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Cardboard puts virtual reality on your iPhone. The Google Cardboard app helps you set up a Cardboard viewer and includes a few experiences to get you started.

To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at

Do not use this app while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from real world situations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safety laws.

Google Cardboard App Comments & Reviews

Google Cardboard Positive Reviews

If you have an older version of app, DON’T UPDATE IT!Restart your phone until it works. Sure, they fixed the spinning, but removed all the content that was there before. Why did google abandon VR when it is taking off everywhere else? Even the iPhone SE2020 is more powerful than oculus quest. This app could have really gone places. Too bad it is just another casualty of google..Version: 3.3

Amazing app back in the dayI have an iPod touch 5th gen and it has one of the best versions of the app honestly. The demos with the birds, flowers, and such were breathtaking. I used to lay in my bed and look up at the northern lights until I fell asleep but ever since I upgraded and put my iPod in a drawer I haven’t been able to do those demos or see the beautiful low poly landscapes. If you guys ever do an update again please bring them back, if not please export the assets used in all the demos and have them available for download as FBX files so we can create our own versions of this app for more platforms such as PCVR and Oculus..Version: 3.2

Used to love itI used to love looking at the beautiful poly landscapes and staring at the breathtaking northern lights. But ever since the update, it’s there is no demos and I can’t do that anymore. Pls bring back the demos for old times sake..Version: 3.3.1

Great but how do you download games on itLike it and I’m gonna get my VR cardboard tomorrow so but when I tried the demo, how do you download games usually I use a old iPhone and I don’t know how good the VR cardboard would be but I think I’ll like it so then I got this app but then for some reason why don’t it have games? please fix this, Google (from Liam).Version: 3.3.1

Would recommend!I had a lot of fun using this app, and found when you look up, and click, you go to space. This reminds me of Star Trek..Version: 3.3.1

Need more demosSo In the pictures of the app there are a lot of demos but I only got one demo. Now I know you updated this 4 months ago but please bring back the demos that were on here before you updated this.Version: 3.2

Better VisualAt first I thought you guys were discontinuing Cardboard, but it finally got an update to keep it alive. That’s awesome! Just… don’t screw up next time..Version: 3.2

A question before downloadingDoes it work if you are using some other vr headset?.Version: 3.2

Working on iOS 14.3Doesn’t shake uncontrollably anymore. Latest 2022 update fixed the bug..Version: 3.2

Get new apps button doesn’t take us anywhere.The “Get New Apps” button is broken. Please Fix!.Version: 3.2

The best app!!!!I have an iPhone 10 and it feels so real that I thought I was playing the oculus!! It’s the best!!!!.Version: 3.2

CrashingA few months ago I used this app on my dad’s phone and decided once I upgraded my phone I’d use this too because at the time I couldn’t use it on my phone because it wasn’t compatible. Now I have the iPhone XR but every time I try to start the demo it just crashes and I can’t do anything! I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it and I’ve restarted my phone but to no luck will it work. I gave it 3 stars because when I saw the VR experience it was amazing but obviously the flaw here is that I can no longer see the VR at all. If I could actually get on the app and use it then this app would get a 5 star rating because in all honesty this app is very amazing in the way it’s animated and the experience is very amazing. But until I can actually get into the app I’ll have to give it 3 stars.Version: 1.2

App was fun.The app is fun, if you have a Google Cardboard compatible headset, it’s kind of essential to have..Version: 3.3

SchoolWe used this at school!.Version: 3.3.1

NicePlease add free games that you can download off the app.Version: 3.3.1

CoolCool but I wished it had more places.Version: 3.2

If you don't think it's amazing, you're an idiot.This is amazing! Blew my mind! Especially when you use the google cardboard goggles, that are available online! If you put them together properly and use them properly you should be blown away by what they've achieved using only cardboard a magnet and an iPhone. There are other apps for the Google cardboard goggles also. Some are amazing, and some are so-so, but regardless you are experiencing virtual reality, and given how early we are in virtual reality technology, this is a very nice taste of what is to come in the future. I love it so much! I've spent hours at a time, roaming around the different cities across the world! If you can't afford to go there this is a great substitute! Also... IT'S FREE!!!!.Version: 1.0.3

