you need to know that you are alienating your users. Our basketball leagues have already started so we are stuck, but if something doesn’t change soon, there will be a mass exodus to Yahoo next season..Version: 6.0

Slow and ClunkyHave played ESPN Fantasy Sports for 10+ years, including Streak for the Cash, where I’ve made well over 5,000 picks. Love SFTC due to its ease of play, and fun concept. However, when ESPN decided to switch from its stand-alone app for SFTC to the ESPN Fantasy App, I have felt like quitting numerous times. It takes two to three times longer to play, the app crashes constantly for me, and it looks way worse. I’m still playing because I love the game, but each time the app crashes I love it a little less. My SFTC days are numbered, and that’s completely because of the new app. If you care about those that play (and I know you’ve heard countless number of people complain about the new app), then at least consider going back to the old app. Don’t be stubborn just to try and prove a point. Actually listen to your customers for once..Version: 3.4.0

Decent, but needs workI’ve been using Fantasy for a little under a year now, and I’ve enjoyed using it but it really needs some work done on its interface. Here are some problems I’ve found: 1) It takes a really long time to load 2) The live play-by-play (at least for Football) is horrible, as it always shows a bunch of wrong things in terms of what team is being shown, what is happening, etc. 3) Pretty often it will just say that it isn’t available even if I have full bars or wifi (or even both). 4) The interface from what I’ve observed is lacking in good design 5) I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem or not, but for me (at least in the football section) the IBM Watson trades are horrendous. Some of the most glaring issues are such as it gives previous trades back to me that I’ve already declined several times, and it always gives me really unrealistic and bad trades. Like trading my best player for a kicker or defense. Really bad stuff. I hope that you look into these issues more and take my advise seriously. If two or more of these are looked into in the near future, I’ll definitely change my review, but for the time being, I’m leaving ⭐️⭐️⭐️..Version: 7.6

App Keeps ClosingHave been using the ESPN app for a few years now for fantasy football. Not until this year have I had this problem. 80% of my attempts to get on the app fail, it completely closes and takes me back to my phone screen. Can we please get an update to fix this problem for IOS. I had an issue last night where i opened the application, went over to the streak game mode. As I was scrolling down to make a pick the app closed, so I leave it alone for another time. A few hours later I get a notification that my pick lost (a pick that I never picked). And it's quite upsetting, and I know it's just a game lol but I hope it's a bug that can be sorted out..Version: 3.3.3

Love the app and much more room for improvementThe app is amazing, I love it. They could add more features as well! In my opinion they should add a comment section under the videos about the players so you can see what other people also think and get different opinions! Another feature they should add are a start em/sit Em category with 2 players you can put and they should make it so you can submit it and other fantasy users can vote on who they think you should start and sit. They can get much more creative with the app and I feel like this will give them a much bigger grip hold on the fantasy community..Version: 7.4.1

MoronsI have read some of the other review complaints and it sounds like a zookeeper handed out iPads in the monkey house. Being absolutely free, the app is great. Most of the complaints center around the users not acclimating themselves to all the buttons and bars and their uses. Learn the app before you gripe. 6 years ago! Wow. ESPN's updates always seem to cause more problems than improvements. The latest update apparently leaves older iPads behind. Launching the fantasy football app just tells me to update and current compatibility doesn't include my iPad4's iOS (which is 10.3.3). The only way I can access ESPN's app is thru my browser. I am dropping my rating to two stars because oversight or deliberate disregard for older operating systems is unnecessarily lazy and uncaring..Version: 6.2

Possible improvementsI’ve been playing in your legs for several years and enjoy them, but over the past couple of years I have noticed some changes that have detracted from the fun. I used to be able to see a list of leagues, customized and other, but no longer see them. I used to enjoy playing in winners leagues or insiders leagues but they are no longer available. I used to be able to see a schedule of leagues out into the future so I could join one days or weeks ahead of time, but do not seem to be able to do so anymore. Why have you made these changes?.Version: 7.2.1

STFC 1Star. Fantasy sports section 5StarsFOR YEARS i have used this app as my primary ESPN Fantasy sports app and it has never failed to get better and better each year! The fantasy portion of the app is the best of any app on the app store hands down!!! SFTC: streak for the cash used to be its own individual app and ran much better, it was integrated early 2017 into this app and since then it is too confusing to use, when the app opens the streaks available to be picked arent all of the matchups available!! I have to go to a separate that has logos and too much other stuff going on. I miss the text only format with check marks from the original app. Ive gone from a religious daily SFTC player to not playing in months because its too difficult to navigate quickly and make picks..Version: 3.4.0

Love itAmazingly easy to use.Version: 3.3.3

Nle ChoppaWithout this app I wouldn’t have won my fantasy football league and a couple of hundered racks shout out my little senko tho and keisha.Version: 8.3

Honestly really coolIt could use more team customization and stuff but other than that it's a great app.Version: 3.3.3

Good, Not GreatCan the developers please make it easier to customize logos, that’s literally it.Version: 7.9.2

Advertising spamThey have improved the app a ton since I started using it 7 years ago however recent updates including the latest one has went overkill with ads. A new feature lets you set the likelihood you will trade a player however an ad pops up EVERYTIME you change it. It is completely unnecessary there are already ads all over every other page from before. Grow up espn no one cares about the crappy click bait..Version: 7.9.2

ComplicatedCompared to yahoo it’s too hard to use i really wish there was an auto set lineup option for people who don’t have that much time to make it themselves.Version: 8.3

ESPN Fantasy AppGood evening. I am having problem with the app loading. Loading error keeps popping up. So I would delete it and download the app again. I am using Apple Tablet. It work fine for know problem yesterday. Thank you, Daryl.Version: 7.5

Amazing AppDraft was formatted well and I’m looking forward to league..Version: 8.1.2

Love It!…Playoffs?Absolutely love this Pool App! Really wish there was a playoff version !.Version: 8.1.2

FunGreat app! Easy to and fun to use..Version: 8.1

AmazingIt’s honestly the best Fantasy app I’ve ever played.Version: 8.0.3

BestI really like being able to play with my friends for fun.Version: 8.0

ReviewGood app great features but rarely runs smoothly often has glitches.Version: 8.0.1

Great app but NHL player news video issue.Great app. But videos in the NHL player news section won’t play. Would be cool if I could watch the highlights in app instead of searching them up in safari. Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max.Version: 8.0.1

It’s gone downhillThis app was great until 45 minutes to an hour ago. Usually this app is great and I would recommend it, but since the new update, it hasn’t let me in the app at all. Not only has it locked me out for no reason, but I was in a fantasy hockey pool which I now have no access to. It’s great if you want to take the risk of getting locked out of the app, but otherwise it’s garbage..Version: 7.9.4

Best fantasy appIt is so wide and works perfectly!.Version: 7.9.2

SO MANY ADSWant to watch a 45 second cut of some fantasy info? Sure here’s a 15 second ad. Then here’s another ad in the video. God damn I don’t even watch the videos anymore.Version: 7.9.4

HockeyThis game is so good.Version: 7.9.2

A couple of limitationsA bit clunky compared to others. Why can’t I change the date when looking at my leagues daily stats? I like to wake up in the morning and see how everyone has done relative to one another. Leave the daily stats up until the first game the next day would you?.Version: 7.9.2

Add a chat featureIt would be nice to add a 1 on 1 chat and a group chat so you can work out trades and stuff like that other than that it’s good.Version: 7.9.2

Fantasy appGreatest app ever.Version: 7.9.2

RatioRatio.Version: 7.9.2

Sic as fThis app makes me hard as f.Version: 7.9.2

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