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Join the millions who switch to TurboTax every year! Whether our experts prepare your tax return or you do it yourself, we guarantee our calculations are always 100% accurate, or we'll pay any penalties* (1).


• TAX RETURN LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Whether you get expert help or file yourself, you'll get your max refund, 100% accuracy, and audit support for your return's full 7-year lifetime, guaranteed (2).
• DONE RIGHT, WITH OUR SEASONED TAX EXPERTS: Our TurboTax Live tax experts have an average of 12 years' experience and are always up-to-date on all the latest tax laws. When you choose to work with a Live expert, you can trust that you're in good hands.

• TurboTax Live Assisted Basic – File for $0 with expert help, only with TurboTax. 100% free tax filing and a free tax expert final review. Get unlimited advice from tax experts as you file. ~37% of taxpayers qualify. Form 1040 + limited credits only. Must file by 3/31.
• TurboTax Live Full Service - Let an expert do your taxes start to finish. A local tax expert matched to your unique situation will get your taxes done 100% right - as soon as today. You can even work with the same dedicated tax expert every year.
• TurboTax Live Assisted - Get unlimited expert help as you file. Get unlimited help from tax experts as you file. And, only TurboTax Live Assisted includes a 100% accurate, expert final review at no extra charge.
• Or, file on your own with confidence. When you want to do your own taxes, it's quick and easy with TurboTax. We'll get you your max refund with step-by-step guidance and 100% accurate calculations.
• TurboTax Free Edition - 100% free tax filing, 100% accurate, max refund guarantee even when you file for free. ~37% of taxpayers qualify. Form 1040 + limited credits only.

• File 30% faster on our app!*
• Get started quickly with easy info uploads. Jumpstart your taxes with last year's info, or snap a photo of your W-2 or 1099-NEC and we'll auto-fill your info.
• Easily import investment activity. Save time and hassle by importing your investment info, including crypto transactions.
• Find every deduction and credit. Searches up to 500 deductions and credits. Based on your unique situation, it finds the deductions and credits that apply to you so you get everything you deserve.
• Added deduction support for self-employed customers. Our Deduction Finder feature helps sync your accounts and import transactions, so you don't miss a single self-employment deduction.
• Spanish-language support: The TurboTax app is now available in Spanish! You can now toggle between English and Spanish and file your taxes in your preferred language. Bilingual experts are also available to help answer your questions or file your taxes for you from start to finish.

1. Accuracy, Max Refund, Full Service, and Audit Support Guarantee: See terms of service or turbotax.com/guarantees for full details.
2. Lifetime Guarantee: A combination of coverage: 100% Accurate Calculations, Maximum Refund, and Audit Support Guarantees. All guaranteed for the full 7-year life of your tax return. Individual returns only. See terms of service for details.
3. TurboTax Free Edition and TurboTax Live Assisted Basic available for Form 1040 returns with limited credits only. For more details and to see if you're part of the ~37% who qualify: https://turbotax.intuit.com/corp/mobile-apps/turbotax-disclosures/. Intuit reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time. TurboTax Live Assisted Basic free offer ends 3/31.

*On average, customers using our mobile app take 30% less time to complete their taxes compared to time taken on our website

TurboTax: File Your Tax Return App Comments & Reviews

TurboTax: File Your Tax Return Positive Reviews

It’s expedient and I love the new improvementsThe projection tool that tells how long it will take to finish your taxes is extremely amazing, for me it was a motivator to keep going. Insofar as the software goes, I’ve used turbo tax my entire adult life and it’s by far the best software I’ve used since basically college. My only quarrel however are the occasional hidden costs that easily creep up on you, but again, for what it’s worth, I’d rather enjoy the peace of mind offered by knowing my taxes weren’t just filed fast but right also. To that effect, I’ve had no issues whatsoever using Turbo Tax in my 20+ years of using the software! Not to mention the added bonus of knowing that my taxes are saved away in a secure central repository for me to retrieve anytime as needed. I sometimes have to provide years of filings and it’s been heart warming to know Turbo Tax is there on-demand whenever I need it. In addition, the softwares ability to connect with my work interface and update my income without moving a finger is another big plus…all I can say for now is I’m a happy camper..Version: 9.5.3

Hate to ComplainNormally filing with Turbotax is an easy glitch free process but not this year. I had to enter my spouse’s driver license information three times before it was accepted. I felt I was in an endless loop and considered going to another tax software provider. Also the ads that appear at the end prior to filing are confusing this year. I don’t mind looking at them but they should be cleanly separated from the actual filing process. Otherwise your product was again outstanding and entering my various forms and tax data was easy with help available at every step which is why I hate to complain. I am a longtime user of turbotax, first via downloaded software and now the mobile app which I enjoy using. I know you will consider my feedback and I look forward to using TurboTax next year. Thanks for your rapid response to my concerns. I only mentioned it because it was the first time I faced any type of glitch using turbotax. I will remember your suggestions for next year, see you then..Version: 8.3

Used it for years!I have used Turbo Tax since 2003. I have never once had a problem and it helped me with the most complicated tax issues. I have always felt safe, secure and accurate when filing my taxes. Especially needed the help when I became a widow and then disabled. I recommend it for my own children and have also helped many many friends do their taxes via Turbo Tax when they felt they needed help. I also felt more in control of the information I was submitting. Not to mention, the education I received from using Turbo Tax regarding the tax laws and what I am legally allowed to claim when recognizing work, childcare and health expenses. This app automatically downloads your W-2 from the payroll department from your employer if that option is available and your job uses a major payroll provider. I enjoyed the experience learning how to do my taxes on my own. Very simple, fast and extremely accurate..Version: 5.2.2