Needs more!When I say it needs more I mean it needs more fixes, more demos, and more choices. I would like to mention the biggest problem. I have my headset set up. It knows what I’m using but I’ve spent up to ten minutes at the “Place your phone into your viewer” and “rotate to navigate back screens”. Also I found the demos hard to use. When I got to them of course. However, I like the graphics on the realistic and the kind of “crystalline and 3D figure” style. But I think the flying one is amazing when I can do it. Although I get 15 seconds and that’s it. I which it was longer because I have to spend 20 minutes trying to get into the demo only to go flying for 20 seconds. Left a bad taste in my mouth to the point where I’ve debated to keep it or not..Version: 1.2

Excellent!I use this app with an iPhone 6, for anybody wondering and the app works fine. All of the 1 star reviews are all very ignorant reviews, such as somebody trying to use glasses with this? Also, people are saying they can't get past the home screen, but they don't know how to use the app. I use some of the recommendations and they're ok, I guess, but the Arctic Journey section is amazing! Although the graphics aren't awesome and my v1 viewer has a pretty low FOV, I love using their simple, yet addictive simulations. Although, with a few apps the button doesn't work to move, but that may just be the ad placement. As a whole, this product/app would be 4.85/5 stars. Phenomenal!.Version: 1.2

Great app but...Great app! Has a list of virtual reality apps. I would give it five stars but there is only one big problem for me. The button at the top of a google cardboard virtual reality headset. That would be so easy to press except for the fact that I don't have a google cardboard headset. I have a different brand of virtual reality. It's hard for me to select stuff in the apps because I have to take off the headset and take my phone out, to just select something. Please figure out another way to select an option, or else my review must stay the same for now :( Other then that, great app!.Version: 1.2

Amazing peak at a VR futureGoogle cardboard paired with any inexpensive VR cardboard device creates an immersive experience unlike any other app you've downloaded. I bought the 360fly cardboard VR headset at bestbuy and it worked wonderfully with this product. I scared my siblings with the sisters app, and did a virtual street view tour of my childhood home. The possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see what future apps take advantage of cardboard. The best part is, the button featured on my VR headset works flawlessly, it seems unlikely that it would be compatible since its apple but everything works as advertised. Playing on iPhone 6s Plus..Version: 1.2

Cool but overcomplicatedThe whole requiring magnets and the proper sensor in the device really overcomplicates things. Would it not be simpler smarter and easier to have some voice activation using a wireless headset or built in mic which every device has (just say click to click) or simply be able to click a button on the wireless headset. Or even use that opening in the lid that exposes the camera where u could SIMPLY just wave your finger across the camera and it register as a click. All these things are way more universal to all devices. All These suggestions are software based and would even reduce the cost to make them..Version: 1.0.3

Feature Request: Support for Volume Controls as an InputFirst of all, I love Google Cardboard. It performs fairly well on my iPhone 6s, but while using a Cardboard compatible headset, I of course cannot touch the screen; the only way I can interact is by passing a magnet over the front of the headset. All that being said, one thing I would like to see in the future, is support for external volume controls (e.g. inline volume controls for headphones). This would allow us users to more easily and conveniently interact with Cardboard via things like Bluetooth selfie buttons, among other accessories. Other than that, keep up the good work. 👍.Version: 1.2

What an awesome step to in-home VRThis app is a small, 4 feature (so far in this version) VR experience. These features are: - a stationary mode with different scenes you can look around in - a viewer of model artifacts that rotate according to your movements - a Google maps street view just below the Eiffel Tower similar to the first feature but you can maneuver a la street view - a kaleidoscope effect that can be started and stopped to make different designs (personal favorite) The kaleidoscope was definitely the most interesting feature. This is due to it being dynamic, interactive, and one of the most immersive. I couldn't help but smile the first time I tried this. This app is a good deal of fun and a step in a good direction. VR is the future and it's awesome to see it happening right now. I am very impressed by the renderings and abilities of this app that was made for an iPhone, I can't wait to see what hardware made specifically for VR will be like..Version: 1.0.5

