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You would be required to enroll your device with Google Device Policy App, only if your IT Administrator has setup Mobile Management in your company. The app allows your IT Administrator to mandate corporate security policies and keep the enterprise data safe on your device. Your IT Administrator can also configure corporate WiFi networks and work apps that you might require upon device enrollment.

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Google Device Policy Positive Reviews

5 star for functionality but 1 star for usabilityI will give this app 5 star for functionality but 1 star for usability. Once it’s properly configured, it works great, but configuring it took me some time and effort since the UI is very user-unfriendly. At the end of profile installation, there is a line of text on the screen saying something like copying the URL to Safari. I was switching to a new iPhone, I think the text might even be cut off or something on the screen. I was expecting simply clicking some buttons in the installation/configuration process and therefore totally missed the text for a manual operation. I ended up in some kind of weird incomplete installation loop for a couple of days until I finally read the text and did that manual operation. Reading some user feedback, I think that’s probably what’s tripped some other users as well. Please make that manual operation more apparent! Hope this can help some people..Version: 3.14

Works for meSome people were raising concerns about privacy, the help section of the app outlines it in detail, and the claim that all privacy is taken away seems unfounded: If you access multiple Google Accounts on your device, only data from your work or school account can be controlled by your organization. For example, if you have a personal Gmail account and a work email account, only information from the work account is available to your employer. Browser activity in private or Incognito mode in Chrome Browser or Apple®Safari® stays private..Version: 3.13

Bad reviews are largely from dumb peopleIf your workplace or school uses this app to enforce policies you don’t like, that is not Google's fault, nor does it indicate a problem with this app. If you’re giving this a one-star review because you can’t use your camera or you had to use a better password than the 0000 you’ve been using, go complain to your administrator instead and stop embarrassing yourselves..Version: 3.14

I mean..Ok first of all, this app is not TOO bad... it’s just really annoying when there’s these pop ups.. i only downloaded this on my iphone because unfortunately Gmail kept telling me to “Open “Google Device Policy” so you can access your work data” and it kept popping up so i got annoyed and downloaded this app.. and honestly this app is much rather disappointing because i expected wayyy better than this, it’s actually so empty when you open up the app...Version: 3.13

READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOADThis app allows your employer to administrate your phone with a policy. It’s necessary to access corporate G SUITE features like emails and stuff on your phone. It allows the employer to e.g. wipe the data when the phone is declared lost. All the other comments claiming that this APP disables their camera and changes the password etc. and thus leaving a 1-star review, you are misinformed. Your employer is the one setting the policy, not this APP. If you are installing this on your personal device, understand the compromise you are making before continuing. I’m deducting a star still because Google should better communicate this information in the app before and after people download..Version: 3.15

Works Great!You need to remove other device MDM profiles for it to work. I had set one up manually and it conflicted. If you are not an admin on the google business account, you may (will) have problems.... you will need to contact your admin... that’s easy if you are the admin. If you are not the admin and trying to install it, then it may or may not be configured. If you haven’t talked to your IT Dept., and you are not the IT Debt, don’t install it. This is for corporate google accounts, not your free gmail account. The purpose is for MDM... so you should probably accept all of the prompts that indicate it can remotely manage and wipe your device... that’s is the point..Version: 3.07

Works wellAs an IT professional we use this is in our environment for mobile device management and find it works well. If you don’t want your device invaded you could always, you know....not add your email account to your phone. If you want company information on your phone you inherit the risks associated with that..Version: 3.04

If you really want to remove this...If you really need to remove this app. You'll have to go under the Settings App --> General --> Device Management --> Tap on "Google Apps Device Policy" --> Tap "Remove Management". Personally, I love this app since I have a GSuite domain but organizations use it too as a means of securing their accounts..Version: 3.10

Works like it shouldThe people that have issues with the app have never had to manage or try to manage iOS devices in the wild. Apple makes it nearly impossible to implement security in an enterprise in any meaningful way, they still think in the consumer space..Version: 3.04

Simple and EfficientA very simple and efficient app to provision policies and company apps. We have used the policy manager for a number of companies and over 10 years only had one issue with certificate installation. Other than that, works great!.Version: 3.14

A necessity for Google apps powered enterprisesAllows your company‘s IT department to manage security profiles on our corporate or personal device to provide you with access to corporate resources. You would only download this app if instructed by your company or if you manage your enterprise security..Version: 2.07

Works greatJust wish apple would limit screenshot control to managed apps.Version: 3.14

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