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Google Chat is an intelligent and secure communication and collaboration tool, built for teams. From ad-hoc messaging to topic-based workstream collaboration, Chat makes it easy to get work done where the conversation is happening.

• Group collaboration that allows Google Workspace content creation and sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions
• Side by side editors, one click meetings, scheduling, document creation, and shared files, tasks, and events make it easy to get work done
• Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared
• Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of Google Workspace security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search, and Export

Google Chat App Comments & Reviews

Google Chat Positive Reviews

Two problems that have to get fixed for goodThis app is nice, but also has two things that need to get fixed ASAP. First, when I entered the app, it was having trouble loading. And second, whenever I send a video or photo, it says, “Failed To Send”, even though the photos and videos are sent! So, you should totally upgrade the app, and fix the two problems I have issued. So, yeah. Other than that, great app for having conversations with your friends! 😄😄😄😄.Version: 1.0.162

It’s AlrightI just switched over to Google Chat from Google Hangouts and let me say, it’s different. First, I am not able to switch out of dark mode which for me, is unnecessary and annoying. I am not a fan of my screen being dark, but I guess it is something that I will have to get used to. Second, when talking with someone your text and their’s both appear on the same side of the chat which makes it more complicated to figure out what they said and when. Third, sending videos and pictures take up a lot of time. The loading process is very time consuming and it causes a pause in your conversation and confusing as to why you aren’t responding. The desktop version is great, but the mobile adaptation just isn’t cutting it for me. I intend on using this app heavily but with the way it’s going so far, it will take a lot of getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the different functions that have been added, but it just isn’t the same..Version: 1.0.156

It isn’t that bad!Ok, setting aside the lack of audio/video call features, I actually prefer Google chat over Google hangouts for several reasons. (1) there’s dark mode, (2) the interface is smooth, (3) you can react to messages with emojis, (4) I can actually see everyone’s profile pictures. Is it ripping off discord a bit? Yeah, but I don’t mind. The only downside for me is that you can’t switch between accounts easily, or see all your contacts (unless you have an open chat with them). But overall it works fine, and it feels much better than hangouts. Hangouts has been going downhill for a while (like mentioned earlier, I can barely see anyone’s profile pics + no dark mode). And the calls in hangouts never had good connectivity. I know this wasn’t a “me” problem because my friends also had similar issues. So overall, I definitely recommend Google Chat as a replacement for Hangouts, especially if you mostly text!.Version: 1.0.100

I want this hangouts feature pleaseI doubt that this will work but I’m giving it a try. Me and my friend group always have used hangouts and it was amazing and google chat is more like a productive “work chat” app. If there is anyway this message can be seen by one of the Devs who works on this it would be amazing but my friends and I really want the feature that hangouts has that shows who has read the messages. Whether it could be an option a space manager could toggle or just active all the time. It would be so useful to tell who has been active and reading the chats. Thank you (In a direct message I have noticed it does show you when the person has read a message and what the last message they read was but I’m talking about adding this feature to the Spaces/Group Chats. Maybe it could be added like a space manager could toggle the feature since I’m sure not everyone would like to have it active all the time but it would be awesome just like in hangouts).Version: 1.0.162

It’s fine, I guess?Admittedly, I’m aggravated about being pushed to switch from hangouts, and that’s going to affect my view of this app, but dear god why can’t I put group chats and DMs in the same tab? Switching back and forth is frustrating and confusing. It’s also hard to tell who’s said what, and implementing literally any system for that would make a huge difference. On a less important note, I’d like to be able to assign a photo to a group chat so the icon isn’t just a letter (if there is a way to do this, I couldn’t find it, and I Looked). On the plus side, having the docs and sheets we’ve shared in a tab for group chats is really cool (I’d love to be able to see photos, too, as well as have this option for DMs), it infinitely easier to search than hangouts was, and there is dark mode integration. Overall, it’s fine, I guess? It feels very similar to Microsoft Teams, which is to say not ideal for a casual messaging app but probably a good option for work..Version: 1.0.122

Desktop? Great! Mobile? Not so greatHey, this is someone who has used Hangouts VERY often. When I heard things were moving to Chat, I didn’t mind. On desktop, it was great. I really liked the reactions and the upgrade on statuses, that was cool. But on mobile? Sheeesh, not so good. There’s this weird glitch where I can’t send videos, even when they’re relatively short, and I can’t hardly send photos either! You can’t send multiples at once like you did on HG, and there’s no way to monitor if they’re sending or not. You hit send and you’re just shown the chat- you don’t see the picture sending or anything and its kind of annoying. Also, there seems to be a lag in statuses. Me and my friend had both set ourselves as active (both using chat) yet to each other, we showed as away. Yet my other friend (me using chat, him using hangouts) appeared as active. 🤨 If you’re going to do a transfer from HG to Chat, could you have at least ACTUALLY made Chat better?.Version: 1.0.108