This is amazing!I got the Google cardboard because I'm a customer at Verizon, and they are giving them to customers for free! When I first tried it on it was amazing because I have never done it before. After a while though it gets kind of boring, which is why I brought it to school. Letting other people who have never done it try it out is hilarious! Watching their reactions is hilarious😂 because they look like crazy people. The reason I gave it a four is because of limited places to see and everyone including myself thinks the graphics are pretty blurry. Overall it's great..Version: 1.0.5

Seems like a miracleI've been using the cardboard app with the Noon headset. I wish there was a way to navigate the menu with out the magnet button but with just s sight curser like the noon app. None the less, this is not a hoax but I believe this app is curing me of my stereoblindness!!! Seriously! I've been stereoblind since birth and inside of the kaleidoscopic function I believe I am seeing in full 3d! I understand the parallax effects that are going on but I really do believe I am seeing in 3d. More highly stereoscopic, responsive content would be greatly appreciated!.Version: 1.0.3

Can’t get into the appI found my google cardboard be from a couple years ago and of course my first instinct was to get the app and try it out. however i am only able to get to a screen that says demo and i push the demo button and it crashes. i’ve been doing this on my iphone xr for 10 minutes. it has done kind of the same thing on my ipod. i push the button and it lasts a little while sometimes if i get lucky. but then it CRASHES. google, get your stuff together!.Version: 1.2

Love this!I love this app! It works great with a Utopia 360° and of course the google cardboard because this app was made for that! Can’t wait till these demos become finished and then fully released! That will be something to look forward to!! The graphics are amazing on this app and everything works! The only thing I wished is that on the Arctic VR Demo is that while flying you could do it as long as you want and whatever you look you’ll go with the other Arctic Terns. But I still love this app!.Version: 1.2

The should use the headphone media button for clicks!This app is great and all. The problem is that all the older google cardboard headsets don't have a working switch for the iPhone. So to press a button input I have to use my finger inside the headset which totally ruins the experience. A great way would be if google could just register presses on the headphone remote (the middle button that usually starts/stops playing music) so that you could use this as the switch. Come on Google! Do it!.Version: 1.0.2

Great App!!!This is a great app for an introduction to VR. It’s tons of fun to mess around with. It doesn’t have the best quality picture but it’s not meant to be the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It doesn’t have a ton of content but the app is free. There are other apps you can get that are compatible with the Google Cardboard. Most of the other reviews are people complaining about how their off brand VR headsets don’t have a button to work the app and that is their fault for not buying the actual headset meant to go with the app..Version: 1.2

Just for practiceThis game is for practice but I really suggest the creator updates thsi game to have more photos.Version: 3.3.1

Why iOSI think on iOS you don’t have as many features on Google cardboard.Version: 3.2

The bestO ya.Version: 3.3.1

Please fix yet one more timeApp has worked wonderfully with few exceptions. Latest version not allowing navigation in tours. No arrows show to change location..Version: 1.2

My review of Google CardboardThe whole thing screw up..Version: 1.2

Absolutely stunningFor cardboard, this is one of the single greatest things I've ever experienced in my entire life, it's breathtaking.Version: 1.2

🦄It’s okay but I would add more stuff and yeah it’s good.Version: 1.2

Cardboard safari/Chrome/browserI like to play videos that are using browser player. Like . Thx in advance.Version: 1.2

AmazingThis is the only good VR app on iPhone. Just the 20 second flying demo is was amazing. There should be a longer Version..Version: 1.2

You can fix spinningBy restarting the phone.Version: 1.2

Not supported on iOS 14Works fine on iOS 13, however it is broken on iOS 14 and can’t be used.Version: 1.2

Support discontinuedAfter some research, I found out that support for devices later than iPhone 6 has been discontinued. So don’t hope for any change soon if you have an iPhone 12. When I had an iPhone 5, it was the best anyway..Version: 1.2

How??I got in no glitches,great quality but the first step on the demo, I can’t do! I don’t know how to do it! Can someone explain please.Version: 1.2

ClassThis is single handily one of the best things i have used in my life... out of cardboard ! It works for Iphone Xr and up. Great app/device.Version: 1.2

Fix the app!When I launch cardboard demos, it just crashes. I’m on the iPhone XR.Version: 1.2

Good, but limitedA fun game but has limited options.Version: 1.2

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