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Set up, manage, and control your Google Nest, Google Wifi, Google Home, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of compatible connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app.

One view of your home.
The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap or two – and get to the good stuff faster. The Feed tab highlights important events in your home in one place. Here, you’ll also find ways to get more out of your devices and improve your home setup.

Create routines that allow you to turn on compatible lights, check the weather, play the news, and more with one simple command.

See all the active audio and video streams on your compatible home devices in one place, change the volume, skip to the next track, or quickly change which speakers they’re playing from.

Understand what’s going on at home with a glance. The Google Home app is designed to show you the status of your home and keep you up to date with what you may have missed. Check in on your home anytime and see a recap of recent events. You can also get a notification if something important happens while you’re away.

Set up your Nest Wifi and Google Wifi in minutes using the Google Home app. Run speed tests, set up a guest network, and easily share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends. Use parental controls like Wi-Fi pause to manage online time for the kids. Automatically prioritize video conferencing and gaming traffic on all devices, or decide which devices to prioritize for all traffic types. Get more insights on your network, whether it’s a notification when a new device joins your network or detailed insights for troubleshooting a poor internet connection.

A helpful home is a private home.
Protecting your privacy starts with one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures, which we build directly into all Google products so that they’re secure by default. The built-in security in your Google Account automatically detects and blocks threats before they ever reach you, so that your personal information is always secure.

We build privacy tools that keep you in control.
Control your Google Assistant activity, privacy settings, information, and personal preferences. See your activity, delete it manually, or choose to delete it automatically. Control your privacy on Google Assistant with your voice. Ask questions like “Where can I change my privacy settings?” to get answers to the most common privacy and security questions.

Visit the Google Nest Safety Center at to learn more about how we protect your information and respect your privacy.

* Some products and features may not be available in all regions. Compatible devices required.

Google Home App Comments & Reviews

Google Home Positive Reviews

It is really great except privacyI feel like you lose privacy but google nest mini is awesome to have as an assistant. I just purchased my boss the google hub max with zoom video and google duo. Otherwise the device is great. Google should really send confirmation that your data is purged after time with proof and certification. Just meet a middle ground with privacy and we will have the new standard top AI interface. Most people get upset with google home / past nest and device compatibility issues but things got a lot better in this year with less hardware to home and nest issues. Google communicates better as 3rd party is now open to interface to google home with their software. You have to be tech savvy to run any complicated networks. I have google controlling thermostats, security cams, lights, air conditioning smart tv and blue tooth speakers. If you aren’t a general expert in networking you will struggle. You need professional IT because all my stuff works great..Version: 2.46.106

UI/UX terrible compare to NestI was just strongly encouraged to migrate from the Nest app to Google Home and while everything appears to work, the experience is a huge downgrade. The Nest app had a flow of devices with relevant content. For each thermostat, it showed the settings and current temp. I only had to click through to the device of I wanted to make changes. In Google, I have to select the category thermostats and then an individual device before I see any information. That's two additional clicks pet device instead of just being able to see it all at once. In Nest, I could invite anyone to join the home by entering their email address. It would send them an email invite with a link that would walk them through setting up their account. In Google, it simple tells me I can only add people with a Google account. I have to tell them to go setup an account on their own and then add them later. That is not a friendly experience. I can only see one camera at a time. In Nest, I could see them on a single page and then choose one to get a full page view. And finally, the color scheme is much more stark and less pleasing. This app is in every way worse than what I had with Nest. It works. But from a user experience standpoint, it is a huge disappointment..Version: 2.16.124

