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Google Ads Customer Service

The Google Ads mobile app helps you stay connected to your campaigns while on the go. In addition to monitoring your campaigns in real-time, you can review high-impact recommendations to improve performance and take action quickly and easily.

Use the Google Ads app to:
* Monitor performance on the go
* Make quick changes to campaigns, budgets, keywords, and more
* Create and edit ads
* See your optimization score and apply recommendations
* Get real-time notifications, such as performance summaries and ad disapprovals
* Talk to an expert for support, wherever you may be

Download the Google Ads mobile app to get the most out of your account today!

Google Ads App Comments & Reviews

Google Ads Positive Reviews

Google HighThe google Ads can get your Services only higher up , Google place smile on your on your business sad experience! We love Google ads very authentic from the source that hand you the application and tools to successful bright future for small fee I recommend every service not to be left behind Alfirdaus Jinnaza Services (Muslim Funeral Home).Version: 2.31.378904091

Grayson’s ElectronicsWorst company in the world been hung up on 10 times, after having my google ads account deactivated,for having positive funds in my account, impossible to get any issue resolved due to the support team members rushing you off the phone being rude and obnoxiously impatient, and always get the run around, your better off using social media because these people don’t care about you or your business. 1 star HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.Version: 2.51.511805640

Difficult to Navigate the Ad menusWhile Google ads appears to be a very powerful marketing tool, the navigation is difficult to follow. I was forced to write down a map of the options so I could remember where I found something. There appears to be no clear direction on how to set up the ads. I had difficulty setting up the audiences as well as attempting to relocate the fields I felt or helpful. It seems I have found most of the features by stumbling across them..Version: 2.31.378904091

Wow amazingThis app used to be mediocre at best. It worked but wasn’t the best. The new update made everything so much more useable. I NEVER write reviews, but I had to for this update because wow, it really made the app so much better. I use Google Ads for business maybe once every hour of my day and this makes me so happy to see the app and Google as a company move in the right direction..Version: 2.14.20006924

Google ads for small businessI use both google ads and google guaranteed local services ads. They are super easy to manage and highly effective tools for a small contractor like me..Version: 2.33.391737268

Very intuitiveI am using google ads for years, at first was complicated but they gat much much better and app is now much easier to use.Version: 2.32.387179363

Impossible to get problems resolved .Have duplicate addresses and account for the same business. Unable to take care of it ourselves and impossible to contact computerized Google with no live support. But they are the 100# Gorilla in the room so they do not have to have customer support.Version: 2.45.468575109

QuickI like that it pulls up quickly. I think it is as easy to use on a phone as it should be..Version: 2.16.301448572

Google adsIn my recent experience I can say it is slow and the performance sometimes doesn’t spend the money set in the agreement. I hope the service will be improved soon..Version: 2.37.414295032

Crazy thing in modern worldGreat thing to push your business forward.Version: 2.18.310578888

Google ads not working on iPhonePlease fix google ads app, it doesn’t work on my iPhone 12 Pro Max..Version: 2.45.467721145

Differentiation would be niceWould be nice if removed or paused keywords, placements, etc would be marked differently or removed from an active list entirely. Also, if conflicting keywords would just be found right away. I’m sure it’s not that hard to find matching stuff in a campaign..Version: 2.46.475324205

Good step but one requestEvery thing is perfect in this app, but mobile app mean more short and to the point commands should be integrated. For complete customizations full computer browser will do the job, In this app I expect at least as soon I open the app I should see my list of campaigns and ON & OFF buttons in front of them instead of taping many tines and passing by many pages to get to the enable or disable adds page..Version: 1.0.2

Super advertising for small amountHow else can you reach the hole internet except Google adds ! Before I was paying huge amounts for a paper advertisement..Version: 1.4.7

Missing smart shopping campaignsI could’ve sworn they were added but now I don’t see them anymore/ can’t enable them..Version: 2.3.20002451

Simplicité pour du compliqué!Gérer une campagne sur son téléphone est simple et efficace avec les conseils en plus!.Version: 2.13.20005882

It's a good start.Cool app. there really should be a way to sort keyword bids by price rather than have to open each keyword to see its price..Version: 1.0.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.51.511805640

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