Fast and EasyTurboTax was so easy and fast to use. I went the free route wasn’t charged a penny was kinda bummer having to enter in all my info again wish they’d let us do that without having to pay but can’t look a gift horse in the mouth and I did the pic of W2 and it worked great! So can’t complain about having to enter everything in lol I used this program last year and never had a problem simple easy to use and walks ya through the whole process and I’ll use it again next year!! I used H&R Block for years always paying the money for CD and stuff so glad I gave this a try! Didn’t have a problem using it and as long as ya go through each step and pick the program ya want you don’t get charged a penny😃 I recommend this to everyone even first time do it yourselfer’s lol it simple and guides ya through without a problem!! And ya can do it free and even efile free! Thanks turbo tax!!.Version: 4.2.1

Going down hill?I’ve used this app for filing all the time. It works great. They never charge me. Thus time I was not charge but i didn’t understand why all my information wasn’t there like the year before. That didn’t bother me, i have lots of patients seeing that i work in a mental hospital. The thing that bothered me was the camera part. The previous years it worked perfectly fine. It didn’t mix up numbers or anything. But this time apparently the camera couldn’t get numbers right. For example switching a 9 with a 0 or switching a 8 with a 3. Thank God I have patients and I made sure everything was correct. I had to redo numbers because the picture had changed them. I was better off not taking a picture at all. And also I noticed at one point it didn’t put my numbers in a box, I was shocked. But it’s okay, I still got them done. I don’t know what’s going on with Turbo Tax but please fix it because i do recommend Turbo Tax to people..Version: 4.2.1

Waiting over 4 months for federal returnAnd not only will the IRS not tell me what the holdup is... but TurboTax is hounding me to pay them their payment because THEY don’t want to wait for my federal return either. Which my payment was supposed to be taken out of my return. So not only am I broke and can’t fix my vehicle to drive to work, but I’m expected to fork over more money to TurboTax that I wasn’t expecting. I’m borrowing a car from family just to work! I’ve been a customer since 2013 and it took me YEARS to fight the fact that they listed me as a Detroit resident even though I never selected that! I had to fight for years explaining to authorities that I never reported to live or work in Detroit! Now that that’s over, who knows what reason they have to hold my return with no explanation for over 4 months... BYE TURBOTAX! I’m %100 sure you screwed up again and now I’m paying for it AGAIN! Not worth it..Version: 7.6

Won’t even open ( Revised )Updated review: My first time using TurboTax was fairly positive. The interface was easy to use and there was a lot of helpful tips and references that made it feasible to navigate filing completely on your own. There was a lot of good validation and built in checks that caught things or made suggestions before I submitted my filings. I was especially impressed with how quickly my returns were accepted and processed, which was very reassuring. My only negative comment which is why I’m giving four instead of five reviews is that I noticed during certain times the mobile app would struggle to connect and display a blank screen. The first time this happened I was frustrated and posted a negative review. Thankfully, I found that I was able to continue by logging in on the website version, which had retained everything I previously entered. Since this software is so widely used, development might want to look at the load capacity of syncing data with the mobile app, as I’m assuming this was part of the problem during night traffic times of day. Original post: This was my first time using TurboTax. Things were going fine but now the iOS app won’t even open. It just displays a white screen. No error or anything..Version: 6.2

Just like the TurboTax you are used toNot sure why there are so many negative reviews on this app - I think it comes down to people expecting everything to be free of charge, which is crazy! I have used the TurboTax Deluxe web version for many years. Out of curiosity - I decided to try this app. I was skeptical due to the bad reviews, however the app was really user friendly and pretty much matched the web version. The fees were similar (and expected) and the upselling of additional products was no more than what is normally offered (~3-4x). Bottom line - if you are familiar with turbo tax, there are no surprises and you will be happy with this app. The user interface is very well done and intuitive. I was able to easily do my taxes from my phone! I can’t think of anything negative to say about it. The poor reviews just don’t match my experience..Version: 5.2.2

Customer service *****5 STARS PLUS!!!I had a chance to write a review when l was done with my taxes about the help that l received today, but l also felt that l needed to come here and say something. I have been trying for three weeks to figure out how to get my stimulus since l am disabled and l only receive SSI. After reading up on many sites it said that l had to do my 2020 taxes well that scared me. I filed 2019 with my ex, so l received 1 check so l got on here and did so and was having many problems and a wonderful lady helped me and we found all the problems and she work her time knowing that l have had strokes and was patient with me. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!! You saved my life l will be able to get the money and get the things that I need for my son and l!!! You are so amazing such a blessing!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing l so much wish that I knew your name!!!!!.Version: 7.4

Does taxes ok, but needs workI like doing my own taxes, and I like that I can do it on my phone. But there are more than a few issues on my iPhone 13 pro max. 1) All of my imports of tax forms failed. All of them. 2) So I had to switch out of the app and look at a photo/pdf. If I was out of the TurboTax app for more than a minute, TurboTax would take me back to the opening screen, like I had closed the app. 3) Cutting and pasting numbers from photos frequently failed, especially if there is as ‘$’ in the number? 4) I must have been nagged to upgrade from the deluxe version at LEAST 10 times. 5) I paid my federal taxes with my credit card, and was charged a fee twice by Value Payment System (both still pending, so hopefully one drops off). 6) unbeknownst to me Value Payment systems has a very bad reputation with the BBB. Why would TurboTax choose such a company to process payments for their customers credit cards?.Version: 8.6.1

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