Google Home set up / multi vender devices..I am impressed with the google home app running on IOS devices.. Yes It would be best to purchase same vender devices if possible.. Step 1 load the specific app set ( sunCo lights+ewelink) in my devices choices.. Set up your devices first from manufacturing company.. After your devices are set up GOTO google[+] add devices Next find your devices in list of manufacturers Then press appropriate links..After all your devices of choice have been linked You may now delete manufacturers install/ set up applications.. The reason you want to delete manufacturers application.. 1 save on memory.. 2 Less confusions navigation of multiple applications.. At the moment as far as can tell horizontal format for devices is available.. A grid option format for devices buttons would be a improvement .... Update.. for grid options.. To group or room up your devices.. Create a label for your devices.. Google home will automatically arrange devices with numbers first then letters. So to arrange your devices priority .. 1 living room, 2 kitchen and 3 Bathrooms. Labeling with out a number will be arranged to bathroom, kitchen, living room...Version: 2.46.106

Hit and missManually the switches work ok, connecting to the TV will only work some times. Chrome cast is a pain. I did a lot of work and is not paying off. I ask for a specific song and it only works on a single speaker, if I am using a group of speakers, google plays what ever it wants. I got three chrome cast and they were fine at first but after a few weeks voice commands to chrome cast stoped working on all three. Google says it doesn’t recognize that device, I reset to factory, start all over and nothing. I am getting board of this I am thinking of going back to apple TV. What a waste of money. I have 5 nest cams and they connect and disconnect constantly, that problem came after google took over. I am angry about that security problem. I tried everything to have the system recognize only my voice so people couldn’t open my garage or my front door, that does not work. I even had a google tech help me set that up, thats not safe, anyone who knows what I named the door can simply ask google loudly through my glass window or glass door and it opens anything. Google is not safe . I regret all the money spent on this worthless system..Version: 2.17.110

Just okay.. There is a lot of room for improvement.TLDR[[ things that could be improved (simplier/intuitive menu, reorder/hide roommates devices that i don't want/need to see, so the ones i actually use aren't at the bottom) ]] this review started because i'm having to keep factory resetting my smart speaker so it shows up in my new office and not my bedroom at my old house) i've used this app with google products (speakers, mesh networks, chromecast, etc) for over a year now. I spend more time googling how to move devices/troubleshoot connection problems, etc than i would like. this is especially true since i moved into a new home with other users who have their own devices. i'm constantly paranoid about turning on my roommates lights off or on when they're sleeping because i can't hide their devices or even reorder them so they're bot at the top. the menu options are spread too thin, across too much menu. it's hard to find the function that i want, but you cam only do one or two things for a device in a certain menu. just put it all in one with a '...' for the less commonly needed functions. 😒😤.Version: 2.37.107

Could be better.Home mostly works but it still has lots of bugs. It stops playing streams at least once or twice a day. It looses connection to the internet. When I place a phone call, it thinks it is the first time I have used it, and reads me a boring script. It is difficult to manage notifications. A Reminder is easy to miss because it does not include an alarm sound. Although Google has access to my every word, they never seem to push software updates. It drives me crazy that it is not user configurable. If you speak to it it sometimes doesn’t respond, if you yell at it, two speakers respond. If you start a stream on one speaker, there is no way to add a new speaker when you move to a new room. There is no way to group lights and or speaker into a scene, So you have to turn them on one at a time or turn on all lights in a room. There are still limits to wireless switch and bulb configurations on the market. This is not Google’s fault but some smart rocker switches are incompatible with standard cover plates. There is no two gang switch yet. All wireless outlet units stick out of the wall and make the plug hit furniture, etc..Version: 2.15.414

Bring back the shopping list!Please please please re-integrate the shopping list feature into the Home app! Aside from playing music, adding items to the shopping list—primarily groceries as we run out of them—is our primary use for our Google Home. While it was a bit buried in the settings, being able to manage our shopping list from our central home app really removed stress from our daily routines. The list was always a little tricky to use and could definitely still use some UX love, but attempting to use it in the Shopping app is awful. I have to re-selected the shopping list every time I navigate to a browser to reference the recipes informing my list. It’s way too easy to delete an item when I’m trying to move it. The experience is so bad I’ve found myself using it less. Planning our grocery runs is a definitely a core home activity. Please bring it back to the Home app!.Version: 2.23.112