It’s great but...I have been using Google Hangouts for years now to communicate with my friends who don’t have phones to talk with. I love the new interface they have added for Google Chat. But I have a few issues with the app. (1) In group chats or rooms you can’t see if anybody has seen your message or not. This isn’t something that would be a life changer but it would be nice to have. (2)One of the features that Hangouts offered was the icon features. In Hangouts, if your friend were to be on your chat with them, their icon would be visible. If they went off of the chat their icon would fade a slight bit. I would also like this feature just because it helps me tell of their actually online. (3) When somebody goes offline from Hangouts it takes 15 minutes for Chat to get the I formation that they went offline. This is a big thing that needs to be worked on..Version: 1.0.101

This app is not for social chatsI liked Hangouts. I don’t know why they are discontinuing it! At least you can keep your chats and history though. This app is more on the professional side with documents, meetings, and projects that is good, don’t get me wrong. However, I used Hangouts for social chats so those things aren’t that useful. What is really bothering me is that there isn’t chat bubbles so everything is squished together and you can’t tell who said what. When I sent a picture, I sent it like 3 times on accident because it kept on saying the message failed to send. Also, you can’t tell if the other people in the “chat space” read the messages like it did in Hangouts. They also removed the stickers! Although this app is good for professional chats and business meetings, it wasn’t as good as Hangouts was for social group chats..Version: 1.0.162

Disappointing transition from HangoutsI know my personal 2 cents won’t matter much to Google, and will honestly seem silly to most; but… Where are the stickers??! That one bit of personalization made Hangouts so comfortable and warm for emotional expression in personal conversations. Yes, of course there are universal emojis and Apple memojis… but the stickers (especially the bunny and cat) are just perfect and ADORABLE. Why would you take those away? It seems like it would be such a simple feature to carry over. For this reason alone, I will hang on to Hangouts until its dying breath. Conversations just aren’t the same without them. For what it’s worth the discussion UI itself isn’t all that personable, either. Chat was definitely intended for a more business, streamlined discussion. Hangouts’ casual comfiness of the alternating bubbles per sender/recipient will certainly be missed..Version: 1.0.114

Liked Hangouts BetterThe function of the app is fine, but I found the chat layout of Hangouts to be much better than what this currently has. (At least make it match the way chats currently appear on desktop.) There’s no immediate obvious visual differentiation between messages you send and messages you receive, which I find annoying and visually clunky. Other messaging apps like iMessage and Telegram distinguish your sent messages by putting them on the right of the screen and tinting them a different color. This app doesn’t do that. It also separates each message you send by your name, which is mildly irritating if you’re sending a series of pictures. I would love to see an update of the app’s appearance to bring it up to speed with other messaging apps, including the legacy Hangouts app..Version: 1.0.164

Works! (mobile+5, browser -5 yet) see 6.1. :D :-D works and does NOT change to smilie. AWESOME because it reflects me speaking to someone who is not like me, but is a dear friend. 2. Uploading photo did not take a lot of time at all. 3. It is easy to see who said what. Those who can’t, simply hate change because there is a WHOLE LINE of white space between people speaking! 4. Longer text do work, but have not checked Nanowrimo type work sending. I only have 10 lines in my trial. Friend and I used to send “what we wrote during word wars” back and forth. These would be around 2000 words. 5. No longer have to wait and wait and wait for Archived Messages to load up as a thing to select. I never archive messages anyway. 6. Browser: In browser I still need to be able to POP CHAT OUT. So still trying to figure this out. I need to look at chat while discussing email sometimes but chat covers email which is NOT ADA compliant! Too hard to discuss email with brain damage. Having phone app up AND email on 2 different devices is stupid as a work around! Thank you!.Version: 1.0.162

Just Make One App That Does ALLCan google take some design clue from China’ Wechat? One app catch it All! Just combine Google Chat, Google Hangout, Google Meet and Google Duo into one App. One app that can Chat, audio calls, video 1:1, video group! It is confusing to try to explain to my mom why need so many different apps for similar tasks. At China, even a 70-years old know to use Wechat! It’s just one App they ever need to remember! WeChat is also Paypal, Instagram and Facebook in China. So powerful. It does pretty much everything. We can argue that is monopoly, however we can not deny it’s convenience and usability. Why can’t Google make a super app for everything!!! I understand Google intent Google Meet as a professional app with Monthly Fee. However, it would be so easy to design a mega communication App that is free for most users for simple 1:1 call and small group video call. Once a user tries to launch a call with large number of ppl, this app could prompt a message for app upgrade with monthly subscription or pay-per-use to allow large group video conference..Version: 1.081

Chat is a cool idea but has many downfallsSome of the biggest things I don’t like about chat is that the rooms and chats are separated making it really hard to switch back and forth, and I don’t like the wording and text being on one side Constantly confusing me on who is texting. Also to video call you have to use google meet unlike the regular built in video call option on hangouts because no one actually knows if you are getting a call because it is a meeting link and not a call. Otherwise it isn’t the worst but those thing make me not want to use it. If any of this could be changed in the future I would really enjoy chat..Version: 1.0.118