Google home keeps falling shortCompared to Alexa: (1) home hub doesn’t show the time at night (the “ambient light sensor” turns the screen 100% black) (2) can’t call a specific room (3) can’t play a song without blabbering for a minute about every artist and service involved (4) can’t set family reminders that go off for everyone (5) the hub devices can’t hear anyone speak well (6) google can’t play popular songs like the Lion King (featured in their own commercials) without manual intervention otherwise they play knockoffs (7) will only play white noise for an hour unless specified (8) don’t have a quiet mode so if you ask something at night have to listen to it scream across your house nonsense like “this is what white noise sounds like” (9) assistant only sometimes connects to the devices and when it does it can’t even perform the same tasks (eg play white noise) (10) Hub doesn’t display the time if the hub is doing anything besides nothing which makes it a terrible bedside device -even white noise turns off the clock which is stupid by every measure.Version: 2.8.107

Oh my god in 40 years as a system programmer this is the worst crap I have ever seen.I have 2 3 node google matrix router sets. One in my home one in my vacation house. Went to make a change in router setup but the old command to setup router now only provides info and I have to go to google home to make router changes. Ok I hit the migrate button and I get a list of devices that does not include any google matrix routers. Now I would think that since the command I was using knows what devices I own it would bring up the correct devices in google home. Or at the very least document what I would need to do to set up google home. I thought I bought a google product but this crap is as bad as a Microsoft solution. Now I have 500 dollars of routers that will need to be replaced. This is a disgrace. And not the quality of a software solution I would expect for spending over 500 dollars for routers..Version: 2.40.104

Google Home and its Hub is very beneficial!Pros: Improved Home app certainly helps a lot! Especially for a Deaf person like myself. I bought the Google Home Hub due to its display to show information I need when I ask, freeing me from looking at the phone’s screen frequently. I use my phone to speak the commands to Google Home Hub, and it responds well from commands or answering my questions with information on display, certainly a wonderful feature! Cons: sometimes, when I ask a question, it doesn’t show the information, would end up speaking the information, so I had to modify the questions to make the Hub show the information, if it still fails, I use Google Assistant on my phone as an alternative. It can be frustrating sometimes! Otherwise, it’s huge step for Google to make their products as much as friendly for everyone. Keep it up Google! 👏👏.Version: 2.8.107

I love Google homeGoogle home mini has made my life better. Besides helping me with everything things I constantly find myself going back and saying “Hey google !” Needless to say this device saved my life . If you don’t understand or even care about technology. Then this product is NOT for you. Overprotective parents need to get over themselves and stop making everything a problem . We’re spied on each and every day.. by Google, Microsoft , Sony, etc everyday.. our internet providers are constantly watching us. If you don’t like devices and software that record you then DONT get this product. I don’t say or do anything that would get me in trouble so I have no worries. In the end wether you cut a device or service out to try and protect yourself or your family then you might as well live under a rock.. because your always being watched... Always.Version: 1.26.812

Nest doorbellWhen it works its great. I have owned the nest doorbell (battery) since day one. It is wired to home my va is 16. I noticed when someone would ring doorbell, I open the app and the doorbell would says its running off of battery power. Don’t know if it was a glitch or something else but I have never had to charge it via usb. Most of the time it will spot someone before they ring the bell since the latest update. Its been late and late in notifications about the doorbell sometimes a minute after the bell has rung. Today someone accidentally ran into my garage. The camera did not pick up anything of this event as far as sound. Which is strange. Thankfully the person came to me and I have that on video from the nest device incase I need it. I find it strange that a device this late past development is still having bugs to iron out. The app itself is a convoluted mess. Please stream line..Version: 2.43.111

So far very confusing setupI have at my house, and one at my dads house. Almost impossible to set up in one day. The problem is it is going through growing pains. I sent invite to myself from his phone but it didn’t go through. So now I found using a old iPad I could log into his Home account and now invite myself as if I were him and now I am making some progress. And what is with the Nest cameras only allowing one camera before it has to see the last Co area to log on. Confusing I know, one camera was not working and it would not let the last camera to come on line. It took most of the day to figure out it was a bad camera on this app. Poor design on the log on. They could have easily had each camera or device log in on its own rather than rely on the last device logged in..Version: 2.15.517

This is perfectThis is the best product that Google has ever made the assistant is wonderful she is what a assistant should be unlike Siri Siri is not a actual assistant it was very easy to set up once you connect the speaker to your account and you set up your routine and everything else you really do not need to go into the app I do not understand what these people are complaining about in adding users it’s really simple most of these people are complaining for nothing why would google let Apple Music be on its product if you won’t to use Apple Music with a speaker by the HomePod it is really easy to set alarms in delete alarms it’s nice to know about your day when you wake up and get the news it is also nice and wonderful to walk into your home and ask it to do what you want perfect product good job Google.Version: 1.28.508

We’re loving it!My husband and I have had our Chrome cast for a hot minute, and we absolutely love the fact since we don’t have a “smart” tv that now it feels as if we do have a “smart “tv with this awesome little device that is hooked up to our tv now.... Its extremely easy to use, especially if you do have kids, which we do, have a son who just moved out, but when he comes and visits us we can have FAMILY movie night and everyone can pick something on whatever app you have and play it from on of our Cell Phone’s!! I’m just so happy that we invested in the Chromecast, because eventually we may just get rid of Direct, all together!! The Chromecast, is kinda like our 2nd kid that we never had, but now it’s apart of our family forever and brings us joy and happiness in everyone’s life, thus far!! Thanks!!!.Version: 2.14.510

Routine needs improvementI like the app overall. It controls all my home devices in one app. The routine feature comes short in the app though. It has a lot of unnecessary restrictions. For example, why do I always have to come up with a voice command as part of the routine, even though my routine is supposed to run automatically without voice command? I also wish that I can setup routines in paused state for some occasional routines so that I can activate them whenever needed. For example, I want to setup auto on/off lights only when I go on vacation. Or when my kid doesn’t have to go to school then I can turn off the alarm just for that day. Overall, it’s a great app but it would’ve been even better if they add some basic functionality in the Routine feature..Version: 2.42.114

Wish alarms were more physically accessibleI love my google home but I wish the app was a little easier to navigate, especially when setting alarms. My google home always understands me when I want to set an alarm and she repeats exactly what I asked for. But, sometimes when I ask her to play a specific song to wake me up, she confirms that she’ll play the correct song at the correct time but come next morning all I get is an alarm tone and not the song I asked for. In the Alexa app, it’s easy to view all alarms, the times they’re set for, and the song that will play. I wish this was available for the google app. The current alarm screen is useless and difficult to get to. It only shows the time the alarm is set and you can’t edit it from the screen which would be nice in times when my google home doesn’t seem to do what I ask..Version: 2.17.110

Improvement in phillip hue support suggestionAfter 4-5 years of using google home, I have run into these improvement opportunities daily. Google home is great for controlling phillip hue lights. In fact, it’s the smart home device that I use most consistently. However, there are glitches in the support regarding when I refer to a specific room or light. For example, Google home sometimes does not register “light 6” aka our “bathroom light” when I give the command to turn it on, sometimes multiple times. Other times google home only works if I phrase it as “turn light 6 on” while other times it only takes “turns bathroom on.”This can lead to a shouting battle between me and the google home. Lol Besides that error, the improvement suggestion I have is to have the “keep only (light/room name here) on” command, which should only keep the light/light group mentioned on and turn all other lights off. This would be very convenient as I currently have to give four to five commands every time in order get only the room that I want to be on while turning the rest off. As a long-time customer and user, I am hoping that google will make these changes to improve this product. Regards, CL.Version: 2.30.123