Works for the Most Part, Missing Key FeaturesI used hangouts a lot prior to switching to this new version. For the most part, I’m getting the same functionality I did with Hangouts. I do like the addition of being able to link with Google Suite content better. However, because the primary purpose of my use of this app is to schedule meetings, I really miss read receipts. There is no way to tell who is caught up in a group conversation anymore. This was a super helpful feature in Hangouts (when it was accurate) and I miss it a ton. If anyone else is in the same boat, we should send feedback through their system to see if the developers will add it back in..Version: 1.0.116

It was better (Please read Google!)I really like the ease of use and look of Google more than hangouts. But the fact that you can’t even make a call through chat is kinda sad. Google turned it into a business thing instead of a way to connect with loved ones. Now the only way you can make a call is trough a Google Meet. So Now someone has to check their phone to see the link instead of hearing it ring. It’s just so much less efficient and frustrating. Google, if your reading this review… Please add calling!! It makes no sense why they would remove it..Version: 1.0.164

Worse overall, better in some areasGoogle’s “chat” replacement for hangouts seems to fix some critical issues. First off, it has so far eliminated the “phantom” issue with hangouts showing someone as reading a text only to refresh and find they haven’t opened the app in hours. It also seems to be snappier. However, the app is uglier, it’s harder to see when someone has read a message and it’s impossible to know if they’re typing or not, and light mode doesn’t work. So in my opinion, they’re removing features instead of fixing them. Not like the hangouts app was much better, but still an unwelcome “upgrade”..Version: 1.0.164

Chats1 I don’t feel like rooms should be needed. Maybe you can make it to where we can choose if we’re using the app for just chatting or if we’re using it for an actual business. If we’re just chatting then we only get chat options if we’re business we get chats and rooms? 2 I should be able to make multiple chats with just me and one other person but if I try it brings me to a chat that we already made 3 I can’t see when my friends were last active only that they are inactive and I find that unhelpful. 31/2 I feel like we should see if our friends have seen our messages in as many chats as we make for them including in rooms. I can’t tell if my friends are actually reading what I’m saying. I have sent feedback through the app but I’m just warning people what their getting into. I don’t feel like hangouts should be taken down as I’ve used it for so long and I saw no problems with it. These “upgrades” could have easily just been put into hangouts..Version: 1.0.114

Google chat is okay. :/I mean, I guess google chat is fine, but it kinda is complicated. Google hangouts had this really good design that didn’t take up too much space on your device, and with chat, the rooms bar takes up a little bit too much space. If you are texting at night, the chat design will prevent you from seeing well. It is way too bright, but other than that, it is kind of ok. Please make this better though, I do a lot of texting in the morning or late at night, because I am usually busy during the afternoon..Version: 1.0.108

Oh my goodness why is this so good!!The advanced tech on this app compared to google hangout is so amazing my brain wants to explode! The fact that I don’t have to scroll through all my chats to privately message someone 😍😍😍. There are so many cool improvements on here like being able to tag someone, and also being able to react to other people messages. Anyway this goes out to all my weird friends that think google hangouts is better (it’s not). WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY TO SEE A MARCHING BAND!!!.Version: 1.0.118

Okay 😏I do think this is well made but I really liked Hangouts way more why couldn’t they have just updated Hangouts instead of making a whole new app?.Version: 1.0.166

Could be betterI feel this chat doesn’t take full advantage of being a google product and being able to integrate all products seamlessly. The fact that you can upload one thing at a time is a big pain. The chat works, but it’s nothing more than that..Version: 1.0.30

Just one more thing…In the laptop/desktop version of chat, you can send GIFS, can you add that on mobile?.Version: 1.0.152

NEEDS DARK MODEC’mon google :( this shouldn’t be too hard. I’m tired of blinding myself when chatting with my team. How does google KEEP have a dark mode and not CHAT?.Version: 1.0.78

Switch theme to lightPlease make the option to switch themes from dark to light an option under settings and not only match your device theme, thanks :).Version: 1.0.166

It’s good but not good at the same timeI say this bc well I try and call on this app and it doesn’t work and I have so many troubles with it to like changing my profile pic and many more.Version: 1.0.166

Amber HoffmanHi my name is Daria Elizabeth so I’m just thinking of ms. Hoffman because she’s a wonderful lady so I’m going to visit her on Friday December 17th and I’m going to give her some warm hugs because she’s my friend so I just want to let you know that I’m just thinking of ms. Hoffman because she’s my friend. From Daria.Version: 1.0.166

Works wellI like it. Easy access to gifs and stickers.Version: 1.0.164

Lots of options, rlly efficientLiked it.Version: 1.0.164

DeleteHow do you delete How do I send a pic from my photos? How do I take a new pic and send it?.Version: 1.0.164

BoogalooBoogaloo.Version: 1.0.164

Pls support Split View on iPadIt is still not supported but still a great app.Version: 1.0.164

Great app but….It’s a really good app but you should add a feature where you can delete messages..Version: 1.0.164

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