Reliable, easy and works as advertised!I have a flat screen TV but it isn’t a “smart” TV. The Google Home app allows me to select from my phone what I want to stream from our WiFi using our Chromecast device plugged into the TV. While a video is streaming I can use other apps on my iPhone. I have already recommended it to other people, we added my daughter’s phone using the Google Home app in about 10 seconds so she can use the Chromecast whenever she wants. A few days after writing the above review I was unable to connect to my WiFi either Chromecast, I called customer service and they said that they were already working on the problem and two days later the problem is fixed!!! I can’t ask more from a product all the way around!.Version: 2.15.414

Lack of Static IP Support Is A BummerThe app itself is pretty good, but as my review title says, the inability to enter a static IP address, subnet mask, router address, and DNS address via the app and have it applied to your devices like a Chromecast stick is a bummer. To provide some context, I have the DHCP server on my router disabled because it causes a myriad of issues with other devices on my network, meaning I have to go and add an IP address, subnet mask, the router addess, and DNS address to all devices connected to my router. And in looking how to do so for my 1st Gen Chromecast, I learned that people with the DHCP server on their router disabled are more or less out of luck. Given that this same problem does not seem to exist on other streaming devices (e.g. Apple TV 4k allows you to add them from the app and have the settings applied to the device), it seems likely I will be shopping for a new streaming device and getting rid of this app..Version: 2.12.508

Chromecast is awesomeDon't have cable so this is my main form of streaming/watching content. Works great. The app is much better now than it was a year ago. Being able to control volume and what your watching from multiple phones is super convenient. Sometimes it's a bit annoying to try and control playback through an app like Netflix directly but aside from that it's great..Version: 1.24.526

App settingsVERY hard to set up WIFI!!!!.Version: 2.21.105

FantasticWhen I was a kid, I had a dream to have a voice assistant like they had in Start Trek. Finally I can have my wiki in my house without having to type on any keyboard. Awesome device and gadget for any age . The link with Spotify works very well . Enjoy and have fun !!!.Version: 1.24.526

No hands onI bought google home and before the day was finished my daughter went out and got one for her own. The next day my neighbour / friends check mine out and they also went out and bought one. Since then I have purchased one more just for the bedroom. I use it for music, news and alarms. I also control my thermostat with it, I'm now looking at switches to control a few lights and the kettle for the morning tea or coffee. I must say also it sounds very good for the size. It's great to just ask it something without lifting a finger..Version: 1.24.526

Google home is greatReally enjoy this app and I’m looking forward to any future features that may be added. I’ve already found many ways do use this with my Google home speaker..Version: 2.11.112

Google HomeLove it. The assistant is still learning as she often will tell you but she’ll get there. Good job google.Version: 2.11.112

Can’t activate on iOS13Google home devices won’t activate with iOS 13..Version: 2.14.109

Google homeImpossible to navigate when a new router is installed.Version: 2.23.112

Google Home and...Chromecast Ultra are ultra amazing! I don't watch Cable TV anymore!.Version: 1.24.526

Works Just FineSetup is easy with home control items, but waiting for more compatible devices for Canada..Version: 1.24.526

At last go me oneVerry nice love the way you can ask a question ex. hey Google how many season in breaking bad... I got also meself Hue lamp nice with the shortcut you can make like macro, also I interfaced with IfTTT , please do it bring up the options. Waitting for other nice improvements and you can trust Google for that..Version: 1.24.526

Sal SAbsolutely love this device. To heck with Alexa not allowing Canadians to use their items. Good job google..Version: 1.24.526

YaYa.Version: 2.47.111

Google hueConfusing…unable to setup hueu properly.Version: 2.47.111

Convenient but unreliableI enjoy all the uses my Google Home Nest provides, but it’s not 100% reliable. I have my light in my bedroom last linked to it, and all too often when I ask that the light be turned “on” or “off”, Google doesn’t respond and I have to ask twice or even three times to get the desired function. I have tried setting the sensitivity to higher levels, but still the same issue. It also randomly drops the internet connection forcing me to reboot the Nest device to make it work again.Version: 2.47.111

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